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Good morning.

We would like to buy a new TV.

I remember in the old days going down to the local TV shop and picking a TV!

But now! - we find the choices overwhelming.

Our intention is to buy a 55” TV ,or possibly a 65” TV - although we don’t want a TV that dominates the room - we will also house the TV in a cabinet that we would have to have custom made.

Budget ,within reason, isn’t necessarily a problem.

Our existing Sony 40” TV ,purchased in 2010, still works but we have usually always had to put subtitles on because we find the sound is relatively poor.

To save time it would help if anybody could recommend a 55” or 65” TV

Kind Regards.


Most of what you spend on more expensive TVs now compared to cheaper ones goes towards HDR performance.

So you should ask yourself how you are going to use the TV before you choose one, if you don't use much HDR, you can buy in the low range and get 90% as good picture quality.

Other things factor in:

Probably the most important aspect when deciding on a size is your viewing distance. How close you want to view versus how big the TV depends on the content you least from a technical point of view. How you feel a TV looks in your room is really up to you.

Also very important: Which panel type should I choose for my TV?


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Thank You.

We currently have a sound bar and although it improves volume and the music is more dramatic - we find it doesn’t improve speech very much if at all.We researched the net and the Nuvo sound bar > £1k seems to be popular.

You television guide is very useful and helpful - we are thinking of the Sony TV AF9 55”.



If you are looking for an OLED with good built in sound you won't beat the AF9. There are some others too that have decent sound such as the Panasonic FZ952 are Sony AF8 which is more reasonably priced right now or the Philips OLED903 which has B&W tuned sound.

I haven't heard the Philips but I think it and the Sony AF9 will sound just as good whilst the Panasonic & AF8, whilst better value probably doesn't quite reach as good sound quality.

I made a comparison of the models here: 2018-2019 OLED Comparison

Its worth noting if you aren't happy with your current soundbar and its not a low end model that it may be a better option to keep things separate and buy a cheaper TV like the LG B8 and re-invest that money into a soundbar that will exceed the quality of any built in sound.

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