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i have just purchased a Panasonic PT53WX42 tv. its a 53" hd ready projection tv. i am new to home theater but im reading as much as i can.

my first question is regarding the picture quality. i got a pretty good deal on this tv (purchased new). a google search of the model # turned up many sites that had good reviews of the tv. several people said the picture quality was very good.

the picture quality in the store was good. im not sure, but im betting they had a HDTV broadcast going, because the picture here at home isnt as good as what it was at the store.

examples: things in the foreground look pretty good. items towards the background look very fuzzy or dark. also when a movie fades to black or there is a black screen, there is a small flurry of white patterns. not a very big deal but noticeable if the room is dark.

overall the picture seems "blocky." kind of like looking at a lower-quality computer video.

my dvd player is a 2yr old inexpensive aiwa. the tv portion is a 4-5 yr old satellite receiver. the dvd is connected via monster component cables. the satellite is connected via a monster s-video cable.

here are some of my questions: will upgrading to a newer dvd player that has progressive scan make a good difference? will getting a newer satellite receiver improve picture quality?

would getting the avia dvd and going thru it help? are there settings i should look for like SVM that should be off or on? is it worth going into the service menu?

im asking all this because i saw the picture quality at the store, and i read reviews that said the picture quality was very good, but honestly im not terribly impressed with it. i know its not the best tv but i think i should be getting more than this out of it.

any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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