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New TV Viewing For October 2005!

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Good Afternoon, Everyone,

I hope this - the first October update - finds you all cheery and in good health. :) As I have lots to get through, this week, let's get straight on with things!

Saturday 1st October
FILM: The Shawshank Redemption (15) - 9:10-11:50pm
Probably the finest Stephen King adaption ever filmed. This is also one of the greatest films ever made as well. If you've never seen it, you simply have to. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman are two prisoners in Shawshank, who meet one another, and live out their sentences together, finding hope and strength in one another. Contains occasional scenes of very strong violence, and strong language. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (Channel 4)

FILM: Netforce (15) - 11:40pm-2:20am
This is the complete made-for-TV mini-series version of the Tom Clancy bestseller, starring Scott Bakula, Brian Dennehy and Kris Kristofferson, about a new division of the FBI, who target crimes that take place in Cyberspace! An interesting, if slightly lengthy version of the novel! Contains some violence and language. Showing in its original 4:3 aspect ratio. (BBC1)

FILM: Taxi (15) - 1:35-3:10am
The original, and best version! A short and sweet thriller, written by Luc Besson ("Leon", "La Femme Nikita", and "The Fifth Element"), about an French taxi driver whose sole interest in life, is speed! (And we're not talking about drugs, either! :D ) When he is arrested for breaking the speed limit in Marseilles once more, he is forced to either give up his driving licence, or help out an inept band of the Gendramerie. The film is pure entertainment: a minor gem. And it does it so well, too. Contains some bad language, and occasional sexual innuendo. In French, with English subtitles. (Channel 4)

Sunday 2nd
FILM: Snoopy Come Home (U) - 10:00-11:20am
Okay, so this is really aimed at the youngest members of your household, but for fans of the Peanuts / Snoopy / Charlie Brown comic strips, then I'd recommend you catch this sweet-natured feature-length animation. When Snoopy goes missing, it's down to the whole gang to search for him. But unbeknownst to the gang, Snoopy's gone to look for his birth-mum, accompanied by his little yellow feathered friend, Woodstock! It's a lovely little cartoon, and may even bring a tear to your eye. Fun for the soft-hearted amongst you. ;) (BBC2)

Warrior Women Night - 9:00pm-5:00am
Actress Lucy Lawless, is more famous for playing Xena the mighty warrior princess, in the TV series of the same name. Here, she fronts a set of hour-long documentaries about famous women throughout history, who have had to take the role of the head warrior in various historical battles. Personnel covered include Joan Of Arc, Boudicca, and Wang Cong'er. (No sniggering at the back please! :nono: ) Informative and entertaining. (The Civilisation Channel - Sky 554)

FILM: "3am" (15) - 11:00pm-1:00am
Genuinely electrifying thriller starring Danny Glover and Pam Grier, as two taxi drivers on the late-night shifts. The film follows them, and two other drivers, as we meet their weird and wacky customers. But as the night wears on, so too do the customers become less than pleasant, and what starts out as a normal night-shift, soon turns very deadly indeed. Absolutely unmissable, and a shame that this movie hasn't been given more exposure. Contains some bad language, and some scenes of violence and other adult material. (Hallmark)

Monday 3rd
Three Minute Wonder: MESH - 7:55-8:00pm
First in a set of four new animated shorts, from the award-winning digital and interactive animation competition, airing each weekday over the next four nights. Tonight sees "Eat Dog, Cat, Mouse" as the first short up for an award. (Channel 4)

FILM: Mike Bassett: England Manager (15) - 8:00-10:00pm
Sit back and see the hit British film that introduced us to the lovably daft Mike Bassett (Ricky Tomlinson). When Britain's hopes of winning the football Cup Final, it's up to no-hoper manager Mike Bassett to save the team. With tons of cameos, and some really fruity languagem this a brilliant slice of comedy. Worth watching, even if you don't like football. Stay through the end credits, as I think there are some extras at the end. The series can be seen on ITV1 on Thursday nights at 10pm, repeated the following Wednesday night at 10:30pm on ITV2! Contains strong language, of which some of it was deliberately bleeped out. (When you see the film, you'll understand why!) (FilmFour Weekly)

Shock Docs: Stabbed To Death - 11:05pm-12:05am
The start of a series of three shocking, controversial and taboo-breaking documentaries from Five, dealing with the modern world. Tonight, we visit a prison in the USA, where one of the worst cases of racially-motivated murder was caught on CCTV. A placid, black inmate serving time in the prison, was held down by one white inmate, and then stabbed repeatedly 67 times, almost non-stop, by a second white inmate! :eek: Both were discovered to have been White Supremacists! The black inmates body was so brutalised and bloodied, that certain internal organs had been so severely decimated, to the point that even forensics weren't able to prove which organ was which any more! The documentary follows the case from the murder itself to the prosecution of the inmates. Contains strong scenes of forensic evidence, and imagery that may offend or disturb viewers. (Five)

Tuesday 4th
FILM: The Thomas Crown Affair (PG) - 1:05-3:00pm
The original film version of the well-known heist film, with Faye Dunaway chasing Steve McQueen, and eventually becoming besotted by him. (Channel 4)

Sexology: Obscene Machines - 10:55pm-Midnight
Adult documentary about people who are harnessing the technology of today, to improve their sex lives, via robotic love dolls, and robotic sex machines. Contains adult material of a sexually explicit nature. (Channel 4)

FILM: sex, lies and videotape (18) - Midnight-2:00am
Superb Indie film from Steven Soderbergh, about four friends who meet up to discuss their lives, their loves. Each takes a turn to record, and be recorded, but some home truths come to light, which begins to tear the group apart. Andie MacDowell, James Spader, Peter Gallagher and Laura San Giacomo take the lead roles. Contains strong language and adult material. (Channel 4)

FILM: American Graffiti (PG) - 1:55-3:45am
One of George Lucas' first films, and a real impression it makes. Follow the lives of some US high-school graduates on their final night, as they spend their last few hours speeding around the town, wondering what the future may bring. If you enjoyed Happy Days or Grease, this is for you. Stars John "Being John Malkovich" Malkovich, Gary "CSI: New York" Sinise, Sherilyn "Twin Peaks" Fenn and Joe "Terminator 2" Morton. Contains some mild bad language. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (ITV1)

The (Almost) Complete Works Of Shakespeare… Abridged - 2:00-4:00am
Ever wanted to see the complete works of the biggest Bard of them all? Didn't fancy reading every play, sonnet and poem separately? Well, here's your chance to see everything Shakespeare ever wrote, albeit wonderfully abridged, in just two hours, by the infamous, and hysterically funny Reduced Shakespeare Company. This is a film of their famous late-1990's tour. Even if you hate Shakespeare, or never understood a single word, this is well worth catching. Contains some adult material, and a bit of bad language too! (BBC2)

Wednesday 5th
Numb3rs - 9:00-10:00pm
It's arrived on British shores! The latest, critically-acclaimed US crime drama. :clap: A maths genius is recruited by his brother at the FBI, and it's down to him to help the detectives solve the mystery - much to the disbelief of his colleagues. Stars Rob Morrow (from Northern Exposure), David Krumholtz (Angel), Judd Hirsch (TV comedy show Taxi). Alimi Ballard (Dark Angel), and Peter MacNicol (Ally McBeal). This is the first of 13 episodes, that makeup Season 1. (ITV3)

FILM: Waking Life (15) - 10:00pm-Midnight
Brilliant, if largely pretentious and surreal, animated movie about life and all its meanings, from director Richard Linklater. The film is very cerebral, so don't watch it you want something easy to understand. Think of it, as the animated equivalent of Kafka, Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Stephen Fry! Odd, but also incredibly affecting and thought-provoking. Stars Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman and many more US stars. Contains strong language, and some adult material. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (FilmFour)

Mike Bassett: Manager - 10:30-11:00pm
A repeat of episode one, shown last week on ITV1. The show continues from the film, but with Mike in charge of Wirral County - one of the most hopeless local football teams, he's ever seen. Surprisingly, this is actually very good, and the show keeps the best bits of what made the film so great. Enjoy this, even if you hate football. Episode 2 can be seen on Thursday night on ITV1, at 10:00pm. The show contains no bad language, but does have some adult material in it. (ITV2)

Point Pleasant - Midnight-1:00am
Short-lived supernatural drama from the USA that sank in the ratings. Channel 4 and E4 bought the show, and started airing it, back in January 2005. However, the show was pulled in the USA, and both US and UK fans were left, mid-season, and mid-storyline. No details as to whether or not this is a repeat of the first seven episodes that have already been shown; a complete series run-through, or just the missing episodes that haven't been shown either in the USA or the UK. (E4 only)

Thursday 6th
Mike Bassett: Manager - 10:00-10:30pm
Episode 2, and things aren't going well for Bassett and his fellow footballers, when a new Dutch striker arrives, who can only speak in his mother-tongue. (ITV1)

FILM: Lifeforce (18) - 10:00pm-12:20am
I really like this film, and yet, it constantly gets berated for being so utterly awful by people who compare it to other sci-fi films like "Star Wars", "Independence Day" and similar blockbusters. When a mysterious pod travelling through space is discovered, it is transported back to Earth. Inside, a nude female human is alive, but in stasis. She is brought slowly back to life, but then nasty things start happening all over London. IS the woman more than they originally expected, or has she started off an evil chain reaction? Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Steve Railsback (The X-Files), and Mathilda May take the lead roles in this silly, but enjoyably daft sci-fi film. Take the film for what it is, and you should enjoy it. Some reasonable effects, for a film made over 20 years ago. Contains violence, gory scenes, nudity and strong language. (Sci-Fi Channel)

FILM: Drugs Double-Bill (18) - Midnight-3:25am
Two of the finest Danish films of recent years air back-to-back. "Pusher" is the first, followed by the superior sequel "Bleeder", and each deals with criminals and their drug habits. (The third movie in the trilogy, is to be released soon.) It's difficult to explain the films, but they are exceptionally well-made! Hard-hitting drama, with some really uncomforting scenes. Not remotely like "Trainspotting", as there's no humour to lighten the tone. Expect strong scenes of graphic violence, plenty of explicit language, adult material, and scenes of drug-taking. Harrowing, but if you enjoy gritty world cinema, this is highly recommended. In Danish, with English subtitles. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (FilmFour)

Friday 7th
Dark Dreamers - 9:00-9:30pm
New series, presumably dealing with short, horror stories. I've struggled to find any other details about this show, so I apologise I can't tell you more. This could be brilliant, or completely pants. May contain adult material. (The Horror Channel)

FILM: Arachnophobia (PG) - 11:35pm-1:20am
One of the finest horror films ever made, with some utterly distressing scenes, that will make you cover your eyes in terror! ;) Imagine what "Jaws" was like the first time you watched it. Now try this! John Goodman stars as a household pest exterminator. Jeff Daniels plays a doctor. When the doctor's family relocate, they unwittingly harbour a venomous spider in their belongings. Upon arriving at the family's new house, the spider escapes, and the doctor finds that some of his new neighbours are dying unexpectedly. Is it the doctor himself, who's brought a curse with him, or is there something out there, terrorising the locals? It's down to Goodman to try and dig up the dirt! Despite the child-friendly certificate, this film has lashings of horror in it, and scenes that will have you clinging to the sofa! Showing uncut and in Widescreen. Contains some mild bad language, some minor violence, and plenty of horrific moments! Not suitable for the easily offended, or those of a nervous disposition! And I don't say that lightly, either! :eek: (BBC1)

Top Buzzer! - 12:10-12:35am
New ten-part, late-night comedy/drama from Five about small-time Cannabis dealers! A Dope-Opera for the 00's! Contains adult material! (Five)

And so, here we reach the end! Seven more days of the square-box, all lovingly wrapped-up for you wonderful people who frequent the AV Forums! Alas, I have to end on a rather sad note, I'm afraid. :(

I've been doing these updates for over 18 months now. Originally, they started out as monthly items, before going weekly over a year ago. Ever since then, I've done my best to pick out some of the best (and worst) TV shows for you to all watch: shows and movies, that would normally slip under your radar, because of their odd time-slots. I also wanted to bring to attention some of the best US and foreign shows, that normally get completely ignored by most people, because they simply didn't realise the show was being aired in the UK.

Well, it is with deep regret, that I have to announce, that this will be the last weekly TV update from me! I've just started my second year at University, doing my Law Degree, and I simply won't have the time to spare each week to do my usual updates…

… However, all is not lost! :) I will continue to do updates, but they will mainly be monthly ones instead. What I will do, is do one bigger monthly update, highlighting the most important, unusual, or significant shows coming to your screens, and then - as and when - I will append little extra snippets, when I get the time, highlighting stuff that's going to be airing in that same month, on terrestrial. :clap:

I know this may disappoint many of you, especially some of you who have been visiting my threads over the past 18 months, but I need to concentrate on my degree, as the workload's getting more and more, and two or three hours a week is time I can't spare to do these updates anymore.

I want to thank all of you who have posted thoughts and opinions within my update threads, and for all of your continued support and positive comments that you've given to me. It's been a wonderful boost, and has helped me get through some of the more frustrating moments. :thumbsup:

I will still be on the Forums at least three times a week, and will continue to post as often as I can. However, my next major TV update, will now not arrive until the beginning of November 2005!

Until next time, keep those eyes peeled, and I'll make sure I get some wonderful material for you to all enjoy when I next see you! Cheers Everyone!



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lovemunkey187 said:
Now, enough basking and get back to studying, you never know when I'll be needing a brief :smashin:

As RoboCop would say: "Stay out of trouble!" :D Thanks for the kind comments! :)


Cynthia 7

Hi Pooch,

Thank you for the excellent update; how I wish I had seen it yesterday. We were suddenly invited out yesterday evening and I would loved to have recorded "Taxi". I recorded a French film on Film Four the other week "Here's Harry". The information banner made it sounds almost like a comedy. It was such an excellent film I didn't want it to end. I can hopefully watch "3 a.m." and "Numb3rs", they sound really interesting. At the moment most of my recordings are failed unless I tune into the channel that shows the selected programme and record every programme before it as well; then it sometimes works for some strange reason. (That wretched update, I see you are now affected by this too, bad luck).

I shall try that recording procedure for the Shakespeare film too; I can never remember which characters are in which play, and a lot of the plots are mixed up in my mind. It will be fun to see. I do like nitty gritty foreign films but hate films about drug taking; nevertheless I may give the Danish film a slot; I usually enjoy the Scandinavian films, they are unpretentious, no holds barred sort of movies.

How can I thank you enough for all your time and effort that you have put into our weekly updates. Also thank you in advance for the monthly updates. I feel it's not fair that you should devote any time to helping us when we cannot help you, and you so badly need this during the next few years. Time is the most precious commodity for you, don't jeopardise your future career for us.

Your only reward is knowing that you have been our Svengali, controlling our viewing choices, maybe sometimes subliminally. I know this as I have sometimes read your list and ignored some of your choices because they were not to my liking, yet when they have appeared on the EPG I have selected them. You see what I mean by saying you are our Svengali!!!!!!

Lovemonkey is right, and with an excellent mind like yours, you have an excellent client list here; although we all hope we wouldn't need you!

Cynthia 7

N.B. The French film I referred to as "Here comes Harry" was shown as that on Sky EPG FilmFour. The correct title is "Harry, un ami qui vous veut du bien"


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Hi Cynthia,

Thank You for your kind words and thoughts! They are greatly appreciated! :thumbsup: I shall try to keep bringing all of you the best, most unusual, and provocative TV shows and movies, even though my updates won't be as frequent.

With regards to "Taxi", you can buy it on budget DVD (correct widescreen format, 16:9 anamoprphic print, in French language with English subtitles) for about £5 from any half-decent DVD outlet/e-tailer. You can also buy it with "Taxi 2", which is just as fun, on a double-disc release, for about £10. Again, just check any reasonably decent DVD store or online company. Prints are pretty good, and although there are no extras, the price makes it a cheap purchase. :)

I'm pretty certain that the film you mention r.e. "Harry...", is also known as "With a Friend Like Harry, Who Needs Enemies Like These?!" :lesson:


Cynthia 7

Hi Pooch,

Thank you for the information about Taxi. With your and lovemunkey's recommendations I will certainly get that.

I looked up on the internet about "With a friend like Harry ..........." and the film is exactly the one I saw, as you said. The review was of this film released by an American distributor and that one wasn't in French with English subtitles (as I saw) but had a voiceover! That would completely destroy the tension and the French atmosphere of the movie to have an American voiceover!

Please, no more replies, I shall feel so guilty otherwise! Thank you nevertheless.


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Many thanks Pooch. I will miss your regular updates which have been brilliant.

I hope all goes well with your studies.


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i really wish channel 4 wouldn't waste air time on ludicrous "porn" documentarys. I remember when this was a good channel. If i want to watch porn, I'll watch it on a porn channel. The sooner they get NYPD blue on more 4 the better, god knows how they'll handle the next series of the Sopranos.


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How good am I, to you lot?! :D Just three days after I posted my last "weekly" update, I've got some stuff to tell you all about. :rolleyes: :rotfl:

OK then, here goes....

NYPD Blue fans are going to be really :censored: off this week, as it seems Channel 4 are wasting about three hours every single night, repeating "100 Greatest... / Best Ever.... / Whatever Happened To.... " etc, type shows! That's the equivalent of almost one whole season of "NYPD Blue" transmission time, in a week being wasted to unworthy repeated junk! :mad: And still C4 tell us that "We have the rights to Season 10, but there's no suitable timeslot for it!" Yeah, right! :mad:

More4 starts next Monday, 10th October, at 8pm! :clap: It should be free-to-air on Sky, Cable and Freeview. (Sky 165, NTL 166, Telewest 142, Freeview 13 or 35) It will normally start at 3:55pm and close at 4am. Good news is that "ER" and "The Sopranos" are being repeated, every weekday night, right from the very, very beginning! :clap: "ER" will air from Tuesday 11th at 6pm, and then "The Sopranos" will air uncut from Monday 10th at around 11:30pm! That's five episodes per week of these excellent shows! Just a shame that "ER" is likely to be cut for the kiddies! :rolleyes: It seems More4 are inheriting the same scheduling monkeys that deal with both C4 and E4! :mad:

Friday 14th October sees the start of "The West Wing" Season 6, at 9:00pm on More4, with Episodes 1 and 2 showing back-to-back. Prior to this, at 8:30pm, there is a 30-minute "Catch-Up" show, introducing viewers to the cast, and some of the storylines, so that you can then go and join the new series. A better idea, would have been for Channel 3 to have aired Season 5 on terrestrial, so that we could also enjoy the start of Season 6. Typically, they haven't, so we can't - the gits! :mad: This means, that unless C4 pull their fingers out of their butts, terrestrial fans will be 2 seasons worth of episodes behind satellite/cable fans! :mad:

New US comedy/drama "Weeds" starts on Sky 1 on Tuesday 11th, at 10:00pm, with the first two episodes (out of a probable 13). The show is from US cable channel "Showtime" who gave us "Stargate SG-1" and "Poltergeist: The Legacy" amongst others. As such, and just like HBO, the show contains plenty of unrestrained language, adult material, and scenes that some viewers will probably find offensive. It's also supposed to give "Deadwood" a run for its money, in the swearing category! :eek: :rotfl: :eek:

"Stargate: Atlantis's" final two Season 1 episodes "The Siege - Parts 1 and 2" are repeated on Sky 1 on Wednesday 12th, between 8:00-10:00pm. The Season 2 opener "The Siege - Part 3" will start the following Wednesday at 8:00pm! :clap:

"Stargate SG-1" (Season 9) starts on Tuesday 11th, at 8:00pm, with the first of a three-part story that was originally planned as a purely cinematic story. As such, expect a story not unlike "Serenity" (the Joss Whedon movie that concludes the short-lived TV series "Firefly"), which new fans can enjoy with little knowledge of the show, but that longtime fans can also get a lot from. The 3 episodes are entitled "Avalon - Part 1", "Avalon - Part 2", and "Origins - Part 3"! Only Parts 1 and 2 were meant to be for cinema viewers! Part 3 was made to conclude the story, and introduce cinema audiences into the latest Season! (All rather confusing, isn't it?! :eek: and :rotfl: )

That's all for now, but I may have more info for you, and I'll post it, as and when. :) Thanks, again, to everyone for their kind comments, thoughts, and other pleasantries! It means a lot! :clap:



PoochJD said:
Friday 14th October sees the start of "The West Wing" Season 6, at 9:00pm on More4, with Episodes 1 and 2 showing back-to-back. Prior to this, at 8:30pm, there is a 30-minute "Catch-Up" show, introducing viewers to the cast, and some of the storylines, so that you can then go and join the new series. A better idea, would have been for Channel 3 to have aired Season 5 on terrestrial, so that we could also enjoy the start of Season 6. Typically, they haven't, so we can't - the gits! :mad: This means, that unless C4 pull their fingers out of their butts, terrestrial fans will be 2 seasons worth of episodes behind satellite/cable fans! :mad:

AGREED :mad:

It's totally frustrating especially since terrestrial usually airs new episodes from August on C4


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west said:
AGREED :mad:

It's totally frustrating especially since terrestrial usually airs new episodes from August on C4

I agree as well. I missed out on Season 5 due to it being shown whilst we were having work done to the house so I was hoping it would be on terestrial before S6 started :mad:


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Hi Folks,

Well, I've got a bit of time, so I thought I'd introduce you to some extra stuff worth watching on TV over the next week or two. :clap:

Saturday 22nd October
Family Guy - 10:05-1025pm
Start of the new (to terrestrial fans) Season 3 episodes of the brilliant adult animated comedy. (It's definitely not for the kids, hence the late timeslot!) After Season 3 ends (in 21 weeks), the BBC will probably go into Season 4! :clap: (BBC2)

American Dad - 10:25-10:50pm
The new animated series/spin-off from Family Guy. Season 1 has 21 episodes. Again, it isn't suitable for the kids! (BBC2)

Sunday 23rd:
FILM: Gremlins (15) - 6:10-8:00pm
Edited repeat of this dark horror comedy.

FILM: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (12) - 8:00-10:10pm
Subtitled version of this enjoyable (if somewhat far-fetched) mythical fantasy set in 19th Century China, with Chow Yun-Fat, Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi. (Channel 4)

FILM: Gladiator (15) - 9:00-11:55pm
Uncut airing of this jaw-dropping adventure/drama with Russell Crowe putting in a stellar performance. This is the original cinema cut, not the new Director's Edition that's been out on DVD in the past couple of months! (Five)

HIGNFY - 10:00-10:30pm
Have I Got News For You's weekly repeat, will now move to its new home on BBC2 on Sunday nights. The first-run episodes will still air on BBC1 on Friday nights! (BBC2)

Monday 24th
FILM: Batman The Movie (U) - 9:50-11:50am
Classic feature-length adventure with Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin, in this hilariously camp adventure. Great fun for adults and kids! (Channel 4)

Hill Street Blues - 1:00-3:00pm
The :censored: half-wits at Channel 4 are going to repeat all 7 seasons, back-to-back, with two or three episodes each weekday, of this superb 1980's pre-cursor to "NYPD Blue"! A truly brilliant show, filled with humour, excellent acting and intelligent plots, :thumbsup: ruined by lousy scheduling! :mad: Expect some edits for violence, mild bad language, and racial/sexual epithets! Episode titles include "Fuchs Me? Fuchs You!", "Rookie Nookie", "The Young, The Beautiful, The Degraded!" and the brilliant "Moon Over Uranus" trilogy! (This show was made in the early 1980's, and set many taboo-breaking rules for US TV! Think of it, as being the "NYPD Blue" of its time!) Thank God, the show is coming to US DVD in the New Year! Also showing on More4+1 (Sky Digital 286 or NTL 167 only, NOT Freeview!) (More4)

VARIOUS - 10:00pm-Midnight approx
Several behind-the-scenes documentaries are being shown between the above-mentioned timeslots on Channel 4, as we lead up to Halloween! Each covers famous horror movies, like The Omen, The Silence Of The Lambs, et al, and looks at the real stories that became the movies, and whether there is any truth in some of the stories about the various spooky goings-on that occured during the films being made! (Channel 4)



The following on behalf of Pooch


A couple of TV updates for you all:

"The Batman" - the newest animated incarnation of the famous superhero starts on BBC1 at 4:30-5:00pm on Thursday 18th October! The next episode, however, follows in about 5 or 6 days time, so please check schedules in your usual listings guides for further info!

The Nero Wolfe Mysteries - starts a re-run, after its original, and very haphazard scheduling about two years ago on BBC2. It will now air most weekdays, starting from Thursday 18th October at 1:00-2:30pm. It's a 1930's/1940's set crime drama series, about a detective called Nero Wolfe, and his partner, who solve various crimes and criminal activity. The show was made in the early part of 2001, but don't expect "CSI" style effects. It's very much a period show piece, so there is more detail paid to characters and plots, than whizz-bang effects.

Episode guides can be found at www.epguides.com as per usual!



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Hill Street Blues - 1:00-3:00pm
The half-wits at Channel 4 are going to repeat all 7 seasons, back-to-back, with two or three episodes each weekday, of this superb 1980's pre-cursor to "NYPD Blue"! A truly brilliant show, filled with humour, excellent acting and intelligent plots, ruined by lousy scheduling!

I loved this show and would probably watch it again but I don't have to time to watch 2 or more shows every day, forget the other regular programming I watch via my subscription there such a thing as real life.

If they were showing one ep a day (post watershed and uncut) then they would have got a viewer.
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