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Aug 28, 2000
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Welcome, one-and-all, to another TV Update! You may have noticed my absence over the past three or four weeks, and hence, the lack of updates. My apologies for this, but I’ve basically had stuff to deal with, that had to take priority. Anyway, hopefully over the next three months or so, I should be able to do at least a couple of updates each month. :clap:

Anyway, I think it best that we get straight into why you’re all here. Oh yes, I nearly forgot to say: this is an extremely long post around 14-pages of A4 paper! You may, therefore, prefer to simply cut and paste this post into Word, and print it out. This is, I think, the longest update I’ve ever written for you, since starting this at the AV Forums! Either you’re all lucky, lucky people, or else I’ve gained masochistic tendencies! :D Happy Viewing!

TV News
TCM now has a new, extra channel, that has come onto Sky Digital, in the past couple of weeks. “TCM2” is on Sky EPG number 320. Airing each night, between 7pm and 3am, TCM2 will air classics from its numerous titles, at the same time, each day for an entire week (like “FilmFour Weekly” does). Admittedly, TCM’s lack of new cinematic material, does mean that many of the films that both TCM and TCM2 air tend to get repeated a lot anyway, so I’m not sure whether a second channel was really needed. However, both channels do frequently air the longer, and superior, US Theatrical Cut of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” (running at approximately 144 minutes, compared to the UK Theatrical and DVD cut of just 113 minutes), and it’s in the proper 1.33:1 original ratio too! Highly recommended! TCM2’s cycle of weekly films starts on a Sunday, and ends the following Saturday.

NYPD Blue fans take note! On the good side, you may have noticed that all episodes are now being shown without any DOG’s! This is fantastic, and maybe it’s C4’s way of apologising to “NYPD Blue’s” hardcore fans who have waited over three years to see these final three Seasons’ worth of episodes. Sadly, there is also bad news! :rolleyes: For some bizarre and unexplained reason, episodes of “NYPD Blue” are now not only changing their timeslot most nights (starting as early as 10:50pm, or as late as 11:50pm), but for this week, episodes are only being aired once each evening, with no same-night 2am-ish repeat! So, you’ll now have just one chance to catch each episode, around Midnight, and then one hour later on More4 +1! I am hoping that next week, More4 will be reverting back to the two transmissions each night, but I don’t have the info yet. Please be careful when setting your VCR’s, DVD Recorders or Sky Plus boxes! I’d hate for any of you to start missing any more episodes… like I’ve recently done! ;)

If you have managed to get Sky HD installed, and are wondering how you can find out what programmes are going to be in the HD format, or which have been upscaled from Standard Def format programming, then you may wish to purchase “TV And Satellite Week” from your local newsagent. Programmes are clearly marked with an “HD” note, for most satellite channels, so that you know which ones are which. Alternatively, you can always make-do with the ever-reliable Sky EPG.

Fans of short-lived TV sci-fi drama “Roswell” will be pleased to know that the Sci-Fi Channel has finally obtained the rights to air Seasons 2 and 3 of the show. No specific dates have been set yet, but they will probably air Season 2 over the Summer, and then Season 3 in the Autumn. :clap: And, for the first time in many, many years, Sci-Fi will be running all three original Classic “Star Trek” seasons, starting later in June. Each episode will be aired completely uncut, in digitally-remastered prints, and with every episode shown in the correct order. Highlights will be some of the several episodes that the BBC banned or cut, for having “inappropriate” or insensitive content. The original Pilot Episode “The Cage” is also due to air, hopefully in both the black-and-white format, and the coloured-updated version! Join Captain Kirk, Scotty and Uhura, as they all boldly go where no one (at that point) had gone before. More details, as they become available.

More sci-fi news. Non-Sky subscribers, and late-comers, will be pleased to hear that the hit US sci-fi remake of “Battlestar Galactica”, is likely to start airing on Sky 3 in the very near future. At the moment, Sky can only air the original Mini-Series / Pilot Movie, and then the 13 episodes that make up Season 1. Season 2 should then follow next year around the same time, by which point Season 3 will almost have finished on Sky 1 and 2.

“Huff” gets a complete Season 1 rerun, from the end of June, on FX, and then Season 2 will get its UK premiere, straight after! This excellent, dark, witty and satirical drama stars “Simpsons” voice-artiste Hank Azaria as a psychologist who is forced to confront his own emotions, when a patient commits suicide in a counselling session. To make matters worse, the parents want to sue him, whilst his best friend is determined to be Huff’s legal advisor, but ends up only making things worse. Huff’s mother and disabled brother arrive on the scene; he begins to hallucinate that people on the street are talking about him, and his own son discovers the wonderful world of “Rainbow” parties! One of the most criminally-underrated gems in the TV schedules of last year, this is superb stuff. If you haven’t seen this show, yet, I’d thoroughly recommend it. Just be warned, though: the show contains explicit language throughout, not too dissimilar to “Deadwood”!

ITV4 has another new US crime drama for us, starting on Saturday 17th June, at 9pm. “The Big Apple” stars Ed O’Neill (“Married – With Children”, “Dragnet”), Michael Madsen (“Reservoir Dogs”, “Vengeance Unlimited”), Titus Welliver (“Brooklyn South”), David Strathairn and Glynn Turman. Madsen takes on the role of a contract killer and ex-police informant who decides he wants New York to himself. O’Neill heads the FBI team who are keen to capture or execute their former employee, but the rest of the FBI, the Russian Mafia, and some of New York’s criminals under Madsen’s control, have very different ideas. The Big Apple is about to be hit by one of the biggest man-hunts ever, and nothing is going to get in the way! This should be very good, from what I’ve heard, and I look forward to seeing the Pilot Episode later next month.

Steven Spielberg’s HBO mini-series “Band Of Brothers” is to air in June, as five separate movies, combining the original ten parts together, into weekly two-hour (approx) movies. The series starts on Friday 23rd, at 9:00pm.

“Veronica Mars” returns, with the start of Season 2, on LivingTV on Thursday 8th June, at 9pm. The first episode concludes some of the threads from the end of the first Season, and starts to set-up some major new themes for Season 2, including some new characters and the end of some old faves! :eek: Guest stars include Lucy Lawless (“Xena: Warrior Princess”, “Battlestar Galactica”), Kevin Smith (director of “Clerks”), Alyson Hannigan and Charisma Carpenter (both from “Buffy”), and even TV and movie honcho Joss Whedon!

“Prison Break” fans may be shocked by the following news: not only has a Second Season been confirmed, (and which will begin filming very soon), but then some of the shows themes and characters will continue into an already partly-planned Season 3. Each Season of this stunning drama show, will be similar to “Babylon 5”, in the sense that it will be relatively self-contained, but also cover the beginning, middle and end of a complex, overall trilogy, that the show’s creator Paul T Scheuring has been working on for the past two years or so! As such, we can expect many more major events to take place, and the introduction of more unhinged characters who become part of something far-more shocking than any of the characters could ever imagine!

“Supernatural” comes to its end on Sunday 16th June. No news has been made for a Second Season, but ratings haven’t been great in the USA, although they have been relatively stable. Expect a decision to be made, by the end of June.

Lastly, although many of us complain about OFCOM, be grateful you don’t live in the USA. Across the Atlantic, the Federal Communications Commission (or FCC), is hassling the major US networks to reduce the level of violence, adult themes and swearing in many of their most popular shows, or they will be heavily fined! :eek: At the moment, channels like ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS are being worn-down by the FCC, with hefty fines for programming that breaches some of the very tight restrictions that are now being re-introduced, thanks to the “bible-bashing southerners” who insist on organising major campaigns that can pull vast amounts of money from many of the most famous organisations, sponsors, and companies. Such is the power, of these people! :eek: (Examples, could include Disney refusing to sponsor any company who airs adult or mature shows. Sponsorship and advertising budgets could be slashed!) This is after the infamous Janet Jackson/SuperBowl costume-incident, where Jackson accidentally exposed her nipple, due to a “wardrobe malfunction”. :rolleyes: Unlike the UK, where OFCOM would fine the broadcaster a single amount depending on the severity of the offence and number of complaints, the FCC fines the broadcaster a small fine to each affiliate TV network who carries their channels, as well as setting the fine according to the severity of the offence caused (which the FCC decides itself), even if no viewers were actually offended! For example, there could well be over a hundred, separate TV networks that carry CBS programming, and each affiliate will be forced to pay a fine of, say, $5000 US. But it’s not the affiliates that pay, but the Network themselves! As you can imagine, the fines often reach a total of Millions of dollars! Cable and satellite channels, like HBO, aren’t affected, but the main US networks aren’t happy that the rules are different for them. Alas, the FCC state that because the main networks can be received by anyone, (rather than only by paying for a subscription), the restrictions on what can and can’t be shown, must be tighter. Restrictions, for ABC, NBC, and Co, include the banning on the word “s***”, and any derivative or variation of it, including “bulls***”. With dramas like “The Shield”, “Battlestar Galactica”, “Prison Break” and others, all being made for adult audiences, and thus having adult language in them, scheduling such shows after 10pm, isn’t enough to avoid fines, even if no member of the public complains! Comedy shows like “Saturday Night Live”, “South Park” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” are also going to be forced to tone down their content, or risk being found in breach of FCC regulations! Even reality TV and documentary shows will be forced to remove scenes of sex, nudity and risqué humour, as several current shows have been fined, even when such material was bleeped out or pixellated. Ultimately, this can only result in fewer adult TV shows being commissioned, and TV being forced to be toned-down to a ridiculous level, whereby it all becomes a sickly sanitised place where adults aren’t welcome. It almost makes you feel grateful that OFCOM don’t treat UK viewers with such contempt!

TV Update Listings
Saturday 27th May
Sherlock Holmes Triple Day Weekend – 9am-Midnight
ITV3 goes Sherlock Holmes mad, with episodes and movies from different TV and film adaptations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s popular detective. The weekend includes episodes from the ITV series “The Adventures Of…”, “The Sign Of Four” movie, with Jeremy Brett, “Sherlock Holmes: The Last Vampire”, “The Return Of…”, as well as “The Hound Of The Baskervilles”, “Without A Clue”, and “The Memoirs Of…”! Plenty for all SH fans and aficionados. The weekend continues all day Sunday (8:40am-2:10am), and concludes Monday (8:30am-2:15am)! (ITV3)

The Water Margin – 6:00-7:00pm
Classic 1970’s Japanese/English action-adventure series returns back, after its brief hiatus from the schedules. No late-night repeat tonight, alas! See also Friday’s listings! (ITV4)

NEW: Greg The Bunny – 8:00-8:30pm / 11:15-11:45pm
The final two episodes of this short-lived US comedy series, get their World Premiere tonight, as they have never been shown in the USA! :clap: The cast of Sweet Knuckle Junction, go out with a bang! The penultimate episode “Sock Like Me”, has Alison sending the entire cast for Sensitivity Training, after she finds an offensive word in one of the TV studio’s restrooms. Greg and Co treat it, as they do everything… with utter contempt! The final episode, airs at 11:15pm, and is strangely entitled “Jimmy Drives Gil Crazy”. Guest-starring Brat Pack child-star Corey Feldman, Warren discovers his annoying neighbour, was once a Hollywood star. Dare he complain about his neighbour’s antics, or could he wrangle himself a much needed career-boost, amongst the Hollywood Glitterati. Both episodes are repeated back-to-back, tonight, between 3:40 and 4:30am! I have to say, I’m going to miss this show, because it’s improved a lot in the last few weeks, and has become very acidic and clever! Let’s hope that ITV eventually buy the 2005 “Greg The Bunny: Reunion Special” too! (ITV4)

Naked Gun Triple-Bill Weekend – Various Times
Paramount are giving Frank Drebin fans, the chance to see his three movie outings from the late-1980’s and early 90’s. “The Naked Gun” airs on Paramount Comedy 2 at 9pm Saturday, or starting one-hour later on Paramount Comedy. “Naked Gun 2” follows on Sunday, in the same time-pattern, and “Naked Gun: 33 1/3rd” on Monday evening. All films showing uncut on both channels. (Paramount Comedy Channel, Paramount Comedy 2)

NEW: The Triangle – 10:00-11:25pm
First of a three-part, US, science-fiction, mini-series, getting a prime-time, national, Saturday night slot, on the BBC of all places! :clap: Sam Neil, Eric Stoltz, Catherine Bell and Lou Diamond Phillips star in this enjoyably daft drama about members of a team of probing the disappearance of various ships in and around the infamous “Bermuda Triangle”! Don’t concern yourself too much with the plot, or the acting and direction: this is cheese, in the style of other Dean Devlin epics (“Godzilla”, “ID4 - Independence Day”), etc. Part 2 airs tomorrow evening, and Part 3 concludes the series on Monday night. Contains some frightening scenes, and occasional mild bad language. (The BBFC have given the DVD release of this, a 12 certificate, and is out on Monday morning, for rental or purchase!) Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (BBC1)

FILM: Deliverance (18) – 11:10pm-1:05am
Harrowing, but superb drama about four middle-aged, white-collar males who decide to go for a weekend of canoeing, and manly retreat, in the Appalachians, near to a previously uncharted section of the river. Initially, things are enjoyed by all, but two mysterious redneck mountain men, have other – far more horrific – ideas, of what the men are going to be tackling, over the next 48 hours. Cult US director John Boorman (“Excalibur”), brings this creepy thriller to life, and should be required viewing for all true fans of classic movies! Includes the superbly eerie “Banjo Duel” sequence, that still sends tingles down the spine, even now – some 30 years on. A savage film, but a worthy one! Ronny Cox, Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds and Ned Beatty star as the four men. Contains some strong language, and a violent scene of male-rape, which may cause offence. Showing in Widescreen. (Five)

Ricky Gervais Meets Larry David – 11:45pm-12:50am
Repeat of this special HBO interview/comedy special, where two of the world’s favourite comedians discuss their works, their profession, and their own upbringing. Contains strong language and adult humour. (More4)

FILM: The Usual Suspects (18) – 12:35am-2:25am
Showing of the seminal thriller from 1995, starring Kevin Spacey and Gabriel Byrne. Foul-mouthed, but a cracking movie, nonetheless! Showing uncut and in the original 2.35:1 aspect ratio that the movie was filmed in! Repeated tomorrow at 10:40pm. (Turner Classic Movies)

Sunday 28th
Carry On… Weekend (PG) – 8:00am-3:10pm
UKTV Gold devotes Sunday to showings of classic “Carry On” movies. Titles to be shown are: “Carry On Doctor”, “Carry On Up The Khyber”, “Carry On Follow That Camel”, and “Carry On England”. Showing uncut. More movies are tomorrow. (UKTV Gold)

Invasion – 8:00-9:00pm
The final-episode of the US sci-fi alien-invasion drama, comes to an unusual conclusion. At the moment, it does appear that there will not be a second Season, or any other kind of continuation of the show in any form. However, last-minute salvage discussions are underway between the show’s creators and several other TV networks in the US, to see if a mini-series, or part-season could be made to give fans a true conclusion. (Channel 4)

NEW: Spiral (Engrenages) – 9:00-9:50pm
Fans of European cinema and US dramas like “24” and “Law And Order” will be overjoyed at this! After the success of the “Heimat” trilogy and “Das Boot” mini-series, both shown last year on BBC4, here is an all-new drama series that is set to really get TV fans salivating! :clap: “Spiral” is the first of an eight-part French mini-series. A dark and occasionally gritty crime-thriller, ala “Cracker”, “The Shield” and “Se7en”, shown last year on national French TV, to great acclaim. :thumbsup: When a heavily mutilated and decomposing body turns-up in a waste skip, a set of dedicated detectives are force to unravel an unnerving set of clues, amongst the backdrop of Paris’ nightlife, drug dens and unlit alley-ways, where anything can happen, for a price! But it’s not the only battle they will have to fight, as lawyers, judges and even officers in the force themselves, hinder their every move. Is the killer working alone? Is the corpse, the first, with more to come? Who can the detectives trust, and who is the real enemy? Episodes are to be shown each Sunday night, over the next eight weeks, with two other chances to catch each week’s episode: a late-evening Sunday night repeat, and a further chance to catch the show, each Wednesday around 10pm. In French with English Subtitles, this is likely to be a real cult gem in the TV schedules, and could well set a trend for more European TV dramas to be shown in the UK. If you want to get away from all the sport, and are going to miss “24”, “CSI” and “Prison Break” (which are all going to end in the next few weeks), then this may temporarily plug the gap! Drama for the intelligentsia! Highly Recommended! Showing uncut, in Widescreen, with English Subtitles. (BBC4)

FILM: Roberto Succo (18) – 9:50-11:50pm
Premiere of the controversial European thriller, about a man who kills his family, before moving on to a more sustained killing spree across Southern France! Showing uncut and in Widescreen. In French and Italian, with English Subtitles. Contains some graphic violence, some strong language, and some scenes that may disturb. (BBC4)

NEW: Human Trafficking – 10:00-11:00pm
First of a new four-part UK mini-series, with Robert Carlyle, Mira Sorvino and Donald Sutherland, as they fight to unentangle the web of deception that surrounds them, when they deal with the illicit and uncompromising world of the human trafficker and the sale of sex slaves to British, European and US citizens. An uncompromisingly raw series, that deals with a subject, many of us would rather deny the existence of. Repeated later in the week, as well. Contains distressing scenes, some strong language, sexual material, and adult themes. Showing in Widescreen. (Sky 1)

NEW: The Triangle – 10:30-11:55pm
Second of a three-part, US, science-fiction, mini-series. Contains some frightening scenes, and occasional mild bad language. (BBC1)

Monday 29th
“Classic” Bank Holiday Movies – Various Times
Well, if the heaven’s should open-up, and you’re not stuck in a traffic-jam, then you may decide to rewatch one of several classic Bank Holiday Monday movies. Your choice includes: “The Sound Of Music” (3:20-6:05pm, BBC1), “Doctor Dolittle” (the Rex Harrison version, 10:30am-1:05pm, ITV1), “Zulu” (3:00-5:30pm, ITV1), “The Bridge On The River Kwai” (12:00-3:00pm, Channel 4), or perhaps you might prefer “Ghostbusters II” (7:05-9:00pm, Channel 4) or “The Wild Bunch” (10:35pm-1:00am, BBC2).

“V” Day – 11:00am-9:00pm
Relive the night that aliens invaded earth, with back-to-back showing of “V: The Mini-Series” (Parts 1 and 2), and “V: The Final Battle” (Parts 1, 2 and 3), from 1984 and 1985! Each episode is two hours long (including adverts), but these five episodes are stunning examples of what can be done with a little imagination, patience, and a good story. Kenneth Johnson, the director of this series, went on to make “Alien Nation”, and many other classic sci-fi shows! This is a great way to revel in nostalgia, and it still works even now, nearly 25 years later! Repeated on Sci-Fi +1 as well. (Sci-Fi Channel)

Carry On… Weekend (PG) – 12:30-5:50pm
UKTV Gold devotes Monday to more British saucy hijinks! “Carry On Dick”, “Carry On Up The Jungle”, and “Carry On Matron” air this time around. Showing uncut. (UKTV Gold)

JAG – 2:00-7:00pm
Have you enjoyed “NCIS” on FX or Five? Well, go back in time, to 1995, and watch the sister show, from the creator of “NCIS” Donald Bellisario (of “Airwolf” and “Quantum Leap” fame), set amongst the staff of the marine Judge Advocacy General corps. FX is giving viewers a chance, to watch every single episode – all 227 of them – from today, right from the very, very beginning! That’s all 10 Seasons, back-to-back, every weekday afternoon, for five whole hours! :eek: Today, sees Season 1, Episodes 1-5, which includes the two-part Pilot Movie “A New Life”! Expect to keep the next 7 weeks solid, completely free, if you don’t want to miss any of them! Alternatively, you may want to stock-up on blank tapes, DVD’s and or empty your Sky+’s hard drive too. :D (FX)

Prison Break – 9:00-11:00pm
In case you missed the news, Five are going to conclude Season 1, with double-bills for the remaining two weeks. Episodes 19 and 20 air tonight, and are repeated tomorrow night from Midnight, whilst the jaw-dropping conclusion will air next Monday evening, with another two-hour, double-bill! Will Michael, T-Bag, Lincoln, Westmoreland and Sucre escape, or will the Warden, Dr Tancredi or Bellick finally catch them in the act, and stop them in their tracks, with something more permanent?! Expect the unexpected, but enjoy the stunning conclusion over the next two weeks! This will be TV you’ll remember for a long, long time! (Five)

Return Of The Goodies – 10:00-11:30pm
Tim Brooke-Taylor, Bill Oddie, and Graeme Garden relive their finest moments as the comedic trio “The Goodies”! (BBC4)

FILM: Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels (18) – 10:00pm-Midnight
Classic 1990’s British crime comedy, from director Guy Ritchie. Contains very strong language throughout, violent scenes and some material that may offend. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (E4)

NEW: Just Jade – 10:00-11:00pm
She’s back! Miss Chavdom 2002; the former Butt Munch contestant; the woman who makes a heap of cow-dung look positively intelligent – returns to out screens! :D Tonight, in the first of her new series in which Jade wants to be a business-woman, she decides to try to launch her own perfume. (Isn’t bottling your own sweet, breaking the Trade Descriptions Act?!) It’s positively car-crash-tastic TV! (LivingTV)

SCHEDULE CHANGE: NYPD Blue – 11:45pm-12:40am only
Season 10, Episode 13.

Russ Meyer: King Of Sexploitation – 12:00-1:00am
Documentary about the recently deceased US movie director, whose films will be remembered more for their cast, than the films themselves. Russ Meyer was a man who liked his women. And the women, became his films! This documentary explores the man, the myth, and the legend, behind cult classics like “Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill”, “Vixen” and “Mondo Topless”! Expect scenes of nudity, sexual violence, violence, strong language, adult humour and other adult material that you may find offensive! (Five)

FILM: Battle Royale (18) – 1:35-4:00am
The controversial Japanese cult movie masterpiece, gets another airing. If you aren’t aware of this already, it was the movie that was nearly banned in Japan. As Japan nears the end of the 20th Century, the need to control the youth population hits critical. The government introduce the Battle Royale Reform Act (BR Act), in order to ease the situation. The Act states that a randomly-chosen high-school will be selected, and the students forced to take part in a real life-or-death game. The only rule – kill, or be killed! :eek: The students are taken to a remote island, given various weapons, and are forced to become assassins, murderers, hit men and cold-blooded killers. When one student remains, the game ends. But this year, some of the students chosen, decide to rebel against the BR Act. Can they turn the game around, or will they be forced to kill their friends? Extreme violence ensues! A shocking movie, no doubt, but a very clever and vicious satire about Japanese youths at the end of the 20th Century, and the state of the nation’s real-life problem of population control. In Japanese with English Subtitles. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (Sci-Fi Channel)

Tuesday 30th
Angels In America – 9:00pm-12:20am
Part 1 of a lengthy two-parter, which concludes tomorrow night. Al Pacino and an all-star cast head-up this drama based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning play by Tony Kushner. New York, 1985. President Ronald Reagan is leading the country. The economy is at its height, and Americans are revelling in their ability to work where they want, spend what they want, and sleep with who they want. But one man, Prior Walter, is all alone. He has no job. He has little money. And he has few friends. Why? Because four little letters, are about to spell the end for him. AIDS has arrived, and is claiming its first Western casualty. Complex, emotive, and hard-work. This drama is not an easy viewing. It’s also something that to many British viewers, won’t have quite the same emotional resonance. Yet, it is still worth at least one viewing, if only to challenge your own fears, about this evil illness, for which there is still no cure. Contains strong language, brief nudity, and some distressing scenes. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (More4)

FILM: Blood-Sucking Freaks (18) – 10:55pm-12:50am
Another banned movie, gets a UK TV airing, uncut, uncensored, and free of BBFC interference, courtesy of the Horror Channel. (It’s still banned in the UK today!) A mad theatrical impresario enjoys entertaining his crowds with macabre tricks. But when his audience starts seeking more and move vicious entertainment, he finds that the only thing that will keep his audience happy, is seeing real death! Suddenly, he finds it necessary to find some victims, for his stage act, and goes on a bloody rampage. I have to confess, that of many of the banned movies and video nasties that have been turning-up on TV over recent months, this is one of the most pathetic! The film is pretty lousy, in terms of its plot and acting, and seems to be solely designed for showing very bad special effects of nubile young ladies in bikinis, being brutally murdered or mutilated. Thankfully, the special effects are bad enough to not be very effective in terms of realism, despite this movie being made in the early 1980’s. However, the endless sexism and unrelenting misogyny is really woeful! Worth one viewing to see what the fuss is about, but easily forgettable, and certainly not one worth keeping. Showing uncut and uncensored. Contains graphic gore and sexualised violence, and scenes that some viewers may find disturbing or distasteful. (The Horror Channel)

FILM: “M” (PG) – 11:25pm-1:15am
Fritz Lang’s masterpiece of 1930’s expressionist cinema gets a rare TV outing. Peter Lorre stars as a child-killer, in this fascinating piece of European movie-making. This is the full-length, original German cut, clocking-in at around 113 minutes. The film is in black-and-white, with some German Intertitles (captions-on-screen), and English Subtitles where applicable. Also airing in Hi-Def! Showing uncut, in the original 1.33:1 aspect ratio. Contains some mild violence and mature themes, that may make it unsuitable for younger viewers. (Artsworld)

SCHEDULE CHANGE: NYPD Blue – 12:20-1:20am only
Season 10, Episode 14.

Wednesday 31st
Third Watch Special – 8:00-9:00pm
The first of a two-part special “Third Watch” episode, that starts off a rerun of Season 3. “In Their Own Words” takes the real-life cast from the show, and gets them to discuss with the real-life fire, ambulance and police staff, their thoughts and feelings about the World Trade Centre being struck by terrorists in hijacked aircraft, on the horrific day of September 11th, 2001. Some of the discussions, are extremely moving, and at times truly harrowing, but the cast document the camaraderie that existed both before, during and after that fateful day with immense honesty! The very people the cast portray, were now “characters” in the show itself, as themselves. The concluding part, airs tomorrow at the same time. Both episodes will be aired completely uncut, as they do not contain graphic details of the events that took place, and there is only one instance of bad language. Very moving tribute, and a good way to help explain that event, to younger viewers. Highly Recommended! (FX)

FILM: Mike Bassett, England Manager (15) – 9:00-10:45pm
Hilarious British comedy, for people who love or hate football! Ricky Tomlinson takes the role of beleaguered football manager, Mike Bassett – a man for whom incompetence is a middle name. After being made the manager of the latest England squad – a job which every other professional manager has turned down – Mike is forced to try to do the best he can, with the squad he’s got. Sadly, the squad he’s inherited are possibly the worst players in history, and Mike is forced into some unusual scenarios in order to get them to work together.. with the intention of getting them into the World Cup! Much of the swearing is deliberately bleeped-out, (as is the male nudity, which gets howlingly pixellated), and in most cases, it actually makes the film far funnier. However, I should point out that Five has made one or two tiny edits to some of the strongest language used. In all honesty, though, you won’t notice it, and it certainly doesn’t detract from the film’s bitingly satirical script. Tomlinson is superb, as are the numerous cameos by various celebrities past and present! Whatever you think of sport, this is a great film, and one of the better British films made in recent years. Very, very funny! Stay-tuned throughout the closing credits, for out-takes and additional scenes. :) Showing in Widescreen. (Five)

Angels In America – 9:00pm-12:40am
Part 2 of the two-part Golden Globe-winning mini-series drama. Contains strong language, brief nudity, and some distressing scenes. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (More4)

ONE-Life – 10:40-11:25pm
You may have no interest in her as a TV presenter, but as a fellow human being, you have to give her credit! In the summer of 2005, Gail Porter started to lose all of her hair. She is one out of every 50 people, who suffer from Alopecia – the genetic and sudden loss of all your hair. At just 34 years of age, she was forced to accept that she would be both “bald” and a “bald woman”. This documentary looks at her life just prior to, during, and after the discovery of her condition, and looks at how she copes in the modern world, where differences in people can be used to bully and belittle the person with the condition. Contains some bad language, and some distressing scenes. Showing in Widescreen. Viewers in Wales can see this show at 11:10pm instead, as can Sky Digital viewers, on the BBC1 Wales channel at EPG number 9XX. (BBC1)

Sex In The 80’s – 11:05pm-12:10am
First in a trio of related documentaries about the liberalisation of sex, during the 1980’s. Tonight, the series looks at Cynthia Payne – a Madam, who became rather too well known, for being the lady who kept a South London brothel. After her acquittal in 1987, she became infamous for her sex parties, at which many of the attendees were government ministers, normally in charge of important and high-ranking jobs! To many, she became a national treasure. To some, however, she will be loathed and hated for the power she wielded over those who had power of their own to contend with. Contains sexual material throughout, strong language and some strong sexual descriptions. Showing in Widescreen. (Channel 4)

SCHEDULE CHANGE: NYPD Blue – 12:40-1:40am only
Season 10, Episode 15.

FILM: Scummy Man (15) – 12:40-1:10am
Hard-hitting short-film based on the Artic Monkeys’ hit single When The Sun Goes Down. (Released on DVD just a few weeks back, I’m surprised this is already airing on TV!) Contains strong language and mature themes. (Channel 4)

Thursday 1st June
Burke’s Law – 9:00-10:00am, repeated 9:00-10:00pm!
Rerun of the 1970’s crime and detective show. (The Performance Channel, of all places!)

FILM: Foreign Correspondent (PG) – 1:00-3:00pm
Alfred Hitchcock’s superb classic thriller, about a newspaper crime reported who is sent to Europe to cover diplomatic attempts to prevent the outbreak of war. When he begins to dig deep into the various people involved, he soon finds himself in a world of espionage, secret spies, and cloak-and-dagger manoeuvres that may end-up being the death of him… permanently! Contains mild violence. Black-and-white. (BBC2)

SCHEDULE CHANGE: Monkey – 6:00-7:00pm
Viewers currently watching this show, should be aware that ITV4 are messing about with the schedules again. :rolleyes: After a lengthy absence, you have an episode tonight, and another one tomorrow. Neither is repeated unfortunately. (ITV4)

Third Watch Special – 8:00-9:00pm
The final part of a two-part special “Third Watch” episode, that starts off a rerun of Season 3. “In Their Own Words” takes the real-life cast from the show, and gets them to discuss with the real-life fire, ambulance and police staff, their thoughts and feelings about the World Trade Centre being struck by terrorists in hijacked aircraft, on the horrific day of September 11th, 2001. Airing completely uncut, as it does not contain graphic details of the events that took place, and there is only one instance of bad language. Very moving tribute, and a good way to help explain that event, to younger viewers. Highly Recommended! (FX)

Cinema Dali – 8:00-9:00pm
One-off documentary about the extreme expressionist cinema of Salvador Dali, who is most famous for the uncompromisingly eerie short “Un Chien Andalou”. Also showing in Hi-Def! (Artsworld)

House MD – 9:00-10:00pm
I have to recommend this episode, as it’s the first two-parter that this show has ever done, and it’s probably one of the finest episodes they’ve ever made! When a police officer is brought into the hospital, suffering from a bullet-wound, after being shot in the head. House and the team set-about preparing to remove the bullet and patch the poor man up. At first, everything seems all quite dull and normal with the patient’s injuries. There’s just one slight problem: the officer’s in complete hysterics at having being shot, and then Forman starts to exhibit the exact same symptoms! Just what is going on?! Is laughter really contagious? It seems so, but not everything is as it appears! Watch out for the hilariously cruel scene, as House has a “CSI-moment”, and goes to test the effect of a bullet on the human body. An absolutely, viciously sick sequence, but I guarantee it will also have you in complete hysterics at the same time! And there’s another gem of a dark, but oh-so-typical “House” retort, when Cameron sees the bullet-wound for the first time. I won’t print the exchange, but it’s a belter! Part 2 is on next week, at the same time. Highly Recommended! Showing uncut, and in Widescreen. (Five)

Cracker – 11:30pm-12:35am
Providing ITV3 and Sky have rectified the problems of picture and audio issues that has plagued them for the last three or four weeks, you may want to record this. The second story from the first series, “To Be A Somebody” has a modern-day story about a Bonnie And Clyde-type duo, who are deeply in love, but also deeply psychotic. When the Greater Manchester Police are sent to investigate a brutal murder, little do the team realise that a killing spree is nearing them! Despite being arrested for breaching the peace, Fitz is called in to help, but he’s more interested in Panhandle! This is the first of a three-episode story, and it’s one of the better ones. Parts two and three will air next Thursday and the Thursday after that. Showing uncut, and (hopefully_ in the original 1.77:1 widescreen ratio. Contains violence, bad language and some disturbing scenes. (The BBFC gave this an 18 certificate, and you’ll soon see why!) (ITV3)

All-Night Horror Triple Bill – 12:00-6:00am
Three superb horror films, get their TV transmission, uncut, uncensored, in Widescreen, and exactly as they were meant to be seen! “Sisters” is on at Midnight, and stars Margot Kidder. At 1:50am, Paul Morrissey’s controversial and bloody shocker, “Blood For Dracula” is shown for the first time, complete and intact. Udo Kier stars in the title role. Then, at 3:40am, the sequel to “Blood For Dracula”, “Flesh For Frankenstein” also gets its first uncut airing. This was originally a Video Nasty, and so, seeing it how it should be seen, is great! All three films are great cult films, and worthy of anyone’s time, especially if you like horror or even downright weird movies! As you probably can expect, there will be graphic violence, strong language, explicit gore and scenes of a sexually violent nature that may cause offence in each film. See if you can stomach them all! (FilmFour – Subscribers only!)

SCHEDULE CHANGE: NYPD Blue – 12:15-1:15am only
Season 10, Episode 16.

Friday 2nd
Monkey – 6:00-7:00pm
A second opportunity to join the Monkey King on his journey to find forgiveness from the gods he has offended. This is a new episode, and not a repeat of yesterday’s episode! (ITV4)

The Water Margin – 7:00-8:00pm
Another episode of the famous English-dubbed Japanese period drama. (ITV4)

SCHEDULE CHANGE – Law And Order / Law And Order: Special Victims Unit
Fans of these series currently showing on Five each Friday night, should note that they have now moved by one hour earlier than usual. “Law And Order” will now start at 9:00pm, and the hard-hitting “Law And Order: Special Victims Unit” will start at 10:00pm instead.

NEW: Prostitution – 10:00-11:00pm
First in a new three-part documentary series about the “world’s oldest profession”. The series explores how this job has changed over the years, from being a way for desperate people to make money quickly, at the expense of their psychological health, through the exploitation of women by their male pimps, into what many see now as a potentially lucrative career-choice for both sexes, in the 21st Century, whilst the sex industry in the UK and Europe continues to flourish despite the many legal clamp-downs. As you would expect, the show will contain adult themes, scenes of an explicit, frank and very adult nature, and will deal with material that may offend. Adults only! Showing in Widescreen. (Sky 1)

The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band 40th Anniversary Celebration – 10:00-11:00pm
Famous in the 1970’s, musician and British comedian Neil Innes and the surviving members of the famous and hilarious parody pop band, perform some of their many hits, including “How Fun To Be An Idiot” (or “Song For The Hopeless” as it’s sometimes known). A host of famous guests join the band onstage, including fans Phil Juppitus and Paul Merton. If you’ve never seen or heard of the band, then best ask your parents, who will undoubtedly remember them with fondness! A kitsch comedy treat for the young-at-heart! Contains some risqué material, not suitable for younger children. Showing in Widescreen. (BBC4).

FILM: Oleanna (15) – 3:10-4:40am
David Mamet is a well-known US playwright. He’s written and worked on numerous hit films and stage shows. This is the movie version of his own award-winning play, that focuses on two characters and one situation – that of institutional sexism. William H Macy and Debra Eisenstadt play the professor and student (respectively) at a renowned US university. When the professor is accused of sexual harassment by one of his students during an ordinary meeting about her coursework, a difficult war of words ensues, as each tries to understand the other’s point-of-view about what actually took place during the talk, that suddenly turns their lives upside down. To some people, the film and play are considered to be hideously dull and a truly pointless 90 minutes of conversation, between two desperately, unlikeable people. However, having seen this film twice now, I find it to be an incredible piece of well-constructed movie-making, utilising two of the finest actors, in an almost continuous take on the way one person’s actions can be horrendously misconstrued in this age of political correctness. Can a smile, or a kiss be seen as a personal assault on another person? When does your private space become invaded by others around you? And at what cost is civility to others? A strange film for sure, but a brilliantly minimalist experience. Highly Recommended for fans of challenging and thought-provoking cinema. Contains a single use of strong language, and some mild swearing, as well as the discussion of mature themes. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (Channel 4)

If you’re still with me, then you’ve finally reached the end of my recommendations for the week. I genuinely hope that there are some worthwhile selections for you all, and that you might look a little further afield from your usual TV choices. There is often plenty of good material on TV, but you just need patience and a good guide to hunt them down. Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend, and I’ll see you all back here, in a couple of weeks, or so. :)

Thanks once again Pooch for some good info and really glad you made this one or I would have missed the Friday episode of The Water Margin.:clap:
Hey Garrett,

No, Thank You, for making it a Sticky Thread so quickly! :) Glad to be of help! I hope the length of the Update makes up for the lack of one in recent weeks. :clap:

Great update pooch, one small thing, Sunday 16th June for supernatural finale has confused me as 16th June is a Friday, so is the finale on the 18th?

Hi Toasty,

Toasty said:
Great update pooch, one small thing, Sunday 16th June for supernatural finale has confused me as 16th June is a Friday, so is the finale on the 18th?


Umm... I'm not entirely 100% sure. My details were from ITV, so it may be they are ending the show on a different day to usual. However, keep an eye out on both the ITV2 and ITV1 listings for that week, and the weekend (Sat 17th-Monday 19th), just in case. Sorry I can't be more specific than that. :(

No worries, with Fives treatment of the last few episodes of prison break I will assume anythings possible ;)
NYPD Blue fans take note! On the good side, you may have noticed that all episodes are now being shown without any DOG’s! This is fantastic, and maybe it’s C4’s way of apologising to “NYPD Blue’s” hardcore fans who have waited over three years to see these final three Seasons’ worth of episodes. Sadly, there is also bad news! For some bizarre and unexplained reason, episodes of “NYPD Blue” are now not only changing their timeslot most nights (starting as early as 10:50pm, or as late as 11:50pm), but for this week, episodes are only being aired once each evening, with no same-night 2am-ish repeat! So, you’ll now have just one chance to catch each episode, around Midnight, and then one hour later on More4 +1! I am hoping that next week, More4 will be reverting back to the two transmissions each night, but I don’t have the info yet. Please be careful when setting your VCR’s, DVD Recorders or Sky Plus boxes! I’d hate for any of you to start missing any more episodes… like I’ve recently done!

I hope they do revert back to show 2am repeats or i'll miss some of the eps. :( It may interest people to know that , mostly, these 2am showings are advert free!

great post as usual Pooch.:smashin:

The Book of Daniel and The Inside are on Wednesday not Tuesday.

I have some more film and TV news for you all, which was all rather important. So I’ve decided to post it now, rather than wait until nearer the (relevant) times.

Film News
We start things off, with some sad news, regarding two recent deaths in the movie world. US actor Paul Gleason and Japanese movie director Shohei Imamura, have both died in the past few days. :(

Paul Gleason was just 67 years old, but will probably be best remembered for his excellent comedic turn in the acclaimed and popular Brat Pack film from 1985, “The Breakfast Club”, where he played a staid but sadistic headmaster, dealing with six teenagers on a Saturday morning detention. Alongside a rising cast of new teen actors, including the likes of Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez and Anthony Michael Hall, he managed to turn the role of a put-upon headmaster, into a man you cared about, and even wanted to see him get his comeuppance over the youngsters. I can still recite many of the numerous jokes and verbal sparring his character endures: Barry Manilow having his wardrobe raided. Grabbing the bull by the horns. There were so many memorable quotes, and Gleason proved himself to be a great character actor. His other works include the Eddie Murphy hit “Trading Places”, and guest roles in TV comedy “Seinfeld”, The actor sadly passed away, after a long fight with Lung Cancer, with his wife and family by him. I’m sure he will be sadly missed by many of you.

Shohei Imamura’s name is unlikely to be recognised by many of you, but he is one of only three directors to ever win the Palme D’Or award at the Cannes Film Festival twice. The first time was for the 1983 movie “The Ballad Of Narayama”, and then in 1997 for his jaw-dropping drama “The Eel”. In 2001, critical acclaim for “Warm Water Under A Red Bridge” was being so well-received, that rumours began to spread as to whether Imamura may be the only director to potentially win for a third time around. It was not to be. However, his two Palme D’Or’s means he ranks alongside stalwarts Emir Kusturica and Bille August. He was in good company. Having spent over forty years in the Japanese movie industry, his works often dealt with provocative issues about how the Japanese are viewed by both themselves and other nations around the world. He did not always see eye-to-eye with his contemporaries, and often stated his loathing of other acclaimed directors, but he was still seen by many as an incomparable force in world cinema. His work “The Eel” is one of my personal favourite movies. I do hope that this, and many of his other works get released onto DVD now, as he deserves a much better audience in the UK. “Black Rain” is his most famous and well-known title, dealing with the aftermath of the Japanese bombings of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. I will miss his works, and I know many lovers of foreign films around the world, will miss him too. He passed away at the age of 77, also from Lung Cancer.

Rest In Peace, both of you. :( The world of cinema and TV will be a lesser place, without your charisma, warmth, and works on our screens.

TV News
Alas, another US show has been cancelled already! “Commander In Chief”, which currently airs on ABC1 here in the UK, has been pulled after less than 20 episodes. Created by Rod Lurie, who also worked on FBI drama “Line Of Fire”, (also cancelled after just 13 episodes), the show starred Kyle Secor from “Homicide: Life On The Street” and Geena Davis as the first female president and her husband, who try to make the job work for them. Despite the involvement of some heavy TV casting stalwarts, (including Ever Carradine, Jason Wiles, Harry Lennox, Donald Sutherland, and Natasha Henstridge), not to mention behind-the-scenes staff of the likes of Steven Bochco, and others from “Third Watch”, “NYPD Blue” and “The West Wing”, the show started off well, but quickly nose-dived. Although UK fans will get to see all the episodes made, (which should be around 16 or 17), it won’t have any kind of suitable ending to bring the show to a conclusion. More4 has also bought the rights to air this show, in September 2006. It’s not been the best show, but it’s not that bad either. A shame that this has been dropped.

Saturday 3rd June
The final 140-minute episode ever made of "MASH" gets a rare TV outing on Paramount Comedy 2, today, between 4:40-7:00pm, or repeated Sunday 4th June between 3:10-5:30pm. Both airings are uncut.

Saturday 17th June
“Battlestar Galactica” starts on Sky 3! :clap: This will be the first chance for Freeview and non-Sky subscribing TV fans to see this amazing sci-fi update of the classic 1970’s cult series. The first episode airs at 8pm, and I am hoping that Sky will be airing both the introductory two-part mini-series (that is in two two-hour “movies”), before then going into the 13-episode run that forms Season 1!

Sunday 25th June
“Spitting Image” gets a temporary rerun on ITV4. The first and last episodes will be aired, hopefully with the much-requested and highly enjoyable “South Bank Show” documentary special, that ITV1 made at the height of “Spitting Image’s” lengthy run.

Thursday 29th June
“Out Of Practice” is an all-new US comedy drama, starring Henry Winkler (“Happy Days” and the “Scream” movie series), and Stockard Channing (“Grease” and “The West Wing”), that gets its UK airing just a few weeks after the US saw the show start. The two leads play divorcing parents, from a dysfunctional family of doctors, who have almost nothing else in common with one another. Word from the USA, is very, very favourable, so I hope that this will be worth a look, especially for fans of “Boston Legal”. The first episode starts at 9:30pm on LivingTV.

Wow, Pooch,

You really have done us proud, as the expression goes, with the marathon updates; a thousand thanks for those.

Maddeningly, I missed Spiral, due to so many unexpected visitors at the Bank Holiday weekend. On the Friday I said to my husband, a great weekend ahead, no one's coming, we're not going anywhere, great tv. It turned out not to be the case. I still have ten Sherlock Holmes on the Sky+ Planner and was trying to watch some at 2 a.m. to make way for putting more on it. These seriesfests are sometimes not a good idea!

I never think to look at TCM as I always think there are just films on it like "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers", but now you've mentioned TCM2 I shall keep my eyes peeled. "The Shining" (like Deliverance) are such memorable films and I can watch them over and over, and the original version will be even better.
Barbara2001 said:

The Book of Daniel and The Inside are on Wednesday not Tuesday.

Can you tell me if you're getting the full run of The Book of Daniel over in the UK? We only got 4 of the 8 episodes over this side of the pond before it was pulled. I thought it was a really good show, nice bits of humour and drama kept it going along nicely, until the God-Squads over here complained and it vanished.
Mindcrime said:
Can you tell me if you're getting the full run of The Book of Daniel over in the UK? We only got 4 of the 8 episodes over this side of the pond before it was pulled. I thought it was a really good show, nice bits of humour and drama kept it going along nicely, until the God-Squads over here complained and it vanished.

Looks as if we are getting all 8 episodes.
Afternoon Folks,

No major TV update, this week I’m afraid, but the following should be of interest to most of you:

Sky 1 News:
Three excellent US dramas are each repeated over the next month, on Sky 1, in their late-night slot, starting from late tonight. The start of complete repeat runs of “Over There” (the Steven Bochco-produced war drama about a group of US soldiers fighting in Iraq, which lasted for just 18 episodes, if my memory serves), “Threshold” (a short-lived, 13-episode sci-fi drama starring Carla Gugino, Charles S Dutton, and Brent Spiner), and last, but by no means least, “Deadwood” (all 12 episodes from Season 2) all kick-off again, after the midnight hour.

Each show airs approximately between 1:00 and 5:00am, every night, sometimes with ads, and sometimes with almost none at all! Exact transmission times do vary each night, so please check your usual listings guides for the relevant information. All three, though, start late tonight! So don’t forget, if you don’t want to miss the first episode of any of these three shows. ;)

Five News:
“Big Love” gets its UK premiere on Five, from Monday 12th June, at 9:00pm, with the first two episodes airing back-to-back. It stars Bill Paxton as a Mormon man who is polygamously married to three separate women, (Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny, and Ginnifer Goodwin), and tries to deal with the fact that none of them really love him… except for his money! :) The show centres around the dysfunctional family theme that is used in many other dramas, but with the added spice of the fact that no one in this unique-relationship is willing to divorce themselves, for fear of being made an outcast in their small, Idaho town! :eek: and :D Reviews in the USA have been hostile, especially from the religious groups, who have condemned it for its inaccurate and stereotyped portrayal of modern-day Mormons. However, being from subscription channel “HBO”, you know that this show isn’t going to be easy or homely viewing! In the UK, previews have tended to be favourable, although many critics have said that it’s a show that people will either love or loathe. Not to mention, the fact it’s a very slow-burner! Unusually for an HBO show, there’s nowhere near as much swearing, sex or violence that is the norm for their material. (Bear in mind, HBO also make “The Sopranos”, “Oz”, “Deadwood”, “Rome”, and “The L Word”.) See what all the fuss is about, in just under 10 days time.

“House MD” fans will be overjoyed with the following news: I can exclusively reveal that Season 3 of this acerbic medical comedy/drama show has not only been renewed in the USA, but also that Five have been so pleased with the ratings by UK viewers, that they have already tendered a bid to give the show its UK Season 3 premiere on their station! :clap: Although no concrete details have been made available, if Five win the bid to air Season 3 first, then airings would probably start in late-January or early-February 2007! :) For Five, “House MD” has been the channel’s second-highest rated show, hovering around 2.5 million viewers each week. Only “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” beats it, with 2.8 million viewers per week.

BBC Region News:
This may not be new to some of you, but if you have difficulty in trying to catch many of the prime-time BBC1 and BBC2 shows, you may like to know that not every region around the UK airs them at the exact same time. If you have access to Sky Digital (and only Sky Digital), then hop-over to Sky EPG Channel No 971 onwards, and you will be able to access ALL of the separate regions, irrespective of where you live in the UK. Shows like “Have I Got News For You”, “Medium”, “Question Time” and many other prime-time, post-9pm shows air on BBC Scotland, Wales and/or Northern Ireland at later times, or even on different days, than the rest of the BBC network. Thus, if you do miss the beginning of a show, or it conflicts with too many others that you want to watch or record, double-check BBC Scotland, BBC Wales, and BBC Northern Ireland (BBC1 and BBC2 variants), and see if your chosen show is repeated at an alternative time. It could just save you from a major disaster, when you’re trying to watch or record something! ;)

BBC1 Scotland is well-known for airing shows weeks after they’ve ended on the main BBC schedules. Last night, saw the first of the six episodes of “The Smith And Jones Sketchbook”, that had completed its run everywhere else in the country, last week! BBC1 Wales and BBC1 Northern Ireland also tend to both air “Medium” much later than the main BBC1 regions, sometimes starting well after Midnight, thus giving viewers of this excellent US drama an alternative chance to catch-up with it.

I should also mention three other good reasons, for checking these channels out, namely:
- that evening films are also shown at different times
- non-England sports events that non-England teams are taking part in, can be seen on the regional variants, giving non-Sky Sports-subscribers, the option of seeing even more football, rugby and other localised sports events from these areas of the UK!
- plus, if you have relatives from other parts of the country visiting you, you can still let them catch-up with their “local” news and weather. It also means you can see what else is going-on in other areas of the country in terms of traffic and weather reports, if perhaps you plan to visit a specific area, e.g. Manchester, East Anglia, etc,etc. Very useful, and a lot less hassle than scouring the web, BBCi, or Ceefax! Just tune-in to the relevant regional BBC channel, at the times when regional news, weather and traffic reports are being aired (e.g. weekdays at 1:30pm, 6:25pm, and 10:25pm). Now, if only we could get Sky to offer the regional equivalents of ITV1 as well! :)

NYPD Blue News:
Lastly, “NYPD Blue” fans should be pleased to know, that as of Monday 5th June, More4 is returning back to the regular scheduling of this popular police drama. The 11pm (approximately) showing, will air with adverts, and then the late-night, post-2am repeat, will air the same episode, but without ads!

Hallmark News:
"EarlY Edition" is an excellent US family comedy-drama, and Hallmark are kindly repeating all 4 seasons, starting tonight at 3am. Episodes will be shown every Saturday and Sunday at 8am, with a late-night 3am repeat! Enjoy the show, especially if you've never seen it before, or have only seen a few episodes! A great show!

Well, that’s all for the moment. Have a pleasant week, and I’ll post any other information, I get in this thread. So please check back, just in case something else needs to be brought to everyone’s attention. Thanks!

Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere on the board, but Supernatural has had a second season confirmed on the new 'The CW' channel in the US, and ITV is apparently saying that they will also be showing it, although dates have not been confirmed.

All according to
There seems to be a multitude of double episode season finale's on this coming week

The much publicised Prison Break double episode is on Five on Monday at 21.00 to 23.00 hrs
The double episode season finale of Sleeper Cell is on FX on Tuesday evening from 21.00 to 23.00 hrs and again on the + channel at 23.00 to 01.00 hrs and then again as a late night repeat at about 03.00 am
And then finally a double episode of Cold Case on Sky1 from 20.00 to 22.00 hrs (unfortunatly this clashes with the start of the new series of Veronica Mars on Living)

Its also the final eppisode of Bones (Sky1) on thursday, I know, not a double episode but its still a good series that should be watched.

Dont miss any of them !
The last episode was AWESOME (I download these things from net, What can I say I am impatient :) )

Just to let you all know "Battlestar Galactica" (Season 1) gets a repeat on Sky 1, from 9pm. :clap:

However, please note, Sky 1 are repeating only the 13 episodes that make-up Season 1, and are NOT airing the two-part mini-series movie. :thumbsdow As such, new viewers to this excellent show, will find it very, very difficult to get their heads around episode 1, as it continues almost directly from the end of the mini-series.

Your best bet, may simply be to wait another couple of weeks, and watch both the Mini-Series and all of Season 1, on Sky 3, when it starts then. :lesson:

Good Afternoon, Everyone,

I hope you are all well, and enjoying the extremely hot weather that most of the country is experiencing right now! Definitely a :cool: time. :)

Well, if you do want to stay-in, but don’t want to be subject to this little sports competition that’s currently going-on, which I think is called the World Cup, or something similar :rotfl:, then here’s a short update of shows that may be worth a viewing. As to be expected, any recommendations for BBC and ITV may well be subject to rescheduling. Where possible, any alterations are noted. However, please check your usual TV listings guide, on the relevant day, just in case.

Saturday 10th June
Those of you watching or recording this excellent US comedy/drama on the Hallmark Channel, need to take note, that all episodes are now showing at 8am only! There is no 3am, same-day late-night repeat! This applies to both of the episodes that air on Saturday and Sunday! (Hallmark)

FILM: Empire Of The Sun (PG) – 9:00-11:50pm
Late-night showing of this incredible Spielberg movie, base don JG Ballard’s own semi-autobiographical novel, set in Shanghai during WWII. Christian Bale (“Batman Forever”, “The Machinist”, and “American Psycho”) stars as the young boy caught up in the terrible war, as he becomes separated from his parents, and has to fend for himself. Miranda Richardson, Nigel Havers, John Malkovich all co-star, in this frank and dark drama. Although a PG certificate, the film is very dark in tone and content, and isn’t recommended for under-10’s. Contains some mild violence and some occasional distressing scenes. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (TCM Turner Classic Movies)

FILM: Manhunter (18) – 10:00pm-12:20am
Excellent Michael Mann film, that introduced the world to serial killer and bon-vivant, Hannibal Lecktor! Brooding, moody crime thriller, with an excellent score composed by Mann himself (under a pseudonym), and an early filmic performance from William Peterson (aka Gil Grissom from “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”). Contains strong language, some sexual material, and some disturbing scenes. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (ITV2)

FILM: Lord Of Illusions (18) – 10:00pm-12:10am
Clive Barker directed this intriguing horror-mystery thriller with “Quantum Leap’s” Scott Bakula in the lead role. Hired by a woman to protect her magician husband, a private eye (Bakula) is powerless to act when the magician dies a horrible death on-stage. But he soon discovers, that magic won’t be his only problem, in working out who caused the man’s death. Dark and foreboding film, worth a look. This is the slightly longer, and better, Director’s Cut that is also out on UK DVD, but not in the USA! Contains strong language, violent scenes and sexual material. Showing uncut. (Sci-Fi)

Sunday 11th
Starsky And Hutch Day – 12:00-9:00pm
Spend all day with the classic police detective duo, from the 1970’s, and their famous pimp-on-the-street Huggy Bear, in a selection of adventures from all four seasons. (Bravo)

FILM: Cowboy Bebop – Knocking On Heaven’s Door (12) – 2:45-5:05pm
Enjoyable and offbeat Japanese animation film, spun-off from the acclaimed TV series of the same name, about the space bounty-hunter, and his gang of reckless comrades, as they go on the hunt for a planet-hopping bio-terrorist. Recommended, even if you aren’t necessarily a fan of the series itself, or of animation, as the film is quite enjoyable on its own. However, those of you who have seen the series, will get more from it. Showing uncut. Contains some violence, brief nudity, sexual innuendo and some bad language. In dubbed-English language only. (Sci-Fi)

24 – 9:00-10:00pm
Episode 20 of Season 5, and allegedly the best episode of the entire Season! :clap: For those of you with Sky, you can press the Red Button at anytime between 9:00 and 11:00pm, and watch the episode at delayed 15-minute intervals, e.g. 9:15, 9:30, 9:45pm etc, etc, just in case this clashes with something else. This option will also be available for all future episodes, AND on all repeats of the same episodes on both Sky 1 and Sky 2! (Sky 1)

FILM: Hands Of The Ripper (15) – 11:00pm-12:45am
Horror-filled Hammer Horror movie, based on the premise of what if Jack The Ripper had secretly had a daughter who, after his death, decided to continue his murderous shenannigins. One of the best Hammer movies ever made, and very bloody too! :eek: Showing uncut, with scenes of strong gory violence. In Widescreen. (ITV4)

FILM: “Fritz Lang’s M” (PG) – 12:05-150am
Late-night showing of the acclaimed, German thriller, with Peter Lorre as a child-murderer! ;eek: Contains some mild violence. In German, with English Subtitles. Showing uncut. (Artsworld)

FILM: Oxygen (18) – 12:50-2:45am
Enjoyable, if slightly iffy, horror thriller, starring Adrien Brody (“The Pianist”) and Maura Tierney (Abby in US TV medical drama “ER”). He plays a killer who kidnaps Tierney, and buries her alive in a coffin, with a limited supply of oxygen. The police are fed deliberately off-kilter clues, as Brody’s character secretly follows them, seeing how they cope, knowing that a woman may day due to their own incompetence, if they can’t work out what his clues mean. Some strong violence, occasional strong language, and some sexually violent material. Showing uncut. Also repeated tomorrow night, at 9:00pm! (The Horror Channel)

Monday 12th
NEW: Martial Law – 8:00-9:00pm
New to ITV4 viewers, is this enjoyably daft action comedy series, starring martial arts master Sammo Hung, as a Chinese police officer forcibly assigned to an LA detective squad. It’s essentially a culture-clash comedy, and the “funny” differences between Eastern and Western people. Yes, it’s silly, and the plots are rather frivolous, but it’s a fun and easy hours worth of viewing. Originally shown on Five. Tonight, it’s the Pilot Episode from Season 1. (ITV4)

NEW: Big Love – 9:00-11:20pm
First two episodes in an all-new HBO comedy drama, based around the intertwining relationships of a Mormon man (played by “Titanic” and “Aliens” actor Bill Paxton) with three wives (played by Chloe Sevigny, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Ginnifer Goodwin). Like you would expect, from the US cable channel company who gave us “Deadwood”, “The Sopranos”, “Oz” and other such hits, this won’t be an easy watch, although there isn’t too much strong language. However, you will need to pay close-attention, and be very patient. This is a slow-burning drama, so don’t expect an immediate pay-off. Season 1 has 13 episodes, each of which run to 70 minutes each (including adverts), so please set your videos, DVD recorders and Sky Plus boxes carefully, as there are no weekly repeats of this show currently scheduled! This should hopefully be another winning series! Contains some bad language. Showing in Widescreen. (Five)

FILM: Slap Shot (18) – 9:00-11:10pm
Paul Neuman stars as the ageing coach of a relentlessly awful Ice Hockey team, who are desperately trying to claw their way into the big league. After many uneventful defeats, the coach decides on a few new tactics… most of which involve painful application of the hockey stick! Very, very brutal, but also hilariously dark adult comedy. Very strong language throughout, and plenty of sports violence, hence the adult-only certificate. Highly Recommended! Showing uncut, and in Widescreen. (TCM Turner Classic Movies)

Tuesday 13th
Battlestar Galactica – 8:00-10:00pm
Double-bill repeats of Season 1. Please note, however, that this is only Season 1. The two-part Mini-Series (or Movie) is NOT being shown. Hence, jumping-in to this superb show, is likely to a) annoy you, and b) baffle you to death! If you can, hang-on a couple of weeks, until the Mini-Series is shown for the first time on Sky 3, along with all of Season 1! :lesson: (Sky 1)

World Cup Out-takes – 10:00-11:30pm
Want to see footballers, football managers, and everyone else in the world of footie make complete arses of themselves? Then sit back, and enjoy this specially-commissioned BBC compilation, of ninety minutes of the most shocking, hilarious and downright awful bits of hilarious football mishaps! Expect some strong language, and full-frontal male nudity! Highly Recommended, even if you loathe the game! (BBC3)

FILM: L’Age d’Or (15) – 10:30-11:30pm
Surrealist French movie, by Jean Vigo. Don’t expect it to make sense, but do expect plenty of weirdness, and shocking imagery. Contains material that some may find offensive or blasphemous! :eek: (Artsworld)

FILM: Mondovino (PG) – 11:30pm-1:45am
Rare TV showing of this award-winning 2004 documentary from France, all about the world of Wine! From growing the grapes, producing the product, and getting it bottled and for sale in your local supermarket or off-licence, this is a warts-and-all documentary about plonk! In French with English Subtitles. Showing in Widescreen. (Artsworld)

Wednesday 14th
FILM: Shakespeare In Love (15) – 7:30-10:00pm
Gwyneth Paltrow and Joseph Fiennes star in this muti-award-winning movie, as a struggling young playwright, one Will Shakespeare, discovers an unlikely muse, in the form of Ms Paltrow. Contains some brief sexual material, and some editing may have been done for this early-evening transmission. Showing in Widescreen. (ITV2)

NEW: Desperate Housewives Night – 10:00pm-1:00am
Are you desperate enough to want to see all three episodes that conclude Season 2, all in one night? If so, catch Episode 22 on Channel 4 at 10pm, followed by the two-part finale, over on E4, from 11pm! Channel 4 viewers can see the two-part finale next Wednesday night instead! (Channel 4 and E4)

FILM: The Rock (15) – 10:00pm-12:10am
Brilliantly nutty action adventure, from Jerry Bruckheimer, with Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage and the late John Spencer (Leo McGarry in “The West Wing”). An FBI agent and chemical weapons expert have to break into Alcatraz prison, to foil the plan of a schizoid US Army General, who wants to start a nuclear war! Leave your brain at the door, and enjoy the stunts, the action and the madness of this excellent action movie. Contains prolonged scenes of violence, and plenty of very strong language throughout. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (BBC3)

FILM: Midnight Run (18) – 10:00pm-12:35am
One of Robert De Niro’s finest films. A rare chance to see him in a comedy, but not in a funny man role! De Niro plays a bounty-hunter whose sole prerogative is to bring-back a neurotic, embezzler who has been on the run for a while, for £10000, any way he can. But when a second, rival bounty-hunter is after the same embezzler, the two bounty-hunters are forced to use tactics against one another, in order to claim the cash. It’s an unrelentingly foul-mouthed comedy, but an absolute belter of a film, and worth enduring the blue language for it, because of all the scrapes and hijinks to the two hunters get themselves into! One of the finest comedy films ever made! Highly Recommended. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. Also repeated later on tonight, from 2am. (ITV4)

NEW: NYPD Blue – 10:55-11:55pm
The start of Season 11, and the 15th Precinct is under immense pressure, after a shooting at the offices of the men and women in blue brings tragic and devastating results for all concerned. Episode repeated later on, at 2:15am. (More4)

FILM: Doomwatch (12) – 12:40-2:15am
The sci-fi horror chiller from 1972, gets a late-night repeat. A scientist investigates, when a secret Minsitry Of Defence project starts to turn the locals into disfigured mutants! Contains some violent and scary scenes. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (BBC1)

Thursday 15th
NEW: The 4400 – 8:00-10:00pm
From the info I’ve gleaned, it looks like this is the start of Season 1 of the Sci-Fi drama series, getting its second non-subscription airing. Two investigators are forced to work together, after 4400 people re-appear on Earth, all at the same time, having vanished for an unexplained amount of time. Why have they been returned, and what was the point of their being abducted in the first place? An intriguing series, which has surprisingly been picked-up in the US for a third season! After Season 1 ends (all 5 episodes of it, Season 2 should follow straight after, with its first non-subscription airing. Contains some scenes which may frighten younger audience members. Showing in Widescreen. (Sky 3)

Friday 16th
FILM: Hellraiser Trilogy Night (18) – 9:00pm-2:45am
Watch the gut-wrenching “Hellraiser” horror movie trilogy, back-to-back, in one, gigantic, sick-a-thon! :devil: A mysterious puzzle box exists. Stories abound, about those who tried to solve it, but failed. Now, the box is back, and one young woman, is about to unleash the Cenobites: demons from a mystical plain, who specialise in the threshold pain/pleasure-barrier, and who have such sights to show you. A superb horror trilogy, that gore fans will relish. It’s brutal, unrelenting and very, very explicit, and yet the stories are cleverly written, with a fiendish blend of scares and intelligent plotlines… all courtesy of Liverpudlian fantasy/horror author, Clive Barker.

“Hellraiser” airs at 9pm. “Hellbound: Hellraiser II” airs from 10:55pm, and “Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth” starts at 12:50am. Highly Recommended, for those with strong stomachs! If the first film doesn’t make you ill, the second one surely will! All three films are showing completely uncut and uncensored, including all the previously-banned BBFC footage. Contains prolonged, detailed and graphically violent gore sequences, sexual scenes, explicit nudity, very strong language, material of a sexually violent nature, and material that will offend! This is not a trilogy for the easily disturbed! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! :eek: Showing uncut and uncensored. (The Horror Channel)

FILM: Battleship Potemkin (PG) – 10:00-11:05pm
Classic, silent 1925 Russian movie, that caused a furore all over the world, where it was banned for many years, for its depiction of the 1905 Russian Revolution. At only one hour in duration, this is a worthwhile film for true fans of Foreign Language cinema, to view at least once in their life. Despite the subject matter, you don’t need to know much about the period the movie is set in. And, for those of you who think that a black-and-white Russian movie made over 80 years ago is likely to be as interesting as trying to read a Latin version of a Dostoyevsky novel, I say this: watch this film if for no other reason than the infamous “Odessa Steps” sequence. It was later used in the classy action drama “The Untouchables” in 1987 by none other than Brian DePalma! This is how influential this film is now seen as! In Russian with English captions. Some minor gore and violence. Showing uncut and in the Original 4:3 Aspect Ratio. (Artsworld)

Spiral (aka Engrenages) – 10:30pm-1:00am
For those of you who may have missed any of the first three episodes of this excellent French TV mini-series, here’s another chance to catch-up with the story so far. A heavily mutilated female corpse is found in a dumpster, and it is down to a small team of French police to track down her killer, and the reason behind the vicious murder. However, as the case proceeds, there are certain high-ranking officials within the police force and the government, that do not want the truth uncovered, and are willing to do anything to cease the investigation. An excellent combination of “Law And Order: Special Victims Unit”, “The Shield” and “Homicide: Life On The Street”, as seen through Gallic eyes. The series runs for eight episodes in total, and Episode 4 can be seen on Sunday 18th. Contains violent scenes, and some bad language. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. In French, with English Subtitles. (BBC4)

Well, we’ve come to the end of this latest update! As always, questions, feedback, amendments and/or any programming additions can be posted to this thread. For the time being however, Happy Viewing!

Thanks a lot for that Pooch, great stuff there to watch. I'm glad "Spiral" has been repeated since I missed that and regretted it.

I'm looking forward to seeing Fritz Lang's "M" too. "Big Love" sounds interesting, just wish it didn't take up so much room on the Sky planner! I shall have to get that DVDHDD recorder pretty quick or I shall be tearing my hair out trying to see everything.

"Midnight Run sounds interesting too. I think I once started watching that but couldn't keep awake. Tonight I shall watch "Empire of the Sun" again, a brilliant film and record "Lord of Illusions, which sounds suitably scary.

I could go on and on, but just know I appreciate your recommendations and would have missed most of them without our Forum's TV Guru!
It looks like we have lost Medium for the duration of the bloody world cup as well as Top Gear, why in gods name we have to have repeats of games at midnight is beyond me. Oh well hopefully the last two episodes will resume after the poxy football has finished (and equally hopefully the BBC will advertise the return so no one forgets its back on in 5 weeks)
Afternoon Everyone,

Very short TV update for you, that you may all be interested in:

Late tonight (sorry, yesterday evening), sees the start of a nightly repeat run of all of “24: Day 5”, right from the beginning, through to the end. Episodes will air every night, around 2am, with either one, two or even three episodes airing, back-to-back. Times will vary, however, so please check your Sky EPG guide, for exact times. Episodes are all uncut and in Widescreen. A nice way to see any episodes you may have missed, or wish to record. (Sky 1)

Also from tonight on Sky 1, “Thief” the six-episode mini-series with Andre Braugher as the ultimate thief out to perform one final job before he retires from the criminal world, is repeated over three nights. Episode 1 airs tonight at 3:30am. Late on Monday night, episodes two and three air, followed late on Tuesday night, with the final three episodes airing. Again, episodes are uncut and in Widescreen.

Fans of the Dennis Leary drama/comedy series “Rescue Me” can get another chance to see Season 1 again, starting late on Tuesday night, from 1:50am, with the first two of 13 episodes. An excellent show, that deals with a rag-tag group of firemen learning how to survive life on-and-off the job, post-September 11th 2001! At times, quite harrowing, and at others very, very frank and funny. The show is Highly Recommended if you like intelligent shows that can blend the best of drama with the darkest of black humour, and don't object to some adult humour and rather brutal sexism. Episodes air every night, around the same time, in double-bills. (Sky 1)

Lastly, "NYPD Blue" fans take note - episodes this week, will ONLY air once each night - at approximately 11pm (or Midnight on More4 +1)! Please be aware of this! Next week, episodes should be back to the usual 11pm and 2am times. :lesson:

That's all for the moment. I hope to do a full update, and get it online by next Saturday lunchtime. Until then, happy viewing! :)

Didn't see this in the thread yet and it may be a bit short notice but five are showing Becker from the start from 1830 tonight, 5 nights a week. I've never seen it so I'm gonna give it a go. Anything with Ted Danson and Terry Farrell's gotta be good.
PoochJD said:

Film News
We start things off, with some sad news, regarding two recent deaths in the movie world. US actor Paul Gleason and Japanese movie director Shohei Imamura, have both died in the past few days. :(

Paul Gleason was just 67 years old, but will probably be best remembered for his excellent comedic turn in the acclaimed and popular Brat Pack film from 1985, “The Breakfast Club”, where he played a staid but sadistic headmaster, dealing with six teenagers on a Saturday morning detention. Alongside a rising cast of new teen actors, including the likes of Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez and Anthony Michael Hall, he managed to turn the role of a put-upon headmaster, into a man you cared about, and even wanted to see him get his comeuppance over the youngsters. I can still recite many of the numerous jokes and verbal sparring his character endures: Barry Manilow having his wardrobe raided. Grabbing the bull by the horns. There were so many memorable quotes, and Gleason proved himself to be a great character actor. His other works include the Eddie Murphy hit “Trading Places”, and guest roles in TV comedy “Seinfeld”, The actor sadly passed away, after a long fight with Lung Cancer, with his wife and family by him. I’m sure he will be sadly missed by many of you.



I just read about this now in a Xbox360 magazine of all things, and i like to thank Pooch and the tribute written in the magazine about Paul Gleasons' sad death, and hightlighting his career. He will be missed. I never seen a bad performance by Paul, and enjoyed all the movies he has been in.

I read he contracted a rare form of asbestos related cancer that takes anywhere up to 50 years or more to show up on tests. Its thought that he picked it up whilst working on building site with his father as a teenager. He career pans films and tv; shows like Dawsons Creek, Friends, Magnum PI, Seinfeld, etc.

Just a few months before his death a book of his poetry was published and he had also recently finished filming for a modern day coming of age movie 'The Book of Caleb.' He is also regarded as one of the main influences for The Simpsons character Principal Skinner.



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