New TV Viewing For May & June 2005!

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Afternoon Everyone,

Well, let me get straight down to it, as I've got plenty to tell you about for the next few days:

Sunday 12th June
FILM: Wargames (PG) - 5:25-7:30pm
Dated but still enjoyable action adventure, about a teenage boy who accidentally hacks into the NORAD (North American Defence System) computer, whilst trying to obtain a pre-release version of some new computer software! (Yes, illegally downloading software via the internet, was even frowned upon 22 years ago!) When he selects to play a game of Thermonuclear War, he unintentionally initiates World War Three. Slightly silly, but still worthy film, that kids and adults will enjoy. A classic of the 1980's! (Watch out for the "Falken's Maze" library sequence, which is one of my favourite scenes in the film.) Widescreen version. (Channel 4)

Peacemakers - 8:20-9:45pm
New US drama series, gets a premiere tonight. Tom Berenger stars as a Wild West law enforcing forensics detective, out to stop Silver City, Colorado from descending into lawlessness, in the 1800's. This is the feature-length Pilot Episode. Alas there are no repeats. However, non-digital viewers will be pleased to know that this show is likely to be shown on ITV1 later in the year! :clap: (ITV3)

Mock The Week - 10:00-10:30pm
This new comedy quiz show started last week, but isn't actually too bad. It's a cross between "Have I Got News For You" and "Whose Line Is It Anyway?". The basic set-up is that a host of top British comedians poke fun at recent news events, from the past week. Some elements work better than others, and it's hardly "original", but seeing as "HIGNFY" is currently off our screens, this makes a nice end to the weekend. Worth a look. (BBC2)

FILM: Crimson Tide (15) - 10:15pm-12:05am
Superb drama set on a US naval submarine, with Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington in the lead roles. A submarine receives an incomplete coded message, that may lead to a nuclear attack between the USA and the Russians. Hackman wants to launch missiles, Washington doesn't. Nail-biting underwater drama, with a great instrumental score from Hans Zimmer. Strong language, and some violence. (BBC1)

Monday 13th
Last Rights - 10:20-11:10am
Another stupid scheduling decision by Channel 4! :mad: Intelligent and provocative futuristic political drama set in 2029AD, about the disappearance of a teenager who may be linked to a controversial political party. Episode 1 of 3, with subsequent parts showing tomorrow and Wednesday at the same time. Charles Dance stars. (Channel 4)

Wimbledon Review - 1:30-2:30pm
Prior to Wimbledon 2005 starting net week, here's a chance to catch all of the highs and lows of past events. Watch the rain take its toll on the players, McEnroe take his toll on the turf, (some ball-boys and girls, and a few umpires too), and cringe as Cliff Richard takes his toll on the viewers and the commentary team!

Cash Cab - 3:00-3:30pm
If you wonder what the shrieking sound is, it's the sound of the bottom of the barrel being scrapped bare, yet again by ITV's "New Programmes" department! :rotfl: Another daily, daytime quiz show. Another bunch of idiotic members of the public try answering stupidly easy questions for sums of money. (Example: What's the capital of France? Is it a) Swansea, b) Chelsea, or c) Paris!) Another chance to see just how bad Daytime TV has become! You may prefer to impale cocktail sticks through your eyeballs for half-an-hour instead, as it's got to be less painful than watching this dross! (ITV1)

A Question Of Sport Special - 7:30-8:00pm
You don't need to like the quiz itself, or sport for that matter, to enjoy this special episode, as it's basically a brand new set of out-takes, bloopers and screw-ups from the most recent series. Based on previous "specials", there are usually some good laughs to be had! (BBC1)

Janet Saves The Monarchy - 9:00-10:00pm
One-off documentary with Janet Street-Porter taking on the task to discuss what should be done with the monarchy. Another one of those Sky shows that could be superbly innovative, or total :censored: ! (Sky 1)

BlackJack: In The Money - 11:35pm-1:10am
Second of four Australian TV movies, with Colin Friels as the detective who's been radically demoted, and finds himself stuck solving previously unsolvable crimes. Not bad, as Made-For-TV-Movies go. Strong language, and violence. (BBC1)

Tuesday 14th
Trouble In Store - 7:00-7:30pm
BBC1 comes up with another innovative TV show - this one combines the make-over genre, with the docu-soap! Well… kind of! Trinny and Susannah are filming at Gateshead's Metro Shopping Centre, but a shoplifting team threaten to spoil their show. Linda Smith narrates this "new" docu-soap! Nothing like plugging your own staff, eh, BBC?! :rolleyes: First of eight episodes. (BBC1)

Dragons' Den - 9:00-10:00pm
For once, a new show that offers a workout for the brain-cells, as well as your funny-bone! Last year, BBC2 aired a five-part show, called "Dragons' Den". The idea was for unknown modern British inventors to showcase their inventions and ideas to a panel of four British millionaires. Some of the ideas were genuinely worthwhile. Others were less than original. This edition of the show, highlights the best and worst parts from Series 1, with a brief update on the winner. Highly recommended viewing for young and old alike! A second series will air in the Autumn. (BBC2)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - 9:00-10:00pm
I freely admit that I love this series. However, after last-weeks episode, this looks like it'll be another Season 5 stonker! :clap: "Hollywood Brass" is the name of the episode, and follows Jim Brass as he heads out of Las Vegas, and into Hollywood, after a disturbing call from his estranged daughter. Will father and daughter ever reunite, or will things end as they've done so, in the previous episodes? Expect the unexpected! (Five)

The Office: An American Workplace - 9:30-10:00pm
Here's the second version of the US remake of the hit UK comedy "The Office". Critics both here and in the USA, have given this very mixed reviews, so this may not go down so well, with fans of the original. Repeated later in the week, at various times. Episode 1 of 6. (BBC3)

Wednesday 15th
FILM: Legionnaire (15) - 9:00-11:05pm
It's battle of the stinkers night, tonight, with a choice of three bad, dumb films. Start rotting your brain, with this crappy action movie, starring Jean Claude Van-Damme as a 1920's boxer who becomes a North African Legionnaire, to escape from a French Mafia boss. Yes, it really is as tragic as it sounds! Swearing, violence, and some nudity. (Five)

FILM: Tears Of The Black Tiger (18) - 10:00-11:40pm
In case, you don't feel like ending your life, you may enjoy this highly surreal, and deadpan Western, from the country of Thailand! Two men fight for the love of one woman, but use a stylised, and hilarious, "gunfight" to win her over! It's dark, it's oddball, it's even fairly gory in places, but it's funny and unique! Definitely something special! In Thai, with English subtitles. Strong violence, sex and plenty of bad language! (BBC4)

The L-Word - 10:00-11:05pm
Here's the start of the Second season of hip, new US drama "The L-Word". Controversial, sensual, provocative and outrageous, but with its heart in the right place, this series follows the lifes, loves and losses of a group of LA lesbians. It's frank and funny, and worth watching, even if you've not seen Season 1. (A recap is included at the very beginning of this episode, to help ease new viewers into the storylines.) Starring many of today's best modern character actresses, including Mia Kirchner, Jennifer Beals, and Pam Grier. The show does contain strong language, and sexual material that are intended only for adults. (LivingTV)

FILM: Under Siege 2 (18) - 10:50pm-12:25am
For your second clunker of the night, I offer you Steven Seagal, who returns as martial-artist Mr Casey Ryback ( :rotfl: ), for this sequel to the original blockbuster, shown a couple of weeks back, (which I know many of you watched, as a guilty pleasure)! Strong language, violence, sex, nudity and bad language, and lots and lots of atrocious acting too! Be warned, this film's really dire! (BBC1)

FILM: Battlefield Earth (12) - 11:00pm-1:05am
Lastly, if you haven't given up the will to live just yet, then maybe this will finalise the decision for you. If a man trying to be a martial-artist cook doesn't appeal to your intellect, how about an alien security chief trying to take over planet Earth, from Scientologist and sci-fi author L. Ron Hubbard's novel of the same name? There are too many words to describe this clunker of a movie! Ironically, this may well be showing in an edited version! I doubt it will improve things, however! Keep that bottle of Anthrax handy! (ITV1)

Friday 17th
FILM: Gone With The Wind (Part 1 of 2) (PG) - 2:05-3:50am
The classic 1939 film, considered by many to be one of the best movies ever made, airs tonight, in a rather irritating two-parter. Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh star as the two lovers. Part 2 can be seen Next Friday night, at approximately the same time. Showing in a cropped 4:3 ratio. (ITV1)

The Tribe (Part 1 of 2) - 2:40-4;10am
This was shown and recommended by me, a few months back. Five are repeating it again, and I would certainly recommend this gem of a mini-series, if you're a fan of "Battle Royale", "Lord Of The flies" or Australian movies. A group of adults take a boat voyage around the Australian coastline, only to discover a dying Vietnamese girl, who has been savagely attacked and left for dead, by local pirates. The gang try to rescue the girl, but incur the pirates wrath, and find themselves left alone, with almost nothing to live on, on an uninhabited island. To make matters worse, barbaric traps set by Japanese soldiers in WWII, are still live and active on the island, awaiting anyone who comes near them. Stunningly shot, well-acted, and surprisingly nerve-wracking! Showing uncut, and without any adverts! Contains some strong language, sex, nudity, gory violence, and drug use. Part 2 can be seen, late on Saturday (18th June) night. Stars Craig McLachlan, Antonio Sabbato Jr, and a whole host of famous American and Australian stars! (Five)

Well, there ends another weeks worth of TV viewing. I hope that some of you enjoy my recommendations, and I'll see you all back here, next weekend, for more of the same. :)


P.S. "Cynthia 7" - I just wanted to remind you that "Heimat" is NOT on, on Friday night (17th June) on BBC4 as usual, because of the "Cardiff Singer Of The World" competition being televised instead. "Heimat" returns with Series 1, Episode 7 on Sunday 19th at 9pm. ;) Cheers!


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A short update for you all, folks:

"Lost" (Season 1) will now start in August 2005, on both C4 and E4! :clap:

"One Tree Hill" (Season 2) will start in July on E4, before moving to C4 around late-August / early-September 2005.


Cynthia 7

Hi Pooch,

Many thanks for your updates, they are invaluable. You bring to our notice programmes that just slip away from us with a quick scan of Radio Times or newspaper listings. I, too, enjoyed the C.S.I. last week; I have to record it tonight as my husband wants to see Gordon Ramsay and I felt it only fair to let him hold the remote control occasionally!!! He is not safe with it and last week cancelled "House" as I was recording the Ozzy pair at the same time and had gone upstairs to wash my hair. He tried to watch the 10 o'clock news and said a message came up to cancel one of the programmes and he thought that House was a mistake as I don't like house makeovers! I don't swear but mentally did a Gordon Ramsay expletive!

Thank you too for mentioning that Heimat isn't on Friday this week, I hadn't realised that. I do hate it when other programmes interrupt a series and I am so into Heimat. We missed one episode due to no Sky signal (heavy rain and too many very tall trees, one behind the other so the signal was zilch). I am going to get a Freeview box for the upstairs television to counter that eventuality. I was disappointed that Paul was stuck on the ship but he will doubtless appear soon.

I shall not watch the L Word, as I would feel uncomfortable viewing it, definitely a guys' programme! Also I'll give a miss to Trinny and Susannah's latest show. I so dislike them, they remind me too much of bullying prefects at boarding school. In spite of you letting us know, I missed "Dead Ringers" so please let me know if you notice any repeats. I was a bit disappointed with Black Jack but probably this was due to constant interruptions when viewing it at the weekend. Visitors popping in, the phone ringing, we seemed to be watching it ten minutes at a time, thereby losing the thread. I recorded last night's Black Jack Money and will watch it late at night without interruption.

You must be an extremely unselfish person to devote so much time to keeping us "in the know" when you have so many calls on your time, including tv watching! It's very much appreciated.


On a personal note I have to say what a fascinating subject you have chosen to study. Watching a lot of crime programmes must be essential viewing?!!! Rotten luck having to give up Sky temporarily but there seems to be more and more worthwhile viewing on the big five at the moment.


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Cynthia 7 said:
I shall not watch the L Word, as I would feel uncomfortable viewing it, definitely a guys' programme!
Not definitely! Being female and not remotely gay I still watch it and enjoy it. Its well written and something different. I'll be tuning in for series 2 :smashin:

Cynthia 7

Hi Smelly,

You've now kindled my interest in watching the L Word. Most programmes are good viewing if they're well written. I just assumed it would be full of writhing female bodies and that wasn't for me. Silly really as life is made up of experiences and why block some of them due to squeamishness!!! Provided the experiences are legal, of course!

I see you're a Welsh valley girl. I was born near Pontypool Gwent but I guess you are probably further West than that. I assume most of the members here are male but there may be a surprising number of females too. With so many innovative user names we just don't know.


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Cynthia 7 said:
Hi Smelly,

You've now kindled my interest in watching the L Word. Most programmes are good viewing if they're well written. I just assumed it would be full of writhing female bodies and that wasn't for me. Silly really as life is made up of experiences and why block some of them due to squeamishness!!! Provided the experiences are legal, of course!
Not sure what direction the 2nd series is heading but whilst the 1st one had steamy scenes it certainly wasn't the basis of the programme. I suppose its personal taste as to whether its squeamish or not :)
I see you're a Welsh valley girl. I was born near Pontypool Gwent but I guess you are probably further West than that. I assume most of the members here are male but there may be a surprising number of females too. With so many innovative user names we just don't know.
Nope I'm Pontypool :D

And the generic name was chosen on purpose :D

Cynthia 7

Hi Smelly,

I love your last comment regarding your generic name, I can see you've got a great sense of humour! It seems we come from the same neck of the woods. I was born in Sebastopol and my grandparents lived in Penygarn, still have friends around the area.

I enjoy seeing those funny smiling faces, they always make me laugh but when I try and put them in I just get one. I'll have to do some homework and see where I'm going wrong.

Just wish there was more time to watch all these programmes, there are times when being a hermit wouldn't be too bad, provided I had a good tv and Sky+!


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Cynthia - Thanks for your kind words! They are much appreciated! :blush:

Just some quick responses:
1) "The L Word" is a really good drama! I'd recommend very much! I don't think it's going to be what you are imagining it to be. Imagine a really great drama, but where most of the characters are lesbian, but not in a stereotypical way. That's what "The L Word" is! If you want, I'd recommend buying the Feature Length Pilot Episode which begins the First Season off, which is now available for the bargain price of just £2-99 (yes, that's right, jsut THREE quid!) from any half-decent HMV store! It lasts for about 90 minutes, is in the original anamorphic widescreen ratio, and is also in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. There aren't any extras, but's it's a really great episode, and it's what got me interested in the show. The good thing is, though, if you choose not to ever see any episodes again, this Pilot Episode is a pretty good stand-alone episode, which does reach a semi-conclusion.

2) "Dead Ringers" is normally repeated on Sunday nights on BBC2, at roughly 10pm. So you can always catch it then.

3) "Black Jack" is a slow-burner: that is, don't expect fast-moving drama, in the mould of "24". However, if you stick with it, it's a great show. Just one thing though: If you have recorded Monday night's episode called "In The Money", this is actually the third episode in the series. Episode 2 is on on Monday 20th June. Basically, the BBC showed the second and third episodes the wrong way around :mad: but it'll be better - if you can - to watch them the correct way. (There's some information in Episode 2, that will explain about some of the new characters, and some of the issues to do with Jack and his daughter, in Episode 3.) But stick with it, as it's still a great little series. Well, I think so. ;)

4) Me, unselfish? :eek: I wouldn't say that about myself, but I appreciate what you say, and what you mean. :) Thanks!

5) r.e. "Heimat", I've still got two episodes to watch at the moment, so I'm a little behind about what's happened. I do like the show, but I am finding it very heavy going. I think it's one of those shows that you have to be in a certain frame-of-mind, to watch it, and digest it properly. (If at the end of Episode 11 - the final episode in Heimat Series 1 - you have any missing episodes, I could potentially send you my VHS copies to borrow. Send me a private message, by clicking on my user-name on the left-hand side of this post, and click on the "Send a private message to PoochJD" to do so, and we can try to help you fill-in the episodes you are missing or haven't seen/recorded! Okay?! :) )



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Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd try and get this week's update out a little earlier than normal, to make-up for the lateness of the last couple of weeks. I hope there's something for most of you. Happy viewing! :)

Saturday 18th
Indestructible: The Hulk Story - 1:30-2:30pm
Enjoyable documentary about the green-skinned character "The Hulk", from its origins as a Marvel comic-book hero, to the recent Hollywood movie. Part of a small "comic-book heroes" weekend on Five. (Five)

FILM: The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk (PG) - 2:30-4:35pm
Relatively weak, but still fun TV movie, with Bill Bixby directing and starring. David Banner aids a female attacked by two gangsters, but is forced to claim that Banner was her assailant. The character of "Daredevil" (or Matt Murdoch, as he should be known) makes an appearance, to help Banner/The Hulk out. With Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno, John Rhys-Davies and Nancy Everhard. (Five)

FILM: Batman Of The Future: Return Of The Joker (12) - 4:35-6:00pm
Superb animated movie spin-off from the hit Warner Bros animation show of the same name. Bruce Wayne has retired from being the eponymous hero. Handing over the mantle to his new mentor, Terry McGinnis, the clown prince of crime, The Joker, decides to meet his new foe, and make his life even tougher than before. Dark, gothic story, for older children and adults who enjoy a more intense animation story. Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) guest-stars as the voice of The Joker. Edited for violent content. (Five)

Doctor Who: The Ultimate Guide - 6:15-7:00pm
If you've missed the past 12 weeks of episodes, here's a chance to catch-up on the overall story-arc, prior to the show's series finale! The show also includes behind-the-scenes information on the special effects, as well as cast-and-crew interviews. (BBC1)

FILM: Beverly Hills Cop (15) - 6:30-8:25pm
Travel back to the days, when ITV used to air adult films in the early evening, and dubbed over every single, potentially offensive word with outrageously out-of-place alternatives! :rotfl: Yes, it’s back! The classic 1987 comedy action film, that still stands head-and-shoulders above many of its rivals. Meet Axel Foley, (Eddie Murphy), a Detroit cop who frequently bends the rules, in order to bag the bad guy. When a friend of his comes back to visit, Foley is thrust into a case that could end-up being the death of him - quite literally. Outrageous, morally dubious, but a superb movie nonetheless, with a hit movie soundtrack too! Watch out for the opening sequence truck-chase, and the grand finale shoot-out! Two standout scenes! Edited for strong language and some adult material. (ITV1)

5ive Days To Midnight - 9:55-11:55pm
Part 1 of a 2-part time-travel movie, with Timothy Hutton, Randy Quaid, and Giancarlo Esposito. A professor, (Hutton), finds a mysterious briefcase. Inside, is a file that lists in explicit detail about a man's death - his own! Thinking that the file must be fake, or at best suspect, he ignores it. But when events in the file, start to occur exactly as the file states, the professor find he has just five days to work out what happened and why, before he finally ends-up as a bullet-riddled corpse. Suspenseful, freakish, and at times uncomforting psychological thriller. Highly recommended! :thumbsup: Contains some adult themes, and occasional bad language. Part 2 airs tomorrow at 10pm. (Channel 4)

The Tribe - 2:30-4:00am
Part 2 of the Australian drama, about a group of tourists left on an uninhabited and hostile island, riddled with WWII booby-traps. Contains violence, gore, nudity and some strong language. (Part 1 aired last night - Friday 17th June!)

Sunday 19th
FILM: The Incredible Hulk Returns (PG) - 2:15-4:05pm
Fantasy-adventure with the Hulk taking on the Greek god Thor, who has been sent by a group of devious businessmen out to steal Dr Banner's latest invention. Fun, if a tad self-indulgent at times. (Five)

FILM: Batman And Mr Freeze: Subzero (PG) - 4:05-5:25pm
Excellent and well-produced animated fantasy adventure, with Batman and Robin having to save Batgirl from the clutches of Mr Freeze, who's decided that he simply has to have Batgirl's heart… …for his new organ-transplantation-scheme! Minor edits for violence. Concludes Five's "Comic Book Heroes" weekend. (Five)

"Two And A Half Men" Evening - 7:00-10:00pm
Special evening devoted to this brilliant and acerbic US comedy, with Charlie Sheen as a slovenly bachelor, who finds his bachelor lifestyle uprooted, when his brother and brother's son are forced to move-in with him. If you've never seen this show, and enjoy intelligent US comedy along the lines of "Frasier" and "Cheers", then you will probably love this show. The evening includes the Season 1 "Pilot" episode, as well as the best of Seasons 1 and 2 together. (Paramount Comedy Channel)

Typhoid Mary: The Most Dangerous Woman In America - 8:00-9:00pm
Grim documentary about real-life Irish cook Mary Mallon, who was arrested in 1907, and charged for unwittingly spreading typhoid around the district of New York, at the turn of the century. I wouldn't recommend eating your tea, at this time! :D (The History Channel)

The Secret Policeman: Updated - 9:00-10:00pm
Update of the shocking BBC1 documentary from last year, that showed how the modern police force still allows institutionalised racism to run amok among its recruits and staff. Uncompromising, and disturbing, this is an amazing documentary that shows the side of the police you will wish never existed. Contains strong language, and offensive racial language, that may offend. (UKTV Documentary)

5ive Days To Midnight - 10:00pm-Midnight
Part 2 of the 2-part time-travel movie, with Timothy Hutton. Highly recommended! Contains some adult themes, and occasional bad language. (Channel 4)

Al Murray: My Gaff, My Rules (15) - 10:00-11:30pm
Superb stand-up comedy routine with Al Murray as comic creation "The Pub Landlord". Enjoy routines involving his love of all things pub-related, his loathing for Brussels (and the French), and his dead-end love-life. An update on his "missing Boy", may also be on the cards! ;) Very, very funny! Contains strong language throughout. (Paramount Comedy Channel 2)

FILM: Etre Et Avoir (U) - 10:30pm-12:!5am
Part of the BBC's latest "Storyville" world-documentary strand. An old man is the only teacher, in a one-room school in rural France. The film examines the teacher's relationship with the schools last few pupils, his friends, and how his methods have brought him acclaim from the parents of the youngsters he's taught over the years, as he reaches retirement. Moving and uplifting documentary. In French with English subtitles. In Widescreen. (BBC2)

Monday 20th June
** As live coverage of Wimbledon 2005 starts today, and continues on the BBC for the next fortnight, all programmes listed on BBC1, BBC2, or BBC3 are potentially liable to change, or postponement. Please keep checking Ceefax, the BBC website, or your Sky, Cable or Freeview EPG for updates. Thanks! **

Frasier - 9:45-10:15am
You can tell that Channel 4 are getting ready for the end of schools, colleges and universities breaking-up, because some of the best programmes get repeated during the morning and lunchtime timeslots. Here, we go back to the very, first day, as Dr Frasier Crane leaves Cheers, and moves to Seattle, only to find that his bachelor life is soon to be uprooted! This is the superb Pilot Episode from Season 1, entitled "The Good Son", from way back in 1993. Daily adventures, from the Seattle Shrink will air on Channel 4 over the next three months or so, at roughly the same time each weekday. Enjoy the first two or three Seasons all over again! (Channel 4)

Third Watch - 10:15-11:05am
Continuing onwards, with weekday repeats of Season 4 and potentially Season 5. The Chevchenko / Sergeant Cruz / Tatiana saga comes to a horrific and violent conclusion, and we meet some new faces at the Camelot Emergency Services house. Top-notch US drama, ruined by Channel 4. With Season 4, expect heavy censorship (for explicit violence), and some episodes being dropped completely, due to adult content. The missing episodes will NOT be aired at all. Hence, anyone who wants to catch-up should either read the website guide to the show, or you can PM me directly. There is still no word on when or if Season 6 is going to be aired.(Channel 4)

Without A Trace - 11:05am-Midday
The remainder of Season 2 is repeated again, during the daytime. As per "Third Watch" above, expect one or two episodes to be dropped, and some heavy editing for violent content. All-new Season 3 "Without A Trace" should air later in the Summer. I will post details as soon as I get confirmation of exact transmission times. Repeats will air weekdays at approximately the same time. (Channel 4)

Have I Got Old News For You - 9:00-9:30pm
They're repeats, but they're still hilarious. Guest Presenters take turns in the hot seat, to watch Paul Merton and Ian Hislop battle it out, in this long-running panel-based quiz show. (BBC2)

BlackJack: Sweet Science - 11:35pm-1:10am
Due to two errors by the BBC, this is actually the second episode of the four TV movies, but is being aired (incorrectly) as the third! :mad: Worse still, due to extended news coverage last week of the Michael Jackson trial verdict, last week's episode was transmitted later than scheduled. (It eventually aired at 11:50pm-1:25am instead of its normal slot of 11:35pm!) I presume, therefore, that some of you may not have been able to catch all of the ending, due to the change in transmission time! :mad: As such, some of the storylines and characters in tonight's episode may not make much sense if you've not watched or recorded each episode over the past two weeks. Despite this, I'd still recommend this TV movie. Worthwhile Australian crime-drama with Colin Friels. Violence and strong language. (BBC1)

Animal Passions - 12:10-1:15am
Depending on the legal outcome, this show may or may not air. The subject, is bestiality. Continuing on from last-years controversial documentary, more "zoophiles" state why they live the life they do, despite the numerous legal and moral issues they defy. Expect scenes of an offensive and upsetting nature. Adults only. (Channel 4)

Wednesday 22nd
The Apprentice USA - 9:00-10:00pm
The start of an all-new Second Season of the US version of "The Apprentice". Digital viewers can see each episode at 9pm on BBC3. Everyone else, can watch the same episode at 11:20pm-12:20am on BBC2, the same night. First of 16 episodes. (BBC3/BBC2 as listed)

Cutting Edge: Anti-Social Old Buggers - 9:00-10:00pm
Documentary about senior citizens who have been given ASBO's. The Cutting Edge team investigate why some older people feel the need to take the law into their own hands. (Channel 4)

Time Shift: The History Of Pubs - 11:20pm-Midnight
An investigation into the love for the good old British public house. What is it, that makes these fine, traditional buildings the place where people can talk about their lives, with friends or family? Why are pubs seen in such a negative light, compared to ten or twenty years ago? And are pubs going to disappear, in favour of café-style bars, and coffee houses? Time Shift investigate. (BBC4)

Stephen King's "Storm Of The Century" (15) - 11:40pm-1:10am
The first of a three episode chiller, originally penned specifically for US TV. When a mysterious man arrives in a small Maine town, killing-off the locals, and muttering the words "Give me what I want, and I'll let you live", little do the townsfolk realise who or what has come to pay them a visit. If you prefer chills, rather than gore or violence, this will probably please you a lot. I loved this, when it was first aired a few years back on Channel 4, and more recently on BBC3. However, some people didn't, and felt it was too slow. I agree, that it does take its time to reach its conclusion, but if you don't mind a rather oddball ending, then you should get enjoyment out of it. Showing over three consecutive weeks. Contains occasional scenes of restrained violence, and some adult themes.(BBC1)

Time Shift: England Away - Midnight-12:40am
Continuing on, from "The History Of Pubs" shown earlier this evening, Time Shift investigates the way England football fans use and abuse alcohol and pubs abroad, when in Europe watching games. What turns the most mild-mannered of men into temporarily violent animals? Is it just British citizens who act like this, or do foreigners visiting other countries act just as badily? A hard-hitting look at football violence, alcohol-fuelled violence, the pubs and the media. Contains strong language. (BBC4)

Thursday 23rd
Kath & Kim - 9:00-9:30pm
Penultimate Season 1 episode, is likely to be moved forward one hour, (from its usual slot), due to Wimbledon 2005 coverage. Regular fans of the show should make a note about this schedule change. Fans will be glad to know that VCI are releasing all of Season 1 on DVD in the UK, later this month, complete with a host of extras, including interviews with the lead cast members; behind the scenes footage of the "wedding" episode, and unseen footage. The DVD will be released in anamorphic widescreen, with a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound soundtrack! :clap:(BBC2)

Animation Nation - 2:15-3:15am
First of the three-part documentary series about British animation, shown recently on BBC4. Interesting, but not as in-depth as it should have been. (BBC4)

Friday 24th
Glastonbury Music Festival - Various times, starting at 7pm
The BBC once again brings viewers both live coverage and highlights of Britain's most famous music festival, direct into your home, over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. See the music, and live the mud! :D Check press for full scheduling details. (BBC2, BBC3 and BBC4)

FILM: Moonraker (PG) - 8:30pm-11:30pm
ITV1's season of James Bond films, continues after a short delay, with probably one of the weaker films in the whole series. Roger Moore hams it up big-style, in this slice of late '70's adventure. The film is showing in two parts, with the ITV Evening News in-between, at 10:30-11:00pm. :nono:

FILM: Alien Nation: Dark Horizon (12) - 10:00-11:50pm
In 1988, a small science-fiction movie about aliens from another world landing in the Mojave Desert, was released. Starring James Caan and Mandy Patinkin, it told of the Overseers who forced an entire alien race into becoming unwilling slaves. The aliens were known as the Tenctonese. On Earth, they were more commonly referred to as "Slags". When a ship landed on Earth, the Tenctonese were forced to hide from the Overseers, and tried desperately to blend in to modern-day Los Angeles. After being given belittling or humorous names by LA's Immigration Department, (as a form of easy identification), they took up menial human jobs, and suffered hatred from many humans, who felt that the "Slags" were taking over their world. At the end of the movie, a spin-off TV show came about. Detective Matt Sykes was forced to team-up with a new partner, after his previous partner was killed in action. The new partner, is George Francisco, a Tenctonese man who has worked his way through the police force very fast, due to his superior intellect. Despite his initially bigotry, he and George became good friends, and George was seen as a "poster-boy" for the Tenctonese: a traditional family-man, with a wife and loving children, with a good job, and whom most humans in the police department tolerated. At the end of the only Season made of the show, George's family were sent a bunch of chemically-treated flowers… from an Overseer who had stowed onboard the Mojave Desert ship, and then developed a chemical agent to kill the Tenctonese, and to start a race-war. This film concludes that storyline. Contains some mild bad language, adult themes, and occasional scenes of violence. Sci-Fi are airing all five TV movies, over the next few weeks. Following "Dark Horizon" is…

FILM: Alien Nation: Body And Soul (15) - 11:50pm-1:30am
The second movie in the "Alien Nation" saga, more-or-less continues on from "Dark Horizon". A series of horrendous genetic experiments cause consternation amongst the Tenctonese and Humans, and Sykes take matters very personally when friends and family are specifically targetted. Contains some bad language, adult themes, and occasional scenes of disturbing violence involving medical examinations and autopsies. The remaining three films, "Millennium", "The Enemy Within" and "The Udara Legacy" will be shown over the next few weeks. All are worth watching, and are probably just as relevant now as at the time of their creation, because they deal with themes of prejudice, immigration and government control! (Sci-Fi Channel)

FILM: Gone With The Wind (PG) - 2:05-4:00am
The second half of ITV1's hideously split showing of this 1939 movie classic, starring Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable, continuing from last-weeks transmission.

Lexx - 4:50-5:35am
Season 4, of the bizarre, surreal, but innovative and decidedly adult Canadian sci-fi series, gets a repeat each Friday night on Five, starring tonight with episode 1, "Little Blue Planet". Watch out for episode 18, "The Game", which is a brilliant and clever stand-alone episode, that blends sci-fi and history together, perfectly, through a game of Chess. Weird, but worthwhile.

Okay, well, I think that about wraps things up, for another week! As always, any changes to the schedule, will be posted here, where possible. However, because of the current high amount of live sports and music festival coverage, not all changes may be notified in time. Please verify details with the relevant channel's Text service, their website, or via your usual TV companies EPG guide.

Until next week, adios amigos! :hiya:


Cynthia 7

Hi Pooch,

As I type I am mouthing the words "Thank You" but won't enthuse too much to spare your blushes!

It's kind of you to respond, clarifying the content of the the episodes in which I was interested. Jonathan (son) always e-mails me in a numerical format, I guess it's a uni way of doing things. I'll do the same or else it will end up in one long ramble. I never think what I'm going to say and sometimes forget I'm on a forum and not writing letters to my friends.

1. The L Word. Yes, I will buy that pilot episode, such a bargain at that price! I
think I had the wrong idea about this programme and thought of it as a Channel
4 shocker!

2. Dead Ringers. Unfortunately I think that's stopped now but I shall look out for

3. Black Jack. I'm glad you told me of the episode mix-up, I shall keep Black Jack
Money to view after I've viewed Black Jack Sweet Science.

4. Definitely !!!!

5. Heimat. That is so extraordinarily generous of you to offer to lend me missing
episodes of this giant series. Although I regretted losing one, due to lost Sky
signal in heavy rain, I will let that pass. If this should happen a few times I
would take up your kind offer. Maddeningly I find we cannot receive the Freeview
signal here when I checked online. I think my husband was getting fidgety with
the earlier episodes of Heimat but now he sees a few SS uniforms in it his interest
has perked up! I liked it from the start. When I watch a good drama series I am
drawn into it as if I'm living there myself. I loved the simplicity of life then, with
pleasure in the smallest things, such as receiving a letter or an unexpected visit.
The daily drudge and boredom is so alien to our lives now. We are so used to
almost constant entertainment on tap, music everywhere, speeding cars, fast
action films. Stress and rushing to meet deadlines. I think Heimat is becoming
probably more interesting as it approaches the war years and the adoration of
Hitler was prevalent in the last episode I viewed (last Sunday). Nevertheless,
there is still a feeling of tranquility about it. I shall be eternally grateful to you for
mentioning it in your May thread. I would have been unaware of this otherwise,
and would have missed this wonderful epic.

I have just seen your future programmes for this month and have to dash now to catch Part 1 of "5 Days to Midnight", just my kind of thing. Happy weekend!!!


Active Member
Cynthia 7 said:
1. The L Word. Yes, I will buy that pilot episode, such a bargain at that price! I
think I had the wrong idea about this programme and thought of it as a Channel
4 shocker!

I started watching this in the hopes that I'd get see nubile young ladies getting jiggy with each other.

But was happily surprised that it was a decent drama and carried on watching not just because of the prospect nubile young ladies getting jiggy with each other.

Cynthia 7

Hi lovemunkey,

I like your honesty! Your hopes of nubile young ladies were the reasons I didn't want to watch this originally. I have to admit I find these scenes embarrassing.

However, due to good reports from Pooch, Smelly, and now you, I am recording these. If there's a good storyline I can overcome my discomfort for the sake of seeing a decent drama!

Cynthia 7

Hi lovemunkey,

I saw a little of last night's L Word where one woman was in a sort of club and another was stripping in front of her. After a few minutes I just had to turn it off and I know I couldn't view any more of this drama. I am no prude yet I find this excrutiatingly uncomfortable to watch. Must be my sheltered upbringing!!

I never saw "Queer as Folk" but if this is along the same lines with a different gender I can understand your reasons for giving it a wide berth.


Deadwood season 2 starting on 10th of july.
its gonna be more violent ive heard


Active Member
Cynthia 7 said:
Hi lovemunkey,

I saw a little of last night's L Word where one woman was in a sort of club and another was stripping in front of her. After a few minutes I just had to turn it off and I know I couldn't view any more of this drama. I am no prude yet I find this excrutiatingly uncomfortable to watch. Must be my sheltered upbringing!!

I never saw "Queer as Folk" but if this is along the same lines with a different gender I can understand your reasons for giving it a wide berth.

Nevermind. At least you gave it a bash and didn't just write it off, off hand.

Yeah QAF was about homosexual males.


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Hi All,

I hope you've all coped alright with the extreme weather over the past week or so! Well, if things turn worse, there's several items here that might be worth recording or tuning-in for. So, as always, let's get straight down to my weekly recommendations! :)

Saturday 25th June
Law And Order: Special Victims Unit - 10:15-11:10pm
All new (to terrestrial viewers) Season 3 starts tonight. This amazing spin-off from the long-running "Law And Order" series, deals into the gritty world of New York's "Special Victims Unit" - a squad of police who specialise in sexually-based offences. From rape and paedophilia, through to sex abuse and sex traffickers, the dedicated squad go into the darkest recesses of crime, that many would prefer not to even acknowledge exist. Starring Mariska Hargitay, Dann Florek, Chris Meloni, Richard Belzer and Ice-T. Be prepared for uncompromising crime drama over the next 21 weeks. (Five)

Sunday 26th
FILM: The Accidental Tourist (15) - 1:45-4:00pm
Brilliant 80's drama with William Hurt, Kathleen Turner, Bill Pullman and Geena Davis, based on the famous novel. A travel-writer loses his son and wife, and during the mourning process, he meets a lively and offbeat dog-trainer, whose lifestyle is the exact opposite to his. Will romance blossom? Edits for language. (ITV1)

FILM: Escape From The Planet Of The Apes (PG) - 2:40-4:30pm
Third film in the series, with Roddy McDowell. An unidentified spaceship crashes off of the coast of modern-day California, causing the humans and apes to work together, to investigate. A slightly darker edge, than the first sequel, this is still worthwhile, intelligent science-fiction drama. Showing in Widescreen. (Five)

Enterprise - 4:10-5:55pm
The final two Season 3 episodes air for the first time on terrestrial, (back-to-back), before being replaced by all-new "Stargate SG-1", at some point over the next month. (Channel 4)

24 - 9:00-11:00pm
The final two episodes of Season 4 are shown, back-to-back. Will CTU be able to stop the warhead? Can Jack save the day again? Or will someone else outwit him at the last moment? Find out, in the gripping finale! (Sky 1)

FILM: From Hell (18) - 10:00pm-12:15am
Mildly entertaining, but deeply flawed horror drama based on the life of Jack The Ripper and the terror he caused during the 1800's in Whitechapel, London. The casting is terrible, and this is also based on the acclaimed graphic novel of the same name, but the movie just doesn't quite gel. It never seems to be certain if it's going for entertainment, or historical accuracy. The violence is pretty nasty and graphic, so those of you who don't easily handle the sight of blood, may prefer to switch over. Watch out for one of the worst accents in film history, courtesy of Johnny Depp. Alongside him, there's Robbie Coltrane, Heather Graham, Ian Holm and many other British actors too.

The Story Of ITV - 10:40-11:40pm
First of a five-part documentary series, celebrating 50 years of ITV. The first part, "People", follows ITV's creation and inception. With ITV1's viewing figures at an all-time low, here's a chance to see why ITV used to be considered one of the best TV channels in the UK. The remaining four episodes, will air over the next 4 weekends. (ITV1)

Monday 27th
Blackjack: Ace-Point-Game - 11:35pm-1:15am
The final part in the four-movie mini-series, and Jack (Colin Friels) has to deal with the case of two women who kidnap the man who may have been their rapist, from years earlier. Alongside this Jack is forced to contend with the distancing relationship between himself and his daughter (Gigi Edgley), and the repurcussions of sleeping with a work colleague. Will he finally get rid of his miserable and deviant boss, and be reinstated, or has he finally bitten off more than he can chew? (BBC1)

Peter Benchley's Amazon - 12:45-1:35am
New US drama from the writer of the acclaimed book "Jaws". Tonight is the Pilot Episode in this short-lived series. (The show only lasted for one season of 22 episodes!) When a plane en-route to Rio de Janeiro crashes in an isolated part of the Amazon jungle, the rescue team misses six survivors, who find themselves alone in a hopeless situation, fighting for their lives and their sanity. Episodes will be airing over the next six months, each week, at approximately the same time on Monday nights. Slow to start with, but recommended. (Five)

Third Watch - 4:30-5:15am
Late-night transmission of this pivotal Season 4 episode. When Faith tries to repair the gulf between herself and her daughter, they decide to take a shopping trip together, to help try and repair their mother/daughter relationship. Stopping off to get some money at the local bank, their outing is cut violently short, and Faith and Emily find themselves slap-bang in the middle of a robbery hijacking that's gone badly wrong. It's down to Faith to save herself, and her daughter from becoming victims of violence, and for Emily to see what it means when her mother constantly puts her life on the line. Harrowing, but brilliant drama. (If you're following the daytime repeats, you need to see this episode, as it concludes several storylines!) A great stand-alone episode as well. Showing uncut. (Channel 4)

Wednesday 29th
FILM: Dog Soldiers (15) - 10:00pm-12:05am
Violent, and profanity-ridden British horror thriller, about a group of soldiers on training manoeuvres in the Scottish Highlands, who make a gruesome discovery, and soon find themselves fighting for survival, battling against an external force and enemies within their own team. Fast-moving, and enjoyable, but strong stuff, and not for the squeamish. Liam Cunningham and Sean Pertwee give the performances of a lifetime. Showing uncut, and in widescreen. (Five)

Arena: Remember "The Secret Policeman's Ball" - 10:30-11:45pm
Documentary about "The Secret Policeman's Ball" a showcase of the best in British comedy from the late-70's and early-80's, that helped raise funds for Amnesty International. John Cleese, Rowan Atkinson, Bob Geldof, Joan Armatrading and Phil Collins discuss the life-changing event. (BBC4)

Thursday 30th
Kath And Kim - 9:00-9:30pm
The final episode of Series 1 of this hilariously twisted take on the Australian soap-operas of the mid-80's and the Australian lifestyle. Tonight sees Kath preparing for her big day with Kel. Will her fairytale wedding go to plan? Unlikely, if Kim, Brett and Sharon have anything to do with it. Let's hope that BBC2 air Series 2 in the Autumn.

The Great British Loser - 10:55-11:55pm
Intriguing documentary about the loser. From real-life loser Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, to the fictional creation David Brent, what is it that the British public love so much about these disenfranchised people, that they take them to heart? Michael Portillo investigates the "loser", and tries to work out why we as a nation love those, that other countries would simply ignore and let flounder. (Channel 4)

FILM: Cape Fear (18) - 11:00pm-1:30am
Robert DeNiro stars as vicious psychopath Max Cady, who begins to terrorise a Southern lawyer's family, when the lawyer could well have kept Cady from being imprisoned in the first place. Dark and adult reworking of the classic chiller, with Martin Scorsese taking-over the directing role this time around. Contains strong violence, strong language and sexual material some viewers may find distasteful. Also showing on Friday 1st July between 10:00pm and 12:30am. (ITV2)

Friday 1st July
CSI: The Best Ever - 9:00-10:00pm
They may be repeats, but they're still worth repeating. Five has chosen what they feel are some of the best ever episodes from the Las Vegas show's first four years, (in preparation for the Season 5 double-length finale directed by Quentin Tarantino, which will air in about 3 weeks time), and gives viewers a chance to enjoy the best in forensics. Tonight sees the penultimate Season 3 episode "Play With Fire". (Five)

Later… Even Louder - 11:35pm-12:45am
Jools Holland returns for the first of a two-part highlights, showcasing some of his favourite ever artists who have appeared on the critically-lauded music show "Later… With Jools Holland" over the years. Nick Cave, The Cure, the Foo Fighters, and PJ Harvey are just some of the music talent on show. Part 2 can be seen next Friday night. (BBC2)

FILM: Batman Returns (15) - 11:35pm-2:00am
The dark and brooding sequel to the 1989 Tim Burton classic, sees Batman fighting against two of his deadliest foes - The Penguin and Catwoman. Showing in the BBFC-approved edit. Five were brave enough to show the uncut version last year, so why don't Channel 4? Contains some strong violence, and adult themes. (Channel 4)

Well, that's another week's update over and done with. Coverage of both Wimbledon and Glastonbury are both very much dependent on the weather, and with the recent thunderstorms and flooding, transmission times of some of the above shows may change. Please check press for any scheduling amendments. Until next week, goodbye. If you do fancy exercising your brain a bit, you are more than welcome to come and try my exceedingly tough Film Quiz. See if you can be the winner of a Region 1 Criterion DVD. UK-based-entries only, I'm afraid. Full details can be found in the Movies And DVD's thread. :)



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Morning Everyone,

I'm actually writing this update for you at just after 11pm on a Friday night. Unfortunately, I've been pushed for time this week, and as such, my update of what's worth watching on TV is going to be a little bit less detailed than I would prefer. :( However, it was that, or have it appear two or even three days late. :eek: As such, I thought that most of you would prefer a less-detailed list, but that wasn't late. I hope that's okay. I apologise in advance, if you feel I've let you down at all, and will do my best to make up for it, over the next couple of weeks.

Okay, with that out of the way, here's the latest update for you all, covering July 2nd till 9th inclusive. I hope there's something for the majority of you. :)

Saturday 2nd July
Live 8 Concert - Various Times from 1pm
Those of you who were too young to remember when Live Aid was originally broadcast, will be certain to remember this date, for the rest of your life. Most of the BBC channels are covering the UK concert, and later on, the US concert as well, throughout the day, starting at 1pm. (BBC1, BBC2, and BBC3)

Wimbledon Women's Final 2005 - 1:30pm approx
Today sees Venus Williams striving to become the latest winner of Wimbledon. Will she be able to reclaim her title? See live coverage of the game. (BBC1)

FILM: The War Of The Worlds (PG) - 3:30-5:05pm
To tie-in with the Tom Cruise remake, here's the chance to see the superb, 1953 original movie. Don't be put off by the date, this is one of the most intelligent sci-fi films ever made!, and is highly recommended. Some violence, and mature themes that may be too intense for younger audiences. (Five)

FILM: Addams' Family Values (PG) - 5:00-6:40pm
Brilliantly dark, and macabre, horror sequel, with Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia as the demonic head of the Addams Family! Showing in widescreen. Some very dark and adult humour, make this unsuitable for younger audiences. Watch out for Christina Ricci's superb verbal attack against one of the other girls, during a swimming lesson at a holiday camp! Genuinely vicious! :devil: (Channel 4)

FILM: Jules Et Jim (PG) - 9:30-11:15pm
Classic French New Wave drama with Jeanne Moreau. Two friends, Jules and Jim meet up with a French woman, at the eve of WWI. But when war breaks out, after Jules and the woman have married, they find the friendship with Jim strained. In French with English subtitles. Black and White. (BBC4)

FILM: Dog Day Afternoon (15) - 10:30pm-12:30am
Wonderful true-life crime drama about a bank robbery that took place, with the proceeds to be used for a sex-change operation of one of the robbers! Al Pacino, John Cazale, and Charles Durning star. Director Sidney Lumet takes this obscure US historical case, and transforms it into a blistering drama. Showing uncut and in widescreen. (BBC2)

FILM: Belleville Rendez-vous (12) - 1:00-2:15am
Showing as the 2005 Tour De France race kicks off, this enchanting French animation about a shy boy who dreams of entering the famous cycle challenge, is at turns comedic and romantic. Unusual, but worth seeing at least once. In French with English subtitles. (BBC4)

Sunday 3rd
The Fantastic Four - 8:40-9:10am
Repeat run of one of the many animated incarnations of the classic Marvel Comics superhero teams. (ITV1)

Formula One Grand Prix - Noon-3:00pm
With all the turmoil of the US Grand Prix from just a fortnight ago, this will be the first real race. However, recent news events suggest that this race may also be controversial and memorable, but for all the wrong reasons. The race is due to start at 1pm. Watch it live. (ITV1)

Wimbledon Men's Final 2005 - 1:30pm approx
Watch live coverage of the final game of the 2005 tournament - weather persevering - and see who claims the Men's Final title. Also includes coverage of the Doubles Final. (BBC1)

FILM: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - Special Edition (PG) - 5:00-7:30pm
Spielberg's classy sci-fi drama about friendly aliens, is showing in his preferred edit. Check out the Internet Movie Database, for full details on what differs between this version, the longer Director's Cut, and the original 1980 release! (Channel 4)

Heimat - Schedule Change
Schedule change for episode 10 in the first series of this lengthy German drama. This episode is starting 20 minutes earlier than originally advertised, for one week only! Tonight's episode now airs between 8:40-10:00pm (BBC4)

Car Nation - 9:00-10:00pm
Part one of a three-part documentary, about what we British are really like behind the wheel of our cars! Using hidden cameras, the series illustrates just how bad we are, and how terrible we all turn, if we feel threatened on the roads from other drivers. Prepare to be shocked! Strong language throughout! (BBC2)

FILM: Four Weddings And A Funeral (15) - 10:00pm-12:20am
It's been on many times before, but this is a superb British comedy, that almost everyone can enjoy. Hugh Grant plays Charles, a young man who's invited to weddings aplenty, but whose knowledge of what constitutes a real romance seems to defy him! Watch out for the brilliantly underrated Charlotte Coleman in one of her very final roles, as the acerbic Scarlett! Rude, but oh so clever satire! Very, very funny! Strong language throughout. (Channel 4)

FILM: Heavenly Creatures (18) - 11:30pm-1:05am
From the director of "Braindead", "Lord Of The Rings" and "Bad Taste" comes this provocative true-life drama based on a 1950's crime that took place in New Zealand. Starring Melanie Lynsky and Kate Winslett. Dark themes, and harrowing subject matter, but a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience. Showing uncut and in widescreen. (BBC2)

Monday 4th
Cheers - 12:30-1:00pm
Classic episodes of the hit US comedy return, from where C4 previously left it. Showing most weekdays, at the same time. The spin-off show "Frasier" can also be caught, at around 9:45am on the same channel, each weekday too. (Channel 4)

Countdown - Schedule Change
As I'm sure you are aware, Richard Whiteley sadly passed away last Sunday night. Although many schedules are listing "Countdown" as airing this week, this is not so. The show has been postponed until further notice, as a mark of respect. Although no official decision has been made, rumours strongly suggest that the show will contiuue, but with guest hosts presenting instead. Personally, I feel that this show should end. Without Richard, it won't be the same, and the show has been on-air for over 23 years now! Let it end on a sombre note, rather than dragging it out. (Channel 4)

Slaughterhouse - 9:30-10:30pm
Shocking and graphic one-off documentary about how we get from the live animal in the fields, to the meat on our plates! This show includes graphic scenes of animals being killed, and shows the real process of meat production. Expect disturbing material throughout. (BBC2)

The Quatermass Experiment - 10:00-11:40pm
Back in May 2004, the BBC conducted their first live drama since the 1960's, with this updated retelling of the classic sci-fi show. This is the re-edited version (removing some of the continuity problems, and fluffed lines) of the live version from earlier in the year. Jason Flemyng and David Tennant star. (BBC4)

Hollywood Greats - 10:40-11:20pm
Jonathan Ross presents the first of four new extended interviews with some of the best Hollywood actors and actresses. Tonight's interviewee is Tom Cruise. The show will continue, next week, but in a new timeslot of Thursday nights. (BBC1)

Peter Benchley's Amazon - 12:25-1:20am
I recommended this short-lived US drama last week, but if you didn't catch the first episode, you can still join in the story. Passengers en-route to South America crash-land in the Amazon forest, and are forced to survive in their new and unknown habitat. This is the second of 22 episodes, and is surprisingly well-made for a TV show. It's a Canadian, US and Australian co-production, and as it was made for US Cable TV, it often delves into more adult material than would normally be allowed. Worthwhile drama, for the more mature viewer. Contains some scenes of violence and gore. (Five)

Late-night drama - 1am onwards
Those of you who follow ITV3's drama series like "The Practice" and "Chicago Hope" will have realised that no late-night repeats have been showing for the past three or four weeks. Well, thankfully, the repeats are returning, as from tonight. If you can't catch either of these two US dramas during the day, and want to see uncut versions, then tune-in after 1am each night. (ITV3)

Tuesday 5th
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - 9:00-10:00pm
Penultimate episode from Season 5, before next week's double-length finale! (Five)

Wonderfalls - 9:00-10:00pm
Entertaining and unusual fantasy drama from the USA makes it's premier tonight. This is another superb show that was killed-off in the States. Originally a 13-part mini-series, the US only aired 4 episodes. Here in the UK, we'll get to see all 13 that were made, and in the correct and fully director and creator-approved running order. Semi-neurotic Niagara Falls giftshop employee, Jaye Taylor ,(Caroline Dhavernas), finds her job less than fun. But her life takes a different path, when some of the toys and gifts she sells, start to talk to her! Offbeat comedy-drama, with a twist! A DVD of the complete 13-episode series should be out in the USA or UK, towards the end of the year. (Sky 1)

Wednesday 6th
Olympic Decision 2012 - 12:15-1:00pm
Find out if Britain (with its reliable public-transport systems; low crime rate; superb and low-priced accommodation; wheelchair-friendly tourist facilities and stunning summer weather :rotfl: ) gets to host the Olympics in 2012. My bet's on New York instead! (BBC1)

Kath And Kim - 9:30-10:00pm
Living TV has bought the first-run rights to all eight episodes of Season 2 of this brilliantly offbeat Australian comedy series. If you've just seen the end of Season 1 on BBC2, then catch-up with the start of Season 2 now! (The BBC don't anticipate airing Season 2 until February 2006 at the earliest! :mad: ) For those of us without Sky, it's… :( (LivingTV)

Nip/Tuck - Schedule Change!
Due to the :censored: goings-on in the "Butt Munch 6" household, the past two weeks has seen all-new Season 2 episodes of "Nip/Tuck" being transmitted later than advertised, with no warning about the schedules being amended. So, as BM6 is likely to overrun (again! :rolleyes: ), expect the new start-time to be at around 11:05pm. To be on the safe side, I'd set all recordings to start at 10:50pm as advertised, but to shut-off no earlier than 12:20am - just in case. Please address all complaints to Viewer Complaints Department, Channel 4 Television, 124 Horseferry Road, London! (And yes, that's a real address! :lesson: ) Thanks Channel 4! :rolleyes: (Channel 4)

Thursday 7th
My Fair Kerry - 9:00-10:30pm
Yes - it's the Queen Chav herself, Miss Kerry Katona - former band member of Atomic Kitten! And yes, it's another lame ITV reality documentary! :rotfl: Split your sides, as we see Kerry try desperately to change from Chav-bint to Snob-sow! :devil: Only can a channel celebrating its 50th anniversary, stoop so low! Ah, how the mighty TV stations in this country have fallen! (ITV1)

House MD - 10:00-11:00pm
This US drama gets better and more absorbing, every week. Hugh Laurie plays the pill-poppind, narcicistic and ever-so-slightly offbeat doc, Gregory House MD. Showing in Widescreen. (Five)

Zippy And George: Puppet Legends - 10;50-11:55pm
No, you're not misreading this! Rainbow cast members, Zippy and George, return to our TV screens for real, for the first time in years! The duo pay tribute to their peers and fans… including Sooty, Sweep and Sue! This could be the best TV show on Channel 4 in years, or one of the greatest TV show disasters! Either way, it's must-watch TV. (Channel 4)

Arrested Development - Schedule Change
I hope that this is for one week only, but just in case… AD will now be shown 30 minutes later than normal, starting at 11:30pm and now ending at 12:15am (instead of its usual timeslot of 11:00-11:45pm). Is anyone else enjoying this as much as me?! :) Absolutely blinding US satire, on the theme of dysfunctional families. (BBC4)

Friday 8th
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (The Best Ever) - 9:00-10:00pm
As per last week, Five are airing some of their favourite episodes from the first four seasons of the original version of the forensics drama. Tonight, it's the turn of Season 4's "Fur And Loathing". When a man is found dead inside the suit of a rodent on the highway, Grissom and his crew investigate the outlandish world of the "furries": people who derive sexual-pleasure from pretending to be like furry creatures, whilst dressing-up in life-size costumes. Considering how this could have turned out, this episode is genuinely well-handled. And, just in case, the "furries" is a genuine fetish that some people really do take part-in, and is not simply a made-up kink! (Five)

Heimat - 9:00-10:40pm
It's the final episode of Series 1. Series 2 (Die Zweite Heimat) will now start on BBC4 on Sunday 24th July 2005, at 9pm. (BBC4)

A Bear's Tail - 10:35-11:05pm
Leigh Francis' manic creation of "The Bear" gets his own show. A spoof, and very adult sitcom, staring the furry critter who derives too much pleasure from those he interviews! Six parts in total, with Episode One tonight. Expect strong language, adult material, and nudity. (Channel 4)

Jack Dee: Live At The Apollo - 10:40-11:25pm
New stand-up comedy series from the master of the morose, Mr Jack Dee. Each week, for the next six weeks, Jack will perform new and classic routines, as well as invite special guests - from the world of comedy, sports and entertainment- to the Apollo, for a nice, friendly chat! (Read friendly chat as gentle interrogation! :D ) Tonight's guests include Liam Gallagher, Joan Rivers, and Sir Steve Redgrave! Some strong language is expected. (BBC1)

FILM: The X-Files (15) - Midnight-1:55am
Late-night showing of the sci-fi horror spin-off film, from the long-running 1990's US sci-fi drama of the same name. Although the film is best enjoyed by fans of the show, non-viewers can still enjoy the film too, without needing to know too much of the backstory. Contains some strong violence. Showing in widescreen. Fans will be interested to hear that a second "X-Files" movie is currently in production, for a potential Summer 2007 release! :clap: (ITV1)

FILM: The Pit And The Pendulum (15) - 12:10-1:35am
Roger Corman gets too of his best films shown tonight - alas both are on different channels, at the same time! :mad: This is the Vincent Price / Barbara Steele chiller, based on the Edgar Allan Poe novella of the same name. A 16th century English aristocrat, Price, travels to Spain to investigate the death of his sister, (Steele). Stunning set design, and plenty of genuine chills. Showing uncut. Violent and gory scenes. (Five)

FILM: The Little Shop Of Horrors (PG) - 12:45-2:00am
Roger Corman's original 1960's, black-and-white, acid-horror classic, about an insatiable plant that demands to live off of blood. With Jack Nicholson in one of his earliest starring roles, as a psychotic and maniacal dentist! Odd, but enjoyable cult movie for fans of the weird and wonderful. Showing uncut. (BBC2)

And there you have it, folks! It's now nearly 1am, and I've finished another update for you all. So much, for this being a shorter one than normal. :D Oh well! Happy Viewing, and I'll be back in a week's time, with another list of what's worth watching on TV. :)



Hello everyone.

I think there is some confusion about the running order of BlackJack episodes.
The BBC have shown them in a different order to that given in the australian tv website; and PoochJD claims that the BBC have shown them in the wrong order.
However, after viewing the complete series I think the BBC have got it right:

1) In the BBC's ep2 "InTheMoney" there is more "introductory" material about the female associate "Sam" who appears in episodes 2-4.
2) In the BBC's ep3 "SweetScience" a cold case unit is officially set up, and in ep4 this is refered to as "now official" after solving the "next" case.
There is also some discussion in each of ep2/ep3 about Sam's father, who is a dentist - and how Jack learns this. I think this might provide good evidence about episode sequence, but I can't remember the details of the conversation.
In The Money:
Jack - "What does your father do?"
Sam - "He's a dentist"

Sweet Science:
Sam - "... one advantage of having your father as your dentist".
Jack - "Your old man's your dentist?"
Sam - "You knew that"
Jack - "Yeah, but I wouldn't have described them all as theiving bastards if it hadn't slipped my mind"

... or words to that effect

OTOH it doesn't really matter; the episodes don't significantly refer to each other. It was good to see a series that takes time to explore the people rather than the evidence. Taggart used to be good at that, but recently has become too flashbangwallop for my taste (i.e. tending towards the absolute horror of CSI [sorry Pooch]) .

I was caught out by the delayed transmission of BBC's episode 2 - lost the last 8 minutes or so. Does anyone know of an episode guide, or could anyone describe the events of the last quarter of an hour?


(first post!)

Cynthia 7

Hi progosaurus,

Bad luck missing the end of the second film. I have been racking my brains to remember what happened but sorry just cannot recall the end. I still have the final film to see and have enjoyed the Australian series. Their programmes are usually realistic, without the glamourous back drops of the American films and don't lose out by that. I hope someone can fill in the missing end of Blackjack for you.

I do agree with what you say about Taggart. I much preferred the earlier series with Mark McManus. Nowadays it seems more predictable and, as you say, flashbangwallop, a perfectly descriptive word! I do like CSI though, I'm a recent convert to that series, just as it's coming to an end.

Cynthia 7

Hi Pooch,

Your heart must sink when you see my name, that dratted woman again! Please, this post needs no reply!

Thank you again for your updates, they have changed my viewing habits as I now start watching programmes I had previously ignored. CSI I really enjoy, so I will have to look for repeats of all the series I have missed. I was delighted to see that the new series of Kath and Kim are to be shown on Living TV. I would have missed that as I rarely check that channel. In the Radio Times for "Today's Choices" for Wednesday it just said "The return of the loudmouth Aussie mother/daughter sitcom. I thought that meant a repeat on BBC3 or 4.

Although I think it a somewhat spoof horror film, I shall watch "The Pit and the Pendulum". I won a holiday in Spain a while ago and we went to the cinema there to see that film. Fortunately it was in English with Spanish subtitles. They were showing the film with two very long intervals during which the audience seemed to consume an entire meal and were drinking wine and chatting with their friends in the audience. It started off well but after the first interval the film just didn't make sense but continued for the appropriate time and then ended. We were told to stay there and after the second interval we saw the middle part of the film; nobody seemed to mind, they were just laughing about it. It's probably nostalgia that will make me view it again as I like films a little more unpredictable nowadays!

"Heavenly Creatures" I had always missed; I've recorded that onto the Sky+ Planner, together with other recommendations.

"Slaughterhouse" I will definitely avoid. As a wannabee vegetarian who becomes a wannabee carnivore when I see meat on my plate, I dare not look at this programme, coward that I am.

You must sometimes feel like a parent bird, dashing everywhere to find a tasty morsel to put into our tv hungry mouths. We are grateful and hope your studies don't suffer as a result!


Distinguished Member
Hi Cynthia,

Cynthia 7 said:
Hi Pooch, Your heart must sink when you see my name, that dratted woman again! You must sometimes feel like a parent bird, dashing everywhere to find a tasty morsel to put into our tv hungry mouths. We are grateful and hope your studies don't suffer as a result!

I know you said I didn't need to reply, but what the heck! ;)

No, my heart doesn't sink when I see your name at all. I actually get quite excited when anyone responds to a thread I'm participating in. So, feel free to write/post as often as you want to. :smashin:

As for the part about me feeling like a "parent bird", the problem is not in finding stuff to watch for everyone, but in what to leave out, and how to keep the updates manageable for me (in terms of time and effort). But, seeing as people on the AV Forums know how much I write, I guess I get leeway when it comes to the sheer length of my postings... At least, that's what I hope.

I'm just glad that people enjoy the updates! That's the main thing! Otherwise, I'd be gutted if I was spending all this time, for no reason. :eek: Hopefully, if people ever get fed-up with my posts, someone will do me the courtesy and tell me, via a discrete Private Message. :lease:

Cheers! :)

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