New TV Viewing For May & June 2005!

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You would normally expect my usual monthly round-up of what's coming-up over the next month on digital and terrestrial TV. Alas, due to circumstances beyond my control, I'm afraid that the usual long list of what's coming-up is going to be delayed. I apologise for this, but hope that at least the following update will suffice for the time being. As soon as I am ready to, I will post the usual long update.

Wednesday 25th May
9:55-11:55am - Why Is There So Much Rubbish On Telly?
A superb and genuinely intelligent documentary that openly discusses why there appears to have been an increase in the amount of junk on our TV screens in recent times. At two hours, this is really worth recording, as it contains interviews with many of the biggest media people in the world. (I know most of you will have missed this, but keep your eyes on it appearing again soon, over the next few weeks. C4 seems to like repeating this documentary, in the same kind of timeslot, during school holidays / term-time.) (Channel 4)

3:45-5:30pm - FILM: Alien Nation - The Udara Legacy (12)
Another of the film spin-off's from the short lived "Alien Nation" TV show (actually the last of five movies made). This one deals with brainwashed Newcomers who go around committing deadly and bizarre crimes. What makes this superior to some of the many run-of-the-mill sci-fi films, is that this one deals with the horribly topical issue about suicide bombers, and intolerance of other nations. (Five)

Friday 27th
8:30-9:00pm - Will And Grace
Season 6 has already started on terrestrial, and once again, no promotion, warning or trailers have been used. Tonight is episode 2. Thanks a lot, Channel 4! (Channel 4)

8:30-9:00pm - Heimat: The Story Of A Nation
I've already promoted this show, and prior to the complete trilogy being run over the next few months, here is an all-new documentary about the series, and its writer/creator/director Edgar Reitz. Episode 1 of the first part of the trilogy starts at 9pm. Episodes air on Friday and Sunday nights, with no repeats. (BBC4)

9:00pm - Big Brother 6
Personally-speaking, I think that BB is the biggest pile of :censored: ever created and inflicted onto the British population. However, there are plenty of you out there, who will devour every single milisecond of this reality show. Expect lots of lousy tasks, plenty of nudity, something dodgy designed to hack all of the contestants off (like last year), and lots of "unexpected" hijinks by the tabloid newspapers to break into the BB compound. Does anyone actually give a rat's arse anymore?! The only positive thing, to come out of this, is that E4 is now Free-To-Air on Freeview. Cable and Sky viewers still need to subscribe! (Channel 4, E4)

9:30-10pm - The Kumars At Number 42
They're back, and in a new home - sort of! Series number 3, and Sanjeev, Granny and the other family members all return to inflict misery on the many guests and celebrities, arriving at Number 42 for an interview, but now for BBC1. Tonight sees Ronnie Corbet and heavy metal musician Alice Cooper being put through their paces! Next week, Joanna Lumley and Frankie Dettori get put under the spotlight! (BBC1)

12:25-2:05am - FILM: Jason Goes To Hell - The Final Friday (18)
One of the better sequels, in my opinion, in the endless "Friday The 13th" horror movie series. A serial killer is on the loose, and is mown down by a SWAT team. But has the killer's spirit transferred into our favourite hockey-masked psycho? Expect lots and lots of gore, graphic violence, and other nastiness. Keep your eyes open, as a surprise character makes an appearance in the film. Showing uncut. (Five)

Saturday 28th
1:20-2:20pm - Sir John Mills' Moving Memories
Another chance to see this evocative documentary of the life of actor/thespian Sir John Mills, who died in April 2005. (BBC2)

3:25-5:00pm - FILM: Asterix And Obelix - Mission Cleopatra (PG)
Yes it was filmed in French, and has now been horrifically dubbed into English, but this is still worth a viewing. Gerard Depardieu and Monica Belluci star in this live-action version of the famous Gallic comic-book stories. (Five)

6:00-7:10pm - Robin Of Sherwood
The dark fantasy and gothic horror of Robin Hood is brought to life in this amazing and violent ITV drama series, from the mid-1980's. For fans of the character, this is still considered by many people, to be the ultimate and definitive version of the mythical hero. Michael Praed plays the titular role, along with Clive Mantle and many other bastions of British drama. I'm pretty certain that all 3 series will be being shown (totalling 26 hour-long episodes) back-to-back. The first two are definitely the best, but tonight sees the first of the two-part Series 1 Pilot episode "Robin Hood And The Sorcerer". Be warned, though: despite it's age, the episodes can get very dark and gritty at times, and there are several uses of mild bad language. Parents may prefer to watch with under-8's. It isn't recommended for the very young viewers. (ITV3 - also repeated on Sundays, around mid-morning or early-lunchtime.)

6:10-8:15pm - FILM: The X-Men (12)
Marvel's comic book characters are brought vividly to life, with an all-star cast. It's not the best comic-book adaption ever made, but it's not too bad either. At the moment, the film is scheduled to be split around the news. However, like last-week's transmission of "Star Wars 1: The Phantom Menace", this may change at the last minute. The start-time will remain the same, though. May be edited for violence and language. (ITV1)

8:45-11:40pm - Test The Nation: 20th Century
Think you know it all? Test yourself with this lengthy quiz on all aspects of the 20th century, from history, technology, to cinema, TV and famous faces. (BBC1)

9:15-11:15pm - FILM: Escape From New York (15)
Kurt Russell's sci-fi action classic from 1981. As Snake Plissken, a rebel without a clue, Russell tries to escape from a futuristic prison-like city, where everybody wants his head. Uncut version. (ITV2)

9:50pm-12:15am - FILM: Pulp Fiction (18)
Probably Quentin Tarantino's magnum cinematic crime opus, and with more quotable dialogue than any other movie in recent times. Violent, profane, and often darkly humorous, this became the big hit that rocketed John Travolta back into our cinemas, as a leading man. If easily offended, I'd advise you not to watch this movie. Minor edits, as per the BBFC video version. (BBC3)

Sunday 29th
1:10-3:45pm - FILM: North By Northwest (PG)
Quintessential Alfred Hitchcock thriller. A great, great film, and worth anyones time. First of a Five Afternoon Classic Movie double-bill. (Five)

3:45-5:40pm - FILM: The Hound Of The Baskervilles (15)
Minor edits for one of the better adaptions of the Sherlock Holmes story. Actors Ian Richardson and Donald Churchill take the roles of Holmes and Watson. The second of Five's Afternoon Classic Movie double-bill. (Five)

8:00-9:00pm - Top Gear
Jack Dee is tonight's "Star In A Reasonably-Priced Car". This should be a classic… for all the wrong reasons. (BBC2)

10:00-11:10pm - Derren Brown: The Gathering
The magician and master of deception tries to convince an audience of the general public, celebrities, psychologists and other magicians/illusionists, once-and-for-all, that there is more to him, than stunts and trickery. Expect something sinister, and edge-of-your-seat. (Channel 4)

10:30-11:55pm - Storyville: Game Over - Kasparov And The Machine (PG)
Ever thought the game of Chess was dull? Just a past-time for nerds? This documentary, might change your mind. Watch the greatest chess player in the world, Garry Kasparov, take on the greatest chess-playing computer, Deep Blue, in what was to become a defining moment in history. Superb documentary, that plays out more like an espionage thriller. Rivetting stuff, and one that might make you think about the roles of computers and machines in our society! (BBC2)

Monday 30th
9:25-10:20am - Spin City
The start of a weekday double-bill of the hit US comedy with Michael J Fox as the Mayor's right-hand-man. Go right back to the start of Season 1, with the first 2 episodes. (Repeated daily at 7:00-8:00pm.) (ITV2)

10:25am-1:00pm - Third Watch / Without A Trace / Frasier
Depending on the schedule, and whether or not Live Cricket is shown, the above three shows may air, continuing from where they ended a few weeks ago. (Channel 4)

5:45-8:00pm - FILM: Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves (PG)
The hit, family action movie with that theme tune by Bryan Adams. Watch Kevin Costner in tights. See Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as one of the most enchanting Maid Mariou's to ever be given life on the screen. And enjoy Alan Rickman hamming it up brilliantly, as the evil Sheriff Of Nottingham. The film has been heavily edited for TV. Major edits for violence, attempted rape, and language. (BBC1)

10:50pm-12:35am - FILM: Total Recall (18)
Uncut showing of one of Paul Verhoeven's brilliant sci-fi hits from the 1980's. A superior Philip K Dick adaption of his remarkable novella "We Can Remember It For You, Wholesale". Violent, gory, but startling and a one-of-a-kind sci-fi action film. Highly recommended. (BBC1)

11:00pm-12:30am - FILM: Drop Dead Gorgeous (15)
I didn't rate this film, but I seem to be in the minority on this, so maybe I simply didn't get it. Darkly humourous satire on teen beauty-pageants, and what some people might do, to win them. With Kirsty Allie, Denise Richards and Kirsten Dunst. Showing uncut. (BBC2)

11:25pm-1:00am - Sexual Intelligence
Nope, this isn't pornography. A refreshingly frank, and intelligent documentary about sexual attraction, and desire. What makes a certain person appear attractive to us? Do we control this attraction, or is it already pre-programmed into our brains. Sex And The City's Kim Cattrell does the investigating. (Channel 4)

5:30-5:55am - Greetings From Tucson
New US comedy, being stripped over one of the dumbest timeslots known to mankind! :mad: Airing at approximately 5:30am, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning, for the next 5 weeks. The show is about 15-year old David, who is forced to rebuild his life when his family relocates. Only lasted one 22-episode season. Could be great. Could be pants. (Channel 4)

Tuesday 31st
9:55am-Noon - FILM: Moby Dick (PG)
Classic adaption of the acclaimed novel about a man and a whale.

11:00am-12:30pm - FILM: Asterix Vs Caesar (U)
Cartoon version of the clever French comic book heroes. (BBC2)

1:00-2:30pm - FILM: Tron (PG)
Enjoyable sci-fi drama, with Bruce Boxleitner as a man trapped inside a computer game. It's dated quite badly, but the clever use of CGI animation for the famous "Lightcycle" race, is worthy of at least one viewing. Showing uncut, and in widescreen. (BBC2)

4:30-5:00pm - New Captain Scarlet
Yes! At long last! After many complaints, and pressure from adult fans, ITV1 has finally caved-in, and we are now going to get the first, full, and uncut showings of the first 13 episodes of Season 1, in a (relatively) prime-time slot! Take the phone off the hook, lock the front door, disconnect the doorbell, and ban your kids from speaking, and then sit-back and enjoy 30 minutes of superb animation, with an edge! Showing every Tuesday at the same time, for the next 4 months! :clap: (ITV1)

11:00-11:40pm - England Away!
Disturbing documentary about how England football fans have gone from being popular and restrained, to complete hooligans who revel in alcohol-fuelled violence, when England plays in Europe. What has happened over the past ten years, that has made fans act out? Are all fans to be tarnished in the same way? Do genuine fans pay the price, for the few? Or is something more cultural at play here? (BBC4)

11:55pm-1:30am - FILM: Inseminoid (18)
Uncut and widescreen showing of this nasty little video nasty, from the early-1980's, by cult director Norman J Warren. A parasitic alien invades a member of an archaeological expedition, and as the alien grows inside her, she goes on a murderous and very bloody rampage. Worthy of its cult status, and worth viewing now, nearly 25 years on. Genuinely chilling and nasty little sci-fi/horror flick! :devil: (BBC2)

Wednesday 1st June
9:00-10:00pm - Whistleblower: Parking
It is claimed that somewhere in the country, one British driver will be ticketed every five seconds of the working day. Motorists complain the fees are excessive, that the rules are not enforced correctly. Is this the case? "Whistleblower" looks into the shady and often distressing world of the parking attendants and the clamping companies. Expect strong language, and some violent scenes.

9:00-10:10pm - French Beauty
Documentary about the allure of the French actress, past and present. From Jeanne Moreau, and Catherine Deneuve, to Monica Belluci and Juliette Binoche, the show looks at the charm of the ladies of Gallic cinema.

Thursday 2nd
9:00-10:00pm - Ladette To Lady
It's another ITV1 ratings winner: take ten Chavettes... Sorry, I mean unladylike women, and watch some sad pathetic looser of an instructor, convert them all into prim-and-proper snobs! Yep, five episodes of reality trash, that'll make "Celebrity Wrestling" look almost Oscar-worthy! You may want to make a bet with your local bookies, on if this show will stay the course. Rumours abound, that both this and "Celebrity Love Island" will both get pulled within the next couple of weeks. I wonder why?! :rotfl: (ITV1)

9:00-10:00pm - Make Me Normal
Surprisingly sensitive and non-exploitative documentary about teenagers with disabilities, and how they cope on a day-to-day basis. For them, fitting-in and being normal, means being like everyone else. But is there such a thing as "normal"? Should those less-abled be forced to fit in with the rest of us, or has society got a lot of work to do to face some harsh truths about those less fortunate? First of three parts. (Channel 4)

10:50pm-12:30am - Ricky Gervais: Politics
He's back, with an all-new stand-up routine. Previously released to UK DVD at the end of 2004, the controversial comedian performs another award-winning routine. Not one for the easily-offended! (Channel 4)

Friday 3rd
11:00am-12:30pm - FILM: The 12 Tasks Of Asterix (PG)
Fun animation with Asterix, Obelix and Co, setting to complete a set of tasks set by Julius Caesar. Some sly and subtle jokes appear in this story, (like that of governmental bureaucracy), that make this worthwhile for adults as well as children. Worth watching, if you get the chance. (BBC2)

1:40-3:15pm - FILM: The Lavender Hill Mob (PG)
Quintessential Ealing comedy, with Alec Guinness in one of his most famous roles.

9:00-9:30pm - Have I Got News For You
Desmond Lynam takes the chair for this final show, in the current series. If last time is anything to go by, this will be a riot!

11:00pm-1:35am - Je T'Aime / Je T'Aime Jane Birkin / Jane Birkin In Concert
Documentary and music mix in this 150 minute set of shows, about how a reluctant young British girl, looked cross-Channel for a better life. Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsborough became the hottest couple of the 1960's and 70's. See home movie footage, new interviews, and music concert footage of the two performing together.

Well, that's all for the moment. I'll return with another update in the next few days. In the meantime, I hope this selection of shows, will keep you all busy! Enjoy! :)

Pooch , there is only 3 shows that I am waiting for new seasons of.
and if you get any info on them please let us know the details :D :lease:

Battlestar Galactica :smashin: :smashin: :smashin: :smashin: season 2.
Stargate SG1 season 9 :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
The west wing season 6. :) :) :thumbsup:

Nothing else on the TV worth watching ;)

Cheers .


I posted this on another thread:

U.S.A. gets Season Two first
TUESDAY - MAY 17, 2005

The U.S. SCI FI Channel will have the world premiere of Battlestar Galactica's second season when it kicks of 20 new episodes on July 15. According to a report at the BBC's Cult Television site, the U.K. network Sky One won't begin airing the new season until October.

The first, 13-episode season of the hit new series aired first in the United Kingdom, beginning last fall. SCI FI waited until January to premiere the series, which has proved a ratings winner on both sides of the Atlantic.

Sky will air the new season of Galactica alongside the ninth season of Stargate SG-1 and the second season of Stargate Atlantis. Because SCI FI traditionally takes a rerun break from September to January, it is likely that Sky will pass the U.S. cable network and air the second half of the season first.

Now, if you can get me an air date pooch, I shall bow down to your infinate wisdom and ye shall be forever hailed as the king of TV information :smashin: ;) :thumbsup: :lease:

Cynthia 7

Many thanks Pooch for letting us know what tasty morsels are on our screens.

I was delighted to see "Pulp Fiction" and "Total Recall" are there as I have wanted to see these films but could never seem to catch them on Sky. North by North-West is one of my favs too. My son will be glad you mentioned the Kasparov documentary, it's so easy to miss these programmes if you're out or away.

There are loads of others too that probably warrant viewing; Will and Grace I have not yet seen and am almost afraid to watch as I will end up being permanently stuck to the sofa. I notice one of our forum members is called Sofa Spud, I am in danger of being re-christened with that name too! Last year my younger son's ex girl friend stayed with us for two months and she wanted to watch Big Brother. I eventually became slightly addicted yet at the same time realising what utter rubbish it was. Now you have warned me it has started I shall make sure I don't ever look at it again. The novelty of reality shows has waned I imagine, certainly for me.

Your efforts are much appreciated, thank you for your time.


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Hi All,

Cynthia - Thanks for your (further) kind comments! :) The new "What Satellite And Digital TV Monthly" magazine came out today (27th May). It does have a red Simpsons cover, but I have to say, the listings are appallingly bad! Nowhere near as detailed as "Satellite TV Monthly". I will be complaining to them, as soon as I get a chance, because I'm not going to pay £3-99 for a pile of garbage like this. :mad: Very disappointing!

Oakland Raiders - C4 have been repeating Without A Trace (Seasons 1 and 2) during the daytime, during school holidays, around 11am. However, many of the episodes are censored, and some episodes have been dropped altogether. Unless you've not already seen Seasons 1 and 2, you aren't missing anything. Season 3 (all-new to the UK) will probably start in about a month-6 weeks time.

David - BSG (Season 2) is, as you've already mentioned, not likely to air before September/October 2005. Any transmission dates and times are still to be confirmed, but I'd expect Sky 1 to air it in a regular 8 or 9pm slot, on a Monday evening (just as they did with Season 1).

Stargate SG-1 (Season 9) is probably going to also air on Sky 1, in the Autumn too. Again, no dates or times for transmission yet. But as soon as I know anything I will post it for you, and everyone else... promise. ;)

The West Wing (Season 6) - will probably now air on Channel 4's new satellite, cable and digital channel "More4", which aims to be for adults over 25 years. C4 are wanting to aim for a more mature audience (e.g. they want people with the most expendable money, so they can flog their tat too)! "More4" will start to air in the Autumn. According to info on the C4 website...

"More4 is due to launch this autumn. It will be a free-to-air digital channel with a £30m annual budget aimed at an intelligent mature audience. There will be repeats of Channel 4 programmes, plus acquisitions and shows specifically commissioned for the channel including drama, documentaries, current affairs etc. There'll be more specific info released as the launch nears, but you might like to check out an article Peter Dale (who's responsible for the channel) wrote in this week's Media Guardian-,7558,1451405,00.html"



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Hi Pooch - great info as always- thanks :D

Just thought I'd let you know that I've just see the trailer for the last series of JAG on FX. Starts June 17th @ 9pm.


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Have also just noticed a trailer for House starting on Five on 9th June. TVTome describes the show as a great hospital drama with a twist, sarcasm, and comedy all coming from the leader Dr Gregory House (Hugh Laurie).

I've been watching this on Hallmark - and Hugh Laurie is superb in it.

More about the show


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Afternoon, Sir! You've just beaten me to it, r.e. "House" on Five.

"House" (or "House MD" as it's also known in the USA), will start on Tuesday 9th June at 10pm on Five, taking over from where the "CSI: Miami" repeats are currently airing. The show was fuilmed in widescreen, and will be shown as such! :clap: Nice one, Five! Another reason to watch this superb channel! :)



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PoochJD said:

Afternoon, Sir! You've just beaten me to it, r.e. "House" on Five.

Very unusual to beat you to anything Pooch :) One thing I can't seem to find anywhere though is when the next series of One Tree Hill is going to be shown here. Have you any idea?

BTW - I've been called many things in my time but never Sir ;)


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smelly said:
Very unusual to beat you to anything Pooch :) One thing I can't seem to find anywhere though is when the next series of One Tree Hill is going to be shown here. Have you any idea?

Season 2 of "One Tree Hill" shoudl start on E4 (or More4) in the late-Summer or early Autumn 2005. It should then come to C4 early in the New Year!


Cynthia 7

Hi Smelly,

Joe Pineapple in his Thread "Five People you Meet in Heaven" mentioned "House" on Hallmark. I thought it was one of these house make-over shows but now I know what it's all about, and it features the excellent Hugh Laurie, I shall certainly watch that.

Channel 5 is becoming very "watchable"; I am recording "North by Northwest" at the moment and watching "Hound of the Baskervilles" next, both on 5.

Cynthia 7

Hi Pooch,

I was shocked by the new edition of "What Satellite and Digital TV Monthly" (what a mouthful!). It is appallingly bad and such a disappointment, I could cry. I had taken this magazine for so long and it really suited my requirements. I enjoyed the "Satellite Surgery" pages and the film listings. It was easy to find the other channels too. I do like indepth information and the new mag just seems to skirt around it.

Like you, I shall be writing to them, and I'm sure we won't be alone. I'm just going to have a look at our magazine section on this forum and see if it's mentioned there.

Joe Pineapples

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Typical, i sit happily watching 'House' on hallmark every week, then find out the C5 version will be presented in widescreen. Oh well :). I was sure i had seen the name 'David Shore' (writer) before as well, and further investigations find that he penned some early stuff for NYPD Blue....speaking of which.....

"More4 is due to launch this autumn. It will be a free-to-air digital channel with a £30m annual budget aimed at an intelligent mature audience. There will be repeats of Channel 4 programmes

Maybe the next series of NYPD Blue will find its home on this new channel. But then again...

Solomon Grundy

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I may be going blind but did you put the channel which Ricky Gervais' Politics is being shown on, I can't see it. Cheers Pooch...(still waiting for Shield S4 though...).


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Have amended the list - "RIcky Gervais: Politics" is on tonight on Channel 4. My apologies for leaving that bit of info out.

Secondly, a new update will be added to this thread at the weekend at some point, so keep your eyes peeled.

Next, "House" has been rescheduled on Five for Thursday 9th June at 10pm, and NOT as I listed in this thread previously. (Again, apologies for that error.)

Lastly, Five has rescheduled "The Shield" (Season 4) for later in the Summer. It is still likely to air within the next 6 weeks though. :thumbsup:




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Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone reading this thread, is in good health and spirits. Alas, I have a bit of disappointing news for you all, and I apologise to all of you, for starting with this:

Unfortunately, I've had to temporarily cancel my subscription to Sky. :( Essentially, apart from the fact that I now can't access channels like FX, Hallmark, and the Sci-Fi Channel, it also means I won't be able to easily notify you of upcoming shows, and stuff to watch out on satellite channels.

I'm as disappointed as you folks, and I hate having less channels to select my days viewings from, but my current financial situation simply can't cope with extras like Sky.

However, despite this, I will still try and update you with shows on Terrestrial and Freeview channels, (e.g. BBC4, ITV3, et al). Obviously, if I can, I will notify you all of Sky programmes, but for the time being, the listings will be less detailed for Sky-specific channels. Also, my updates will now (normally) be done on a weekly basis, with a smaller update at the start of a month.

Putting all of that aside, let me get on with my latest update for you all. I hope there's something for the majority of you. :)

Saturday 4th June
Point Pleasant - 1:00-2:00pm
This is the final episode of this very short-lived series, to be shown in the UK. Although it's technically episode 8 of 13, there is no further news as to when viewers either here or in the USA are likely to see the remaining few episodes. There has been a lot of censorship, which hasn't helped matters, either. With the show now officially cancelled in the US, it's anyones guess as to when C4 or E4 will show the final 5 episodes. For now, though… (Channel 4)

FILM: For The Love Of The Game (12) - 1:25-3:55pm
Worthwhile romantic sports drama, set in the world of Baseball, with Kevin Costner, and an all-star cast (including JK Simmons, Kelly Preston, Brian Cox, and John C Reilly). Costner plays Billy Chapel - pitcher for the Detroit Tigers - a man who is forced to evaluate everything he knows, after tragic events turn his life upside down. Tragic, and sometimes quite heart-wrenching. Edited for language, and deals with some adult themes that may not be suitable for younger viewers. (Five)

FILM: The 'Burbs (PG) - 2:50-4:40pm
Dark satire with Tom Hanks, about a family with next door neighbours who aren't quite what they appear. Despite the certificate, this is almost always heavily censored for mild bad language and adult themes by ITV. Worth a viewing, but better rent the video or DVD from your local rental library instead/ (ITV1)

Monk - 4:30-5:10pm
The BBC's treatment of this brilliant, family-friendly, detective show, has been steadily getting worse and worse. Season 1 was shown well, but Season 2 has been dragged-out over a period of several months. For now, the show returns to its regular slot, with Episode 13 (of 16). Worth catching, if you want something different, and inoffensive. (BBC2)

FILM: Sense And Sensibility (U) - 6:55-9:25pm
Ang Lee, (director of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), brings us another award-winning period drama, based on the best-selling romantic novel from Jane Austen. With Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman and many other famous faces. Stunning to watch, and sumptuous photography. (Channel 4)

FILM: Cruising (18) - 11:20pm-1:15am
Controversial film starring Al Pacino as a rookie police officer required to go undercover in the New York gay scene, and infiltrate the seedy world of S&M'ers, where a serial killer is preying. Often disturbing, and decidedly bleak, this is still worth watching. Hopefully, this will be the complete and uncut original version. Director William Friedkin courted controversy when he deliberately included split-second shots of hardcore pornography and violent sadomasochistic imagery. The UK version (including all cinema, VHS and satellite broadcasts), have always been heavily censored. However, as Five tend to get their films from the US rights-owners, some of the more contentious material may get past them and air! This is a film you need to record, if you want to catch the footage that is still banned to this day! (Five)

Dead Ringers - 11:55pm-12:25am
This third series of the comedy sketch show has been truly hilarious, with plenty of sketches and jokes that everyone will enjoy. This weeks, is another worthy episode, including spoofs of the final "Breakfast With Frost", Monty Don of Gardners World (as you've never seen him before), and a brilliant pastiche of "Desperate Housewives". Highly recommended. (BBC2)

FILM: Gloria (15) - 2:10-4:05am
John Cassevetes' brilliant thriller, has Gena Rowlands as a neighbour of a family who are slaughtered by the Mob. She is reluctantly forced, to look after the only remaining member - a seven-year-old boy. A wonderful, if a bit dated, movie. (Five)

Sunday 5th
Mock The Week - 10:00-10:30pm
A new quiz show, in a similar vein to "Have I Got News For You". Comedians and celebrity guests have a rifle through the weeks news, and generally take the mick out of everyone and everything. (BBC2)

FILM: McLibel (12) - 10:30-11:55pm
Brilliant documentary film about two young British activists who decide to take a stance against the biggest fast food company in the world - McDonalds. Although I'm sure you can guess who wins, it's wonderful to watch the McDonalds staff, workers and company execs squirm in their seats, as two unemployed nobodies make their rich, flash lives a living nightmare! :devil: An awesome companion to "Super Size Me", but with a distinctly British perspective. If you love McDonalds, this may change your opinion of them. If you loathe them (like I do), this will leave you feeling all warm and cosy at the end! :D Worth viewing with your older children, as it's a real eye-opener. The film does have some bad language and occasional disturbing scenes. (BBC2)

Monday 6th
The Springer Show - 9:25-10:30am
He's back, and just as Chavtastic as before, picking-up from where Trisha recently departed. Need something to get your Monday morning off to a bright start? Want a laugh? Then watch pathetic, loser, Chavs run riot, whilst Jerry Springer tries desperately to stop his panel from attacking one another. Expect DNA tests aplenty, as well as laughable episodes highlighting all that is bad in our society. (ITV1 - where else?!)

ER - 9:00-10:00pm
Season 11 comes to its conclusion, and Carter is set to leave the ER, but a few loose ends still need to be tied up, and not everyone is in a good mood about his sudden departure. Still one of the best US dramas, and just as tension-filled (and medically-graphic), as always!

Shameless - 10:50-11:50pm
This Manchester-set comedy-drama starts a repeat run tonight, with the first of the ten episodes from Series 2. Personally, I think it's decidedly stupid, tacky and totally dumb, but I know that this series is liked by many of you, hence this notification. (Channel 4)

Blackjack - 11:35pm-1:10am
The BBC is starting a new late-night foreign drama timeslot. Two or three times a week, BBC1 will start to show some of the best of Australian and US drama, past and present! Tonight, sees the first of four Australian comedy-thriller movies, starring Colin Friels as Detective Jack Kempson. Detective Kempson is a dark-horse to his fellow police officers. A man who will happily bend the rules, to seek justice and revenge against criminals who have escaped prosecution from the Australian Criminal Justice System. Jack decides to take matters into his own hands - once and for all. The other three movies in this series, will be shown over the next three Monday evenings. (BBC1)

Tuesday 7th
New Captain Scarlet - 4;35-5:00pm
It's episode 2, and the second part of the two-part Pilot Episode. Here's a better chance to see this enjoyable animation show, from the mind of Gerry Anderson, as you've never seen it before. If you missed Part 1, don't worry, as you can still catch up with the show, and the story so far. (ITV1)

Cutting-It - 9:00-10:00pm
Series 4 kicks-off, with the first of six episodes, of this Manchester-based drama set around a fashionable, unisex hairdressers. (BBC1)

Judging Michael Jackson - 9:00-10:00pm
Love him or loathe him, Wacko Jacko has been in the news, with his life truly on the line. This documentary explores the recent legal case, with views from fervant fans who feel that Michael is truly innocent, to anti-paedophile protesters, and people in Jackson's life. Depending on events prior to broadcast, (and legal permission), a discussion of the result of the trial will also take place. (BBC2)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - 9:00-10:00pm
In an unusual move, tonight's episode, (called "4 x 4"), is a special one-off. Utilising all of the main CSI characters, the episode follows a night of crime, but from four teams points-of-view. The CSI's are split into four teams, to analyse different aspects of a carjacking, a showgirl murder, a body-builder's death, and how a 12-year-old boy ends up dead on a bench. Each of the four crimes interweave and overlap, and the team are brought to a horrific and shocking denouement! Word from fans in the USA say this is one of the best-ever CSI episodes. Now, it's out turn to see what they've been raving about! (Five)

Sugar Rush - 10:50-11:25pm
New ten-part drama about teenage rites-of-passage. Based on the novel from Julie Birchill, this could be great or totally :censored: ! Expect plenty of sex and bad-language, and for there to be plenty of complaints about the depiction of teenage lesbianism too. Bear in mind, this is the same Ms Julie Birchill, who tried to claim in a recent Sky 1 documentary, that Chavs were simply the modern equivalent of the working-class citizen! This woman also worked for the Daily Mail, and several other of the red-head tabloids! You have been promptly warned! :D

FILM: The Thing From Another World (12) - 11:55pm-1:25am
Seminal black-and-white sci-fi horror film, that was the starting point for the gory 1984 remake - "The Thing", with Kurt Russell. An alien saucer crashes into the Arctic wasteland, and a bunch of scientists investigate, but uncover something truly horrific. Despite its age, this is still a damn good film of its type, and one I'd highly recommend if you like something more sombre. Showing uncut, and in the Original full-frame Aspect Ratio. (BBC2)

Wednesday 8th
FILM: Magnum P.I. - Don't Eat The Snow In Hawaii (PG) - 3:35-5:30pm
This is the original feature-length Pilot episode of the classic US detective series from the 1980's Tom Selleck plays a Vietnam Veteran turned private investigator, who has to investigate the suspicious death of a close friend. Unusual, and slightly off-beat in comparison to most "Magnum P.I." episodes, but a good introduction to the characters. Some minor edits for bad language and violence. (In the 1980's, this was considered quite an adult episode for a prime-time action show. The title of this movie-length special is worth thinking about - in a non-literal way, and you'll begin to see why.) (Five)

Nip/Tuck - 10:50pm-Midnight
Season 2 comes to Channel 4, and Shaun and Christian are both in serious trouble. After salvaging their lives, family and business at the end of the last season, they are struggling to make-ends-meet, in more ways than one. Julia is torn between her husband, her ex and another man, and their son, Matt, is having adolescent problems of a different kind. At turns hilarious, sick, uncompromising, but always acidic and superb, it's going to be interesting to see what happens over the next 13 weeks! (Channel 4)

Mau Mau, Sex Sex - 10:50-11:50pm
One-off documentary about exploitation film-makers Dan Sonney and David Friedman, who made plenty of tasteless films in the 1950's and 60's. Entertaining, and informative, but not for the prudish. (Five)

FILM: Greystoke - The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes (PG) - 11:10pm-1:25am
Dark, brutal and brooding film, with Christopher Lambert as Tarzan. We meet the baby who grew up with the apes, and learned to love and live with them, as his only family, until he is uprooted from his home, and taken away to be examined. Unlike many other adaptions of the "Tarzan" stories, this feature takes a very adult tone. Although the certificate is a PG, this film contains some very harrowing and adult scenes, as well as some graphic violence of death and torture of animals. It is not recommended for those who are easily disturbed by such scenes. The version airing, is uncut, and showing in 1.85:1 widescreen. However, this is not the correct ratio, as the film was recorded in Cinemascope 2.40:1, which means you will loose a lot of the superb wildlife photography. An amazing one-of-a-kind movie, and my recommendation of the week! (BBC1)

Thursday 9th
House - 10:00-11:00pm
The latest hit American drama comes to terrestrial, not long after starting on the Hallmark Channel. Hugh Laurie plays the cynical, and downbeat Dr. Greg House, MD. A man for whom the love of medicine, and of life, has dissipated. This same moan, also loathes his patients. He's kept on at his local New Jersey hospital, for one reason alone: he's damn good at his job. Will his staff and patients put-up with the miserable swine for much longer? Bryan Singer, director of "The Usual Suspects" created and produces the show. Showing in Widesreen! Episode 1 of 22. (Five)

Friday 10th
"24" - 11;35pm-1:05am
As part of BBC1's new late-night drama strand, hit US drama series "24" returns to UK screens. Season 1 of the show, is where we begin, with the first two episodes. Meet Counter-Terrorist Unit agent Jack Bauer. Today, will be the longest day of his life. The first black US President is about to be elected, when terrorists try to assassinate him. Los Angeles will never be the same again. Showing uncut, and in Widescreen, without any DOG's! If you've never seen this show before, or have avoided it, now's your chance to watch/record it, right from the beginning of Day One! See what became the hit Sunday night drama from 2002! Episodes will continue on a weekly basis. Season 2 will probably also be aired. No word about Seasons 3 or 4 though - which would be terrestrial TV premieres. (BBC1)

Well, that's all for this week. Stay-tuned, and I'll see you back here, in about 7 days. :)


Joe Pineapples

Distinguished Member
sorry to hear about your current lack of sky.

anyway, great to see 'the thing from another world' is getting a showing - been waiting for this one, and not seen it for a good few years. :smashin:


Novice Member
Sorry to hear about Sky Pooch :( fingers crossed it won't be too long before you'll be digitalised again :D
Shameless - 10:50-11:50pm
This Manchester-set comedy-drama starts a repeat run tonight, with the first of the ten episodes from Series 2. Personally, I think it's decidedly stupid, tacky and totally dumb, but I know that this series is liked by many of you, hence this notification. (Channel 4)
Sorry gotta disagree with you on this Pooch, this is a fab, funny series. :clap:

Stockpile Thomas

Distinguished Member
Hi Pooch

Don't forget you can still use 'Freesat' even if you cancel your subscription. You probably knew that anyway but just in case.......

RDB :)


Hi - I'm a new member and just wondered if I'm in the right place to ask about CSIM Season 3 on Five? I'm sure if you had any news about when it is likely to be aired, it would have been posted on here already. I'm still assuming it will take over from either CSI or CSI:NY once they've finished in July. Fingers crossed, as the last new episode was aired in July 2004, which seems a long, long time ago!!! Thanks for any info. :)


Distinguished Member

I'm 99% certain that Five will air "CSI: Miami" (Season 3) at some point starting in late-July 2005. More than likely, it will replace the "CSI: Miami" repeats on a Tuesday at 10pm, or else, will take-over from where Season 2 of "Law And Order: Criminal Intent" is currently showing on Saturday nights.

Ditto with Season 4 of "The Shield". That or "CSI: Miami" (Season 3), will take the place of one of those two shows, I'm just not 100% certain which, as both have been off our screens for a while now.

As always, I will update in this thread, as soon as I hear of anything. :)



Thanks Pooch. I shall certainly keep an eye on this thread for any news. Much appreciated. :)
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