New TV Viewing For March 2006!


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A proper update will be forthcoming, in a few days time, I promise, but for now, just a couple of titbits for you all.

"Clerks: The Animated Series" looks like it is due to start soon on ITV4! Thanks to Barbara, for that info. :smashin: We're not sure exactly when it's to be shown, except that "Episode 4" looks like it has provisionally scheduled for Wednesday 15th March at 10pm. However, I've just discovered that the episode called "Episode 4" is actually episode 1. :confused: Well, it get's worse! :eek:

Name of Episode / Episode Number
Episode Four = 1
Episode Two = 2
Episode Three = 3
Episode Five = 4
Episode One = 5
Episode Six = 6

Thus, it appears all six episodes will now be shown, once a week, in the original (and correct) running order! :clap:

Also, I've found-out that the US hit series "Sleeper Cell" will now be airing in April 2006, on FX here in the UK! :clap: No dates have been set yet, but as soon as I know, I will post them!

Cheers! :)



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Excellent news, I'm a Kevin Smith fan and I've not seen these animations, anyone know if they're any good? But I suspect I'll be watching them regardless of feedback ;)


I don't know if it's going to be any good but the Paramount Comedy Channel will be airing new Pamela Anderson comedy "stacked" starting in the first couple of days of March.


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I haven't seen these but i'll try them


I must be the only person on this forum that bought the Clerks mini series then :eek:

I paid £17 for it from Play, I could have spent a few quid more and got a signed copy from Kevin Smith's website!

It's ok, the first one is excellent, but it goes down hill after that as they run out of plot ideas. I think they only showed episodes 1-4 before it got pulled. Don't know if the TV shows will include the Jay and Bob live action scenes that were made to go between the shows, that was probably just for the DVD.


The Dude


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Stacked is just plain awful. It is criminal calling it a Comedy show:lease: :lease:

On the other hand, Sleeper Cell is an excellent show. It will be interesting to know if they show it in the same format as they did in the States; the whole series over 15 days (I think it was 15), as that would really keep the tension up. It's along the lines of The Grid but far superior, IMO. Enjoy


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Clerks - only the first two episodes were aired in the USA. The other four have never been show on any US TV network station! :D

Sleeper Cell - It's almost certain that this show will air at the regular one episode per week, rather than each day for 15 days.



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Mindcrime said:
Stacked is just plain awful. It is criminal calling it a Comedy show:lease: :lease:

I quite liked it and no I am not a fan of big plastic boobs:)


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Good Evening, Everyone,

Well, I trust the recent snowfall has given you plenty of reasons to curl-up with your nearest-and-dearest, and turn on the TV. I apologise for the lateness in this month's TV update. However, I hope that this delay won't have caused too much bother to you. Alas, this month, there's no really major new shows to recommend, or scheduled to start. (Unlike the past two months, anyhow!) And, I'm sure those of you with Sky+ and DVD Recorders, are breathing a sigh of relief. As such, I will simply update this thread, as and when it's needed. I hope this is okay with you all. :) So, onwards and upwards…

SCHEDULE CHANGE – Third Watch fans please read!!
As you will know, the 1pm and 8pm transmissions of this excellent show, are cut for adult content (language, violence, explicit medical detail, etc). However, as we are now entering the start of Season 3, daytime viewers will find that many episodes are being cut or dropped completely. This is because these episodes contain too much material that is unsuitable for a pre-watershed transmission. Even with heavy censorship, not much of these particular episodes would remain. The only way to see ALL the episodes, uncut and uncensored, is to catch the 11pm transmissions. On several occasions, there will be double-bills: that is, two episodes, showing back-to-back, starting around 11pm, and finishing around 1am. All the episodes will be shown in the correct order, but some will NOT be shown at any other times of the day. Thus, please be aware of this, if you are watching or recording the series!

Kieslowski: The Cinema Lesson - 10:00-10:30pm
Acclaimed Polish director Krzystof Kieslowski gives an in-depth examination of his "Three Colours Trilogy" of films. Kieslowski goes behind the scenes of his Three Coloursi trilogy with interviews with producers, editor and stars including Julietter Binoche and selected scene commentaries. (Artsworld)

Saturday 4th March
M*A*S*H Weekend – Noon-3:20am
An entire two days devoted to the acclaimed and hilarious 1980's army comedy. Continues tomorrow, between Noon and 4am! (Paramount 2)

Third Watch Special – 5:00-7:00pm
Even if you aren't a fan of this show, you will probably enjoy this fascinating mix of documentary and drama. The cast from the show, offer their take on the events of September 11th, 2001, and how it affected them, their families, and the fictional series they all act in. Contains some distressing scenes. Highly recommended. (FX)

The Goodies: Winter Olympics – 7:10-7:40pm
With the recent Winter Olympics having just ended, here's a chance to see the classic 1973 pastiche of the event, courtesy of the Goodies. (BBC2)

The Buddha Of Suburbia – 9:00-9:55pm
First of a four-part drama, set in the 1970's and early ‘80's, about an Indian teenager trying to explore the sexual upheaval of London, and his own cultural and sexual identity. Controversial, but exceptional drama. Stars Naveen Andrews (Sayid from “Lost”). Contains strong language, sexual material, and deals with adult themes and issues that aren't suitable for unde-18's. Showing uncut, and in Widescreen. (Artsworld)

FILM: Murderball (15) – 9:30-10:55pm
This film only came out on UK DVD on Monday, and now, the BBC are airing it on national TV! :eek: Intriguing and fascinating documentary about the US and Canadian quadriplegic rugby teams, as they compete for the 2004 Olympics. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. Contains strong language and some scenes of sporting violence. (BBC4)

FILM: Ghost In The Shell (15) – 10:00-11:40pm
UK television premiere of this acclaimed Japanese animation, about a cyborg police officer who has to try to understand her place in the world, amongst humans and robots, in a futuristic Tokyo, as the evil “Puppet Master” tries to use the internet to commit multi-national terrorism. A blend of traditional hand-drawn and CGI animation. It's complex, but an exceptional example of the genre, that proves that animation can deal with intelligent plotlines and still be entertaining too. Contains some bad language and scenes of violence and nudity. Showing uncut, and in Widescreen, but (probably) with a dubbed English soundtrack. Also repeated on Tuesday night at 11:50pm. (ITV4)

FILM: Red Sonja (15) – 11:50pm-1:20am
Corny, silly, but enjoyably dumb fantasy film, about Conan the Barbarian and his sword-wielding friend, Sonja, who goes on the warpath to avenge her parents death. Arnold Schwazenegger takes on the role of Conan, and Brigitte Nielsen is Sonja. Contains some mild fantasy violence. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (BBC1)

Sunday 5th
The Jasper Carrott Show – 11:40pm-12:15am
See the hilarious Birmingham comedian, from his early days (circa 1980!) on ITV, when he was just starting his stand-up career. Despite the age of the show, it's still very funny. (ITV3)

The 78th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony – 12:05-5:00am approx
Live coverage of the Oscars ceremony, but only for those who subscribe to the Movie Channels on Sky. For everyone else, you'll have to watch highlights over the next couple of days, on Sky 1 (Monday, 10pm-Midnight) and/or E! (All day Monday). The BBC will not be showing any highlights, this year! :( Good Luck to Aardman Animations and Nick Park, as I want them to win some awards for the excellent “Wallace And Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit”! (Sky Movies 1)

Monday 6th
That 70's Show – 11:00-11:30am (repeated 7:30-8:00pm)
Start of Season 3 of the enjoyably silly US comedy series, airing each weekday at the same time. (Bravo)

Have I Got Old News For You – 10:00-10:30pm
It's a repeat episode, but a poignant one, as one of the guests is comedian Linda Smith, who died just a few days ago from Ovarian Cancer, at the young age of 48. If you watch it for no other reason than that… (BBC2)

FILM: L'age D'or (15) – 11:15pm-12:20am
Controversial 1930's French drama, that was initially banned around the world, for it's sensuality and violent content. Luis Bunuel directs and co-scripts with artist Salvador Dali. A surrealist masterpiece, similar in vein to “Le Chien Andalou” (aka “An Andalusian Dog”). Showing uncut, with English subtitles. (Artsworld)

Prison Break: Behind The Scenes – 11:00-11:40pm
Exclusive documentary about the cast, crew and creation of one of the best US dramas to hit UK screens this year. (Five)

Inside “The X-Files” – 3:50-4:45am
Late-night documentary about the hit US sci-fi show of the 1990's. (Sky 1)

Tuesday 7th
FILM: Three Colours: Blue (15) – 10:00-11:40pm
A month-long Krzysztof Kieslowski season of films and documentaries continues with one of his most famous and popular films, based around the colours of the French Tricolour flag. Juliette Binoche stars as a mother, who survives a car accident, only to find her life torn apart, to the point where nothing seems worthwhile anymore… until she meets a musician. In French with English subtitles. Showing uncut and uncensored, and in Widescreen. (Artsworld)

FILM: One Day In September (15) – 11:25pm-1:00am
Documentary about the terrorist attack on the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, where hostages were taken then killed in Munich, to prove a political point. Contains strong language, violent and disturbing scenes. Some subtitles. Showing uncut. (BBC4)

Fastlane – 1:00-1:50am
Repeat run of the US action series, starring Tiffani Amber Thieson (star of “Beverly Hills 90210”). All 23 episodes will be airing. However, times and days may vary, so please check your usual TV listings guide, for up-to-date scheduling information. (Sky 1)

Autopsy: Life And Death – 1:40-2:40am
Late-night repeat of the follow-up to last year's controversial documentary series about the human body. Dr Gunther Von Haagens returns, with this four-part series (showing each night, for the next four nights), looking at how life and death affect certain organs within our bodies. Tonight, diseases of the circulatory system. Further episodes cover: cancer, poisons, and lastly, the ageing process. Showing uncut and uncensored. Contains graphic medical footage, and material that will probably upset or offend. (Channel 4)

Wednesday 8th
NEW SERIES: Two And A Half Men – 6:30-7:00pm
Season 2 of the excellent US sitcom, with Charlie Sheen, starts tonight, and airs every weekday at the same time. Sheen plays Charlie, who lets his brother, and his brother's son come live with him, in his bachelor pad. But the family dynamics are upset, and Charlie finds his bachelor day's are soon numbered, with an impressionable eight year old around. Very funny, and fans of “Frasier” should enjoy this show too, as it has some very clever script-writing. (Five)

Dunblane: A Decade On – 8:00-9:00pm
An account of the horrifying events that took place in this small Scottish town, when Thomas Hamilton burst into a primary school and shot and killed 16 pupils and staff, as well as a look at how things have changed over the past ten years. Contains some distressing material. (Five)

FILM: Farscape: The Peace-Keeper Wars (12) – 9:00pm-Midnight
At long last, the thrilling conclusion to the cult sci-fi fantasy series, about a group of rebels fleeing from a bunch of alien warriors. The entire story is being shown in one, gigantic movie tonight, for the first time on terrestrial television. Showing uncut, and in Widescreen. Contains occasional scenes of violence, some adult material and mild bad language. (Five)

NEW: Starved! – 10;30-11:00pm
All-new adult US comedy, about a group of New Yorkers who meet-up on a regular basis, who all have one thing in common: each person suffers from an eating disorder of one kind or another. Dark humour abounds, in this controversial comedy series. Expect some adult material and some strong language too. (ITV4)

Childline: Someone You Can Talk To – 10:40-11:30pm
Documentary about “Childline”, and an exploration of the high's and lows of this now essential lifeline for abused and bullied youngsters, on the eve of its 20th anniversary. Contains some distressing material. (BBC1)

Third Watch – 11:0opm-1:00am
Uncut double bill, of Episodes “The Relay” and “Adam 55-3”. See note at the beginning of this update. Thanks.

Thursday 9th
Third Watch – 11:00pm-1:00am
Uncut double bill, of Episodes “He Said, She Said” and “Childhood Memories”. See note at the beginning of this update. Thanks.

Friday 10th
NEW: The West Wing – 9:00-10:00pm
The final season of this acclaimed US political drama, makes its UK debut tonight, with the first episode from Season 7. (More4)

My Name Is Earl – 9:30-10:30pm
Double-bill of the cult US comedy, means a slight change to the scheduling by Channel 4! Please be aware of this, if you plan on recording or watching this show. (Channel 4)

NEW: Law And Order – 10:00-11:00pm
All-new Season 12 gets its first terrestrial airing, and the police and the lawyers continue to battle against the criminal minds in New York. Tonight, a woman is savagely attacked by a pit-bull, but the dog escapes. It's down to the police to track down both the dog and its owner, before something worse happens. (Five)

FILM: Three Colours: White (15) – 10:00-11:30pm
The second movie in Kieslowski's stellar drama movie trilogy. Contain some bad language. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. English subtitles. (Artsworld)

FILM: Runaway Train (18) – 11:35pm-1:20am
Superb thriller, starring John Voight and Eric Roberts, as two prisoners who escape from an Alaskan maximum security prison, only to end-up choosing a train that has no driver, and no brakes! Rebecca DeMornay is the unfortunate railway staff member, who is forced to endure the journey with them. Contain strong language throughout, very violent scenes, and some graphic gore. Highly recommended! Showing uncut and uncensored, and in Widescreen. (BBC1)

And here ends this week's update! Plenty of cultural stuff. Lots of good movies, and just a few new US dramas to catch as well. Great for these cold winter nights! See you back here, soon. :)


Cynthia 7

Hi Pooch,

Many thanks for the March update, a lot of goodies there. I shall certainly see "The Runaway Train" as I missed half of that years ago. "Buddha of Suburbia" I missed a few of those. Since this is only in four parts are there more to follow or have a few episodes been amalgamated in each part? It seemed to go on for weeks when it first came out.

Artsworld is such a find. The Juliette Binoche film, L'Age D'or, etc. so many excellent films that were only to be found on Film Four previously. So much to see that's worthwhile, amongst some of the soap dross I watch!

It's good to have a cold weekend, we have a roaring coal and log fire, and lots to see on television. Our Sky+ is now working perfectly since we had the LNB looked at this week. I was blaming Sky but one of the cables had been scalped by the lawn mower and was taking in water. If the weather was fine it was o.k. My planner is packed with "Due South" but I am gradually working my way through them and enjoying them.

Have a happy weekend, and thank you.


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Goodies added to my planner:smashin:


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Hi Barbara,

Glad I could be of help to you! It's an excellent 4-part series, and I still have my old VHS recordings when they originally aired it on BBC2, way back in the 1990's! Very good mini-series too! :)



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Hi Pooch,

I can vaguely remember it, but faultily (if such a word) as I could have sworn Tim Roth was in it.

Hasn't Naveen Andrews got a lovely voice? Strange to see him in a school blazer! Been a bit absent in beginning of season 2 of Lost, but getting more screen time now.


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Hi Barbara,

Alas, Tim Roth isn't in this show. The complete cast list, is as follows:

Directed by
Roger Michell

Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
Hanif Kureishi also novel

Cast (in credits order)
Naveen Andrews .... Karim Amir
David Bamber .... Shadwell
Harish Patel .... Changez
Brenda Blethyn .... Margaret Amir
Nisha K. Nayar .... Jamila
Surendra Kochar .... Jeela
Badi Uzzaman .... Anwar
Janet Dale .... Auntie Jean
Jemma Redgrave .... Eleanor
Roshan Seth .... Haroon Amir
Shona Morris .... Shona
Donald Sumpter .... Matthew Pyke
Maureen Hibbert .... Tracey
Assam Mamodeally .... Allie Amir
Steven Mackintosh .... Charlie Kay
John McEnery .... Uncle Ted
Susan Fleetwood .... Eva Kay
Jason Watkins .... Terry
Henrietta Bass .... Carol
Tom Gregory .... The Fish
Vicky Murdock .... Helen
William Chubb .... Richard
Bob Wellings .... TV Interviewer
Amanda Root .... First TV Producer
Noriko Aida .... Shinko
Sarah Neville .... Marlene Pyke
Daniel Flynn .... Simon
Geoffrey Beevers .... Carl
Helen Blatch .... Pyke's Maid
David Bradley .... Helen's father
Abigail Canton .... Frankie
Joe Duttine .... Stage Manager (episode 3) (as Jo Duttine)
Susie Fairfax .... Script Editor
Kim Fenton .... John
Jane Galloway .... Journalist
Michael Gardiner .... Sean Brisby
Sally George .... Joanna
Max Gold .... Frank
Omar Gonga .... Baby Leila
Caroline Harding .... New York Interpreter
Shirley King .... Marianne
Syreeta Kumar .... First Night Gril
Richard Leaf .... Photographer
Moti Makan .... Funeral Mourner
Keith Osborn .... Boyd
Dariel Pertwee .... Louise
Martin Rayner .... Tony Bell
Mark Strong .... Second TV Producer
Julia Tarnoky .... Designer
Cathy White .... Jane

:eek: :eek:

Enjoy the show! :)



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thanks for the heads up on "one day in september"

having just seen munich this should be very interesting.



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Sorry, but I haven't got time at the moment to do a full update this week, but there's finally one show actually worth watching on ITV1! :eek: :clap: :eek:

Yes, tonight at 7pm-8pm, ITV1 are going to air a show that adults and children can watch and enjoy together, and that's actually not a repeat, nor does it involve any grade-Z celebs, prattling about on ice-skates trying to rejuvinate their careers! :rotfl:

"The Best Ever Muppet Moments" is basically a behind-the-scenes documentary and "best-of" show, all rolled into one, looking at the history of the show, the highs and lows of the creators, and why the Muppets have become worldwide cultural icons!

Highly recommended! :clap:



Am I blind or did you not mention Alias? I thought the 5th season was supposed to start on Bravo this month?:confused:


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magicmushrooms said:
Am I blind or did you not mention Alias? I thought the 5th season was supposed to start on Bravo this month?:confused:

March 26th I believe and LivingTV is showing season4 for some bizarre reason as well.


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Hi Everyone,

As you will have noticed over recent weeks, I've not been able to offer you my usual updates. This has mainly been down to sorting university work out. However, I've finally got the chance to go through next-week's listings for you, and I'm back to highlight some of the best (and worst) of what's coming-up on your TV screens, between now and the end of the month! :) I hope that this update includes plenty of stuff worth watching, as well as some interesting shows and movies that are airing on some of the less well known digital channels. Enjoy my update!

Universal TV (in the USA) has announced that the UK division of the Sci-Fi Channel, will soon be starting a +1 variant, on Sky. As per usual, the +1 channel will give viewers a second chance to see some of the best shows and movies that they may previously have had to miss or ignore, because of time-clashes. The +1 channel is likely to start transmitting in the next 6 weeks or so, on Sky EPG number 130, and has been tentatively scheduled for launch on 5th April 2006!

Viewers of The Hallmark Channel may have noted the new channel idents, that are being used instead of the traditional “crown” symbol. This is part of a revamp for the station, and to help the channel improve its image. Hallmark will also be branching out, by offering viewers a second Hallmark Channel, which will start broadcasting later in the year. It's not going to be a +1 variant, but will give fans of the channel a chance to see some of Hallmark's older programming, as well as chances to see newer material and films, at different times to the main channel's schedule. One of the highlights will be the chance to see new programme acquisitions, like “The Shield” (Season 1 onwards), and the latest seasons of Hallmark favourites like “House”, “Law And Order: Special Victims Unit”, “MacLeods Daughters” and “Gilmore Girls”.

Horror fans will enjoy this piece of news: “Redemption TV” has now been on air just over six weeks now. Launched with limited fanfare, it is being transmitted as a block on The Musicians Channel (Sky EPG number 368), each day between 10pm and 5am. Although most of the programming on Redemption is about heavy metal, goth and thrash metal music, the channel has recently been showing films that have either been previously cut or banned in the UK. The films now tend to air between 1:15am and 3:00am. In recent weeks, there have been uncut versions of “Slumber Party Massacre” and “Slumber Party Massacre 2”, a Jean Rollin season (including films that have never been released in the UK), and some historical treasures from Britain in the 1960's and 70's, including the documentary film about witchcraft in Britain, “Legend Of The Witches”. What makes this channel better than the Horror Channel, is that all films are shown completely uncensored, in digitally-remastered prints, with proper widescreen ratios (including 2.35:1 Cinemascope formatted prints)! The added bonus, is that the films are also shown uninterrupted, with subtitled (rather than dubbed) prints where appropriate, and some film transmissions have no on-screen DOG's. On top of all this, there are no crushed credits, or voiceover's to spoil the mood! :clap: In fact, if you're a movie fan, this is a channel that is leading the way! Alas, it's almost impossible to predict or note what will air, anything more than a few days in advance. As such, you should keep an eye on your Sky EPG for the latest channel schedules. One of the highlights for the next few days, includes the 1980 splatter movie classic, “Don't Answer The Phone” (previously listed as a Video Nasty in the UK)! This channel is definitely worth checking out, if you like weird and wonderful movies! Wherever possible, I'll try to note any worthwhile programming, in my updates, if I get enough advanced warning. I should also point out that almost every movie is scheduled to start at odd times (e.g. 1:26am, 1:32am, etc, etc). In my listings, I've rounded the times up, to the nearest five minutes. So a movie scheduled to start at 1:32am, I've listed as starting at 1:30am. However, please note that Redemption's times are susceptible to starting way off schedule. As such, you ma prefer to set any recordings to start at 1:20am, and end two hours later! That way, you will be certain to catch the entire film, if a previous programme over-runs, or they start the movie early! :thumbsup:

On with the update! :clap:

Saturday 18th March
NEW: Dekalogue (aka “The 10 Commandments”) – 11:35pm-1:30am
Krzysztof Kieslowski's incredible adaption of the 10 Commandments, are portrayed through the people who live in a Warsaw tenement block. Each of the films takes one of the commandments, and then forms an offbeat story utilising the people who strive to get by through their daily lives. Characters appear and disappear, from one story to the next, and what you see is not always what you think. Never patronising or condescending, each of the hour-long dramatic films deal with their themes in a clever and insightful way. All ten films are showing, at various times and days, over the next three weeks, in their original and uncut “15” certificate versions! Tonight we see stories one and two. Highly recommended for film and drama fans, as well as those who loved Kieslowski's “Three Colours” films! Showing uncut, in Polish with English subtitles. **Also see Tuesday night's showing of “A Short Film About Killing”, and Friday night's showing of “A Short Film About Love”. ** (BBC4)

Sunday 19th
Planet Of The Apes – 6:00-7:00pm
This is the short-lived US TV series from the 1970's, spun-off from the original five-movies of the same name. Rarely seen in the UK, this is only its second screening in approximately 15 years! Two US astronauts crash-land on a planet, only to find the inhabitants are apes who demonstrate some shocking behaviour, including very human capabilities like speech and thought! Not as bad as many claim, and seeing as the show only lasted 14 episodes, it's worth watching once, just for the premise. Intelligent sci-fi viewing! (ITV4)

NEW: Everybody Hates Chris – 8:00-9:00pm
The start of the controversial new US comedy, based on US comedian Chris Rock's childhood. Although autobiographical in nature, the show has won critical acclaim from some of the biggest and most respected critics, including “Time” magazine! Tonight, sees the first two episodes. (Five)

FILM: Crash (18) – 10:00pm-Midnight
David Cronenberg's controversial drama, that caught the wrath of the Daily Mail, for being dangerous and harmful to its adult audience! :rolleyes: When a TV producer, (James Spader), narrowly escapes death in a car accident, he finds himself drawn into the hidden world of a group of fetishists, (led by Elias Koteas, Holly Hunter and Debra Kara Unger), who find sexual pleasure from staging deliberate automobile crashes. Despite the heavy criticism, this is a film that is assuredly just for adults. You may not enjoy the film's subject matter, but if you let yourself go with the characters, it has a certain pertinence to it, that makes for interesting discussion about the links between pain and pleasure. Highly emotive, but best seen by open-minded folks, and not what many could really call “dangerous”! The film is disturbing, but it is still one of Cronenberg's most restrained works! Contains strong language, distressing scenes and sexual material that is for adults only. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (ITV4)

South Park –1:05-1:40am
I'm recommending this episode, because it is one of a very few that was originally deemed too explicit to be broadcast on UK TV at all. Time has not made the content any less shocking! :lesson: This is the fifth episode from Season 4, entitled “Cartman Joins NAMBLA”! Now, for those who don't know, NAMBLA is a real-life US organisation, which is rarely heard of outside of the USA. However, it's the essence of who NAMBLA are, and what its members do, that causes many people to be offended by this particular episode. I can't go into too much detail, and once you've seen the episode you'll understand why. Contains strong language, sexual scenes and material of a very, very adult nature that will undoubtedly offend, (even by normal South Park standards)! Be advised! :lesson: (Paramount Comedy Channel)

FILM: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things (18) – 1:25-3:0am
Late night showing of the full and uncut version of the 1972 dark comedy horror movie, by director Bob Clark and Alan Ormsby. Four friends decide to dig-up a corpse from the local graveyard, in order to perform a satanic ritual. But things go horribly wrong, when their ritual starts bringing the dead back to life, in all their decomposing glory! Contains gore, violence and scenes some viewers may find disturbing. Showing uncut. (Redemption TV)

Monday 20th
NEW: Little Shopping Horrors! – 8:00-9:00pm
Three-part documentary exploring “pester-power”. Why do kids always desire the latest toys, clothing, food or gadgets? Is it the fault of the media? Is advertising to blame? Or do kids instinctively know how to get what they want from their parents? Rachel Morris investigates. Tonight, we look at video and computer games. Tomorrow (episode two) deals with brand names, and on Wednesday, (in episode three), the show looks at how to take control of your child's retailing habits and desires! (BBC3)

NEW: American Chopper – 9:00-11:00pm
Double-bill of the new series of the popular father-and-son team who custom-build motorcycles, of all kinds. Repeated tonight at 2:00am. (Discovery Channel)

Comedy Connections – 10:35-11:15pm
Documentary about a comedy show that the BBC turned down, claiming it would never work. The show? “Drop The Dead Donkey” (BBC1)

Green Wing – 11:05pm-12:10am
Daring and genuinely innovative series that broke all the rules of how a “sitcom” should be produced. Meet Dr Caroline Todd – the newest member of a local NHS hospital. She's sweet, well-meaning, and a good worker. The same cannot be said, about the rest of her colleagues! And the management, are worse still! Will she ever make it through her first shift, intact? This is a repeat run of all nine episodes that make-up Series 1 (airing at the same time, each weeknight, over this week and next!) If you haven't seen it, I'd recommend it, but don't expect to find the usual features of many other British comedy shows. There are no signposts towards the jokes. There's no canned laughter. And the show veers dramatically between outright satire, toilet humour, and genuinely moving drama, sometimes in a matter of minutes. Original and the kind of show that improves with repeated viewings. Contains some strong language. Series 2, starts on Friday 31st March. (Channel 4)

FILM: Fire Maidens From Outer Space (18) – 1:30-3:00am
Dodgy sci-fi horror about a team of astronauts landing on one of the moons of Jupiter, only to find it populated by alien women, who are looking for men to procreate with. Bad acting, bad plotlines, bad jokes – but all done in the best (worst) of cult B-movie standards! Contains sexual material. (Redemption TV)

NEW: The Hoop Life – 1:50-3;40am
Brand new US drama series, based on the documentary “Hoop Dreams”, about the personal and professional lives of basketball players young and old. Tonight, it's the feature-length Pilot Episode. Continues each night, at approximately the same time. (Sky 1)

Tuesday 21st
SCHEDULE CHANGE: Battlestar Galactica - 8;00-10:00pm
Please note: “BSG” starts one hour earlier than usual, (as stated above), as Sky 1 is airing both parts of a two-part story, back-to-back! This also applies to any repeat screenings on Sky 1 and 2, throughout the next week!

Whistleblower – 9:00-10:00pm
Another in the award-winning BBC documentary series. The “Whistleblower” teams have looked into the horrific side of football hooliganism; investigated corrupt traffic wardens in London, and recorded institutional racism in the recruiting of new recruits to the Metropolitan Police. This time around, two undercover BBC journalists infiltrate the hidden world of British estate agents and property managers, and discover how many of them will happily scam ordinary house-buyers and tenants, in any and every way possible, in order to make extra money… even at your expense. Contains very strong language throughout. (BBC1)

FILM: A Short Film About Killing (18) – 10:00-11:30pm
When Kieslowski made “Dekalogue”, he was forced to edit two of the stories down, due to time-constraints. These two stories were frequently cited as being the best out of the entire ten. So Kieslowski re-expanded the stories to their original length, and they were released as separate movies. This is the expanded version of “Dekalogue 5”. When a young Polish man kills a taxi-driver, to escape paying a fare, little does he realise that he will soon be facing his own death by the State. A bleak and shocking drama about the merits and problems of the death penalty. Contains disturbing and violent scenes. In Polish, with English subtitles. (Artsworld)

The Storm Of The Century – 11:35pm-1:35am
First in a three-part repeat of the enjoyably creepy Stephen King story, written specifically for TV. When a strange man comes to a local town, and brutally murders an old lady, the townsfolk are shocked to the core. The man keeps repeating a cryptic clue: “Give me what I want, and I'll go away”. The only problem is, no one knows what it is he wants. It's left to the local sheriff (Tim Daly) to sort out the mess, and stop the man from committing any more murders. Contains occasional scenes of violence, and brief gore. Showing each Tuesday night, for the next three weeks. (Sci-Fi Channel)

FILM: Death Machines (18) – 1:20-3:00am
Another classically bad B-movie, from the Redemption team! An oriental dragon lady injects three martial arts fighters, with a secret serum, that turns them all into zombified-assassins. Trashy exploitation film, of a “so-bad, it's good” variety! Contains violence, gore, and bad language. (Redemption TV)

Wednesday 22nd
NEW: Clerks: The Animated Series – 10:30-11:00pm
After last week's botched scheduling (which saw the first episode air over two-hours later than scheduled, due to live football coverage), I hope that ITV4 won't be bumping this second episode from its designated timeslot. This is the animated version of the Kevin Smith comedy movie of the same name, and voiced by the same actors too. :clap: Dante, Randall, Silent Bob, and the gang are back, causing mayhem and madness in the video store, and the grocery shop, making every customer's life a living hell, as they desperately try to stave off boredom. Not as hilarious as the movie, but still worth watching. This was the only other episode to air in the USA. The remaining four were pulled, and never shown. Thankfully, ITV4 will be airing all six episodes! :) Contains some adult material. (ITV4)

Sci-Fi Horror Movie Double Bill (18) – 10:00pm-1:50am
Fancy a double dose of horror, taking you from one extreme to the other? Well, if you do, these two classics should do the job. The night starts off with “The Serpent And The Rainbow”, an unbearably disturbing horror film, based on a real-life story. When anthropologist Wade Williams travelled from the USA to Haiti, to discover how the local population were utilising voodoo, he never knew just how badly he would value his own life! The Haitian's were using voodoo to bring the dead back to life. If Williams was able to harness the spells and plants they were using for the scientific community back home, he would become world famous. But some secrets are meant to be taken to the grave – quite literally! Wes Craven, directs this genre-busting film, and turned a low-budget horror movie, into a jaw-dropping nightmare! Bill Pullman plays Wade Williams, and Cathy Price, the young lady who tries to ward him off of abusing a tradition that the locals do not want to see leave their local population. If you like your horror served-up ice-cold, then you will relish this movie! Probably Craven's finest movie ever made. Showing uncut. Contains graphic violence, sexual scenes, and disturbing material that viewers may find disturbing! Watch out for actor Zakes Mokae as the Haitian town-leader, who is willing to go to any lengths to stop Williams from discovering the secret, and puts a ten-inch nail to an interesting and deadly use! (Sci-Fi Channel)
Following on from that, at 11:50pm, there is the New Zealand horror comedy gorefest, “Braindead”, from Peter Jackson – the man behind “King Kong” and “Lord Of The Rings”. When a Sumatran monkey bites a scientist, he is forced to flee home. However, the bite turns nasty, and soon transforms him into a vicious killer, carrying an infectious plague, that could potentially kill everyone the scientist comes into contact with. At the time of release, this was the goriest and sickest film the BBFC let through uncut, with an “18” certificate. When you start to view it, you'll soon see why it's considered to be so sick! Thankfully, the gore is underplayed with a lot of sensational humour, which stops the film from being overly horrific. But if you stick it out, even the strongest of stomachs might be tested by the jaw-droppingly nasty “finale” involving a lawnmower massacre! Showing uncut. Contains unrelenting gory and graphic violence, strong language, and some sexual material too. (Sci-Fi Channel)

Thursday 23rd
Killer Instinct – 9:00-10:00pm
After ending just last week, here's the start of a complete re-run of the okay US crime drama, starring Johnny Messner and Kristin Lehman, as two police detectives who deal with deviant crimes. The show started off well, with a brilliantly edgy Pilot Episode (showing tonight), but it soon became very similar to many other US crime shows, like “The Inside”, “Law And Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Wanted”, just without their uniqueness. This show was cancelled after just 13 episodes. Showing uncut, and in Widescreen. Contains some adult material and scenes some viewers may find disturbing. (Five)

NEW: Stacked – 9:00-10:00pm
Brand new US comedy, starring ex-Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson. She plays Skyler, the ditzy, but well-meaning manageress of a local bookstore, who longs to get back to being the party animal she used to be. However, her choice is hampered, because of her career. The first two episodes air tonight. (Paramount Comedy Channel)

Angel – 11:00pm-Midnight
For terrestrial viewers who have only seen Seasons 1-4, here's the chance to catch all of Season 5, uncut and uncensored, courtesy of Sky One. :clap: Angel's back, and is now the head of Wolfram And Heart, but begins to receive unusual post. Soon after, a very specific woman comes to visit him. Are the two linked? Showing on different days, and at various times. Please check your usual listings guide, for further scheduling details. :) (Sky 1)

FILM: Don't Look In The Basement! (18) – 1:30-3:00am
Previously banned in the UK, at the height of the Video Nasty scandal, in the early 1980's, here's your first chance to see what the BBFC still won't let you see! An asylum finds itself with a new female doctor on hand, but as a patient, not as a staff member. As she begins her recovery, after a murder she witnessed, the other patients begin to viciously torment and attack here. Was the murder connected with the patients? Contains graphic violence, gore, scenes of a sexual nature, and some strong language. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (Redemption TV)

Friday 24th
FILM: A Short Film About Love (15) – 10:00-11:30pm
When Kieslowski made “Dekalogue”, he was forced to edit two of the stories down, due to time-constraints. These two stories were frequently cited as being the best out of the entire ten. So Kieslowski re-expanded the stories to their original length, and they were released as separate movies. This is the expanded version of “Dekalogue 6”. The highs and lows of unrequited love, as experienced by two single people, living in the Polish tenement block, that “Dekalogue” is set in. In Polish, with English subtitles. (Artsworld)

And so, at last, we reach the end of a long and detailed update, but one that I hope wil prove of worth!



PoochJD said:
Hi Everyone,

Following on from that, at 11:50pm, there is the New Zealand horror comedy gorefest, “Braindead”, from Peter Jackson – the man behind “King Kong” and “Lord Of The Rings”. When a Sumatran monkey bites a scientist, he is forced to flee home. However, the bite turns nasty, and soon transforms him into a vicious killer, carrying an infectious plague, that could potentially kill everyone the scientist comes into contact with. At the time of release, this was the goriest and sickest film the BBFC let through uncut, with an “18” certificate. When you start to view it, you’ll soon see why it’s considered to be so sick! Thankfully, the gore is underplayed with a lot of sensational humour, which stops the film from being overly horrific. But if you stick it out, even the strongest of stomachs might be tested by the jaw-droppingly nasty “finale” involving a lawnmower massacre! Showing uncut. Contains unrelenting gory and graphic violence, strong language, and some sexual material too. (Sci-Fi Channel)

excellent !

Cynthia 7

Many belated thanks Pooch for the update.

It's so useful that Sci-Fi channel now has a +1 channel too.

Good news about the Redemption channel on 368. Some horror classics there and I have already set the planner to record "Don't Answer the Phone" on the 31st of this month. I've yet to see that film.

I'm glad you mentioned "Storm of the Century". It's one of my favourite films but I always seem to miss part of it. It has such atmosphere somehow, and I feel I'm taking part in it (I would hate that!) good to watch though.

I only saw your post after "The Ten Commandments" had been screened, unfortunately. I must keep an eye out for that in case it's repeated.

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