New TV Viewing For June/July 2006!


PoochJD said:
- Big Brother TV(from Channel 4, an additional subscription channel)

You have got to be kidding me - a whole channel dedicated to big brother - and you have to pay to get it.

On second thoughts - maybe they will put the whole thing on the pay channel and all us normal people wont have to be subjected to the "show" (and I use the term loosley) at all


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Good Afternoon, Everyone!

How are you all?! I hope everyone’s been able to cope with the extremely hot weather we’ve experienced over the past week or so, and that no one’s had to endure the nasty combination of sunburn and Calamine Lotion! :D

Well, this TV Update is the final one for the month of July, and also the final one for the time being. :( The next major, proper TV Update will be appearing on the AV Forums website, late in August or early in September 2006, and will include details of what to look forward too as we head into the Autumn, and the new TV schedules start to make an appearance. :clap: You may (or may not) be glad to know, that I won’t be disappearing on you all for the entire duration of the summer. I will continue to post information on new shows as well as any pertinent TV news that may be worth sharing.

But for now, I’m going to take a long and much-needed break from these fortnightly updates, and just relax for a bit. I’m currently working on something important, that may come to fruition in September, which is important to my education/career, so I kind of need to devote some time to that. Plus, my PC’s keyboard could do with taking a rest from typing all this stuff up, each fortnight. :D

More to the point, I need to take time-off from the updates. Heck, if I’m really lucky, I may even try and catch-up on some of the stuff I’ve recommended, and recorded to you folks, for myself! For now, though, take care, and I’ll see you all back here, in a few weeks time.

Saturday 22nd
Star Trek: The Next Generation – 1:50-2:35pm
Season 1 episode, that caused a lot of controversy, for its distinct lack of political correctness, even in 1987. “Code Of Honor” deals with Lieutenant Commander Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby) as she is forced into a life-or-death scenario, when she has to take part in a dangerous duel. Worth watching, even if you aren’t a Star Trek fan, purely for the controversial nature of the episode. (BBC2)

FILM: Clockwise (PG) – 2:10-4:00pm
Dated but delightfully sly comedy with John Cleese as headmaster Brian Stimpson. Stimpson’s life is ruled by punctuality, and that of others. But when a miscommunication causes him to miss a train heading to the University Of Norwich for an important meeting, his life turns into a complete mess, not withstanding accepting a ride from a female pupil, a lie with his wife, and a bunch of slightly dotty old women, who also take their toll on his exceptionally bad day. Cleese practically repeats his Basil Fawlty role here, but it’s just distinct enough to win viewers over, and not require too many negative comparisons. Alison Steadman, Penelope Wilton and a whole host of British bit-part actors co-star, in this funny afternoon film, that’s worth acquainting yourself with. Contains occasional minor bad language, and some mild scenes of drug usage. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. Highly Recommended. (ITV1)

NEW: Prehistoric Park – 6:50-7:50pm
Never let it be said, that ITV isn’t a producer of original and innovative British television! :rotfl: So here’s their new, primetime, CGI-infested documentary series about the life of dinosaurs, narrated by David Jason! :rolleyes: Only watch, if you have too. Otherwise, rent or buy the BBC’s superior version from about 10 years ago, “Walking With Dinosaurs”. A shameless cash-in and rip-off! Avoid! (ITV1)

NCIS Double-bill – 7:05-9:05pm
Please note the earlier than usual starting time! Episodes 17 and 18 of Season 1 are airing back-to-back tonight, continuing on from last-week’s storyline, as the hunt for the Russian hostage-taker intensifies. (Five)

NEW: The L Word – 10:00-11:00pm
All-new Season 3 episodes of this intelligent, funny and occasionally acidic US drama about a group of gay women. Despite the subject, it’s not as sleazy or crass as people seem to think it is, and if you enjoy intelligent but frank adult drama, then this is worth watching. Contains some scenes of a provocative and occasionally sexually-explicit nature. I wish Five or the BBC would buy the terrestrial rights to this show! (LivingTV)

50 Films To See Before You Die – 10:05pm-1:20am
Prior to the relaunch of “Film4” tomorrow evening, Channel 4 offers-up another countdown-style TV show, listing 50 must-see films. This sounds quite good, but when the contributors to this show are of the likes of Karen Krizanovich (agony aunt for sex problems), Jason Solomon (tabloid newspaper hack), and Channel 4 executive Tessa Ross and C4 director Menhaj Huda, you have to wonder if this isn’t simply three-and-a-quarter-hours of primetime advertising?! Contains strong language, violent and sexual material, hence the post-10pm timeslot. (Channel 4)

FILM: Tromeo And Juliet (18) – 12:50-2:50am
Late-night showing of this cult classic re-interpretation of the famous Shakespeare movie, courtesy of US independent schlock-horror film company, Troma Movies! Ever wondered what the Bard’s romantic opus might look like, if it was modernised, and lots of sex and violence was added?! Well, here’s the result, and it’s pretty damn funny, if you don’t mind seeing some very, very bad acting, and corny jokes left, right and centre. Contains strong language, violence, sex and other adult material. Showing uncut. (Zone Horror – the new name for The Horror Channel!)

Sunday 23rd
NEW: Smallville – 3:20-4:20pm
For terrestrial fans, here’s the long delayed start of Season 4, from 2004. Expect plenty of cuts to render the show suitable for the young ‘un’s, and DOG’s ahoy! (Channel 4)

NEW: Miami Vice – 6:00-7:00pm
If you never caught the original BBC transmissions from the mid-1980’s, or the old Granada Men And Motors repeats, here’s a chance to catch this enjoyable action drama starring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas as detectives Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs. Tonight is the first half of the Pilot Episode Movie “Brother’s Keeper”, as Crockett and Tubbs go in search of a drugs baron, who manages to constantly evade their capture. Hopefully, the series will be shown uncut, despite the early-evening time-slot, and the fact that the BBFC still certificated several Season 1 episodes as “18”, and thus suitable for adults only! Alternatively, let’s hope that ITV air the more adult episodes, later at night instead, where they can be shown uncut. An interesting and provocative addition to Sunday evening TV scheduling, especially as its up against the BBC’s “Songs Of Praise”! :eek: (ITV4)

How I Met Your Mother – 7:35-8:00pm
Return of the US comedy, that’s much better than anticipated, after its rest whilst the World Cup was on. (BBC2)

NEW: The Hades Factor – 9:00-10:00pm
First of a four-part US mini-series, based on the Robert Ludlum bestselling novel. Stephen Dorff and Mira Sorvino star, as a medical investigation team investigate the spread of a vicious new mystery virus, that has started to kill-off parts of the US population, in a rather unpleasant way. Anjelica Huston and Sophia Myles co-star. Episodes can be seen each Sunday, until the end of next month. Contains some occasional scenes that viewers may find uncomforting. Showing uncut and in Widescreen, and in Hi-Def! (Sky 1)

NEW: Film4 Relaunch Night – 9:00pm onwards
Tonight sees the start of the relaunch of Film4. From tonight, all film fans can see the channel’s ouput, free-of-charge, irrespective of whether you have Sky, cable or Freeview. (Your digibox may need to be retuned, to locate the Film4 channels, if you have Freeview!) For the first evening’s output, we get “Lost In Translation” (15), followed by “Sexy Beast” (18) and then “Infernal Affairs” (15). I’ve already posted the first few days schedules, a few posts above this one. Not the best of schedules by any means, but hopefully this will improve. Film4 will transmit each day from 3pm, to 3am. Films will hopefully be shown in their correct Widescreen ratios, and uncut. But, this won’t always be the case… After all, this is Channel 4 we’re talking about: a channel whose middle name should be “incompetence”, in my opinion, because of their poor track record. Oh, and films will have ad-breaks in them, and will probably be DOG’d as well. Let’s just hope that care has been taken, to present the films in their best possible prints, otherwise there’ll be a lot of angry movie fans contacting Channel 4 tomorrow morning! :rotfl: On a side-note, according to OFCOM’s own guidelines, there are not supposed to be adverts any more frequently than every 40-45 minutes! Let’s see how long it takes for this rule to be broken! (Film4)

FILM: Brazil (15) – 10:00pm-12:15am
This is the 132-minute, original US version, with the darker but more impressive ending, that US audiences didn’t get on its initial release! Jonathan Pryce, Kim Greist, Robert DeNiro and a whole load of all-star cast members bring to life Terry Giliams innovative sci-fi fantasy movie, about one man’s attempt to break free from the incompetent state of bureaucracy that surrounds him, but finds himself falling foul of the very same system he loathes so much. At turns provocative, hilarious, very dark, but always insightful. Contains some bad language, and occasional scenes that might be distasteful. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (BBC4)

FILM: Amelie (15) – 10:40pm-12:55am
Award-winning French romantic comedy about a young lady whose only aim in life is to make others happy, but seeks only one thing for herself - love. Personally speaking, I didn’t think that highly of this film, but the evocative music score by Yann Tiernan is spellbinding. Definitely a film that you’ll either love or loathe. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. In French, with English subtitles. (More4)

Monday 24th
Martial Law – 8:00-9:00pm
Returns from its temporary hiatus, to Monday nights. Late night repeat, tonight at around 2:30am. (ITV4)

NEW: Courting Alex – 9:00-10:05pm
First two episodes of a new, but short-lived US comedy starring Jenna Elfman, as Alex, a lawyer trying to find love, and survive her job. Very similar to “Ally McBeal”, but with more emphasis on comedy, than drama. Sadly, after just 6 episodes airing in the USA, and with 13 episodes made in total, it looks like the show has been cancelled. (Paramount Comedy Channel)

FILM: Trains, Planes And Automobiles (15) – 10:00-11:55pm
Very funny and poignant comedy about one man’s desperate attempt to make it back home to his family and loved-ones, for the Thanksgiving holiday. When an advertising executive (Steve Martin) finds his journey home being hindered, he meets an annoying but misunderstood shower curtain ring salesman (John Candy). The two are forced together, in a set of highly unlikely, but deeply hysterical scenarios, that tests the limits of human endurance. One of the finest films from director John Hughes, better known for teen-comedies like “16 Candles”, “Weird Science” and “The Breakfast Club”. Very profane at times, but a really great movie that everyone should see at least once in their life. Contains some strong language. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (Sky 1)

FILM: Swamp Thing (15) – 10:00-11:50pm
1985 horror fantasy, based on the acclaimed DC Comics creation, and directed by Wes Craven. When a scientist creates a serum that turns him into a half human/half plant hybrid, he finds his existence turns into a nightmare, as society shuns him. An interesting, if flawed, camp classic, starring Louis Jordan, Ray Wise and Adrienne Barbeau. Contains some minor violence and gore, and some bad language. (Sci-Fi Channel)

Yes, it’s true, I’m afraid. More4 are making viewers wait, to see the last ever Season on UK TV. :mad: As such, there are no episodes of “NYPD Blue” currently scheduled. As soon as I now when the series returns, I’ll make an announcement on the AV Forums.

The Closer – 11:10pm-12:15am
Replacing “NYPD Blue”, is another chance to catch all of Season 1 of this interesting US crime drama, starring Kyra Sedgwick. The Pilot Episode, showing tonight, isn’t great, but if you stick with the series, by around Episode 4, it really starts to hit its stride! Showing Monday-through-Thursday for the next 3 weeks, at approximately the same time each night. Repeated at around 2:00am. (More4)

French Beauty – 11:20pm-12:30am
Documentary about why cinemagoers around the world, have become so entranced by French actresses, in the past 50-60 years. Interviews with Jeanne Moreau, Anouk Amie, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuvre, Sophie Marceau and many, many more, discuss how the public see them, and how they see themselves, as well as why they feel they should (or shouldn’t) be put on the proverbial pedestal. Contains occasional scenes of nudity and some strong language. (BBC2)

I’ll Do Anything To Get On TV! – 11:45pm-1:45am
Understandable late-night time-slot for this extremely controversial documentary looking at how far the British (and American) public are willing to go, in order to have their 15 minutes of fame. Just how far is acceptable, to get your face on national television, and is there any stage where the limits of what you do become unacceptable? Interviews from ex-Big Brother housemates, psychologists, TV professionals and people who have done some very weird things indeed, as well as clips from shows past and present, including “The Word”, and many others. Expect very strong language throughout, and scenes of an explicit adult nature, that are highly likely to cause offence. Be warned – this is not for the easily offended! (Channel 4 – who else!)

NEW: Seesaw – 12:00-1:00am
Late-night showing of a new series. No details I’m afraid, about the cast or the show’s theme, and it certainly seems an odd time-slot, but it seems to be some kind of crime drama or mini-series. Sorry, but I’ve got no other info. :( Repeated the same night at 3am. Continues next Monday night. (Hallmark)

Tuesday 25th
7th Heaven – 11:00am-12:00pm
Repeat run of Season 1 (I think), of the US comedy drama. Episodes repeated each day at 6:00pm. (Hallmark)

Wednesday 26th
NEW: Shiny Shiny Bright New Hole In My Heart – 9:00-10:15pm
One-off drama set around modern-day Manchester, about a compulsive shopper, the people she comes into contact with in her job, and how her addiction starts to screw-up her life. Ignore the dubious title, but enjoy a well-crafted drama looking at something most of us would never dare to admit too. Daniela Nardini, Steven Mackintosh and Sally Hawkins star. Contains some bad language. (BBC2)

Mysterious Island – 9:00pm-12:40am
Complete US mini-series based on the famous novel by Jules Verne, with Patrick Stewart and Kyle Maclachlan. Not the greatest version of the story, with some very wooden dialogue, but it’s fun if you’ve got nothing better to do this evening, and want something to divert your attention from the washing-up. Gabrielle Anwar, Omar Gooding and Vinnie Jones co-star. (Sky 1)

Insect Movie Night – 9:00pm-4:40am
If insects, bugs and all-things creepy crawly make you squirm, then you may wish to avoid Zone Horror tonight. At 9:00pm, the ropey B-movie attack classic “The Bees” (15) airs. At 10:55pm, “Ticks” (18), starts to turn things a little bit sinister and more gory, as people suddenly begin to develop violent allergic reactions to a new species of lice! At 12:50am, “Leeches” (18) slithers onto the screens, in a grim and bloody manner, followed last of all at 2:45am by “Slugs”, loosely based on the Dean R Koontz horror novel of the same name. Each film is being shown uncut, and other than “The Bees”, each contains scenes of strong gore, violence and strong language. (Zone Horror)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer – 4:00-5:10am
One of the finest hours of TV drama ever written, gets a late-night and uncut repeat. Season 6’s “Once More, With Feeling” has the Scooby Gang cursed, forcing them to express their thoughts, fears and feelings, but only through music. It’s exceptionally well done, and even if you’ve never seen the show before, it’s still a great episode that can be enjoyed on its own. Showing uncut, and in the original Widescreen format. One note of warning, however: the episode does contain material and themes that are unsuitable for children and younger teenagers. If you’ve got very young children who like getting up early and watching Sky 1, you may want to be careful about them accidentally viewing this, as there are lyrics and scenes that are wholly inappropriate and unsuitable for them! (Sky 1)

Thursday 27th
Thunderbirds – 10:00-10:50am
The 1960’s Gerry Anderson puppet adventure series, returns once more to BBC2, for another complete run of all their adventures. For adults, wallow in nostalgia of your long-gone childhood, and enjoy the naff dialogue, silly plot-lines, set alongside some of the most enjoyable puppet animation and special effects that still stand the test of time. For children, sit back and watch one of the greatest kids shows of all time, and revel in what your parents watched when they were your age, that didn’t need lots of silly Drum N Bass music, no CGI-effects, or crass toy tie-ins, to keep you entertained. This was childrens’ TV as it should be: intelligent, entertaining, but above all, damn good fun! Episodes will air various days of the week, (Mondays though Fridays only), at roughly the same time, but please check your usual listings guide for specific details. (BBC2)

NEW: Mythbusters – 7:30-8:00pm
We’ve all heard various stories and tales: things like a can of cola will be able to completely rot an entire human tooth, in just 24 hours; or that eating carrots will make your eyesight better. But which are genuine, and which are old tales dreamed-up by parents, to force children to listen to us? This show attempts to solve these tales, and discover which are genuine, and which are complete balderdash. This is episode one of 16, in which the two presenters examine whether a coin dropped from a tall building really could kill someone as it nears the ground, and if running or walking through a rainstorm will keep you driest. (BBC2)

FILM: They Live (18) – 10:00-11:50pm
Great sci-fi horror comedy, courtesy of John Carpenter! When aliens seemingly integrate themselves into our society, and also look like us, one man soon discovers that a set of sunglasses gives them a whole new, and very nasty, look! A clever and inventive satire about alienation, society and advertising, with one of the longest, funniest but most futile fight sequences ever included. Some great dialogue too. Very funny, and great fun if you like your sci-fi movies with darkly satirical overtones. Roddy Piper stars. Contains some scenes of gore, and strong language. Highly Recommended. (Sci-Fi Channel)

FILM: The Toxic Avenger (18) – 12:50-2:45am
The uncut, uncensored US theatrical cut of this wonderfully outrageous horror comedy. When a nerdy swimming pool attendant, called Melvin, is bullied and harassed by a gang of thugs, he ends up in a vat of toxic nuclear waste! Melvin transforms from a weakling into New Jersey superhero The Toxic Avenger, who aims to help out the little people in Tromaville. The film is silly beyond belief, but there’re some great scenes – providing you have a sick mind like me! ;) Famously known, because so much had to be cut before it was classified as an “18” by the BBFC in the mid-1980’s. Now you can see the full version, including the 12 or 13 minutes that were deemed too extreme and too offensive for UK filmgoers. I should warn you, that this uncut version does contain scenes and material that is likely to offend. If you are of a nervous disposition, or object to violent or sexual material, you may want to avoid this movie! Some of the violence is very gratuitous and tasteless beyond belief! And there’s quite a heavy strain of sexist material that runs throughout the film, too! Absolutely not for the kids! (Zone Horror)

Friday 28th
My Breasts And I – 9:00-10:00pm
Okay, okay – stop the sniggering at the back, please! :lesson: Thank you! Honest, raw and moving documentary about the way women and men view the “breast”, and how they can be the cause of sublime happiness, and incredible self-loathing, by both genders. Jenny Frost, member of girl band Atomic Kitten, examines her own opinions on her physicality, whilst challenging some of the ways in which men, women, and society as a whole, uses and abuses the breast, to meet its own end, in the media. Has society evolved, or devolved, in the way women’s breasts are portrayed, and how does this affect a woman’s own self-esteem and view of her body? Are all men really “breast men”, at heart? Is bigger actually better? And if a woman chooses to have implants, who is she really trying to please: herself, her partner, or society’s view of her body? Required viewing for women and men, that just might challenge the way you think about this important part of the female body! Contains some nudity and material of a mature nature. (BBC3)

NEW: E-Ring – 10:00-11:00pm
All-new US political drama, starring Benjamin Bratt, Dennis Hopper, Aunjanue Ellis, Kelly Rutherford, Joe Morton and Andrew McCarthy. The time – 2005. The place – the United States Of America. The area – inside the Pentagon. Post 9/11, the war on terror has increased. Information comes in every day, that has to be checked, rechecked and verified for its accuracy, or lack thereof. A single fact could affect just one life, or ten million. The staff at the Pentagon are the people who have to work out what is the truth and what is bogus. This 20-episode drama series follows these men and women, and chronicles the conflicts they are forced to deal with, between the government they serve, the public they have to answer too, and each other. (FX)

FILM: Bringing Down The House (12) – 10:35pm-12:20am
Tasteless, and suspect comedy with Steve Martin and Queen Latifah, as a couple who find one another in an internet chat room. However, when they meet-up, he’s a divorce lawyer, and she’s a recently released female prison inmate! A bad film, in terms of plot, direction and acting. But the worst thing, is the nasty overtone of racism and sexism that runs throughout the film, which borders on the offensive at times! Every joke, irrespective of its tactlessness, is mined for “laughs”, in a film that really leaves a bad taste and a guilty feeling in the pit of your stomach as you watch it. Definitely an acquired taste! Contains bad language, brief scenes of drug usage, and scenes of a nature that some may find offensive or inappropriate, despite the low BBFC certificate. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (BBC1 – Times vary in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales! Please check your local listings guide for details.)

The Shield – 11:00pm-Midnight
Episode 4 of the latest series, and it’s even better than usual. In one of the toughest, most visceral, and gut-wrenchingly uncompromising episodes in the show’s entire history, Mackey is out on a limb as Kavanaugh steps up his attempts to put him and the Strike Team behind bars once and for all – in any way he can, legal or illegal. :eek: Meanwhile Claudette and Dutch have to investigate the brutal and deeply disturbing murder of a pregnant woman, who has had her unborn fetus forcibly removed, before being disposed of and left for dead! It’s a truly nasty viewing experience, but despite the nature of the episode, it’s jaw-dropping viewing. I haven’t seen a show improve this much between Seasons, in a long, long time! An absolutely fantastic, if very grisly and disturbing episode. Contains extremely distressing scenes, violent and sexually harrowing material. (Five)

FILM: Boys Don’t Cry (15) – 11:35pm-1:25am
This is more like it: a sensitive, thought-provoking and genuinely moving drama, that will bring tears to even the most hard-hearted of viewers. Hilary Swank plays Brandon Teena, a teenager who moves to a small town in Nebraska, and falls in love with a factory working girl, (Chloe Sevigny), after becoming involved with a gang of tough delinquents. But the relationship is threatened, and Brandon’s own life is put at risk, when his secret is revealed: Brandon Teena was originally born as Teena Brandon – a woman who has lived her last few years as a man. Based on a true-story, and Swank won a much-deserved Oscar for her performance as Brandon, the ending will knock you for six! It’s an absolutely harrowing experience, but one that true fans of cinema really should force themselves to watch, despite the uncomfortable subject matter. Up there with “Schindler’s List”, “The Insider”, “United 93” and other such moving true-life dramas. Contains strong language, adult themes, and material that may disturb and upset audiences. Showing uncut and uncensored, and in Widescreen. Everyone over 15 should watch this film! (BBC2)

Well, that’s it for now. I’m off for my summer break. I hope you all enjoy the updates, despite the occasional lack of regularity, and the odd error or two that creeps in every so often. Feedback can be posted in this very thread. And if there are any shows or news you think is important enough, then feel free to PM me directly, and I will then include it in a relevant posting, where appropriate.

Okay, I’m out of here! Bon Voyage, Au Revoir and Sayonara! See you all back at the end of next month!


Cynthia 7

Pooch, your updates seem to get better and better, which means a heck of a lot of work for you. Much appreciated, many thanks.

I missed your July 18th update, a lot of interest there. I like the sound of the Downunder Channel as I have seen some extremely good films from there in the past. Also pleased to see that National Geographic channel will be shown in 16:9 format. Let's hope that World Cinema Channel will live up to its name.

There is such a lot of "watchables" in your latest update, I shall be glued to tv I know. I have put "Tromeo and Juliet" on the Sky planner for tonight, had to eliminate a lot of lesser programmes so I hope it's good.

Again, many, many thanks, I hope you have a wonderful summer break away from us all, but please don't disappear for good!


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Tromeo & Juliet, most excellent.

A movie you will either love or hate and even if you love it some scenes are so wrong they will just make you cringe:)

Cynthia 7

Starburst said:
Tromeo & Juliet, most excellent.

A movie you will either love or hate and even if you love it some scenes are so wrong they will just make you cringe:)

Hi Starburst,

Your comments are spot on. My husband watched all of about three minutes and wanted it off, he hated it. I watched later and thought it the most weird film I had ever seen. Juliet's brother was something else!

I can't say I loved it but nevertheless it had a sort of fascination, so much of it was completely outrageous I kept wondering what was coming next. I did plenty of cringing too. Quite a viewing experience!!!

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