New TV Viewing For July/August 2005!

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PoochJD said:
Oh dear,

Oh God! :blush: I think I've gone and made a HUGE blunder! :eek:

I've just gone and had a look at, and it seems I've gone and confused "Profiler" and "Medium"! :blush:

I think I should set the facts straight...

The BBC has the rights to "Medium" only, and this show will start in September or October on BBC2, likely to be on Sunday nights, around 10pm, just like they did with "24".

The show "Profiler" was bought by the BBC, and they did air some episodes of it a few years back, late on Sunday nights if my memory serves, but it didn't fair well. I don't know yet, if they still have the terrestrial rights, but I will find out and try to get back to you on this, ASAP. At the moment, however, only teh Sci-Fi Channel are to air the show.

Sorry folks, for this tremondoue boo-boo! :( I feel a right muppet. Looks like I should go and :suicide: !

Can you ever trust me, for new TY show information, ever again?! :rolleyes: :confused: Of course you can... as I've got some more news for you now!


So you are human after all!!

I have started to record Profiler from SciFi and they seem to be slightly better quality picture than I remember on previous showings on other channels. I'm looking forward to Medium.


PoochJD said:
Oh dear,

Can you ever trust me, for new TY show information, ever again?!

No, but we will trust your TV show information :D

(Just glad I bit the big one and ordered season 2 of profiler from axelmusic as i dont get Sci-fi)


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Hi Folks,

Thanks for letting me down so nicely! :blush:

However, I have more bad news, but not - in this instance - something that I've done wrong.

It seems Channel 4 are now happy to screw-up every long-running major US import. :eek: Not only have they decided to not buy any further episodes of "Nip/Tuck", but the same is now happening with "Six Feet Under"! :mad:

Yes, whilst Season 5 has been bought by C4, they are ONLY going to be airing it from Next Week on E4/E4+1! :eek: :mad: Thus, another excellent US show is :censored:-up by Channel 4! This seems to be a new thing, that shows that don't routinely get huge ratings, because the programme is intelligent, and requires a braincell to follow what's going on, that the show is deemed unworthy by Channel 4 schedulers and programme-buyers! :censored:

What do they know, the stupid gits?! :mad: Hands-up if you feel that Channel 4 should be banned from ever being allowed to buy any future US imports?! :lesson: :clap:

More details in my latest Weekly Update, which should be available from early on Saturday afternoon. :)



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AAArrrrgggg!! No BBC Profiler.

Ah well, I'll juat have to wait till Sci-Fi repeat it. No doubt they will.


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Evening Folks,

Welcome back! :) A bit of a marathon post, this time, I'm afraid. Thanks to all of you who return to read my weekly postings! It's nice to know that my work is worthwhile, and useful to all of you. There's a mixture of programme listings this week, and I've also included some TV news items as well, which are pertinent to the list. I hope that's okay with everyone. There's some good news, and bad news also, for fans of US shows, and I hope that those of you who want to take a stand, will feel compelled to follow my lead. (More on that, later on in this posting.) But, for now, let's get straight down to work.

Saturday 13th August
E4 - Now a 24hr channel! :eek:
Yes, E4 will, from 6am this morning, turn into a 24hr, 7-day-a-week TV channel, broadcasting on Sky, Cable and Freeview! For the most part, the schedules after 2pm will remain very similar to what is already shown: "Friends", "One Tree Hill", "Without A Trace", "The OC", "Lost", "Wife Swap", Hollyoaks", etc, etc. But there will also be some changes. One of the major changes, will be that Films will now be given a regular slot, on Monday's (at 9pm), with a repeat on Friday's (at 10pm)! The selection of films won't be new titles, but ones that have already been shown on C4, and FilmFour. As such, you aren't likely to see anything you've not seen before. However, there may be the occasional title worth watching or recording. For the daytimes, the schedules in my opinion, are actually pretty poor, which is hardly surprising, when Channel 4 are going to be bringing us their new station "More4" in October! Weekday repeats of "Smallville" and "Without A Trace" will air, but these have already been shown multiple times before. The rest of the daytime shows are poor-quality filler shows, that will barely make a dent in your weekly viewing schedule. Most of the shows seem to involve teen-pop music artists (Craig David, Girls Aloud, et al), naff chat shows and music video selections. Nothing special, in other words. You have been warned!

Farscape - 8:05-8:50pm
Another chance, to see this excellent Australian/US science-fiction fantasy show, with Season 2 getting its premiere on BBC3. Sadly, the channel has decided to launch a revamped on-screen DOG, and it's not pretty! It's big, bold, and white - everything that DOG's should not be! A great show, ruined by the BBC, and more to the point, almost all of the episodes have been edited - some very, very heavily! Check out episode 8 "Home On The Remains", which was given an uncut 18 certificate by the BBFC, because of sexual scenes, bad language and graphic and gory violence! Expect the BBC to edit most - if not all - of this! It's a good episode, as well! (BBC3)

Lost Mysteries Of The Titanic - 9:00-11:00pm
During pre-production, Hollywood movie director took several submarine trips down to the wreck of the real "Titanic" vessel. With a small video camera, he obtained footage of a vessel not seen for over 80 years. That footage was edited, into this award-winning documentary. Even if you hated the film, this will bring a lump to your throat, as the footage reveals what happened on that fateful voyage, and what remains of this long-forgotten ship. Repeated on Sunday, between 6:00-8:00pm! (The Discovery Channel)

100 Greatest Sexy Moments - 10:35pm-2:40am
Never has a show had such a misleading title! :D British audiences were asked to name their 100 sexiest moments from TV and cinema. There are a few scenes that do work well, (e.g. "Nine And A Half Weeks, Last Tango In Paris, et al), but when the Number 1 is from a James Bond film, then you know there's something hideously wrong with either the selection process, or British audiences! If foreigners ever needed to see why British people are still so prudish in the 21st century, this would be the ideal way to prove it! Some adult material, and strong language. Just don't expect anything sexy! :rotfl: (E4)

Lost - 10:40pm-12:30pm
This jaw-dropping new US drama has already received positive reviews, and garnered C4 with some of their best ever ratings. Every Saturday night, you can get to see a repeat of the previous Wednesday night's episode. Thus, tonight, you can watch the two-part Pilot Episode again, but without any "Butt Munch" interruptions! :clap: Episodes are also being repeated weekly, on E4, but are covered in DOG's! :mad: (Channel 4)

Clubhouse - 5:05-5:55am
Another new US comedy/drama, given a crappy timeslot. I don't have any details about who's in it, other than Christopher “Back to The Future” Lloyd, but it's set around a High School Baseball league. Showing most days, at various times of the early-morning. It could be great, or a complete pile of pants. More details, will follow, if I can find anything out. (Channel 4)

Sunday 14th
Al Murray: And A Glass Of White Wine For The Lady - 10:30-11:55pm
The emotional, but hilariously bigoted Pub Landlord returns for a second live concert, taken from his most recent UK stand-up comedy tour. A fair amount of swearing, and one-or-two near the knuckle jokes, but a very, very funny show nonetheless, just don't mention Brussels, or his boy! :D Contains strong language. (Paramount)

Arrested Development - 11:20-11:40pm
The start of Season 2 of this acerbic US comedy, about the unfortunate Bluth family. At times, hilarious, poignant and darkly twisted! Episodes will be shown first of all on BBC4 each Thursday, and repeated on BBC2 the following Sundya. Both showings are uncut, DOG-free and in Widescreen! (BBC2)

Monday 15th
SCHEDULE CHANGES - 10:00am-1:00pm
Depending on whether Live Cricket is shown or not, episodes of "Third Watch", "ER", and "Frasier" will be shown instead. Please check press for details. (Channel 4)

Michael Carroll: King Of Chavs - 9:00-10:00pm
He was the dustbin man who won £9.7 million on the National Lottery, at the age of just 19. Now, he's the self-crowned "King Of Chavs": a young man who has been in and out of the courts for unruly behaviour, disruption, and has caused no end of problems for locals in his area of Norfolk. This documentary explores just want went wrong, and why this guy is such a complete looser! (I used to live near this guy, and trust me, he's a complete muppet!) Contains strong language. (Channel 4)

Without A Trace - 10:00pm-Midnight
A double-bill to start all-new Season 3 episodes of this acclaimed US drama about the fictional Missing Persons Unit at the FBI. (Channel 4)

The Week The Women Went - 10:30-11;00pm
A new 12-part documentary, that could well prove once-and-for-all, just how bad we men really are! Several families in Nottinghamshire decided to turn the tables, and see if men really can look after their own children - on their own! The wives of each of the families take a well-earned break, and leave the men to look after their little angels! Barrels of laughs for women, and plenty of embarrassment and frustration for the men, as we see that being a mother isn't as easy as they make it look! Showing daily, at the same time. (BBC3)

Six Feet Under - 1:30-2:40am
A chance to catch a complete rerun of Season 2, over weekday nights, of this dark drama from the writer of "American Beauty". See tomorrow for some news regarding this show. (Channel 4)

Tuesday 16th
Law And Order: Special Victims Unit - 9:00-10:00pm
The return of the dark and adult drama to our screens is a welcome addition to UK crime drama fans eyes! Hallmark start the first run of the newest series - Season 6 - which has only just recently finished in the USA. Familiar faces return to help investigate the never-ending parade of brutal sex crimes, that pervade New York Ciry. Airing every weekday night, with a nightly repeat at 1:00-2:00am. (Hallmark)

Six Feet Under - 10:00-11:15pm
It's good news and bad news, for fans of this series. The good news, is that this is all new Season 5, starting tonight. :clap: The bad news: it's the last ever series of the drama, and to make matters worse, Channel 4 will NOT be airing this series at all, EVER! :mad: Hence, if you want to see how this show concludes, you must be able to receive E4! Otherwise you're stuffed. Channel 4 issued a statement, saying the old crime of "lack of viewer interest" and "niche programming", et al, were the reasons they've only bought the digital rights to this series, and not the terrestrial rights as well. See my notice, at the end of this update, for some more news. (E4)

Surprise Cinema - 3:40-3:50am
Brilliantly funny and award-winning animated short! Highly recommended, if you love film and animation in any way! (Channel 4)

Wednesday 17th
Codename Eternity - 8:00-9:00pm
Rarely-seen Canadian science-fiction show, about an extra-terrestrial assassin sent to Earth, to prevent an alien invasion. The cast includes Cameron Bancroft as Ethaniel,
Ingrid Kavelaars as Dr. Laura Keating, Andrew Gillies as David Banning, Gordon Currie as Dent, and Olivier Grunier as Tawrens. Some interesting storylines, and with reasonable effects for such a low-budget show. The show lasted for one, long season of 26 episodes, and has only been seen on Channel 4 before, where it was treated with their usual lax attitude - i.e. buried in the schedules, at an ungodly hour on a Saturday or Sunday night! Here's your chance to see the show at a decent hour, for the next 6 months! Worthwhile, although it can get heavy-going at times. Also, each episode follows on from the next, as the show was intended to be a full-length novel, for TV! (Sci-Fi Channel)

FILM: Easy Riders, Raging Bulls (15) - 11:20pm-1:20am
Documentary about the American cinema of the 1960's and 70's. Interviews with Dennis Hopper, Cybil Shepherd, Peter Bogdanovich, Kris Kristofferson, Peter Fonda, and many others, recall some of the most acclaimed films of the period, and the problems of getting the films made, with the problems in politics and war going on all around them. William H Macy narrates this one-of-a-kind movie. Contains strong language, and some adult material. (BBC4)

FILM: Manhunter (18) - Midnight-2:15am
Special late-night showing of the UK cinema and video version of this superb and visceral 1987 thriller, about the hunt for a serial killer, known only as The Tooth Fairy. Michael Mann's film takes us into the world of an FBI profiler, and introduced the world to Hannibal Lecktor. (Nope, that's not a spelling error. His surname was modified to Lecter, in the sequel "The Silence Of The Lambs", when author Thomas Harris forget to check the original spelling!) Dark, brilliant, and disturbing, and with some great quotable dialogue. A gem of a crime film. Fans of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and "Crime Story" will want to see this film too, as actor William Peterson (Gill Grissom) stars in the title role, and his boss is played by Dennis Farina - aka Mike Torello! N.B. The film is showing uncut, and in Widescreen, but the version airing differs from US prints, for reasons unknown even to director Mann. The UK version, I feel, is darker and more adult in tone, than the US versions. There are about 8 different edits of "Manhunter" in existence, each with slightly different variations of scenes and dialogue. It is not possible, to buy a completely uncensored print. To do so, you would need to combine the UK cinema/video print, the US cinema/DVD print, along with the US TV print, the US Director's Cut, and the UK DVD print, all into one! :eek: Also, viewers should be aware that the ending has not been censored or edited for censorship. The editing is deliberately fragmented as a stylised effect, again, courtesy of Michael Mann himself. (This will make sense, when you see the final scenes of the film!) Highly recommended, and with one of the most amazing movie soundtracks ever compiled! Contains strong language, and some scenes that may offend or disturb viewers! Also showing Thursday night between 10:30pm-12:50am. (ITV2)

Nip/Tuck - 12:40-1:50am
Just to add insult to injury to hardcore UK terrestrial fans, here's Season 2's finale of this brilliant drama, and the last time it'll ever see the light of day on terrestrial TV. Yes, it's another great US import dumped by Channel 4! Why do they keep doing this?! (Channel 4)

Thursday 18th
Queer As Folk - 11:30pm-12:35am
This is Season 2, (or possibly 3), of the US version of the controversial British drama about a group of gay men, getting its UK premiere. Rarely-seen outside of a few stations in the USA, where it was considered to controversial, too risque, and too offensive to be aired in many states! Contains adult material and strong language throughout. (E4)

Witchblade - 11:55pm-1:55am
Another chance to see this enjoyable action show, based on the US comic book of the same name. Detective Sara "Pez" Pazzini is a police officer, who comes into contact with a mysterious and supernatural weapon, from the early part of history - the deadly, but glamorous "Witchblade". When Sara finds herself drawn to the weapon, she finds her life changes forever - and not always for the better. This is Season 1 of the show, and I hope it will be starting with the uncut version of the two-part Pilot Movie, which properly introduces us to the characters and the Witchblade's history. If it doesn't, then this will be episodes 1 and 2 of the show itself, which has a brilliant opening-credit theme tune. However, you may prefer to read-up on the Pilot Movie, to acquaint yourself with the characters, and the plot thus far! Don't just jump in with Episode 1, as it may not make sense! (Sci-Fi Channel)

FILM: Nightmares (18) - 1:55-4:00am
I'm not 100% certain, but this may be a rare chance to see the bloody horror movie, that is now classed as a Video Nasty by the BBFC. Fans of horror or film censorship, may wish to check this film out. (Sci-Fi Channel)

Friday 19th
Friday Night Comedy On Four - 7:35-11:50pm
A whole host of comedy shows air tonight, including several new ones, but none of the new ones have been given good reviews so far. "Meet The Magoons" (9:30-10:00pm) is set in a Glasgow curry-house, and follows the staff. "Balls Of Steel" (10:30-11:20pm) is another Dom Joly rip-off, with stunts and jokes being performed on the public, whilst "Bromwell High" (11:20-11:50pm) is an animated comedy show set in a run-down London school. Approach with caution: expect spectacular results - either spectacularly ace, or spectacularly bad. (Channel 4)

FILM: Full Tilt Boogie (15) - 1:25-2:55am
Hilarious and well-made 1997 documentary about the wonderful behind-the-scenes crew working on the Robert Rodriguez-Quentin Tarantino horror movie "From Dusk Till Dawn". Contains violence, some adult scenes and some strong language. Showing uncut and in the original 4:3 aspect ratio. (Channel 4)

And that's your lot! Well, before I go, I am intending to start a petition. For a long time now, it's been my opinion, and many others, that Channel 4 treats fans of almost every major US drama show, with utter contempt! Poor scheduling, editing and censorship, the dropping of shows because they don't get 25 million viewers, etc, etc. The list goes on. As such, it's my opinion that with Channel 4 no longer willing to be able to adequately schedule US dramas (with the odd exception), and the fact it is constantly marginalised in their schedules for numerous repeats of "Friends", and endless reality and DIY makeover shows, I believe that C4 should be banned from being able to buy the rights - digital or analogue - of any future US import… unless they are going to guarantee to commit to the show's entire run (be thast 1 Season or 27 Seasons), and/or that it will be scheduled appropriately!! Fans are sick and tired of seeing amazing shows being given such poor treatment, and I think the British public should make a stand. The list is appallingly long: Angel, Alias, NYPD Blue, Nip/Tuck, The OC, One Tree Hill, Babylon 5, Crusade, Brimstone, Third Watch, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, Frasier, ER, Oz, Smallville, Stargate SG-1, Enterprise, Point Pleasant… For a channel that is supposed to be innovative, daring and whose remit is to air material for minority audiences, it seems shocking that they can be allowed to keep on treating US imports like this.

My intention is to put up a petition to this effect, and also to try and get a letter published in the Radio Times, advertising the promotion of the petition and mine (and potentially) other peoples aims. I'd also like to try and get other websites promotion behind the petition, too, if at all possible, including AVF members :lease:.

The address to access the petition is... here! Please visit and sign, if you agree that UK viewers deserve better! Thanks! :)

Until next time,



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Come on, we need more than 31 signatures!


Sorry if you have already mentioned this Pooch but I saw a TV trailer on Bravo starting on 29th August on the TV channel "living" for a medical drama called Grey's Anatomy (I think that is what it was called) which looked particularly promising, not least because it starred the busty blonde character Isabelle from Roswell aka Roswell high (US scifi drama).... have you heard anything about this series?


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Hi West,

"Gray's Anatomy" has had good reviews from the US, but as you will see from this episode guide, it has had a very odd run in the USA. Season 1 only has 9 episodes, Season 2 only has 1, and Sewason 3 has 3!! :confused:

Nonetheless, it should still be worthwhile watching, if not preserving to VHS or DVD. And the lady you mention, is Katherine Heigl. Her character is "Roswell" was Isobel. Her character in "Gay's Anatomy" is called... Isobel! :confused:



PoochJD said:
Hi West,

"Gray's Anatomy" has had good reviews from the US, but as you will see from this episode guide, it has had a very odd run in the USA. Season 1 only has 9 episodes, Season 2 only has 1, and Sewason 3 has 3!! :confused:

Nonetheless, it should still be worthwhile watching, if not preserving to VHS or DVD. And the lady you mention, is Katherine Heigl. Her character is "Roswell" was Isobel. Her character in "Gay's Anatomy" is called... Isobel! :confused:


how strange Pooch on season & ep counts and character's name ! :confused:

btw Roswell was initially called Roswell High for season 1.


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PoochJD said:
Hi West,

"Gray's Anatomy" has had good reviews from the US, but as you will see from this episode guide, it has had a very odd run in the USA. Season 1 only has 9 episodes, Season 2 only has 1, and Sewason 3 has 3!! :confused:

Nonetheless, it should still be worthwhile watching, if not preserving to VHS or DVD. And the lady you mention, is Katherine Heigl. Her character is "Roswell" was Isobel. Her character in "Gay's Anatomy" is called... Isobel! :confused:


I have a feeling the auto-numbering has been allowed to take over and it should read season 2 not season 3.

BTW I hope that is just a typo - i.e. Gay's Anatomy!


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west said:
btw Roswell was initially called Roswell High for season 1.

On the BBC it was, pretty sure SKY kept the the title "Roswell" as it was named in the US, the novels the series was based one were called "Roswell High".

Interesting to see the US are finally getting the final season on DVD, took it long enough considering it's an old series now but perhaps once again the music rights proved to be a major hang up:(


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Barbara2001 said:
I have a feeling the auto-numbering has been allowed to take over and it should read season 2 not season 3. BTW I hope that is just a typo - i.e. Gay's Anatomy!

r.e. the typing error - Oops! :blush:

And yes, I think that the Season 2/3 issue is simply a minor typo error. But, still, it does seem odd for Season 1 to be so short, if the show was going to be continuing! Normally, any show that's only got 9 episodes in its first Season, normally gets the can. Maybe the network, decided it deserved a reprieve?!


P.S. Roswell starts next week on Sci-Fi. More details in my usual weekly TV update, when it goes online, in the next few days! :)


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I read somewhere Grey's Anatomy was only 9 episodes because it was a half season filler, but don't know which show it took over from.


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Barbara2001 said:
I read somewhere Grey's Anatomy was only 9 episodes because it was a half season filler, but don't know which show it took over from.

I know that Boston Legal was going to have another 6(?) epsiodes in the first season but thanks to the success of GA they were then tacked onto the second season of BL.
GA outperfomed BL in the same timeslot I believe.


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Morning Folks,

I'm afraid this update may not be up to my usual standard. Basically, I've had rather a busy week, and I forgot to do the update, until nearly 10:20am today! As such, I've had to rush through this week's list rather more speedily than I would prefer. Bearing this in mind, I won't be including as much info as usual, and all I can do, is apologise for that. :(

I will also have to ask forgiveness, for next week's update as well, as I've got some exams coming-up. As such, there is unlikely to be an update for the week 27th August - 2nd September. There may be one, but there is a large chance there won't be, unless by some, small miracle I get some time to spare between revision sessions. :eek: :oops:

Normal service should be resumed for the week commencing the 3rd September. Once again, my apologies for this temporary disruption to normal service. Thanks for bearing with me on this. Okay, now that's all out of the way, let's get down to business. :)

Saturday 20th
FILM: Year Of The Dragon (18) - 10:00pm-12:30am
Powerful crime drama with Mickey Rourke, set in New York's Chinatown. Directed by Michael Cimino - the man behind "The Deer-Hunter" and "Heaven's Gate". Contains strong violence and strong language. (National Geographic Channel)

Sunday 21st
SCHEDULE CHANGE: Lost - 6:35-7:30pm
Repeat of episode 3, in an early-evening time-slot. No details as to whether C4 have edited this or not, but I'm not impressed with the way that the weekly repeat is already being moved around, from it's 10:30pm Saturday night slot! :mad: Have C4 lost faith in the show already, despite the two-part Pilot getting 6 million viewers?! I hope not. (Channel 4)

American Chopper Special - 9:00-10:00pm
I've never seen this show myself, although I know many of you like it. This is a one-off special, where the father and son choose their favourite bits from the show. Repeated tonight, at 3:00-4:00am. (Discovery Channel)

FILM: Police Academy (15) - 9:55-11:50pm
It's dated, the humour's not as great as it should be, and the acting's risible, but there's still something special that makes this comedy film worth a watch. This is the original movie, that spawned the long-running franchise, from 1984. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. Contains some mild adult material. (Five)

Monday 22nd
Hollywood UK - 9:00-9:50pm
This is the third episode of the series exploring British Cinema in the 1960's, but I wanted to specifically highlight this episode, as it focuses on how foreign directors made some of the best British films, e.g. Antonioni, Polanski and Corman. (BBC4)

FILM: The Masque Of The Red Death (15) - 9:50-11:15pm
Roger Corman's brilliant '60's version of the infamous Edgar Allan Poe horror story. Vincent Price stars. Contains some gore and violence. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (BBC4)

Ricky Gervais: Animals (18) - 11:00pm-12:30am
Repeat of this coarse, but inventive diatribe on the history of the animal kingdom and human beings, from comedian Ricky Gervais. Very funny, but very, very rude! Contains explicit language throughout. (E4)

Cast And Crew: Quadrophenia - 11:15-11:55pm
The classic British Mod movie is revived, when Kirsty Wark brings together cast and crew from the hit film, to discuss its creation and historical significance. Repeated later tonight, at 2:25am. (BBC4)

From Star Wars To Star Wars - 2:20-3:05am
Documentary about the company behind all of the Star Wars movie special effects - Industrial Light And Magic (or ILM). (ITV1)

Tuesday 23rd
Don't Get Me Started! - 7:15-8:00pm
Controversial new documentary strand, where high-profile broadcasters, journalists, opinion-makers, and celebrities have their say on what they feel about a certain topic or issue. Tonight, BBC newsreader Michael Buerk deals with the issue of sexism, and complains that men are now being maligned, in comparison to women, within the work place! :eek: (Five)

The Curse Of Big Brother - 8:00-9:00pm
For those of you who hate BB, (like me! :D ), find out what happens when your 15-minutes of infamy are up, and you are thrust back into the real world, after appearing in the infamous reality TV show, and no one cares who you are any more. (Five)

Football Night On BBC4 - 9:00pm-1:25am
Documentaries throughout the evening about all aspects - good and bad - on the game of football. (BBC4)

FILM: Willow (PG) - Midnight-2:05am
Late-night, but uncut showing of this much-maligned, but enjoyably dark fantasy movie, from George Lucas. Val Kilmer stars as a warrior who gets caught up with farmer Willow Ufgood (Warrick Davis) who is trying to save a newborn baby from the evil Queen Bavmorda. Much better than many claim, with good special effects for its time, but this is a very dark and at times macabre film, so despite its certificate, I wouldn't really recommend letting children under 10 watch this movie alone. Contains some scary fantasy horror themes, and battle violence. (ITV1)

FILM: Before Night Falls (15) - 12:40-3:00am
Javier Bardem stars as gay Cuban poet Reinaldo Arenas, in this stunning and powerful biographical drama. Johnny Depp, Sean Penn and Michael Wincott co-star. Although the film was cut for the UK cinemas and video, this should be the complete and uncut version being aired. Contains strong language and some adult themes. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. In English and Spanish language, with English subtitles. (Channel 4)

Wednesday 24th
Everybody Loves Raymond - 8:00-8:25am
New season, (Season 4, I think), of the US comedy, that's acquired cult viewing in the UK, despite the criminally poor time-slot given to the show, by Channel 4. (No surprise there, folks! :rolleyes: ) (Channel 4)

FILM: Born Free / Living Free (PG) - 1:00-4:25pm
Double-bill of the multi-award winning nature documentary films, about Joy and George Adamson, as the game wardens in a Kenyan nature reserve. (Channel 4)

Messiah - 9:00-11:50pm
In preparation for the fourth story in the long-running series, here's a chance to see where the story started. Ken Stott stars as Detective Chief Inspector Red Metcalfe, a man on the trail of a vicious killer. Contains violence, gore and some strong language. (UK TV Drama)

FILM: Scum (18) - 12:40-2:25am
Late-night showing of the infamous and brutal cinema-version of the original BBC play set in a men's borstal, starring a young Ray Winstone as the "daddy"! Contains strong violence and strong language throughout. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (Channel 4)

Thursday 25th
I Told You I Was Ill - 9:00-10:00pm
Documentary about the life and times of British comedian Spike Milligan, including interviews with friends and family, plus guests Eddie Izzard, Joanna Lumley, Eric Sykes and Michael Palin. (BBC4)

Messiah II - 9:00pm-12:25am
The second story, in the series, with Ken Stott. Contains strong, gory violence and some strong language. (UK TV Drama)

FILM: Basic Instinct (18) - 10:15pm-12:40am
It's that film, with that scene, directed by that man! :D Here's a chance to see the original and uncut drama with Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, that caused so much controversy in its original release, way back from 1991. Contains strong language, strong violence and scenes of an explicit sexual nature throughout! Watch out for the killer opening-sequence - truly nasty stuff! (Channel 4)

Demetri Martin: If I… - 11;25pm-12:15am
Documentary, with plenty of concert footage, about up-and-coming stand-up Greek comedian Demetri Martin. Surprisingly funny for such a hard career-choice, and worthwhile viewing about the trials and tribulations of being a funnyman. (BBC4)

Friday 26th
An Audience With Victoria Wood - 8:00-9:10pm
The classic 1987 show, from the British comedian, in front of a live studio audience of friends, co-workers and celebrities. This is a great show, both for fans of Ms Wood, and for fans of comedy in general. Includes the brilliantly acerbic piano tune "I Can't Do It"! Hilarious, and highly recommended for men and women! (ITV3)

CSI: The Best Ever - 9:00-10:00pm
It's the penultimate episode, before next-week's grand finale! :clap: Tonight, we go right back to the end of Season 1 of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation", and the episode The Strip Strangler. When a series of vicious sex crimes, terrorise Las Vegas, Grissom and Co are brought in to investigate. However, the perpetrator has experience in forensics, and thus leaves no evidence of themselves behind. What is the killer's motive? What lies behind these crimes? And is this a personal vendetta against the CSI team? It's down to Sarah Sidel to stop the crimes, but not before something very, very dangerous takes place! Next week, it's either going to be "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" episode "Lady Heather's Box", which is a 90-minute special (or 60-minutes without ads), or "CSI: Miami" episode "Slaughterhouse". Personally, I think that "Lady Heather's Box" will win the vote, hands-down! How will the rest of the UK vote? Stay-tuned at the end of tonight's episode to place your vote. I've already done so! Have you?! (Five)

Messiah III - 9:00pm Onwards
The third in the crime drama series, showing uncut and in one, movie-length block. Contains strong language and extreme violence. (UK TV Drama)

FILM: The Tommyknockers (15) - 10:00pm-1:25am
Lengthy, but enjoyable adaptation of the Stephen King fantasy novel. Just don't go expecting an accurate rendition of the novel. Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), and Jimmy Smits (Victor Sifuentes from LA Law, and Bobby Simone in NYPD Blue) star in the lead roles! Contains some minor scenes of gore and violence. (Five)

And, so we come to the end. This lot's been done in just over an hour, which is a record for me, as that's about half of the time I normally take. Anyway, I hope there's something for everyone to enjoy, and I'll do my best to see you back here in the next week or two - depending on my schedule, of course.



Cynthia 7

Hi Pooch,

Thank you for taking your precious time to feed your hungry tv watchers. We so appreciate it. I am still watching Heimat with pleasure but the second series is not quite as good; it concentrates too much on music students and their creations, which are of the new wave type of music of that time, all discordant and mournful notes. My husband has given up on it but I shall watch every one available. It is hard though to get through four hours of Heimat each week, I think it should have been limited to a two hour episode. I remember you saying you have to be in the mood to watch it and that's very true.

I must apologise for not signing your petition. I felt I couldn't do so as I like Channel 4 sometimes and if they were banned from importing US programmes it could lead to their demise, with loss of jobs etc. They were one of the first avant garde channels, no longer in prime position, but occasionally churning out programmes that are worth watching. They do, however, need a stern reprimand over their scheduling.

I am wishing you all the luck in the world for your exams. We probably all feel a bit guilty for filching your valuable time in keeping us happy with your updates. Turn your back on us, tv, and socializing until after September 3rd then enjoy life to the full again!

Best Wishes,


Distinguished Member
HI Cynthia,

Cynthia 7 said:
Thank you for taking your precious time to feed your hungry tv watchers. We so appreciate it. I am still watching Heimat with pleasure but the second series is not quite as good. I must apologise for not signing your petition. I am wishing you all the luck in the world for your exams. We probably all feel a bit guilty for filching your valuable time in keeping us happy with your updates. Best Wishes, Cynthia

Thank You, Cynthia, for such a nice post! :blush:

"Heimat 3" is going to be starting in September or October on BBC4, so you may still want to try to continue with Die Zweite Heimat even though it's not so good. Failing that, you could always just read an episode guide for the series, in preparation for the much shorter Series 3. As you say, 4 hours a week, is a lot to watch and digest.

You have no need to apologise for not signing my C4 petition. It's entirely a personal decision, and I wouldn't dream of forcing someone to do something they didn't want to. I agree with what you say, but C4 really need to get their act together, because otherwise they're going to loose so many of the very audience who are keeping them going. It's those of us who stuck witht hem in the early days, when they were chastised for being "too different" that made them become a really great channel. Now, it seems they're only interested in viewing figures, and are ignoring the viewers who made them what they were in the first place. But, anyway, it's cool with me if you don't sign. No hard feelings, I promise. :)

Lastly, thanks again for the kind wishes, r.e. my exams. Much appreciated! :thumbsup:



Active Member
Thank again for an update Pooch. The new series of 'Everybody Loves Raymond' is season 9. It is the last season made. I record this everyday. It is terrible the way channel 4 bury this show. It should be primetime.
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