New TV Viewing For December 05 and Jan 06!


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Greetings Everyone!

It’s almost 2006, and we have a superb start to the New Year, with lots of worthwhile shows for you to all enjoy. Whether you’re into crime thrillers, British legal drama, US comedy or science fiction, there’s almost certain to be something for you to salivate over. :) We also have some old favourites making a much-loved welcome return to UK television. I’d highly recommend that you start stock-piling plenty of blank VHS tapes, DVD’s, and/or making space on your Sky+/DVD Recorder hard drives, as I suspect there’ll be lots of people wanting to record plenty of my suggestions! :D And so, without further ado, let’s get straight on with the update! :thumbsup:

Saturday 31st December 2005
FILM: The Straight Story (PG) – 3:50-5:55pm
David Lynch’s most mainstream movie to date, and probably his most personal. The unlikely tale of an 80-year old Iowa farmer, who sets off on a lawnmower, to travel to see his dying brother in Wisconsin. It’s quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and yet it’s quite superb and poignant too. Contains some mild bad language, and some upsetting scenes. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (Channel 4)

American Film Institutes 100 Years, 100 Movie Quotes – 9:00-11:30pm
It’s another one of those (usually) dire Top 100 lists, but this one is very, very different. As the title implies, this deals with movie catchphrases; famous quotes and deadly dialogue. From “Casblanca”, “Apocalypse Now” and “Star Wars” through to “James Bond”, “Terminator 2” and many more. Will undoubtedly contain adult material and strong language. (Channel 4)

Frasier’s Night Of Reflection – 9:00pm-3:00am
Back-to-back episodes of some of the best of all 11 Seasons of the hit US comedy “Frasier”. (Paramount Comedy Channel 2)

FILM: Child’s Play (15) – 9:55-11:40pm
For the first time on UK terrestrial TV, we get to see the full, uncut, original uncensored version of this nifty and clever little horror movie, about devil-doll Chucky. In 1987, the BBFC edited the movie, to remove some of the strongest scenes of violence. Even now, it has been almost impossible to see what was cut, and the UK DVD is still the same censored print. Now though, it’s a TV station that let’s us all see, what the BBFC won’t. When serial-killer Charles Lee Ray, (a superbly eerie performance from Brad Dourif), performs a soul-transference spell, into a toy doll, just seconds before his death, the doll is left, unwittingly to be bought by anyone, seeking the popular toy. So when Andy Barclay is given the doll, by his mother, little do they know that what they have is not just a talking doll, but is far more evil than anything they imagined. Although followed by several inferior sequels, the original movie is a genuine classic, and several scenes will make you jump. (The ending, is a killer!) It also shows what movie-makers can do when their special effects knowledge is really put to good use. Contains some strong language, some graphic violence, and scenes that may disturb. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. :clap: Repeated at 12:40am, the same evening. (ITV4)

FILM: Comic Aid (18) – 11:00pm-1:00am
A whole host of leading British stand-up comics, including Stephen Fry, Eddie Izzard, Simon Pegg, Jo Brand, Jack Dee and Julian Clary perform a one-off showcase of their best material, in aid of last year’s Comic Relief charity fundraiser. The show contains lots of adult material, including sexual swear words and explicit language, and is not recommended for the easily offended. Showing in Widescreen. (BBC3)

Sunday 1st January 2006 – HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!
FILM: Gone With The Wind (PG) – 12:45-4;15pm
It’s long, it’s flawed and it has some less-than-PC moments, but it’s still one of the most interesting films ever made. Need a chance to get over last night’s festivities? You could do far worse, than sitting back for the next three-and-a-half hours, and wallowing in this 1939 movie classic. Showing uncut, and in the original 4:3 Aspect ratio. (BBC2)

FILM: Withnail And I (15) – Midnight-2:00am
Richard E Grant and Paul McGann star as the titular characters, and lead us into their own, very distorted, and alcohol-fuelled world. Cult comedy, with strong language. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (Channel 4)

Monday 2nd
Quantum Leap – 10:35-11:30am
Yes! The adventures of Sam Beckett and his holographic advisor Al Calavicci, return to UK screens once more! :clap: Weekdays on ITV3 just got much better, with the chance to see the entire 5-Season run of this award-winning drama, being shown back-to-back, every weekday, at approximately the same time, starting with the first half of the Pilot Movie “Genesis” (concluding tomorrow). Each episode is also repeated at about 5:55pm. Enjoy! (ITV3)

FILM: Anna And The King (12) – 2;15-4:30pm
Evocative and intelligent movie, that fans of both period dramas and Hong Kong actor Chow Yun-Fat should enjoy. King Monghut (Yun-Fat) hires the recently-widowed Englishwoman Anna Leonowen (Jodie Foster), to tutor his son. However, Leonowen soon takes more interest in political and personal matters, that threaten both Siam and England, to the verge of an all-out war. Based on a true-story, and surprisingly enjoyable. Edited for minor scenes of strong violence. Showing in Widescreen. (BBC1)

Third Watch – 7:00-8:00pm
Finally! UK fans who have been so utterly screwed-about by Channel 4’s abominable transmission of this brilliant US drama, dealing with all three emergency services – Fire, Police and Ambulance – can relax, as FX have brought the rights to air Seasons 1-4. (Five and six are likely to follow, by the end of the year!) This is the first chance, that UK viewers will be able to see the show uncut and uncensored, as well as in the correct, chronological order! If you’ve never seen it, then I can’t recommend it highly enough! A truly outstanding blend of drama, comedy and action, amongst the members of the Third Watch (the crews who work the 2pm-10pm shift) at the 55th Precinct in New York. Airing every weekday evening, at 7pm only, with (potentially) edited weekend repeats on Saturdays and Sundays, during the daytime. Check out the opening five minutes of the Pilot Episode “Welcome To Camelot”, as it sets the scene and tone of the show beautifully. (FX270).

The Thick Of It – 10:00-10:30pm
If you haven’t already caught this show on BBC4, then it’s a must-see. Dark, foul-mouthed and incredibly complex, multi-layered scenarios are what make this political satire about the day-to-day problems that a Machiavellian Prime Minister and his spin-doctors endure, so absorbing. Chris Langham plays PM Hugh Abbot, with Peter Capaldi as his spin-doctor, Malcolm Tucker. BBC2 are actually airing Series 1 and 2 back-to-back, as each Series lasted just three episodes each. Catch all six episodes, over the next six weeks. I should warn viewers, that the series has unrelentingly explicit language throughout each episode, including extensive use of the f-word, the mf-word, and the c-word, too! :eek: Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (BBC2)

FILM: Stir Crazy (15) – 10:00pm-12:10am
After Richard Pryor’s recent death from Multiple Sclerosis, ITv3 pay a fitting tribute by repeating probably the finest movie he made, outside of his own stand-up shows. It’s full of horrendous language, with plenty of non-PC humour, and it’s a tad dated, but it’s still one of the funniest movies since “Monty Python’s Life Of Brian”. The jokes, keep on coming, and I defy anyone not to be in tears, by the end. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (ITV3)

SCHEDULE CHANGE: Without A Trace – 11:55pm-12:55am
After sticking with this enjoyable US drama in a regular 10pm Monday night slot, before reverting to double-bills over the past couple of weeks, it seems yet another US drama is going to die a miserable death on Channel 4, by being shunted to a post-Midnight timeslot. :rolleyes: This is the penultimate episode of Season 3. Why, oh why, do they keep doing this?! :mad: (Channel 4)

Tuesday 3rd
Richard Hammond’s Five O’Clock Show – 5:00-6:00pm
Richard Hammond, the young, short cute one from “Top Gear”, hosts alongside Mel Giedoryc, a new, daily weekday chat-show. If you like Hammond, then I suspect that this show will do far better than ITV are expecting. (ITV1)

Stargate SG-1: True Science – 8:00-9:00pm
A look at how some of the science-fiction concepts seen in the long-running futuristic drama, are actually based on real-life scenarios and events. (Sky 1)

Sweeney Todd – 9:00-10:30pm
One-off BBC drama adaptation of the infamous man, lovingly known as the Demon Barber of Fleet Street! :eek: British actor Ray Winstone plays Sweeney Todd, and the BBC has already stated that this is not your regular, saintly period drama adaption, so expect plenty of violence, gore and some sexual material, too. (BBC1)

Nine Days That Shook London – 10:00-11:15pm
Documentary exploring nine days from Summer 2005, when London became the centre of attention for the entire world. The UK was on a high, when “Live 8” made world news, and helped bring the suffering of the Third World, to the attention of the politicians attending the G8 Summit in Scotland. Then, the news came that we had won the Olympic bid, tearing it from the hand of Paris, and our nation celebrated. …Yet just 12 hours later, the very same nation awoke to a disaster that we never expected to occur, when four suicide bombers brought the capital to a halt! What happened over those nine days, before, during and after those events, is explored in this harrowing, but thought-provoking film. Contains some strong language, and uncompromisingly distressing scenes, as well as news footage from the events. (BBC2)

FILM: Wasabi (15) – 11:00pm-12:50am
Rare showing for this unusual movie, about a French police officer, (played by Jean Reno, of “Leon”, “La Femme Nikita” and Ronin” fame), “who returns to his old homeland in Japan, and discovers a daughter he never knew existed. Contains some violence, and some bad language. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. Some English subtitles. (ITV3)

Wednesday 4th
Battlestar Galactica: The Lowdown – 8:00-9:00pm
Behind-the-scenes of Season 2 of this critically-acclaimed US Sci-Fi show, before the Season 2 Premier next Tuesday evening! Meet the cast and crew, and get the latest info on what viewers can expect. Showing in Widescreen. (Sky 1)

Rome – 9:00-10:30pm
The final two episodes, are being shown in one, feature-length movie, and it’s time for Caesar to get is comeuppance. Strong language, graphic violence and scenes of a frank and adult nature all come together, in the final 90 minutes of this controversial US show! Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (BBC2)

Derren Brown: The Heist – 9:00-10:00pm
Love him or loathe him, there’s always something special about watching this man’s crazy stunts, tricks and illusions. Tonight sees him try to pull off one of his most memorable stunts ever! His task – to convince eight, ordinary middle-managers to give-up their jobs, and plan and execute a £100,000 armed robbery, in the form of a bank heist! ;eek: :clap: Will it work, or will it fail? Find out tonight. (Channel 4)

Thursday 5th
FILM: Tim (PG) – 1:45-3:30pm
Mel Gibson’s earliest film role, was in this romantic drama, based on Colleen McCullough’s novel of the same name. Gibson plays Tim, a young man who has a low IQ, and is unable to function around normal people. A middle-aged woman, Piper Laurie, decides she wants to take him under her wing, but their relationship becomes more than either of them expected. Showing un Widescreen. (BBC2)

Richard Hammond’s Five O’Clock Show – 5:00-6:00pm
I know I’ve already mentioned this show, but tonights should be worth-watching more than ever. Richard looks at which UK companies have the worst music for putting people “on-hold” too, and also investigates bras for men! (ITV1)

Charmed – 8:00-9:00pm
They’re back! The Hallowell ladies return for the all-new 8th Season, with the first of 22 new episodes, never before seen in the UK. Meet new characters, good and bad, and even one or two old foes as well. (LivingTV)

ER – 9:00-10:00pm
The start of Season 12, and problems continue between Luka, Sam and her son. Digital viewers can see the show a week earlier than non-digital viewers. But don’t panic, because the rest of us can enjoy the same episode next Wednesday night at 9:00pm on Channel 4, and sans DOG too! :clap: (E4)

The Comeback – 9:30-10:00pm
All-new US comedy, starring Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe, from “Friends”). Kudrow plays Valerie Cherish, an ageing, has-been TV actress of whom Hollywood is no longer bothered with. However, Cherish still has bills to pay, and a lifestyle to uphold, so she signs-up to star in a new Reality TV show that will feature her attempts at trying to get a new job on TV. But little does she know, of just how bad things will get with a TV crew following her 24/7! The show has received many positive reviews in the US, mainly because the show isn’t squeaky clean, and shows Kudrow to be as much an actress, as someone willing to spoof her own life, after “Friends” ended a couple of years back. This is likely to be a big hit in the US, even for those of you who hated “Friends”, as it’s all about the back-stabbing behind the scenes business, and not the glossy, sentimental stuff that we actually see on sitcom screens. (LivingTV)

Boston Legal – 10:00-11:00pm
It’s back, with the start of Season 2, and the offices of the Massachusetts law firm is awash with several new cast members, including Rene Auberjonois (better known as the shape-changing Star Trek Security Officer Odo from “Deep Space 9”), Candice Bergen, and Julie Bowen (replacing Rhona Mitra and Monica Potter who left in Season 1, though not in the same roles)! (LivingTV)

Ricky Gervais Meets… Larry David – 10:15-11:20pm
After a long wait, the TV special finally makes its UK debut. UK comedian Gervais interviews US comedian Larry David (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”), in this special documentary, where each chats about their life in comedy. (Channel 4)

Ricky Gervais: Politics (18) – 11:20pm-12:55am
Uncut showing of the second stand-up tour that Gervais took around the UK in 2004/2005. Contains strong language and adult material throughout. Showing in Widescreen. (Channel 4)

Karen Sisco – 12:05-12:45am
Originally shown on ITV3, when it first launched, here is the first chance for non-digital viewers to see this short-lived US drama, which is a spin-off from the hit movie “Out Of Sight” (starring George Clooney), with Carla Gugino taking over Jennifer Lopez’s role. A ballsy US Marshall, based in Miami, is on the hunt for fugitives, but finds things far tougher than she expects, when she is shot on her first day back! The show only lasted 10 episodes in total. N.B. The scheduled time is likely to be altered, as it seems too short for the episode. Expect the show, therefore, to end no earlier than 12;55am! (ITV1)

Friday 6th
FILM: The China Syndrome (PG) – 1:10-3:30pm
Chilling political thriller, with Michael Douglas, Jane Fonda and Jack Lemmon. A TV reporter, Fonda, is reporting from a nuclear power plant, when a catastrophic accident sends the whole place into a critical meltdown. Her bosses wants to keep her on-air, because of the exclusivity of the story she is now involved in, whilst she fights to keep her own life in the impending doom. Will her friend, mentor, and fellow reporter, (Douglas), back at the TV station, be able to help her? Contains some harrowing scenes, and mild bad language. Superb and chilling insight into the lengths that the news media are willing to go, for a “big break”! Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (Channel 4)

Soapstar Superstar – 8:30-10:30pm
As we begin 2006, it seems that ITV1 is determined to start the year as they mean to go on, and that means plenty of low-brow, cheap TV junk! For the next nine consecutive days – I kid you not – two hours of prime-time national TV is going to be devoted to finding if soap stars from the past and present, can be turned into superstars who can sing! Each night, an elimination will also take place, and you – the poor b*st*rds who still watch ITV1 – can pay £1 a minute to vote for who you’d least like to keep on-air! :eek: :eek: The contestants, include Michael Greco from Eastenders, Lucy Pargeter from Emmerdale, and Shobna Gulati from Coronation Street. I swear to God, ITV has now officially lost the plot! Please avoid this show, if you value any sense of your own self-worth, and status with your friends, neighbours and relatives! (ITV1)

My Name Is Earl – 10:00-10:35pm
New, adult US comedy, with Jason Lee as Earl Hickey, a small-time crook who attempts to undo all the bad things he has done over the past, after he has a life-changing epiphany. (Channel 4)

The Shield Night – 11:10pm-5:15am
And now, I’ve saved the best for last! :D The meanest, baddest, baldest police officer from the Los Angeles Police Department, is back on the beat, and Five are giving viewers old or new, a chance to get to know him in full! For the next few weeks, each Friday night will be devoted entirely to back-to-back, sequential episodes of one of the hardest-hitting US police dramas ever made. Tonight, we go back right to the very beginning, as we are given the chance to watch Season 1, Episodes 1 through 7, uncut, uncensored and practically uninterrupted! :clap: Next Friday night, Season 1, Episodes 8 through 13 will air, followed in future weeks by all of Seasons 2, 3 and possibly 4 as well! (Season 5 will probably start in June 2006!) If you’ve never met Mackay, Aceveda, Claudette Wyms, Shane, Julien or Lemonhead, or have missed certain episodes, this will be your one-and-only chance to see all of them, from all of the first three seasons, uncut, DOG-free and as they were meant to be seen. (Season 1 was shot in 4:3 only. Seasons 2 onwards, are all in Widescreen.) Enjoy the show, and get prepared for the ride of your lives! The show frequently contains strong language, some sexual scenes, some hard-hitting violence, and occasionally material that some may find distressing. (Season 1, Episode 6 especially). (Five)

Well, I hope there’s enough there for everyone to enjoy! Just to round things off, there are also plenty of other shows to tempt you – some of which even start this month. These include:
- NYPD Blue (Seasons 1, 2 and 3 repeats)
- Boomtown (Season 1 repeats)
- Close To Home (New Jerry Bruckheimer legal drama, starring Annabeth Gish)
- Invasion (Channel 4)
- Stark (Ben Elton’s environmental sci-fi drama)
- Bones (David “Angel” Boreanaz’s new part-drama/part real-life series)
- Chappelle’s Show (New adult stand-up comedy from David Chappelle)
- Desperate Housewives (Season 2)
- Surface (Season 1)
- Smallville (Season 5)
- Due South (Seasons 1-4 repeats)
- Wanted (US crime drama with Gary (“Crusade” / “American Gothic”) Cole!)
- Prison Break (A mix of “Oz” and “24”.)
- Huff (Season 2)
- The Wire (Season 3)
- Navy NCIS (Season 3)
- Masters Of Horror (Season 1)
- The Night-Stalker (The short-lived 2004/05 remake)

As you can see, 2006 looks like it’s going to be outstanding! And, as always, I’ll do my best to keep everyone up-to-date, and “in the know” when it comes to what’s coming on our TV screens!

For now, though, I have to end. I’m posting this on Christmas Eve 2005, so if you’re reading this then, then let me just wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Pooch just found this if anyone is intrested got this from the oc fourm on C4 website.

THE O.C. Returns

Tuesday 10th January

Published at C4 press office:

21:00 THE O.C.: The Aftermath Brand New Series: E4 welcomes the bright and beautiful of Newport Beach, Orange County, back to the fold as the third series of the hugely popular teen drama returns. Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer are about to begin their senior year at The Harbor School. But while everyone else celebrates the last days of summer, a dark cloud hangs over the foursome. Two months after being shot, Ryan's brother, Trey, still clings to life, and the cops want to know who really shot him. Will Ryan take the fall for Marissa? Meanwhile, Julie and Jimmy are determined to protect their daughter at whatever cost. And as Seth, Ryan and Sandy try to fend for themselves at home, Kirsten continues recovering in her plush rehab by the sea and forms a friendship with fellow recovering alcoholic Charlotte Morgan, who - like all things in the O.C. - may not be everything she appears to be


Next Monday night begins a season of Asian programming and films on BBC four starting with Samurai night. At 9pm there is a programme called I, Samurai about an art critic who immerses himself in the Japanese samurai culture. First trying out in south London with experts in kendo before travelling to Japan.

At 10pm, twilight Samurai (2002) is shown. I have no idea if the film is any good but apparently it was Oscar-nominated and is probably worth checking out.

On Tuesday night at 10pm is Jonathan Ross' Asian invasion Part 1 of 3, followed by Kikujiro at 11 o'clock directed and starring by Takeshi Kitano. Again I've never seen this so maybe somebody else can comment if it's any good?

Jonathan Ross' Asian invasion
is repeated after the film at 12:55AM. I think the same episode is repeated again at 11:25pm on Wednesday night and a few hours later at 1:55am.

I assume other programming and films will be shown in the coming days/weeks on BBC four.


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Hi Everyone

Just a short update for you all, this time around, before I return to University next week. In case there are people reading this post for the first time, let me just say Welcome to you, and thanks for dropping by. I usually do a major update towards the end of each month, for the following month's TV viewing. That is, in late-January, I'll post an update for what's coming on your screens in February. In Feb, I'll do the update for March, and so on, and so forth. I will also do other additional updates, as and when I have news or programme informaion to report on or update for you all.

For some reason, we seem to be inundated with tons of new shows, and they're all starting this week. So expect to be spending a lot of time in front of the TV, and/or putting that DVD Recorder to heavy use! This week alone, six new US shows are starting, plus there are still more to come later in January! If anything, it's annoying me, because so many of them clash, even if they are given repeats! :( and :mad: Oh well, let's just hope they turn out to be worth our time!

As the major update for January has already been done, here's just a short-ish rundown of stuff you should watch out for, coming-up this week on TV. Enjoy! :)

The Invisible Man
The 2000 updated version of the H.G. Wells classic sci-fi story, with Vincent Ventresca and Eddie Jones, which lasted for just 2 Seasons, starts a weekly repeat from the beginning of Season 1, on the Sci-Fi Channel, from Saturday 7th January at 2pm, with a late-night repeat the same night, around 1am.

NEW: Invasion
New US sci-fi drama arrives in Britain, courtesy of Channel 4. It's had mixed reviews from the public and press in the USA, but it might be worth sticking with. Starts on Sunday 8th Jan, at 8:30pm, with the first two episodes split around “Celebrity Butt Munch”! Why Channel 4 couldn't simply delay CBM until 10:30pm, or put it on earlier at 8:30pm, and then air the two “Invasion” episodes uninterrupted, I don't know. But, hey, this is Channel 4, so expect this show to get :censored: around the schedules like every other US show, they always buy!

Okay, well this isn't new. In fact it's, been on both C4 and Sky 1, but it's such a minor gem, that I have to recommend people try this. It's a short-lived, single Season legal drama, starring Kim Delaney (NYPD Blue, CSI: New York, and Judging Amy), Kyle Secor (Homicide, Oz), and Rick Hoffman (CSI – Crime Scene Investigation, and many other bit-part roles). Delaney plays Kathleen Maguire, a single mother trying to raise her son in the best way she can, whilst coping with her ex-husband, and the various criminals she meets in her law-practice. At first, the show seems fairly ordinary, but it does improve once you get into the first two or three episodes, and there are some fun episodes ahead. The casting's quite good, and the scripts are often nice and funky, plus there's that theme tune! It's catchy, and I guarantee it'll stick in your head once you hear it. Oh, and the show's set in Philadelphia, hence the title. :) The show is in Sky 1's late-night schedules, on different days of the week, at roughly 3am. However, please check each day, for up-to-date scheduling information.

I know it's considered to be as cheesy as hell, and more than a little bit sexist, but UK Gold are airing the very first Season, and the Pilot Movie of this 1990's TV drama. Here we meet David Hasslehoff, Erika Eleniak, Peter Phelps, Shawn Weatherly and Billy Warlock, as the main lifeguard crew on the LA beachline. This is before the stories got totally devoid of all credibility, and became nothing more than soft porn for teenage boys. Starts on Saturday 7th, at 9am, with a late-night repeat, the same night. Then the show moves to a weekday transmission, at approximately 5pm, with a Midnight repeat. Season 1 isn't too bad, but avoid the remaining 10, because they get very bad, very quickly! :eek:

NEW: Surface
ITV2 is the home for this new US drama, about a marine biologist who encounters a new life-form in the ocean. After repeated sightings by other locals, the biologist sets-out to capture and investigate the mysterious creature, before someone catches it for fun! A mixture of “Jaws”, “The Deep”, and “Open Water”. Could be good, or total pants. Each episode continues on into the next, so you do need to watch all of them. To date, only 12 episodes have aired in the USA, and I'm certain there will not be many more – probably just 13 in total, as I'm sure I've read that NBC has cancelled this show already. Starts Monday 9th at 9pm. (This show should start on ITV1 soon, if you'd prefer to wait two or three more weeks, and watch the show sans-DOG!)

It's a repeat, and it's not in Widescreen this time, but if you didn't catch this innovative US crime drama on Five when it was broadcast about three years ago, I'd highly recommend you catch the repeat showings on FX270, this time around. Each episode's story is shown from different characters' view-points, and it's down to the viewers to work out who did what, to whom, why, and how! It's clever, well-acted, and one of the best crime dramas in recent years. Such a shame that the show was killed-off so quickly. Season 1 gave us 18 episodes, but it was followed by probably the worst follow-up Season to a show ever, with six more episodes forming Season 2. Stick with the first 18, and you won't go wrong. Weeknights on FX, at 11pm, with a same night repeat at around 2am. Each episode is also repeated on FX+2, giving you four chances per night, to see each episode!

NEW: Battlestar Galactica
It's back: probably the must-see sci-fi drama of the year! At the end of Season 1, we left the characters in a very, very shocked state, after one of their own shoots an important member of the crew, revealing two vital pieces of information: that a) said character may well be a Cylon-clone; that b) there may also be a duplicate human of them, and c) that no one is quite who they seem to be. It was an absolute shocking ending, and Season 2 picks-up exactly from the moment we left it. So here's to 13 more weeks, of some of the most tense action, since “24: Season 1” originally premiered. Expect shocks and revelations aplenty! :D Sky 1, each Tuesday night at 9pm, with repeats on both Sky 1 and Sky 2.

NEW: Jonathan Ross' Asian Invasion
Short three-part series about Asian cinema, from the classic Japanese movies of Akira Kurosawa, through the animated delights of Anime and Manga creator Hayao Miyazaki, to modern day talents like Takashi Miike and the Pang Brothers. Explore the world of Far Eastern cinema, in this visual treat. Each episode will be followed by some relevant films, including “Gohatto”, “The Twilight Samurai” and many more, all new to UK TV screens. :) Starts on BBC4 on Tuesday 10th, at 10pm.

NEW: Bones
Supernatural mystery drama based on the novels of author Kathy Reichs. David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, take the lead, with this unusual blend of mystery, horror and forensics. Season 1 lasts for just 13 episodes. Sky 1 starts the ball-rolling on Thursday 12th, at 10pm.

Another repeat, but this time around, completely uncut and uncensored, with digitally remastered prints! :clap: This very short-lived sci-fi/horror show – a measly 9 episodes – follows a team who help people who are suffering from nightmares or dreams that are affecting them, on an intensely emotional level. The team, are able to enter these people's imaginations, and hopefully help solve the underlying problems. For once, this NBC-made drama, doesn't hold back from dealing with mature topics in a mature fashion, There are occasional scenes of quite disturbing violence, gore and some sexual material too, but it's never exploitative or dropped-in to pad-out the episode's running time. Enjoy one of the most under-rated US shows in recent years, as ITV4 air the show, the way it was meant to be seen: uncut, uncensored, and in remastered prints! (Unlike the Sci-Fi channel transmissions from a few years back!). Starts Thursday 12th at 10:30pm. N.B. There is a UK DVD release of the show, but not all the episodes are included, and the ones that are, are not placed in the correct order, highlighting large inconsistencies in the character development, and story arcs. Also, the prints are appalling. Avoid it, and record the TV broadcasts instead! Your wallet will thank you for doing so. :)

NEW: Night-Stalker
Well, they tried to re-invent one of the most famous Cult TV shows of all time, and it has bombed big-time. I have no details as to who's in it other than Stuart Townsend, or the number of episodes, but this may be your only chance to see how bad the 2005 remake really is. Bravo, every Friday night at 10pm.

NEW: Masters Of Horror
Remember when TV could do really stunning drama shows like “Tales Of The Unexpected”, “Thriller”, “Hammer House Of Horror” and their ilk? Shows that you could watch week-in, week-out, never have the same storyline, and never meet the same character more than once? Well, this time, it's back! “Masters Of Horror” takes some of the finest names in horror, and got them to write, produce and direct hour-long dramas, with no restrictions on what could or could not be undertaken. Thus, we have one of the most innovative genre shows for a long, long time. John Landis, Clive Barker, Stuart Gordon, George A Romero, Tobe Hooper, Dario Argento and many, many more offer up 13 tales of the macabre, to tantilise, terrorise and taunt us. And, even though the show has only just aired in the USA, it's now coming to the UK, courtesy of Bravo! :clap: Episodes air each Friday at 11pm, uncut and uncensored,. So be prepared for plenty of gore, graphic violence, strong language and macabre humour, that renders each show totally unsuitable for anyone other than over-18's, starting on Friday 13th January. :D

Well, that's all the shows starting this week. For the rest of January, (and part of February, too!), you have the following to look forward to. (Details correct at the time of writing, but are subsequent to change.) Thanks to Battle, for his information, on this part of my update:

Prison Break
New US drama about a man who breaks into a prison, to help a friend to break-out. Very controversial, and highly-recommended, Starts on Five on 24th January, Monday nights, at 9pm, with the two-hour Pilot Episode, then changing to Mondays at 10pm..

MIT: Medical Investigation
It's new to Five, (although Sci-Fi Channel audiences can watch it now), and is starting on Monday 16th, at 9pm. Showing in Widescreen, and uncut! “Third Watch” fans should record Episode 17 “Half-Life”, as it is Part 2 of a two-part crossover story, that starts with “Third Watch”, Season 6, Episode 16!

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Season 6 of the original CSI series, starts on Monday 31st January on Five at 9pm!

Desperate Housewives
Season 2 of the story of the ladies (and gents) of Wysteria Lane, return to Channel 4 and E4, from Wednesday 18th, at 10pm, with the next episode showing straight-afterwards on E4 at 11pm, complete with logos a-plenty! :D
If you're still following the Halliwell Sisters, then Season 8 will be what you want to watch. The show started last-night, 5th Jan, but I'm sure they will repeat the first episode again, soon. Go to LivingTV, at 8pm, to see their latest adventures.

Season 12 – wow – starts with the conclusion to Season 11, involving Sam and Kovac hunting for Sam's missing son, who's gone AWOL. E4 fans can watch the show days prior to terrestrial fans, but it's not worth it, with all the naff DOG's that E4 use. Stick to the clean, DOG-free Channel 4 broadcasts instead, from Monday 9th January, at 9pm.

House MD
Dr Gregory House is back, and Five get the UK premiere of Season 2, beating off the competition from Hallmark (who will air it later in the year)! Every Thursday at 10pm on Five.

Eleventh Hour
No details on this show, but it sounds like it could be another lame British show, that ITV1 does so well, (or should that be “badly”) from Thursday 19th, at 10pm.

The Naval team are back, with the start of Season 3, on FX on Friday 13th, at 9pm, with the first two episodes airing back-to-back. Worth watching if you enjoy “JAG” and/or “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, but concentrating more on the entertainment factor, than the serious forensic science side of things.

CSI: New York
Season 2 makes its UK debut, and one of the main characters makes a hasty departure. :eek: I'm not giving any hints whatsoever, but it's a shocker! If you want to find out who it is, and why they leave (as well as how), then tune into Five, 9pm each Saturday, from the 4th February 2006.

Malcolm In The Middle
Still following the adventures of this live-action “Simpsons”-style comedy, then catch the start of Season 7 from Sunday 8th January, at 7pm on Sky 1.

Jack's got another big day ahead of him, with another lady helping him out, and even more flack to take from his bosses. Catch the start of Season 5, of the adventures of the man with the best bladder-control I've ever seen, courtesy of Sky 1, from Sunday 5th februart at 9pm, with the first two hours showing in a two-hour special!

Rescue Me
Dennis Leary and Co, return to hack-off more locals, in this hilariously, non-PC adult comedy/drama, that deals with one of the more unusual fire-fighting crews you're likely to see. Season 2 starts on Sunday 26th February at 10pm. Thirteen episodes follow of hilarity and poignancy! :)

Gary Cole, of “Crusade” and “American Gothic” fame, stars in this US drama about an elite team of bounty hunters who are on the hunt for some of the most wanted criminals, and have been given permission to bring them back, alive or dead, and at any cost! Sparks fly from mid-January on ITV4, followed by a subsequent run on ITV1, starting a few weeks later in February. (Probably replacing “Numb3rs” on Wednesday at 9pm on ITV4, and Mondays at 11pm on ITV1!).

If you've been following the iffy scheduling on BBC1, then the final episode from Season 1 airs on Tuesday 10th January at 11:15pm. Unfortunately, it ends on a big, big cliffhanger! :eek: Thankfully, you'll only have to wait a measly 7 days, before Season 2 starts, on BBC1, in the same timeslot! :clap: (Could this be the first for a US show on the BBC – airing Seasons 1 and 2 back-to-back?!)

As you can see, there is literally heaps to watch on TV, which almost makes-up for the lack of stuff over Christmas. My only complaint, is that I'm going to have to miss so much of this, because so many of the shows clash! Even if you have a DVD recorder, a Sky+ box, and a VCR, you'll still find occasions when you'll have to choose between some shows. Damn schedulers! :mad: and :rotfl: One day, it will be possible to record all TV shows, store them all on inch-wide DVD's in Hi-Def quality, and then have them played back to us, by pumping the recordings direct into our brains, at any time of day or night, irrespective of where we are in the world! Until then, I guess we'll have to make do with what we do have.

Thankfully, that's everything for now. It's 2:11am on the 6th January, and I can finally go to bed! :thumbsup: Happy Viewing, and let me have feedback, in this thread, about what you do or don't like! Until next, time, take care all!



Novice Member
Some good stuff there, thanks Pooch:)

I've said it elsewhere but for a fan of genre telly especially US imports it's almost a golden age with so many channels even FTA ones realising that people want to watch TV from across the pond.

Surface, surprised but pleased it's been a given a full season :)

Just a shame some of the shows are going to be on DOG infested 4:3 channels but that's multichannel TV in the 21st Century.


My sky personal planner is already onto page 3:eek: (and i dont even include the normal terestrial channel shows in my planner)

I see some late nights coming along (strangly there is very little new stuff on on the weekends so im going to end up watching my recorded stuff then)


Active Member
Ah, Philly. Recorded this from Sky (in the middle of the night) because James Denton plays a judge in it. Probably on an old vcr, so will have to re-record it.

Cynthia 7

Hi Pooch,

OMG so many mouth watering programmes to see! I am so grateful you mentioned the final episode of Medium, as I would have missed that; I assumed it had finished and I would have to wait for ages to see the next series. Now I see it's only another week, that's unheard of! So welcome, I really enjoy that programme; I am impervious to my surroundings when that's on.

Great news that House starts again, another fav of mine. I want to watch Sleepwalkers too and Bones, just wish programme planners would look at other channel schedules and adjust their's according to my wishes! Masters of Horrors also is a must. I could go on and on, you've sorted out the wheat from the chaff excellently.

Fortunately I bought a desk diary which wasn't needed by a family member so I think that will have to be my tv diary. It's the only way to keep tabs on favourite programmes. I know you have a good system too. Radio Times sometimes blinds me to what's essential viewing. At least we all have you to guide us thankfully. Probably most of the viewers of the Television Programmes and DVDs Forum look like zombies, all red eyed and staring into space!

Thanks a lot Pooch, January's going to be a good month. Icon for clapping hands has to be imagined.


Distinguished Member

LoveMonkey: If you've watched "Numb3rs" on ITV3, then the last episode shown was Season 1, Episode 12. This is the same episode that airs TONIGHT on ITV1 at 11pm. The final episode will air on Wednesday on ITV3, then repeated on ITV1, next Monday night. Season 2 has already finished in the USA, and is likely to start in September 2006, on ITV3 and ITV1 accordingly! :)

Cynthia: Thanks, as usual, for your pleasant comments! Glad I can be of help in sorting the wheat from the chaff, so to speak! :D (Oh, if you want to type a clapping hands symbol, just press:

colon, then enter the word "clap", then a second colon, with no gaps or spaces.

It will then turn into this... :clap:



PoochJD said:

LoveMonkey: If you've watched "Numb3rs" on ITV3, then the last episode shown was Season 1, Episode 12. This is the same episode that airs TONIGHT on ITV1 at 11pm. The final episode will air on Wednesday on ITV3, then repeated on ITV1, next Monday night. Season 2 has already finished in the USA, and is likely to start in September 2006, on ITV3 and ITV1 accordingly!


I actually think the last episode (man hunt) was shown last week on ITV3 - tonights episode (noisy edge) on ITV1 is the second from last episode with the last episode being shown next week on ITV1 - I think ITV3 has always been a couple of weeks ahead of the ITV1 showing.


Active Member
oh wow so much to watch so little time.
Thank god for +1s and endless repeats. (never thought I'd hear myself say that.)


Fordy said:
oh wow so much to watch so little time.
Thank god for +1s and endless repeats. (never thought I'd hear myself say that.)

Exactly what i was thinking (while watching the new Smallville on E4+1, after watching Third Watch & Surface and recording Life on Mars and before watching Numb3rs - and thats just one day )


Active Member
Just noticed the following. I have had my eye on the box set but still too expensive.

DRAMA: Reilly: Ace of Spies
Channel: ITV3 10 / 119
Date: Wednesday 18th January 2006
Time: 21:00 to 22:45 (starting in 8 days)
Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes.
An Affair With a Married Woman.
Dramatisation of the life of the world's most notorious spy. It is 1901, and Sigmund Rosenblum is on a mission in the Russian Empire. After obtaining information about oil exploration, he escapes arrest by the Frontier Police and travels to London. There, he avenges the murder of a friend killed in connection with the esponiage information garnered in Russia, and later marries a rich young widow. He changes his name to Sidney Reilly, and gets posted with his wife to Port Arthur in the Far East.
Starring: Sam Neill, Michael Bryant
(New Series, Widescreen)

Excerpt taken from DigiGuide - the world's best TV guide available from
Copyright GipsyMedia Ltd.

Cynthia 7

Thank you for that Barbara. That series was always a favourite of mine; I've always fancied Sam Neill and his acting is beautifully restrained.

Can't remember seeing that one before, I certainly won't miss it!


Active Member
Battle said:
Exactly what i was thinking (while watching the new Smallville on E4+1, after watching Third Watch & Surface and recording Life on Mars and before watching Numb3rs - and thats just one day )

Numbers has now finished hasn't it? Or are they showing the second series straight after the first like with Medium?


Nick25 said:
Numbers has now finished hasn't it? Or are they showing the second series straight after the first like with Medium?

I think numb3rs is being replaced with Wanted (Staring Gary Cole) but dont quote me on it.


PoochJD said:
Third Watch – 7:00-8:00pm
Finally! UK fans who have been so utterly screwed-about by Channel 4’s abominable transmission of this brilliant US drama, dealing with all three emergency services – Fire, Police and Ambulance – can relax, as FX have brought the rights to air Seasons 1-4. (Five and six are likely to follow, by the end of the year!) This is the first chance, that UK viewers will be able to see the show uncut and uncensored, as well as in the correct, chronological order! If you’ve never seen it, then I can’t recommend it highly enough! A truly outstanding blend of drama, comedy and action, amongst the members of the Third Watch (the crews who work the 2pm-10pm shift) at the 55th Precinct in New York. Airing every weekday evening, at 7pm only, with (potentially) edited weekend repeats on Saturdays and Sundays, during the daytime. Check out the opening five minutes of the Pilot Episode “Welcome To Camelot”, as it sets the scene and tone of the show beautifully. (FX270).

Tonights episode certainly was not uncut - at least two cuts that i saw, one when Carlos declared the baby alive and one when Bosco (should have) had a go at the guy on top of the car.


Distinguished Member

I too, noticed the censorship cuts. There was also a third cut, when the black man who was smashing-up his wife's car, was being cuffed by Ty Davis. The man calls Ty a "House _____ (racial slur)", and this was cut. I am going to get in touch with FX, and see what they have to say, especially as their run of the episodes so far, have all been uncut, and presented well, with correctly-placed ad breaks, and leaving the end credits intact and not brutalised with some dumb idiot voiceover.

You can contact FX, by visiting their website: and then go to the Contact Us section. You only get 300 characters to explain your comment/query, but ask them to contact you back to discuss the issue. This should then get a response. :)

This is what I wrote: Thank you for showing 3RD WATCH at a decent time of day. However, I am angry that you have cut Season 1, Episode 7 (which aired on 10th Jan 2006). I was hoping that FX would air this show completely uncut. Please contact me to discuss this issue. Thanks.



Distinguished Member
Hi All,

At the end of last year, I announced to you all, that I wouldn’t be able to do weekly TV updates anymore, and that I would be restricting them, to just one a month. Well, that’s kind of changed… :eek: Basically, I will do a big update each month, for the forthcoming month, e.g. make a post towards the end of Jan, covering February; then one towards the end of Feb covering March, etc, etc. But, in addition to these monthly updates, I’ll also do additional updates as-and-when I can, if I feel there’s any additional info I feel is worth mentioning

As such, you’ll find that I may do two or three updates a month, but these additional ones will usually not be as detailed as the main monthly one. (At least, they aren’t meant to be, but you know I’ve all got verbal diarrhea, so… :D ) I hope that makes sense. :)

One final note: it seems that we are getting yet more US imports this week. It’s almost overkill! And I didn’t think I’d ever say that, but there’s so much good stuff being aired, that it seems that the numerous weekly repeats and +1 channels are really going to come into heavy use! I suspect that – like me – your VCR’s, Sky+ boxes and DVD Recorders will all be working overtime! :eek: It’s a shame that some of these new shows aren’t spread out more, throughout the year, rather than the current scenario we find ourselves in, with a new import show airing almost every day!

Well, this is technically my third update, in three weeks, so you can see that I’ve already broken my own promise to you, but what the heck. ::D Here goes for another update! Enjoy! :)

Saturday 14th:
NEW: Surface – 4:10-5:00pm
Technically, this show started last week on ITV2. However, this is going to be the timeslot it seems, for the main terrestrial broadcast here on ITV1. An odd timeslot for it considering it airs at 9pm on ITV2, and I hope that no censorship cuts will be needed for this afternoon repeat, but this is ITV, so who knows. This is the first of just 12 episodes. (ITV1)

Invasion – 7:10-9:00pm
Repeat of the first two episodes, of this new US import. It’s okay, but not one of the better shows of recent times, in my opinion. (None of the characters seem particularly interesting, and not much seems to happen.) The show will then continue each Sunday night at around 8pm. Repeats on E4 as well. (Channel 4)

NEW: Night Stalker – 9:00-10:00pm
The pilot episode of this very short-lived 2005, US remake of the classic cult TV show, with just seven episodes in total. It was lambasted in the US by the critics and audiences alike, and hence, has been cancelled. Don’t expect too much, but might be worth a quick look if you aren’t watching or recording anything else at the time. (Bravo)

Sunday 15th
NEW: The OC – 2:10-3:10pm
The start of Season 3 for terrestrial viewers, and it seems that there should be no censorship cuts, which is good to know. Also airing at 6pm on E4. (Channel 4)

NEW: Johnny And The Bomb – 5:35-6:15pm
First of a three-part adaption by the BBC, of the classic Terry Pratchett fantasy novel. (BBC1)

NEW: The Cosby Mysteries – 7:10-9:00pm
A new US import, but one that you should probably avoid, as it’s considered so dire, even its cast have tried to disassociate themselves from it. US comedian Bill Cosby was asked to do a mystery series spin-off show, from his hit TV series “The Cosby Show”. Alas, this show was a complete stinker, right from the get-go. Unless you have an undying passion for all things Cosby, stay well clear of this shockingly dire series. (ITV3)

Monday 16th
Due South – 7:00-8:00pm
He’s back on British TV, and I can’t say it’s soon enough! :clap: The brilliantly comic adventures of a Canadian Mountie (played by actor Paul Gross) who is forced to travel to Chicago to unravel the murder of his father, is written and directed so well, everyone should see it. Tonight sees Part 1 of the two-part Pilot Episode. Quirky, original, and a gem in the schedules. ITV3 airs the show each weekday at 7pm, starting tonight, but the episodes are also repeated the following day at 6am and (approximately) 3:30pm as well, giving you three chances to see it. So don’t panic if you miss a 7pm show, because you’ll still get the chance to catch-up with the adventures, the next day. All episodes from all 3 seasons are being aired back-to-back, and all are uncut versions as well! :clap: If you’ve never seen this show, you must watch it, and even if you have seen the show before, enjoy the adventures all over again. Highly recommended! (ITV3)

NEW: Medical Investigation – 9:00-10:00pm
Well, astoundingly, you can watch this same show in two ways: either once a week on Five, or daily on the Sci-Fi Channel (at 11am and repeated at 5pm weekdays). However, Sci-Fi are showing all the episodes, daily, but not in Widescreen, whilst the version Five airs will be in Widescreen, but they are starting with Episode 10, and only appear to be airing 5 episodes in total! :confused: If I can find out more, I’ll post the info here. A fun show, if kind of pointless, about a team of forensic scientists and medical staff who have to focus on the unknown and unexplained diseases that crop up all over the USA. The show only lasted one season (22 episodes), so enjoy it now. “Third Watch” fans should make certain they record Episode 17 of this show (“Half Life”), as it is the conclusion of a special two-part crossover story from “Third Watch’s” Season 6, Episode 16 (entitled “In The Family Way”)! :lesson:

Law And Order – 9:00-10:00 / 10:00-11:00pm
At some point this week, Hallmark are returning right back to the very, very beginning of the acclaimed legal drama, with Season 1, Episode 1. As most of us will not have seen the earlier series’, it will be interesting to view these early episodes from 1990, with stars like George Dzundza, Chris Noth, Michael Moriarty, Richard Brooks, and Dann Florek, and compare them to the modern episodes. Double-bills each weeknight between 9-11pm, except on Friday, when the double bill airs between 11pm and 1am instead. See how this landmark show began. (Hallmark)

NEW: Law And Order: Trial By Jury – 9:00-10:00pm
The third spin-off show from the makers of the longest running crime drama in the world, gets its debut on ITV3! Sadly, the spin-off didn’t last too long. A measly 13 episodes were made, with the final episode still not aired in the USA. As such, ITV3 are only going to be able to show the first 12 episodes, leaving UK viewers a little bit in the lurch. Very frustrating! :mad: Bebe Neuwirth (previously seen as Frasier’s icy wife Lillith in “Cheers”), Amy Carlson (previously known to “Third Watch” fans as Firefighter and paramedic Alex Taylor), Fred Dalton Thompson (Herman Munster from “The Munsters”) and Kirk Acevedo (prisoner Miguel Alvarez in “Oz”) all star as the team of lawyers trying to solve crimes in the US courts. (ITV3)

Autopsy:Life And Death – 11:05pm-12:05am
The man the Daily Mail love to hate, returns to our TV screens. Dr Gunther von Hagens is back with a new five-part show, looking at how our body copes with diseases and death. As this will include the dissection of more human corpses, expect plenty of graphic medical footage, and for the right-wingers to get their knickers in a twist all over again. Airs each night, at approximately the same time, for the rest of this week. (Channel 4)

Tuesday 17th
ER – 12:40-1:30pm
Start of a repeat lunchtime run of Season 9. (Channel 4 has just started airing Season 12!) Expect some heavy editing, to remove graphic medical footage, violence, and some bad language. (Channel 4)

NEW: Over There – 10:00-11:00pm
Another new US show, and another one that’s been cancelled already, after just one season. Steven Bochco, the man behind “NYPD Blue”, “Philly”, and “Brooklyn South” returns with a new drama, as we follow a team of US soldiers in Iraq, as they struggle to make sense of who they are, what they’re doing, and why they’re fighting in a war seen by many as frivolous and false. Controversial it most certainly is, but in the USA, viewers didn’t like the idea of the unpatriotic portrayal of the soldiers, nor the explicit and gory violence that was depicted. So, in 13 weeks, this show will disappear into TV history, never to be seen again. The show contains violence, gore and strong language. (Sky 1)

NEW: Wanted – 10:00-11:00pm
The onslaught of imported shows continues, with another 13-episode hit from the USA. Gary Cole, (who was previously seen as Sheriff Lucas Buck in “American Gothic”, and as Captain Matthew Gideon in “Crusade”), plays Lieutenant Conrad Rose, the leader of a team of bounty hunters. Their sole task is to capture the US’s most wanted criminals… in any way they can, fair or foul! :eek: A big hit, Stateside, and hopefully a big hit over here as well. No repeats, but it is due on ITV1 in the next month at most. Viewers may therefore wish to wait, and watch it, sans DOG’s! :) (ITV4)

NEW: Medium – 11:35pm-12:20am
The start of Season 2 tonight, with the conclusion to last week’s Season 1 finale. If you’ve been enjoying this show, then keep the next 22 weeks worth of Tuesday nights free. (BBC1)

Wednesday 18th
NEW: Desperate Housewives – 10:00-11:05pm
Wysteria Lane beckons us again, as we start Season 2, and find Bree, Susan, Lynette, Gabrielle and Edie still untangling the mystery of their friend’s death, and their neighbour, Mike Delfino. Quirky and absorbing comedy/drama. (Channel 4)

Thursday 19th
FILM: Tracker (12) – 3:30-5:30pm
The Pilot Movie of this short-lived US sci-fi series, starring Adrian “Highlander” Paul. Officer Cole, (Paul), hunts down alien beings who inhabit human bodies, and his first mission sees him trying to capture a courier who has been taken hostage by the US government. Showing uncut, and in the original 4:3 format. Contains some mild bad language, and occasional action violence. (Five)

NEW: Eleventh Hour – 9:00-10:30pm
An ITV1 drama that actually looks relatively intelligent and worth watching! :eek: That’s got to be worth a recommendation alone! From acclaimed writer/producer Stephen Gallagher, (“Chimera” and “The Last Train”), comes this futuristic thriller. Patrick Stewart stars as a Physics professor who investigates disasters, alongside his colleague and bodyguard Ashley Jensen (from “Extras”). Tonight is episode one of four. If the show is as good as the preview trailers I’ve seen, then ITV might finally have a real hit on their hands! And boy, do they need a hit badly! :D Contains some violence. (ITV1)

NEW: The Closer – 9:00-10:00pm
After the disastrous start last year on Channel 4, and its subsequent dropping from the TV schedules, the show returns. This time, we go back to the beginning of Season 1, and watch all 13 episodes play out, as they were meant to be originally. Although this is ultimately another police drama, there are some excellent episodes that lie ahead, and if you can stomach Kyra Sedgwick’s southern accent for long enough, then you will probably enjoy this show. Certainly not the best show on the box right now, but it’s not bad either. (E4)

NEW: House MD – 10:00-11:00pm
Dr Gregory House, medical wonder, and all-round complete b_st_rd, returns for the start of Season 2. Hugh Laurie plays House so well, that despite his complete meanness towards his colleagues, you almost can’t help but like him. After a Death Row prisoner collapses and suffers hallucinations, House demands that he be given the man to treat, as a test-case. However, with the man about to be given the lethal injection within the hour, the staff are forced to ask themselves if it’s right for House to try and save a man who is going to die anyway. Ethics and heat from both the prison warden and Dr Cuddy, soon start to take their toll on House. But they soon realise, that House has other plans… If you like “ER”, you should love this show too. (Five)

Friday 13th
Lost – 9:00-10:00pm
Were you one of the many people who gave up after the first couple of episodes, because you felt it didn’t go anywhere? Did you miss any of the episodes? Want to see if you can get deeper into the mystery of the island, and its inhabitants? Think you’ve solved the puzzles? Well, here’s another chance to see this excellent, if leisurely-paced US show, right from the very beginning, with Season 1, Episode 1. (E4)

The Shield – 11:05pm-12:05am
Season 1 continues from the recent all-night marathon, on a weekly basis, with Episode 7. Vic blackmails a fellow police officer in order to stop the officer from filing corruption charges, which would threaten Mackey and the rest of his squad. (Five)

Well, if that little lot, and the list posted last week don’t offer something for you to enjoy, then I may as well hang-up my Updating Hat permanently! :D Despite all the new shows, and new seasons of favourite shows starting, we’ve still got more to look forward to in the next two or three weeks! If you’re anything like me, then I’m sure you’re already stockpiling blank videotapes and blank DVD’s, because of the onslaught of shows you’re trying to watch/follow.

And on that excellent note, here ends another – rather longer than I had intended – January update. Until next time… or possibly next week, Happy TV Viewing! :)



Active Member

I doff my cap also :smashin:

And you spotted my deliberate mistake when I said Surface was on Sunday, not Saturday, lol.

For anyone who's interested, Medical Investigation is quite entertaining - I watched all 22 episodes when it first aired on Sci-Fi. It co-stars Chris Gorham, who was famous for 15 minutes as Jake 2.0.



Ian182 said:

I doff my cap also :smashin:

And you spotted my deliberate mistake when I said Surface was on Sunday, not Saturday, lol.

For anyone who's interested, Medical Investigation is quite entertaining - I watched all 22 episodes when it first aired on Sci-Fi. It co-stars Chris Gorham, who was famous for 15 minutes as Jake 2.0.


It is on Sunday as well on ITV 2 at around 5pm, I believe, although check the schedules for exact times.:thumbsup:


Well-known Member
PoochJD said:
I know it’s considered to be as cheesy as hell, and more than a little bit sexist, but UK Gold are airing the very first Season, and the Pilot Movie of this 1990’s TV drama. Here we meet David Hasslehoff, Erika Eleniak, Peter Phelps, Shawn Weatherly and Billy Warlock, as the main lifeguard crew on the LA beachline. This is before the stories got totally devoid of all credibility, and became nothing more than soft porn for teenage boys. Starts on Saturday 7th, at 9am, with a late-night repeat, the same night. Then the show moves to a weekday transmission, at approximately 5pm, with a Midnight repeat. Season 1 isn’t too bad, but avoid the remaining 10, because they get very bad, very quickly! :eek:

Cool, just watching the Series on UK Gold now :cool: Forgot what a babe Erika was back then, and probably why I was hooked on it as a teen :D

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