New TV Viewing For August/September 2006!


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Hi God… i mean Pooch:D

When's NYPD Blue back?

And Im looking for a show called Brotherhood starring Jason Issacs, its had good reviews in the states and sounds pretty good.


Brotherhood, a Showtime original series, follows the lives of two brothers in the Providence, Rhode Island Irish-American neighborhood known as “The Hill”. The blue-collar neighborhood has roots in old-world ways of street justice and shady dealings. Tommy Caffee (Jason Clarke) is a family man and local politician who is out to protect the community and its best interests. His world is turned around when his gangster brother Mike (Jason Isaacs) returns to “The Hill” to regain control of the seedy underworld.

Sounds great to me. Any idea when this might show over here?



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Thanks Barbara, I only watch FX when NCIS is on.

I'll keep an eye out.


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Brotherhood begins 9th october iirc

It does indeed. According to digiguide it is repeated on 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th at the same time, and on FX2 on a two hour delay, so no excuse for missing it!

DRAMA: Brotherhood
On: FX (179)
Date: Monday 9th October 2006 (starting in 13 days)
Time: 23:00 to 00:05 (1 hour and 5 minutes long)

Mark 8:36.
Notorious east coast gangster Michael Caffee, long thought dead, returns home to stake his claim in the Providence underworld, a move that threatens to undermine his brother's credibility in the state parliament. Season 1, episode 1.
(New Series, Premiere)

Starring: Jason Isaacs

Excerpt taken from DigiGuide - the world's best TV guide available from

Copyright (c) GipsyMedia Limited.


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Hi Folks,

NYPD Blue returns to More4 in mid-October, the 12th I think. More details, as soon as I get them. :)



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Pooch sorry if i missed it anywhere but can you update me on the two new C5 channels? Satellite or freeview and what will be on them.



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Hi Idoexist,

Copied the following, from a post I made back in mid-July 2006, for you. ;)

Five's new spin-off satellite TV channel "Five US" will launch later this year, probably in September or October! The bonus good news, is that not only will Five be able to show older US dramas from their own catalogue of material (e.g. Law And Order, CSI, The Shield, et al), but they will also air new episodes of these shows a month or two prior to them being given their terrestrial premiere on Five. On top of this, Five have also garnered the rights to air all three of the current "CSI" shows, plus all previous episodes, on the new channel!

Thanks to Digital Spy, for the following Sky channel information. All of the following are due to start broadcasting via Sky, in the next 6 months:

Five US (See TV News above!)
Five Life (Daytime channel, with female-friendly output, e.g. like LivingTV)
Horse And Country TV (I kid you not!)
Milton Keynes TV (Seriously, this channel isn't an April Fools Day joke either!)

The following New Channels have all been given provisional licences to start transmitting in the UK, via Sky. However, no dates have been confirmed.yet. These channels, categorised by the type of material they will genearlly be airing, will include:

General Entertainment Channels
- [email protected]
- Luxury Channel
- Trends TV
- Iqra Television
- Gag TV.
- Zippo TV
- Wedding TV
- Winstar from Harmony TV Limited
- The America Channel
- Big Brother TV(from Channel 4, an additional subscription channel)
- 4US(Unofficial name for forthcoming Channel 4 service to showcase American series)
- The Drama Channel (from Chart Show TV)
- Mystery Channel
- Black Heritage TV (Afro-Caribbean material and shows)
- Paranormal Channel (Miscellaneous ghostly shows, both real and fictional)

Movie Channels
- Film24 (already launched!)
- Select Kino (German movies, and German language material with English subs!)
- World Cinema Channel (possibly to be renamed CineMundi)

Factual / Documentary
- Discovery Factual
- Discovery Lifestyle
- Military History Channel
- The History Channel HD (16:9 Hi-Def compatible version of the History Channel)

- Sky Sports HD 2 (Hi-Def version of SS2)
- Sky Sports 4
- NFL Network (American Football channel, and other US sports material)
- Setanta Sports 3
- NASN 2
- Setanta Extra
- ESPN Europe

Niche Channels
- Print, Publishing & Media Channel
- The Spiritualist Channel
- Information TV 3
- Equine TV
- The Pet Channel
- The Business Channel

- Fashion Music TV
- Freshi (Reggae music)
- U-Rock Trace TV (Urban music)

- Honey TV
- Friendly TV Xtra
- Play Girl TV (Adult material aimed at women, for women!)
- Pink TV
- The Queer Channel
- Touch TV
- Bang TV
- Fantasy (Probably a relaunching of The Fantasy Channel, or an off-shot)
- Kama Sutra



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Interesting stuff about new Sky channels, but what about the future of Freeview, anything new coming out for us tight bastards? ;)

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