New TV Viewing For August/September 2006!


Thanks to everyone for the updates and news.

PMC - Yes, it is "The Tripods" that Sci-Fi have bought the rights too, and will start airing before the end of this month! :clap:

Ragnar - Thanks for the info, as I'm really enjoying the show. Much better than it sounded originally! :)

Thanks Pooch for the further update.

I was excited to see "La Belle et la Bete" was being shown, and will certainly see it. I last saw that, aged 17, at "The Everyman" cinema in Hampstead, where they showed foreign films. I used to be madly in love with Jean Marais, not knowing that he was Cocteau's lover, so innocent in those days! There was one film where Jean Marais used to wear black leather on a motorbike; I don't know if he was meant to be Death; I vaguely remember people died when he had appeared. Any ideas on this?
PoochJD said:

PMC - Yes, it is "The Tripods" that Sci-Fi have bought the rights too, and will start airing before the end of this month! :clap:


I have very fond memories of The Tripods. I remember it well from its original broadcast, and how disgusted I was when it was announced they would not be completing the storyline with a third season.

I have the official DVD of season1, and a VCD set of season 2 which I bought mainly so my daughter could find out what I was talking about when I tried to describe it to her.

BTW Regarding Nero Wolfe - Wolfe Goes Out (last Sunday) was a combination of Door To Death and Christmas Party, and Wolfe Stays In (today) was a combination of Eeny Meeny Murder Moe and Disguise For Murder. The joins are fairly seamless, and my collection of episodes is expanding at an irregular rate.
One thing: the show frequently uses the term “Unsub”. Although it was explained, I kept forgetting what it meant. It’s actually shorthand for “Unknown Subject”
Thanks Pooch, thats been driving me nuts for ages :smashin:
I remember reading The Tripods books before shortly before the TV series came out. I must have been about 8 or 9 at the time so they were very scary :eek:. Brings back good memories, I'm looking forward to seeing this again.

Thanks ever so much for the "Nero Wolfe" info. Most helpful. :) And thanks to everyone else, for their responses, and queries.

Cynthia - I'll get back in touch with you shortly, okay, regarding both this query, and an e-mail you sent me a week or two ago, regarding those vitamin tablets. :)

Hello, TV Fans,

And welcome back to another TV Update! It’s now September, and the new Autumn TV schedules are beginning to kick-in. Obviously, this means plenty of good new shows to keep you all entertained, along with the return of some old favourites too. Anyway, enough of my waffling, as it’s a busy, and packed week! Let’s get this show on the road! :rotfl:

Saturday 9th September
Chaplin Day – 2:00-6:20pm
Another afternoon devoted to the master of silent comedy, Charlie Chaplin, including film shorts, documentaries and interviews with friends and family. (Artsworld)

NCIS Double-bill – 7:25-9:20pm
Episodes four and five of the drama/adventure show, set in the world of the Navy Criminal Investigation Service. (Five)

Law And Order: Criminal Intent – 9:00-10:00pm
Weekend-only repeat of ALL of Season 4, including the episodes recently deemed unsuitable for an 8pm showing. Episodes will air usually every Saturday and Sunday night, at 9pm, but please check your usual listings guide for exact transmission dates, as – on this occasion – episodes may not be shown on both days. Episode 3 is showing tonight, with a repeat at Midnight. (Hallmark)

FILM: Happy, Texas (12) – 2:25-4:05am
A hilarious comedy, that didn’t get the recognition it truly deserved, upon its UK release! Jeremy Northam and Steve Zahn play escaped prison convicts Harry and Wayne, who – whilst on their escape – are mistaken for a pair of gay beauty contest judges due to take place in the small Texan town of Happy! Keen not to risk being sent back to prison, they reluctantly throw themselves into their roles, not realising just how big a con they are going to have to pull, to convince the townsfolk that they are who they claim to be. A contest, in which plenty of local folk, happen to also be police officers! It’s surreal, but beautifully written, and more-than-anything-else, genuinely laugh-out-loud funny! Highly Recommended! Some swearing and sexual innuendo, but nothing too dubious for younger viewers. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (Channel 4)

Sunday 10th
How I Met Your Mother – 6:15-7:00pm
Double-bill of the US comedy show, with episodes 17 and 18. Adult viewers should note that episode 19, “Mary The Paralegal”, has been deemed unsuitable for early-evening viewing. However, rather than drop the episode, BBC2 has kindly scheduled it for a late-night showing, at 11:25-11:50pm tonight, uncut and uncensored! Don’t forget it! :lesson: (BBC2)

SCHEDULE CHANGE – My Hero – 6:20-6:50pm
If you’re following the latest run of this comedy, then you may want to be aware that the final episode is showing today, instead of in its usual evening timeslot. (BBC1)

FILM: The Path To 9/11 – 8:00-10:40pm
Part 1 of a 2-part mini-series about the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing, the subsequent September 11th tragedy, and the findings of the 9/11 Commission. What makes this more important than any other “dramatisation” about that extraordinary day is that numerous US actors and actresses who live in (or have familial ties too) New York, are taking part in many of the main roles. Harvey Keitel, Donnie Wahlberg, Amy Madigan, Penny Johnson Jerald, William Sadler, and Art Malik star. Showing uncut and uncensored, the film will contain scenes of violence that are distressing to viewers, and some bad language. Part 2 can be seen tomorrow night. See the Monday night entry for further details. Showing in Widescreen. Highly Recommended. (BBC2)

NEW: I’m With Stupid! – 10:00-10:30pm
First of a new six-part British comedy series, which was piloted earlier in the year, set amongst the world of the disabled. Mark Benton (the annoying bloke from the Nationwide bank adverts), plays Sheldon, a homeless tramp. Disabled actor Paul Henshall plays Paul, a lonely charmer and wheelchair user. Paul offers Sheldon a bed for the night, in Paul’s tiny flat, and the two men become the bane of the other residents lives at Bramble Lodge Sheltered Accommodation, as they cause chaos, and foul-mouthed havoc. What makes the comedy work so well, in my opinion, is that the issue of disability is treated with respect and dignity, and isn’t condescending. It’s a mix of “Bottom” and “The Likely Lads”, and yet, the humour – whilst sometimes quite uncompromising – is also very darkly satirical, and not mean-spirited. I think this is going to become a cult favourite, and I’d recommend it, if you want to see something different, from all the other sitcoms that get shown in the UK. Contains strong language and some occasional hard-hitting humour. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. Also repeated at 2:00am tonight, and throughout the next few days. (BBC3)

NEW: Entourage – 10:00-11:10pm
It’s been a long time coming, since this acquisition was first announced by ITV, but it’s finally arrived. Here are the first two episodes (of just 8) from Season 1. (In the USA, they’re now on Season 3!) The show follows the day-to-day antics of a young Hollywood actor, (Vince Chase, played by Adrian Grenier), as he strives to get a meaty role, that will set him up for his intended career. But the problems don’t just come along, in the form of misanthropic casting agents, and back-stabbing TV executives. Nope, he also has his entourage: old friends who try to help him get to where he wants to be, but end-up simply being hangers-on. Unusually, this is an HBO show! What you get, therefore, are 30-35 minutes (per episode) of acerbic, biting and raw humour about the industry that is Hollywood, peppered with plenty of real-life cameos. You should also expect a fair amount of strong language as well, hence the late-evening scheduling! Showing uncut and uncensored, and in Widescreen. Several repeats air, as follows: tonight, at 12:40-1:50am; late on Tuesday night between 12:15-1:25am, and again on Thursday evening at 10:00-11:10pm. Plenty of opportunities to see what the US media has been raving over! Episodes will then continue each Sunday evening, at the same time. :) Analogue terrestrial fans, don’t despair. “Entourage” is due to air on ITV1, early in the New Year. (ITV2)

How I Met Your Mother – 11:25-11:50pm
Uncut showing of episode 19, which deals with Robin taking her fellow newscaster, Sandy, to an awards show, but as her “date” for the evening. With Ted also in attendance at the evening, Barney decides that Ted mustn’t be seen to be flying solo. So, he hires Ted a prostitute, to act as his companion! As you’d expect, things, don’t quite go the way they should! (BBC2)

Monday 11th
NEW: Headland – 7:30-8:00pm
All-new Australian soap, set in a southern coastal town, from the makers of “Home And Away”. The town’s residents are still reeling from the brutal car accident that almost killed a youth counsellor, when his youthful replacement arrives on scene, causing heads to turn, and painful wounds to be reopened. The only man who can offer up the truth, is stuck in a coma, but the new counsellor finds that not all of his students are willing to give him the chance to work for them, and with them. If you like soaps in general, or any Australian teen-dramas like “Heartbreak High”, then this will be another show you’ll end-up devoting years of your life too. For everyone else, the best bet is to steer clear! :D Episodes air only once a day, every weekday at 7:30pm only. (E4)

FILM: The Path To 9/11 – 8:30-10:30pm
Part 2 of the 2-part mini-series about the World Trade Centre bombings, and the findings of the 9/11 Commission. Showing uncut and uncensored, the film will contain scenes of violence that are distressing to viewers, and some bad language. Showing in Widescreen. Highly Recommended. (BBC2)

FILM: A Few Good Men (15) – 9:00-11:35pm
The man behind “The West Wing”, Aaron Sorkin, created an award-winning play, that subsequently became an award-winning film. Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore, along with Kevin Bacon, Keifer Sutherland, Kevin Pollack and JT Walsh, star in this powerhouse drama about a military commander who is accused of the mistreatment of marines under his command. A wet-behind-the-ears Navy lawyer (Cruise) is assigned to the prosecution’s case, alongside a by-the-book Lieutenant Commander (Moore) and her assistant (Pollack), but is forced to play hardball, when the accused withholds key evidence from him. :eek: Absolutely amazing film, that will keep you on tenterhooks, right to the very end, with crackling dialogue that only someone of the mind of Sorkin, could commit to film! On top of this, there’s a scene-stealing performance from Nicholson, too, which is one of his finest ever! The final twenty minutes, is just… Wow, doesn’t even begin to describe it! Highly Recommended, even if you’ve seen the film several times before. Pretty much perfect film drama! Showing uncut and uncensored, and in Widescreen. Contains some occasional violence, themes of a mature nature, and brief use of strong language. (Five)

FILM: Ping Pong (12) – 11:00pm-12:55am
Modern-day Japanese drama about two childhood friends who end-up competing against one another in a national table-tennis championship. Like many other Asian films, this sounds very strange, but it’s a great little drama about childhood relationships, and how they can be tested by even the smallest of things, as you grow older. Some incredible table-tennis sequences, that give the sport the same entertainment value as the action scenes in “The Matrix”! Recommended for fans of World Cinema and sports dramas. Contains some bad language. Showing uncut, and in Widescreen. In Japanese, with English Subtitles. An hour-long documentary about the world of table-tennis, follows straight after the film’s end. (BBC4)

NEW: Film 2006 – 11:05-11:35pm
It’s still being put in a stupid time-slot, but Jonathan Ross is back hosting the only regular show discussing cinema on the main BBC channels. (BBC1)

Tuesday 12th
FILM: Three Colours: Red (15) – 10:00-11:40pm
The stunning conclusion to the acclaimed Polish drama trilogy, from film-maker Krzysztof Kieslowski. Frequently labelled as the best in the set, the story follows a model, (Irene Jacob), who knocks over a dog, which happens to belong to a retired, miserable and nosey ex-Judge (Jean-Louis Trintignant). When the dog is returned to the Judge, the woman discovers that he is spying on some neighbours, and becomes entangled in a mystery that will tear-apart both of their lives. If you’ve not seen the first two parts, shown last week, then make sure you do, as this one wraps up the storylines of the main characters lives’ from both “Blue” and “White”! Occasional use of strong language, some brief violence, and some sexual material. Showing uncut and uncensored, and in Widescreen. In Polish and French, with English Subtitles. (Artsworld)

NEW: Skint! – 10:45-11:15pm (except BBC1 Wales, 11:15-11:45pm)
The start of a second series, of the intelligent and thought-provoking documentary show that looks at the daily emotional struggle of people living on Benefits, whether that is due to long-term ill-health, homelessness, or unemployment. For anyone who lives on Benefit, or who has an opinion about the Benefits System in the UK (and those utilising it), then this is must-see-TV, as it shows you the reality behind the media’s numerous speculations about what the day-to-day life of a Benefit Claimant is like – and it’s notthe cosy life that many claim it is! At the start of this new series, Birmingham “Big Issue” seller Vernon Burgess, (whom we followed in Series 1), as he seeks to find himself accommodation after being made homeless again. Contains frequent strong language, and some distressing scenes. Eye-opening stuff! Highly Recommended. (BBC1)

FILM: The Boys Of Saint Vincent (18) – 11:10pm-3:10am
Lengthy, four-hour drama about the discovery that the young boys at Saint Vincent’s Catholic School, were being sexually molested by the men in charge. What was at first dismissed, as the overactive imagination of pre-pubescent boys, became a world-wide and infamous legal case that set the tone for all future allegations regarding paedophilia and sexual misconduct within the Catholic Church as a whole. A distressing, disturbing film, but one that should be viewed because of the fact that it helped get out into the open, something that had remained hidden for years, and could have ended-up with far worse consequences, had the “story” remained undiscovered. It’s harrowing material, but it acts as a stark warning about the power of the church! Contains occasional uses of strong language, some brief, but strong and uncompromising scenes of paedophilia and male-rape, and material that will distress and upset many viewers. Showing uncut, in the original 4:3 aspect ratio. (True Movies)

Third Watch – 12:55-1:45am
Late-night repeat of the brilliant Season 4 episode “Ladies Day”, that follows the single storyline of Faith and Emily Yokas, who try to mend their disintegrating mother/daughter relationship. When Faith takes a day off from police-work, she decides that her and Emily need a day out together, shopping, eating and bonding. But the day turns into a nightmare for both when the two women arrive at the local bank, which then becomes the target for a vicious robbery, and descends into a violent, and bloody hostage situation. :eek: If you haven’t seen the show before, then it’s an hour of excellent US drama, that stands alone very well. If you are following the show from the C4 daytime repeats, then this is a must-see episode, as it elaborates on one of the major storylines. And, lastly, if you tend to dip in and out of the show, then this is one episode that’s really worth your attention, and demonstrates why this show has such a big UK following. Contains some strong scenes of violence, hence the late-night transmission time. (Channel 4)

Wednesday 13th
NEW: Ian Wright’s Supersized Kids – 9:00-10:00pm
Remember how in 2005, chef Jamie Oliver used his programme about school dinners to get the government to change the money it gives schools, and the way it delivers the whole subject of school meals? Well, it seems Ian Wright (and Channel 4) think that they can do the same, in trying to get fat, lazy and ignorant British kids into stopping eating junk food, and exercising more, and thus demonstrating that P.E. is an important aspect of a child’s life at school! Rightly or wrongly, that’s what this show aims to do, in the first of three parts. Will it work? Will it change the government’s future plans for P.E. and exercise in schools? And can the children themselves, find motivation in sports, rather than in front of a TV or games console screen? (Channel 4)

The League Of Gentlemen Christmas Special – 9:00-10:00pm
Exactly what it says on the tin! The controversial, and very grim, hour-long special, has Vicar Bernice has an unforgettably twisted Christmas Eve, as she is forced to listen to spooky Christmas ghost stories. Contains some strong language, and adult material. (BBC4)

The Making Of “The League Of Gentlemen” – 10:00-10:30pm
See how the characters of Royston Vasey come to life, and how each weekly episodes is put together. (BBC4)

FILM: I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle (18) – 10:00pm-Midnight
A Nineties classic horror film, for all the wrong reasons! :rotfl: It’s a bad story, with lame acting, and shockingly explicit special effects, about a young man (Neil Morrissey), who buys a motorbike that not only runs on human blood (!) but also seems partially possessed! On its initial release in England, the movie was considered so offensive by middle-Englander’s, that they wanted this sick and nasty little Brit horror movie banned, and all prints burned, claiming it to be sacrilegious and borderline blasphemous, as well as being in extreme bad taste! Well, make-up your own minds, as the film gets a rare TV showing. Showing uncut and uncensored, (albeit in 4:3 only), with frequent uses of strong language, plenty of gore, and some sexual material too! :thumbsup: Repeated again, one-hour after it concludes, at 1am. (Men And Motors)

Battlestar Galactica – 11:00pm-1:00am
Double-bill of random Season 2 episodes. Not quite sure why these two episodes are being aired, but maybe Sky has its own reasons?! :confused: (Sky 1)

SCHEDULE CHANGE: Sleeper Cell – 11:05pm-2:15am
Nope, that’s not a misprint, I’m afraid! Channel 4 get to infuriate even more British-based US drama fans, by airing the final two episodes (Part 4 – 11:05pm-12:45am, and Part 5 – 12:45-2:15am), of yet another US drama series, back-to-back, in one, gigantic three-hour marathon, in the middle of the week! :rolleyes: Looks like fans of the show will have to set their video/DVD recorders and/or Sky+ boxes accordingly, as the vast majority of the show’s intended audience won’t want to stay up until the early hours of Thursday morning to see how this complex, multi-layered story pans out. One day, the powers that be in C4 HQ will listen to viewers! Oh, and hands-up if you still think that C4 are the best terrestrial channel?! :rotfl: and :mad: Contains explicit violence, and very strong language throughout. (Channel 4)

FILM: The Drug Wars: Camarena (PG) – 12:30-5:30am
The complete, original US mini-series, is being aired once more, in its full, uncut version. At a total duration of 250 minutes (after all the ad breaks are cut out), what you have is a dated, but still fascinating true-life drama, written and produced by Michael “Heat” Mann, in 1989. Based on the real-life Drugs Enforcement Agent, Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, it follows one mans hunt to stop the influx of Cocaine being smuggled into the USA, via the Mexican border. A whole host of famous US stars take a role, in this brilliant, character-based TV movie. Although only a PG certificate, there may be elements and subject matter that may be deemed unsuitable for younger teenagers. (The whole series was originally given a 15 certificate in the UK, but a PG for TV, even though nothing has been cut.) Showing in 3 parts, each of about 80 minutes, one-after-another. :eek: Worth recording and watching at a more convenient time. Be warned, though, that ad-breaks on True Movies, normally last between 7-10 minutes each! (True Movies)

Thursday 14th
Those of you who have been watching or recording the Season 1 repeats on Five, will note that these have now been replaced with all-new Season 1 episodes of “Criminal Minds”. Repeats of “House” Season 1, will continue towards the end of the year, or early in 2007, before the start of Season 3. :)

NEW: Extras – 9:00-9:30pm
Series 2 starts tonight, and – as always – there are some great guest stars, who enter poor Andy and Maggie’s lives, including David Bowie, Orlando Bloom, Sir Ian McKellen and Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe. If you never saw Series 1, you should try to catch this, especially if you have an interest in seeing famous people portraying themselves in a less-than-stellar light. Tonight, Andy finally gets a chance to make something of his life, by writing a classy sitcom, that he hopes will see him meeting the best of British talent. Along the way, though, the BBC has different ideas, and Maggie’s well-meaning intentions go horribly awry – again! :rotfl: Expect some occasional strong language. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (BBC2)

NEW: Low Winter Sun – 9:00-10:25pm
First of a two-part gritty and ultra-violent British drama, about two Edinburgh police officers who kill a fellow officer, after they discover evidence that implies their colleague has committed a heinous criminal act. After murdering him, they dump the body and create a cover-up story regarding the officer’s alleged suicide, an internal investigation begins. The two men have to deal with all the consequences that that entails, both in their work and private lives, whilst trying to keep one step ahead of their friends, who could implicate them at any given moment. The story unrolls at a snails pace, but what keeps it watchable, from the reports I’ve read, is the two lead actors – Mark Strong and Brian McCardle. Part 2 of the story can be seen straightafter on More4 (10:25pm-Midnight), or next Thursday evening at 9:00pm on Channel 4. Contains extremely violent and bloody scenes, very strong language and material of a graphic nature, that may disturb. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (Channel 4)

NEW: That Mitchell And Webb Link – 9:30-10:00pm
Poached from Channel 4, here are modern-day comedy duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb’s askew take on life, society and everyone within! In the first episodes, we get to meet a host of surreal and freaky characters, including the Anxious Nazi, a pair of easily-distracted Snooker commentators, and a mismatched crime-fighting duo. “Green Wing’s” Olivia Colman co-stars, as the trio take-us into their own weird and wonderful selection of comedy sketches. (BBC2)

NEW: Mock The Week – 10:00-10:30pm
The return of the controversial BBC2 comedy quiz show, that was abruptly curtailed in Series 1, due to tragic new events. The risky and occasionally adult show, has host Dara O’Briain ask the teams a set of questions about the weeks news, but also gets them to perform on-the-spot skits, monologues and verbal sparrings. Created by the duo behind the 1980’s quiz show “Whose Line Is It Anyway”, you’ll quickly notice many, many similarities between the two shows. However, what makes this more fun, is that all the jokes and humour has to be topical to the past seven days news! Hugh Dennis and Frankie Boyle are the team-captains. It’s a risk-taking show, and some of the jokes can get very near-the-knuckle at times, but it’s a very funny show, and worth half-an-hour of your Thursday evening. Highly Recommended! Contains occasional strong language and some adult material. (BBC2)

NEW: Japanorama – 11:00-11L30pm
Episode 2 looks at the Japanese cultural phenomenon of “Otaku”. Frequently mistranslated as meaning “nerd” or “geek” in the West, it actually refers to someone who is a devout fan of something, be that a personality, a lifestyle, or a product. Contains some strong language and adult material. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. With English subtitles where applicable. (BBC3)

Friday 15th
NEW: Four Kings – 8:00-8:30pm
All-new US comedy, following four friends who share an apartment in New York. I have no other details, at this time, other than this brief description, for which I apologise. This is the first of just 10 episodes. (LivingTV)

NEW: V: The Series – 8:00-9:00pm
The short-lived US sci-fi series comes to the Sci-Fi Channel, for the first time. Continuing from where the original mini-series ended, we find Donovan and the gang trying to stop more of the Visitors from taking over the Earth. It’s not as good as the original mini-series, but it’s still good sci-fi, and worth your time. This is Episode 1 of 19. (Sci-Fi Channel)

NEW: The Day Of The Triffids – 9:00-10:00pm
A chance to see the this classic BBC sci-fi drama series, that scared the pants off of half the nation’s children, back in the early-1980’s. Based on the John Wyndham novels, the Earth is invaded by mutant plants. Although 25 years old, there’s still a lot of scary material in this, and for that reason alone, it’s worth watching. Tonight, we see episodes one and two, out of six. (Sci-Fi Channel)

FILM: Arena (15) – 10:00-11:55pm
Excellently silly, sci-fi action film, set in the future, where men take on all kinds of intergalactic creatures, in a no-holds-barred deathmatch fighting contest. The film was made back in 1988, and is the first in a very loosely-connected movie trilogy (which followed with “Robot Jox” and “Crash And Burn”). It’s also produced by Charles Band, who created the superb 1985 hit “Trancers”. If you like enjoyable, if daft sci-fi movies, and are willing to forgive certain plot developments, then this is a good fun. If my memory serves, “Babylon 5’s” Claudia Christian co-stars, too. Contains some bad language and occasional and brief scenes of gory violence. (Sci-Fi Channel)

FILM: The Hunt For Red October (PG) – 11:35pm-1:50am
John “Die Hard” McTiernan’s superb adaptation of the Tom Clancy novel, about a Russian submarine that is illegally commandeered by Soviet submariner Marko Ramos (Sean Connery). The problem is not that the submarine is virtually untrackable, but that it has nuclear weaponry on-board, and is heading straight for the USA, but nobody knows quite why! Could World War III be on the cards, or has Ramos got something more personal to avenge? It’s down to Jack Reed (Alec Baldwin) and his comrades to try and stop the unstoppable, and beat the best submariner at his own gam! Just as the novel was, this is a complex, and highly kinetic thriller that rewards your attention and patience. It’s just a shame that although the film is being shown uncut, the film was meant to be shown in 2.35:1. With the BBC only utilising the standard 1.85:1 ratio for this broadcast, some of the Cinemascope photography is badly handled. Contains some violence and bad language, as well as mature subject matter. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (BBC1)

FILM: In The Mood For Love (15) – 11:40pm-1:30am
Wong Kar-Wai’s acclaimed period romantic drama, gets its first terrestrial screening, followed by the premiere of the semi-sequel, “2046”. Set in 1930’s Hong Kong, a journalist and a secretary who both live in the same apartment block, barely know one another. Through a series of events, they learn that their respective spouses are having an affair with one another. Once the couple meet-up to compare notes and evidence, they discover that their relationship develops into the very same thing they decry their partners for. Soon, romance takes its toll on both of them, forcing them to make some dramatic decisions in their lives. A masterpiece of Far Eastern cinema, and winner of numerous awards around the world! Highly Recommended! Contains some bad language. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. In Cantonese and English, with English Subtitles. (Film4)

NEW: The Shield – 11:45pm-1:15am
It’s the Season 5 Finale, and it’s a specially extended, feature-length ending to another fantastic series, of the tough US crime drama. As Mackey and the gang find themselves pushed into a corner, Lem has to decide if he’s willing to take a chance on fleeing the country, (with Vic’s help), or to work with the rest of the Team to tackle Aceveda and Kavanaugh head-on. Meanwhile, Mackey is assaulted by another problem, and is pushed to breaking point, when Danny decides to reveal to everyone who is the real father of her soon-to-be-born baby, and confronts him with the fact that he is 100% the father! As if we could ever doubt it, this is likely to be an explosive Season ending! It’s such a shame that this series was only 11 instead of the usual 13 episodes. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end…! Contains some violence and some strong language. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. Season 6 will start in June 2007! :clap: (Five)

FILM: Videodrome (18) – 1:20-2:50am
Fancy a late-night, thought-provoking horror thriller instead, from Canadian director David Cronenberg, to entertain you into the small hours? If so, then this is one of his best works, from 1983. A film that controversially deals with a subject that still bears as much resonance today, as it did over twenty years ago. When TV Chief Executive Max (James Wood), discovers a television satellite feed, that depicts hardcore sex and violence, he decides that this is just the kind of thing his TV network needs, to gain attention and bigger audiences. More audiences means more advertising, which equals big bucks, and despite not knowing the origin of the satellite transmission, his channel starts to retransmit some of the material. Things go okay at first, but the material takes a viciously nasty turn, when it starts to depict seemingly real torture and sadistic murder of human victims! Cronenberg expertly uses the issue of media violence, to spin a tale that looks at the arrogance of the media companies themselves (and what they pump into our living rooms, for entertainment purposes), but to which they refuse to accept they play a part in the aftereffects (that violence can rape the senses, and potentially affect the viewers). With the recent movie “Hostel” and government bill about owning Violent Pornography, this is a timely warning to both the censorship and anti-censorship sides, about what happens when we start to let media control us, rather than us controlling it! This is the full, original uncut vesion, including the previously excised material, that the BBFC weren’t keen on the British public seeing, until very recently. Contains graphic violence, explicit sexual material, and strong language. Obviously, because of the nature of the film’s subject, there may well be material that some viewers find disturbing. Pop music singer Debbie Harry stars as Max’s wife, who discovers the effect the illicit satellite feed has on her husband’s mental and psychological attitude. (Channel 4)

FILM: 2046 (PG) – 1:30-4:00am
Semi-sequel to “In The Mood For Love”, by Wong Kar-Wai. Set in the far future, the two main characters from the first movie, discover what might have happened if events in the past had taken a different turn. Multi-award winning cinema, from one of China’s greatest moden directors. Highly Recommended! Please note the time-change. Many listings guides say the film ends at 3:30am! It won’t! The film is 129 moinutes long, and with ad-breaks, will run to about 145 minutes. Please be advised, therefore, that I’d recommend setting your recorders to end recording at 4:00am, just to be on the safe side! Cheers! (Film4)

Well, we’ve reached the end once more, of another 7 days of TV, of which there is much to view! Despite the claims by many, that there’s nothing good to watch on TV now, I hope I continually prove you all, that the exact opposite is nearer the truth! As I’ve said before, there’s lots of good stuff on TV, but you just have to look closely to find it. :D

Take care all, and I’ll see you back here, in another week or two, with more recommendations and information of what you can all look forward to on TV. Bye!


According to Digiguide it has moved to Saturday, at least for one week as no more listings are given..... see below. I saw it on Hallmark so have only watched the odd episode on five. I would have thought some of the graphics were unsuitable for a pre-watershed scheduling.

DRAMA: House
On: five (5 / 105)
Date: Saturday 16th September 2006 (starting in 7 days)
Time: 18:10 to 19:00 (50 minutes long)

An anytime alert is set for 15 minutes before the programme starts
Control. Series 1, episode 14.
US hospital drama about a maverick, anti-social New Jersey doctor. House's job is under threat when the new billionaire chairman plans to cut costs.
(Stereo, Repeat, Subtitles, 4 Star)

Starring: Hugh Laurie, Jesse Spencer, Lisa Edelstein

Marked By: 'Reminder: House' and 'Favourite: House' markers
Excerpt taken from DigiGuide - the world's best TV guide available from

Copyright (c) GipsyMedia Limited.
NEW: Grey’s Anatomy – 10:00-11:00pm
A second chance to see the start of Season 2, with the first episode from the latest series. (LivingTV)

any chance of a repeat of this weeks & last weeks or any s2 cause I forgot it was on:oops:
Hi Captain Apollo,

Grey's Anatomy (Season 2) is repeated on Sundays, I believe, but you've probably missed Episode 1. Sorry. :(

Hi Captain Apollo,

Grey's Anatomy (Season 2) is repeated on Sundays, I believe, but you've probably missed Episode 1. Sorry. :(


I was hoping that Living would do one of those mass repeats thing on a sunday afternoon where they show the last 3,4 or 5 eps.

thanks anyway Pooch.

NEW: Japanorama – 11:00-11L30pm
Episode 2 looks at the Japanese cultural phenomenon of “Otaku”. Frequently mistranslated as meaning “nerd” or “geek” in the West, it actually refers to someone who is a devout fan of something, be that a personality, a lifestyle, or a product. Contains some strong language and adult material. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. With English subtitles where applicable. (BBC3)

was this part of Jonathan Ross' Asian Invasion season?

Thanks for the update.

I watched the first episode of Entourage which was not in widescreen (your post indicated it would be). You mentioned it will be shown on ITV1 in the new year - do you expect them to show it in Widescreen? Wondering whether to wait.


Hi Pooch,

Thank you heaps for the latest update, quite a few of them have been stuck on the Planner now, including "In the Mood for Love". That was a very touching film, and I shall certainly watch it again. I'm glad to know the title of this as I have often recalled it but was unable to find out the name.

I hope you've managed to get some holiday this last month as you've kept us well supplied with news, and I know how long that must take. Much appreciated.
Re: Entourage in Widescreen.

I have the DVD's of the first 2 series from the states R1 and am fairly certain that they are 4:3 not widescreen. When I get home I will check - but if this is the case it would imply that widescreen versions do not exist.
Hi Everyone,

Captain Apollo - Living may well do a "block" repeat of the first few episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" (Season 2), but no details yet, that I am aware of. If I find anything out, I'll post it in a TV Update. The "Japanorama" show was not part of JR's "Asian Invasion" series, but a second series of an-all new show, that started in 2005. I have the first series (6 episodes) on VHS somewhere of "Japanorama". The show currently airing on BBC3, is a second series of the same show, looking at even more facets of Japanese and other parts of Asian society.

Warp & User101 - It does appear that "Entourage" was indeed only ever filmed in 4:3 - at least for the first two seasons. As such, my info about the show being aired in Widescreen, was incorrect, and I apologise for this. :eek:ops;

Cynthia - Glad you enjoyed "In The Mood For Love"! :) Both this film, and its sequel, "2046" are airing again, next week on Film4, but over two consecutive nights. And, thanks for your kind comments. :smashin:

hi pooch , do you know if Skint on BBc1 last night will be repeated

Capt A - Skint isn't repeated. If you have Sky, the only chance you get, is by watching the slightly-later scheduling on BBC1 Scotland or BBC1 Wales (Sky EPG numbers 971 and 972, I think), who both air the same episode as the rest of the BBC1 Network, but start it about 20 miutes later. Other than that, no repeats, I'm afraid.

Gordon D - No news yet, but I will do my best to find out for you. :)


Capt A - Skint isn't repeated. If you have Sky, the only chance you get, is by watching the slightly-later scheduling on BBC1 Scotland or BBC1 Wales (Sky EPG numbers 971 and 972, I think), who both air the same episode as the rest of the BBC1 Network, but start it about 20 miutes later. Other than that, no repeats, I'm afraid.

Gordon D - No news yet, but I will do my best to find out for you. :)


Cheers Pooch

btw you shouldn't be called "prominent member" but TV guru:thumbsup:

So how many of you watched "The Day Of The Triffids" last night on Sci-Fi? Originally made in 1981 by the BBC, this was actually a really crrepy and brilliant drama series, that still stands-up to most modern day output from the same channel! :clap:

I was surprised at how shocking the content was, and how tame modern BBC drama is, by comparison. Plenty of uses of the word "bloody", and "god damn" and even a few uses of "Jesus Christ" too! :eek: Plus, the violence was shown in fairly intense scenes, including holliganism, attempted rape and several other scenes, that wouldn't be allowed nowadays - in what was originally made as teatime TV!

Can't wait till next Friday night, for episodes 3 and 4! :clap:


So how many of you watched "The Day Of The Triffids" last night on Sci-Fi? Originally made in 1981 by the BBC, this was actually a really crrepy and brilliant drama series, that still stands-up to most modern day output from the same channel! :clap:

I was surprised at how shocking the content was, and how tame modern BBC drama is, by comparison. Plenty of uses of the word "bloody", and "god damn" and even a few uses of "Jesus Christ" too! :eek: Plus, the violence was shown in fairly intense scenes, including holliganism, attempted rape and several other scenes, that wouldn't be allowed nowadays - in what was originally made as teatime TV!

Can't wait till next Friday night, for episodes 3 and 4! :clap:


It was indeed excelent drama that has mostly stood up to the test of time - although I have to say the dialogue for the chick in yellow was dire.

When I watched it the first time round it used to scare the hell out of me, especially the tap tap tapping noise they make, freaky.

Oh yes and did anyone else notice a very young PC Quinnan (from the Bill) when he still had hair :D

Now we just need a channel to repeat the Tripods and I will be happy.

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