New TV Viewing For April 2006!


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Welcome Back, Everybody,

Well, today is technically April Fool’s Day (at least until Noon anyway), and I hope that no one was caught out by any friends, family or work colleagues! It’s also the start of another new month in TV-land, and we’ve got plenty of shows to highlight for you all. So, let me get right down to it. :)

TV News
NYPD BLUE Returns… Soon
Die-hard fans of this excellent US police drama, are still being kept on tenterhooks, once more by the idiots who run Channel 4. Although the station has announced that it does have the rights to Seasons 10, 11 and 12, and has officially stated that Season 10 will start soon on More4, they are refusing to be any more specific than that. :rolleyes: With the delay since the end of Season 9 being over two years now, fans have somehow managed to keep pestering the management and scheduling staff at C4HQ, despite all of their previous knock-backs, from what many see as one of the most user-unfriendly TV companies! As always, as soon as something concrete is announced, it will be posted in the forums! Just don’t expect any direct answers from Channel 4! :(

SCI-FI Channel News
Monday 4th April sees the official start of the Sci-Fi Channel’s “+1” channel, on Sky EPG number 130. All of Sci-Fi’s output will be repeated one hour later, giving fans of the shows an extra chance to see some of their output. With prime-time schedules currently being filled with many shows on different channels at the same time, an extra +1 channel is likely to prove useful to many of you.

Staying with the Sci-Fi Channel, there are some excellent new shows and movies due to start over the coming weeks. First-up, is a chance for “Alien Nation” fans to catch the spin-off TV movie, that concluded the TV series of the same name, (which ends next week, on ITV4). The film’s called “Alien Nation: Dark Horizon” which concludes the series’ final episode cliff-hanger (Sunday 2nd @ 11am), and is highly recommended if you’ve been following the show. All five of the films will be shown in May 2006, in the correct chronological order.

Also on Sci-Fi in April and May, we are treated to the short-lived but provocative futuristic, legal drama “Century City”. (See Monday 3rd April’s entry for further details.) Other highlights include “Farscape” (Season 3 from 7th April); an uncut repeat showing of “Crusade” (also 7th April); Joss Whedon’s vampire fantasy “Angel” (18th April); “Medical Investigation” (also 18th); another series of Tartan DVD’s “Asia Extreme” movies; the most recent TV version of “The Invisible Man”, starring Vincent Ventresca and Eddie Jones (also 18th April); Stephen King’s “Rose Red” (from 4th), almost all of the Star Trek movies, and much more.

“Battlestar” & “Prison” Fans Rejoice!
Good news on the US drama front! :clap: Apart from the fact that there are several new shows starting over the next 3 weeks in the UK, “Prison Break” and “Battlestar Galactica” fans can relax, as both shows have been given official notice to start production on their second and third seasons, respectively.

Quiz Channels Floundering
Bad news if you’re a fan of the numerous quiz channels that have sprung-up on Sky over the past year or so. It seems that some of the channels have become so “unloved”, that these channels are either having to air repeat shows (which viewers can’t actually phone-in to enter), or are drastically cutting-back the number of hours they transmit! :clap: I have to confess that this isn’t actually a bad thing, but it’s a shame that no one has bothered to investigate how these channels are being run in the first place.

Also, despite ITV foisting the woeful “Quizmania” / “The Mint” on us, most nights for upto four hours at a time :mad: , and even the Hallmark Channel offering their own quiz each weekday for two hours :eek: , it seems that the number of complaints is increasing on a week-by-week basis. As you might expect, the complaints mainly revolve on the puzzles being either stupidly easy or absolutely impossible. Other complaints have included the lack of callers actually getting on-air, concerns on whether the numerous “bonus cash prizes” that are offered, are actually winnable, and the shock possibility that these shows are using staff from the programmes themselves, to make dummy phone-calls, to the studio, thus blocking genuine callers. Admittedly, if you really are mad enough to pay the extortionate prices that these quizzes charge (which can be anything upto £1-50 per call), then you almost deserve not to win these competitions. OFCOM are currently investigating the complaints, and tighter regulations are expected by the middle of the year, which will hopefully protect the genuine entrants, and shut some of the less salubrious quizzes from being run as a way of conning large sums of money from their audiences!

Sky Hi-Def News
Sky has now announced the cost of their all-new Sky HD Digibox. Those of you wanting to jump on the bandwagon early, will have to fork out at least £300 just for the new set-top box, and then a further £10 per month, to access just the HD channels. This will allow you to view approximately nine channels, in true Hi-Def format. All your regular Sky channels, will still require the standard monthly subscription on-top (from £15 to £35)! As such, early-adopters, will be spending a high price, to be the first to test the advanced technology! It may therefore be more beneficial to wait, until the price drops, which it will almost certainly have to, if Sky want to get more people to subscribe to HD channels! Don’t forget, you’ll also have to make sure you have the right TV or projector, to view HD channels, too!

More Hi-Def News
The BBC has announced that it hopes to be broadcasting HD pictures, either via Sky or over the internet, as early as June 2006. However, realistically-speaking, the start-date is almost certain to be put-back, until the technology is lower in price, and the analogue switch-off is completed.

Still with the BBC, the annual TV Licence Fee increases this month, to £131-50, making it one of the priciest “taxes” on everyone! The BBC have already announced that they want to increase the fee by another 2.3% next year, but MP Tessa Jowell is looking to see how the analogue switch-off/digital TV uptake goes later this year, before she makes any firm decisions about the future of the Licence Fee. Whatever happens, it seems that the Licence Fee is likely to be with us for another few years yet!

Saturday 1st April
Frasier Weekend – Midday-6:00pm
“Frasier” fans, or comedy fans in general, may wish to view this, as the first twelve episodes from Season 1 are being aired back-to-back today, and if you’ve never caught this comedy gem, you simply must! Probably the finest US comedy in recent years, and one that never insults the viewer’s intelligence. Meet Frasier Crane, brother Niles, their ex-police officer father Martin, and housekeeper Daphne. All live in the same luxurious apartment, but family relations become strained, and something has to break! Stellar comedy! Continues tomorrow, with episodes 13-24, also from Season 1. (Paramount 2)

NEW: Dark Knight – 4:00-5:00pm
All-new US drama. The year is 1193AD, and Richard The Lionheart is being held as a prisoner. It’s down to a small gang of loyal freedom fighters, to try and save him. Their leader, is the Dark Knight himself, Ivanhoe. The entire 26-episode series looks as if it’s being aired, although the scheduling does seem to be rather erratic to say the least. Today, is the first-half of the Pilot Movie. Part 2 follows on Sunday afternoon, at the same time. Both parts are repeated several times over the next week. May be worth a look! (The Horror Channel)

FILM: Ice Age (U) – 4:15-5:45pm
Someone at ITV has a lot of explaining to do! :lesson: This film premiered on ITV1 last Saturday afternoon, and for reasons unknown, is being shown again, just a week later! With the repeats of the Paul O’Grady show each weekday teatime, and the “Quizmania” programme most nights, ITV1 looks as if it has finally decided that TV schedules no longer need to be filled with proper programming any more, and that viewers won’t notice what they’re doing! Maybe someone at ITV would care to tell viewers why so much viewing time is being devoted to repeats?! It’s an okay animated film about three animals who band together, to return an Eskimo baby back to its parents. The sequel opens in most cinemas, next Friday. (ITV1)

The British Book Awards – 6:00-7:00pm
Daytime TV stars Richard and Judy host the yearly literature awards. Just don’t get too angry, when you find out who wins, because the winner of the award doesn’t really deserve it, in my opinion, especially as the winner is supposed to represent the best British book, released in the past twelve months! The dumbing down of literature starts here! :rotfl: (Channel 4)

NEW: Navy NCIS – 8:20-9:15pm
Brand new to terrestrial TV, Five has selected another excellent US drama, to bring to Saturday nights. “Navy NCIS” is set around the crime scene investigators who deal with all cases concerning Navy personnel. Although the show tends to take a slightly lighter approach to crimes, in comparison to “CSI” or “Law And Order”, it’s still an excellent watch, and is highly recommended. Just one minor warning: some of the episodes include mature content (e.g. medical autopsies, injuries, etc). If Five are airing the episodes uncut, then there may be some scenes which will be unsuitable for under 12’s, and parents may wish to vet the episodes for such content! Please be warned! Tonight is the Pilot Episode from Season 1. Showing in Widescreen. (Five)

Revelations – 9:00-11:00pm
First two episodes of a stunning six-episode masterpiece! Bill Pullman stars as the scientist, who has recently lost a child, to a serial killer. Natascha McElhone plays the nun, who is travelling around Europe exploring alleged instances of Jesus’ miracles. When the Nun asks for the scientist’s help, in explaining a phenomenon of a survivor of an accident at sea, little do they realise, that they are both going to be dealing with forces even more powerful then even they can imagine. This mini-series is one of the best I’ve seen in recent years! It asks the controversial question, “What if Jesus and Satan were still alive today, and living here, on Earth?” Over the six episodes, you will be drawn into a superb story, with some great twists and turns, and some genuinely eerie and insightful moments. I urge all of you who enjoy classic horror chillers like “The Exorcist”, “The Omen”, or “Rosemary’s Baby” to give this series a chance, as it’s genuinely an exceptional piece of work! Contains some occasionally disturbing scenes. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. Repeated on Wednesday 5th, at 11pm-1am. The series continues next Saturday/Wednesday nights (at the same times), with episodes three and four, followed the week after, with the final pair! Highly Recommended! (Sky 3)

NEW: Green Wing – 11:35pm-12:45am
Technically, the show started on Friday 31st March, but for fans who missed it, here’s another chance to catch the first episode of Series 2. It looks like it’s going to be as chaotic, as mad, and as off-the-wall as in Series 1, so I won’t try and describe it. Let’s just say that this is one of the best British comedy shows in a long time. It’s not your usual comedy, but revel in the madness =, and hopefully it will sweep you along. Highly Recommended! Series 2 is to run for a lengthy 14 episodes! With some strong language. (Channel 4)

FILM: Slumber Party Massacre II (18) – 2:45-4:40am
This is unadulterated, sexist trash! However, the only reason I am recommending that you should catch it, is because a) it’s been banned outright by the BBFC (who still wouldn’t allow it to be viewed in the home, on DVD as recent as 2002), and b) it’s being shown uncut and uncensored on British TV! Other than that, avoid at all costs, because it’s a completely rotten movie, with no real plot, other than the sight of young women in various states of undressing, being horribly slaughtered, by a psychotic nutjob! Need I say more?! (The Horror Channel)

Sunday 2nd
Frasier Weekend – Midday-6:00pm
Season 1, episodes 13-24, conclude the “Frasier” weekend, including the award-winning episode “Travels With Martin”, which is sublime (airing at 4pm, 10pm and 3:30am.) Fans of intelligent comedy, will have a hoot! Enjoy! :D (Paramount 2)

NEW: Points Of View – 4:50-5:05pm
Terry Wogan returns to our screens, with your complaints, concerns, and compliments about all BBC TV and Radio programmes. (BBC1)

South Park: 9:00-9:30pm
For all those of you who love or loathe everything that boy bands stand for, you will love this deliciously evil satire on the modern music industry, as Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny decide to start their own boy-band, with disastrous consequences. This episode is known by two titles: “Fingerbang” and “Something You Can Do With Your Finger”! Once you’ve seen the episode, you’ll never look at boy bands in quite the same way. Very, very funny. Contains swearing. (Paramount Comedy Channel)

FILM: Slap Shot (18) – 9:00-11:15pm
Acclaimed and entertaining comedy/drama film, from 1977, with Paul Newman, as the leader of an Ice Hockey team, who are failing left, right and centre. He is forced to take drastic action, to help them claw their way back to the top of the league, no matter what the cost. Even if you hate sport, this is worth watching! Contains strong language throughout, some scenes of a sexually explicit nature, and scenes of sports violence. (Showing uncut and in Widescreen.) (TCM - Turner Classic Movies)

Derren Brown: Tricks Of The Mind – 9:00-9:30pm
The second episode of a new series, but after last week’s episode, I feel that the show has somehow become less interesting. The new them tune is pretty bad, and some of the illusions and tricks Derren pulls, don’t seem to have the innovativeness that his previous works has included. Hopefully, the series will improve. (Channel 4)

TV Heaven, Telly Hell – 9:30-10:00pm
Another new show that started last week, and another failed TV show, that should never have seen the light of day! It’s ultimately a rip-off of “Room 101”, but concentrating solely on a celebrity guest’s choice of the best and worst TV shows. Sean Lock presents, but the show just isn’t funny or clever. Johnny Vegas is the celebrity, and although I like him, I just hope that Channel 4 don’t renew this show, after these initial six. Watch it, at your peril! Contains (unnecessarily) strong language. (Channel 4)

FILM: Fight Club (18) – 10:50pm-1:05am
Uncut version of the controversial, but cult action drama, about an underground sports club, starring Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham-Carter, and Edward Norton. It’s violent, profane, and sometimes quite brutal, but there’s a strange humanity to it all. Worth seeing for the apocalyptic ending, and lots of quotable dialogue. Showing uncut and uncensored, and in Widescreen. (BBC2)

Monday 3rd
ER – 1:05-2:00pm
Superb stand-alone episode, from Season 11, with Cynthia Nixon (from “Sex In The City”) playing a young woman, who suffers a debilitating stroke. The episode follows her plight, but through a narrative from her, as we hear how the stroke is affecting her, and how she is struggling to make herself understood to everyone around her! One of the best “ER” episodes, and worth watching! (Channel 4)

NEW: Century City – 5:00-6:00pm
It stars Kirsten Lehman (from “Killer Instinct”), Ioan Gruffudd, Hector Elizondo (from “Chicago Hope”), and Viola Davis, lasted only nine episodes, and is set in 2030AD, in a legal office. “Century City” follows the various legal cases the staff encounter. The cases are actually highly thought-provoking, and look at how far technology has been pushed, without thinking about the consequences to human-beings, provoke some interesting issues. Genetically-enhanced embryos, the abuse of virtual reality simulators so that men and women can potentially stalk one another, despite never being anywhere near their victim, and other thorny subjects come under the show’s light. It’s worth watching. The show airs each weekday at 5pm, followed by a next day repeat at 1pm.

Lost – 6:00-7:00pm
Another chance to see the entire run of Season 1, of the acclaimed US mystery thriller series. Episodes air each weekday. Expect some edits, due to the early evening timeslot. For those of you who gave-up too early on into the run, give the show a chance, as it’s a slow-burner. Patience is rewarded, but you do need to stick with it! The show will not offer you many answers. Season 2 starts on Channel 4 towards mid-May! :clap: (E4)

FILM: Beavis And Butt-Head Do America (12) – 9:00-10:50pm
They may have been hated by parents and censors, but this film is actually very clever, and very funny. The two teenage slackers get caught-up in a case of mistaken identity, after their beloved television set is stolen. They soon discover, that they will be hunted across America, by the FBI, and resort to desperate measures to save themselves, their reputation, and get their TV back. Worth watching, even if you weren’t a big fan of the show itself, as creator/director Mike Judge makes some clever attacks on the state of America, and its fascination with crime. The film also has a superb music soundtrack, including songs from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers (with “Rollercoaster Of Love”), and a classic comedy song called “Lesbian Seagull”. Contains some bad language, some brief sexual material, and some violence. Showing uncut and in Widescreen. (Sky 1)

Urban Gothic – 9:00-9:30pm
Start of a complete run of the British horror anthology series, that first aired on Five about four or five years ago. Some of these short dramass are reasonable, whilst others fail dramatically, because of bad acting, a bad script or because the story itself just doesn’t work in a 25-minute made-for-TV scenario. However, for the time, it pushed the boundaries, especially in one of the first two episodes that you will see. Episodes are repeated at approximately 1:20am the same evening, whilst the show airs every weekday. The majority of stories are classified at “18” certificate level, and most contain scenes of violence, gore, bad language and other adult material. (The Horror Channel)

The Shield – 10:00-11:00pm
If you’ve never bothered to watch this hit US crime drama, then start here! Hallmark proudly invites you to view the very first episode from Season 1, and introduces Vic Mackey, Lemonhead Lemansky, and the rest of the Strike Team, as they deal with tha numerous vicious crimes that plague their local community. It’s controversial, hard-hitting, and sometimes strong stuff, but it’s superb! Showing uncut. Further episodes can be seen each weekday at the same time. All of Season 1 and 2 are expected to be shown, with episodes repeated each night at 3am! Terrestrial fans, will be pleased to hear that Season 5, is due to air on Five, towards the end of May, or in June. :clap: (Hallmark Channel)

Tuesday 4th
NEW: Commander-In-Chief – 9:00-11:00pm
Brand-new US political drama, starring Geena Davis and Donald Sutherland. Davis plays one of the Vice Presidents in the White House, who finds herself facing strong opposition when she attempts to take over the role of the Presidency (Sutherland), after he becomes severely ill. This is the first two episodes “Pilot” and “First Choice” showing back-to-back, from Season 1. Episodes will be repeated several times throughout the week, so don’t worry if you miss it. Episodes will then continue each Tuesday evening, at 9pm. The show has received much acclaim in the US, and has been seen as the new “West Wing”! Whether this is true, I can’t say, but it looks impressive from the few clips I’ve seen. I’m sure this is going to become a massive hit in the UK as well. Be one of the first to catch it! (ABC1)

FILM: Subway Stories: Tales From The Underground (15) – 10:15pm-Midnight
Enjoyable drama set on the US Subway system, and looks at the various events and people that use it, in the course of a day. Contains some strong language. Showing uncut. (True Movies Channel – Sky EPG 323)

Wednesday 5th
FILM: Road Kill (15) – 12:35-2:30am
Originally released in the UK as “Freeway”, this is the longer, original cut of this so-so horror road-movie. Paul Walker, Steve Zahn and Leelee Sobieski star as three youngsters on a journey, who decide to play a joke on a truck driver. But when the prank backfires, the trucker decides to turn their simple journey, into a living nightmare, where each of the three youngsters are on a fight for their lives. With around an extra 20 minutes of footage, hopefully the film will make more sense, than the butchered version that was released in Europe. However, for me, the film isn’t as creepy or clever as it likes to think it is. Still, some of you may get a kick out of it. Showing uncut. Contains strong language, brief sexual material, and some gory violence. (Sci-Fi Channel)

Thursday 6th
SCHEDULE CHANGE – Due South – 2:30-3:30pm
If you normally follow the mid-afternoon transmissions of this wonderful show, please be aware that for today only, the episode will be shown 50 minutes earlier than normal! (ITV3)

FILM: My Neighbour Totoro (U) – 6:00-7:25pm
If you have access to FilmFour, then I simply implore you to see what I feel is the finest animated movie ever made in film history, if not the finest film ever made in film history! A simple, timeless story of childhood innocence, as two sisters and their father move into a new home in the suburbs of Japan. Once settled, the youngest sister, Mei, finds that she can see magical creatures. Elder sister, fails to believe her, until Mei captures a “dust-bunny”, and both girls are taken on a magical adventure. No matter who you are, no matter what age you are – you have to see this film at least once, and I defy anyone not to be lulled into its tale! As movie-making goes, this is perfection, and I can’t give it a higher rating than that! Stay-tuned right through the end-credits, for a little addendum to the tale! :) Showing uncut, in Widescreen. Japanese dialogue with English subtitles! (FilmFour)

SCHEDULE CHANGE – House – 9:00-10:00pm
Season 2 continues onward, but now an hour earlier than we’ve been accustomed too! (Five)

NEW: Will And Grace – 9:00-9:30pm
It’s the start of the final season, of this US comedy about a straight woman living with a gay man. I wouldn’t normally recommend this show, as it’s very hit and miss. However, in this Season 8 opener, the episode was performed (and recorded) live, in front of a US studio audience, and a US TV audience of around 14 million. Watch as the cast crack-up, fail to deliver their lines, and still have the will-power to somehow get the episode completed without any chance to rectify their mistakes and screw-ups! (LivingTV)

NEW: Gray’s Anatomy – 10:00-11:00pm
Brand-new US drama, first shown on LivingTV. A team of student doctors and nurses are forced into the cut-throat world of medicine, as they try to establish themselves in a hospital, learn the job, do well, and in the process, hopefully earn themselves a fulltime position. But things don’t go well for the interns on day one, when they learn that one of their teaching staff, is nicknamed “The Nazi”! This is the first of nine episodes, that make up Season 1. A mixed reception in the US, but it was considered worthy enough to be given a full set of episodes, for its second season. Find out if this is another must-see show. (Five)

Friday 7th
FILM: Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars (PG) – 9:00-10:30pm
David Bowie performs his last concert, in the form of his alter-ego Ziggy Stardust, in this rock concert movie, from 1973. Contains some minor bad language. Showing uncut. (BBC4)

Crusade – 9:00-10:00pm
Another chance to see this “Babylon 5” spin-off series, starring Gary Cole and Peter Woodward. As a plague starts to kill of the inhabitants of Earth, it’s up to Captain Gideon (Cole) to take an all-new space vessel to track down a cure. Gideon finds he needs to build a team of experts to aid him on his journey, but one of those experts seems to have an ulterior motive. Nowhere near as bad as many claim, even if the show doesn’t reach the highs of its predecessor. It’s still a fun show, and the mix of action and gentle comedy, especially in the relationship between Galen (Peter Cole) and the rest of the crew, makes it far more enjoyable, than you might expect. This is the first of 13 episodes, showing uncut. Episodes are repeated several times throughout the week. (Sci-Fi Channel)

NEW: Masters Of Horror – 11:30pm-12:55am
This is the episode that was deemed to be too graphic, too explicit, and too horrific to be shown on the US cable channel Showtime – the people who made the series in the first place. Japanese movie director, Takashi Miike, serves up a gloriously sick, twisted and anarchic horror story, about an American journalist searching for the love he left behind. His long search leads him to a dark island where the only sanctuary is a brothel. He ends up spending the night with an interesting woman where he learns that some things are better off left in the past. From the man behind films like “Audition”, “Ichi The Killer”, and “Gozu”, this is the World Premiere of “Imprint”! Showing uncut and uncensored, with some subtitles. Contains extremely graphic and gory violence, sexual scenes and strong language throughout, as well as material that many may find disturbing or offensive! This is the most extreme episode of the series, so be warned, as it’s going to be a very, very uncomfortable ride! (Bravo).

And so, we come to the end of an all-new TV Update! Just before I leave you, I shall quickly highlight some new shows, you can look forward to seeing very soon on TV.

The Simpsons: “Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife” – This is the episode that Ricky Gervais wrote, and starred in. Watch it on Sky 1, on Sunday 23rd April at 6:30pm.

Controversial drama, “Sleeper Cell” makes its UK debut on FX this month, on Tuesday 11th April, at 10pm. The ten-episode series, will air each week, over the spring and summer, and deals with an underground terrorist cell, whose sole aim is to terrorise Los Angeles, and the USA.

Best known for his role in “Homicide” as Detective Frank Pembleton, actor Andre Braugher returns to the small screen once more, with new US crime drama “Thief”. It’s being described as a brutal crime drama, that twists and turns like “24”, the show focuses on a gang of criminals who are out to commit the perfect heist, but with the story focussing not on their plan, but also the family relationships each of the criminals have, and how the heist will affect them. Linda “Terminator” Hamilton, co-stars, so expect this to be another hit US show! The first episode starts on Sky 1, on Tuesday 18th at 10pm.

And last, but by no means least, “Falcone” is a new addition to ITV4’s schedules, starting on Saturday 15th, at 9pm. “Murder One” star Jason Gedrick takes the lead role of an FBI agent who is forced to go deep undercover, to infiltrate a New York Mob family.

As always, plenty to keep your eyes and brains dipped permanently in joy! :rotfl: Thanks for reading this update, and let me know if you spot any new shows, that might be worth including. Bye from me.



Distinguished Member
One of my fave US imports is 'Las Vegas', I watched the first two series, is there going to be a third?:smashin:


Distinguished Member
Hi Abbeygoo,

Yes, a 3rd season was made, and (if it hasn't already) will start soon on Sky 1, maybe in a couple of months or so.



Active Member
Now that Buddha in Suburbia has finished, Blott on the Landscape takes the 9pm slot on Artsworld tonight. Excellent series (David Suchet in a different role to his Poirot) which I bought on official DVD when it was first released.


Active Member
NEW: Navy NCIS – 8:20-9:15pm
Brand new to terrestrial TV, Five has selected another excellent US drama, to bring to Saturday nights. “Navy NCIS” is set around the crime scene investigators who deal with all cases concerning Navy personnel. Although the show tends to take a slightly lighter approach to crimes, in comparison to “CSI” or “Law And Order”, it’s still an excellent watch, and is highly recommended. Just one minor warning: some of the episodes include mature content (e.g. medical autopsies, injuries, etc). If Five are airing the episodes uncut, then there may be some scenes which will be unsuitable for under 12’s, and parents may wish to vet the episodes for such content! Please be warned! Tonight is the Pilot Episode from Season 1. Showing in Widescreen. (Five)
End quote

What a pity Five are using the same lousy copies as FX - red faces, etc.


Distinguished Member
Hi Barbara,

Yep, I noted the picture quality wasn't great, and that they were 4:3 prints too. (Though I'm not 100% certain Season 1 was filmed in Widescreen anyway, but Season 2 onwards definitely were.)



Novice Member
PoochJD said:
Yep, I noted the picture quality wasn't great, and that they were 4:3 prints too. (Though I'm not 100% certain Season 1 was filmed in Widescreen anyway, but Season 2 onwards definitely were.)

Yep season 1 was produced in HD and broadcast as such in the US and the DVD release will be in anamorphic widescreen.
I did wonder watching the show last night if Five had just aquired the prints from FX, either way still nice to see the gang from the beginning and watched Fridays FX epsiode right after:)

Cynthia 7

Thanks Pooch for the great update. I have been busy filling in my programme diary with some of these.

I'm not normally into animated films, but I have put "My Neighbour Totoro" already into my Sky Planner. I have never watched one of these films apart from Wallace and Grommet but I'm a fan of "King of the Hill". I know that this movie isn't the same type of thing;

I have seen several of those Subway Stories on Sky, Was there a series of these and is this film a different thing.

Thanks Pooch.


Distinguished Member
Hi Cynthia,

Glad to be of help! (Oh, and thanks for the PM! :) )

"Subway Stories" was originally a set of 10 short films, each a few minutes in length. The film, simply combines them all into one film-length production. At least, that's what I've been told. :eek:



Distinguished Member

Have just heard the following news:

"More4 are currently planning to transmit NYPD Blue (Seasons 10, 11 and 12 - consecutively), Monday-Thursdays, from **th May @ 23:00."

:clap: :clap: :clap: About BLOODY time, too! :lesson:

Just so that people know, I haven't asterisked the date out - this was done by the swines at C4HQ, so please blame them, and not me!




Distinguished Member
Do we know if there will be Revelations Season 2 .... , or is it another american show thats been canned?...


Distinguished Member
Hi Rai,

"Revelations" was simply a mini-series, not a proper weekly show, like "Carnivale", "Sex In The City" or "Oz" (for example). As such, there were only 6 one-hour episodes ever made, which Sky 3 are showing in 3 two-hour blocks, over the next three weeks. Sorry to disappoint you, but I really hope you enjoy the show. :)



Distinguished Member

Cheers. Oh, i cant remember the ending now something too do with that baby?, so we dont get to find out what happens next. I watched it the first time round, and really liked it. Shame the story does not continue on further.

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