New TV to replace 8 year old Sony 4K and Sky Glass


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Afternoon all,

In November my lovely (hmmm) kids decided to break my old Sony 65 inch TV, I loved that screen lol but hey ho what can you do?

As it was November and with Christmas coming up I decided to try the Sky Glass option....whoops!! That goes back to Sky next week so I now need to pick a new TV, but I've been out of the loop for years so was looking for some advice really on the best TV for up to about £1500. Not worried about sport but watch a lot of movies, and would like reasonable sound as well (this was the best bit of Sky Glass for me) - are soundbars still the way to go?

Hoping to grab a decent bargain with the sales and all.....

Thanks for any help/advice


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Worth reading up on this guide:

Picking Between OLED vs LED is important early on, helps to refine the options. Main question on OLED is burn in risk, so worth reading up on that (ie things like kids tv, lots of games with HUD = risk).

Jan sales is a good time to be ready to pounce on deals. And worth buying from John Lewis or Richer Sounds; customer service and warranty are very much worthwhile.



You can get TVs with good built-in sound; they are mentioned in the guide. They are usually TVs that are north of your budget. Although the TCL C825 LCD TV won't sound bad with its integrated soundbar and is within your budget.

There are first steps to decide on a display technology though, should be explained in the guide. No good looking at buying an LCD TV, if you feel OLED is more suited to you.


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I was in a similar boat got the Sky Glass loved it at first then issues after issue,got a decent bonus from work and wanted to get an OLED narrowed it down to the LG C1 and the Sony A8 in the end the Sony swayed it for me reading the reviews,changed some of the out of box settings watched some 4K discs superb picture

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