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We have a old Samsung dlp (hlr 4266) and love the picture it gives,true color rendering etc.We keep spare lamp,color wheel in case it is needed. In your opinion - is there any NEW tv( any led,qled ,etc) that has a picture as good as this dlp tv that we could consider buying?


Usual story when looking to replace an older, respectable TV - It depends what you watch.

If you are wanting to take advantage of new, high quality content such as that in good quality HD or higher, especially with HDR, you can find improvements with that content.

If however you are expecting a new TV to be better in all areas, such as with motion, normal TV watching and anything that is in less than stellar source quality then you are best keeping with what you have, especially if you are more than happy with it.

So what do you use on your TV? Just regular cable? If so don't bother. If you however use lots of netflix, game with an UHD games console or watch films on apple TV or UHD Blu-Rays/FHD Blu-Ray it may be worth it.

Also beware that good HDR itself costs quite a premium, so you really need to spend around $1500 to get a good starter TV for HDR at 65"


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Dodgexander- thanks so much for your response. No we don’t do anything fancy with the tv - just basic watching through the cable box currently- but VERY interested in getting the laptop feed into this old system to try cable alternatives (amazon prime, other video stream options). The only reason I started thread was to see if there good professional opinions as to IF any new tv that has color rendering as good as the old dlp— and new TVs have a lot more hook up options than this dlp and my old Denon avr 3805 receiver. Price is not too big a consideration - but quality pic as good as dlp IS.Once again - thanks


Speaking strictly with colour new TVs have the potential to be a lot better, especially if you are watching a HDR source (HDR sources have extended colour gamuts). If you are watching regular TV though or content in SDR you won't see much of an improvement.

Different TVs cover different amounts of colour and some are more accurate out of the box than others too.

Generally speaking for your regular cable TV I would not want a new UHD model, but if you wanting to change your viewing habits to include more on-demand content as you have mentioned you will be pleased with a new model I'm sure. I would definitely recommend Blu-Rays and UHD Blu-Rays also, the latter is the pinnacle with HDR. Apple TV isn't bad either.

I'm no professional btw, just an enthusiast. What I will say is if you do opt for a model that doesn't have great out of the box colour accuracy its definitely worth considering professional calibration to get the colours as close to how they should look as possible.

For the record, the technology used has very little to do with the amount of colours a TV can display or even how accurate those colours are, at least until you reach HDR colour territory anyway. OLED TVs are kinder on the human eye as they can produce more colours closer to black whilst Samsung's high end LCDs can produce more colours in the brighter ranges, albeit with the Samsung's that is only a benefit with HDR.

Its all about the quality of the source currently, new TVs aren't going to polish cable TV and make it look better, in fact it may look worse as more upscaling has to be done to a poor quality source. If however you change to higher quality content you will see an improvement.

Strictly speaking only colour, there are some of the cheapest TVs on the market now that can display colours to an almost perfect standard if you are watching non-HDR content.

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