New TV - Samsung ES7000/8000 or Sony HX853??


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Nov 3, 2006
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Hey guys

I've been looking for a new TV and been scoping around various review sites and have got some ideas, but as this forums tremendously helpful, thought I'd ask for some advice.

I'm after a 3D LED TV (between 40-46inch) and will be using it for SkyHD/3D + Bluray Movies, some SD content and Console and PC gaming. A lot more of Gaming and Movies.
Price range no more than £1500. Cheaper the better :)

As with Internet reviews, trepidation is abound, you hear one good thing about a set and then another review will steer you away from it.

I've been looking at the Samsung ranges from ES6900 up to the ES8000.
(Can anyone confirm if there are massive differences between the ES6800, ES6900, ES7000 and ES800 performances to warrant the extra spend??)
Also at the Sony HX853.

From reviews the Sony panel is a better performer in all areas - 3D, motion, blacks etc.
However, I'm coming from a ancient Toshiba 32inch LCD - so I'm sure ANY new TV I won't be able to tell the difference. I want to buy to ensure longevity/future proofing of the TV, as this Tosh has done me well all these years, but I digress.

Would anyone have any other suggestions, or anything to add if you own any of said TVs?
I'm tempted by the Sony but the fact they don't come with Glasses included is an annoyance and a reluctant extra cost occurred.

Any ideas peeps?

Muchas Gracias, JD
I'd steer clear of the Sony, lots of complaints about clouding and back light bleed, also not rated to highly by calibrators I know.

To be completely honest I'd go plasma anyway, better motion, Samsungs have great SD and plasma is great for gaming. Worth looking at the E8000 for it's SD, motion and light output.Panasonics ST50 is also highly rated.

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