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New TV Recommendations/Questions (£200 - £250)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by keaton, May 20, 2005.

  1. keaton


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    Hi :)

    I'm looking for a new tv to replace my "portable" telly that has been hiding on top of my tv case. I saw a special on "the gadget show" where they reviewed some tellys, and Panasonic TX28 came out on top and they said on the show that it fit my price range (although I am not sure which model it was). The winner for this price in "what hifi" was also the tx28, although they said in the mag that it costs about 350. I just want a good quality big tv for tv, games and movies and I am thinking with built in digital tuner, as I do not own a set top box yet :(.

    Obviously CRT is my only option, but I am lost with all this. High Def is also out of my depth too, but then again who actually owns a hi def tv that dosn't live on planet america.

    Also I am guessing that 28 inch is pushing it in terms of size, as it is a living room tv and I do play split screen gaming on it :(

    I am also looking to buy online, as it is cheaper and I do not own a car. Any help is very much appreciated, as I would probably end up wasting what little money I have on some rubbish telly and regret it :(

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