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About to replace the old 25" Panasonic and want to get into Home Cinema with as small a budget as possible (a wife thing!) so am after a few hints please.

I have a budget of around £1500-£1700 and am unsure as to whether to get the Toshiba 36ZP18 TV which includes 5.1 or get a smaller 32 inch TV such as the 32ZD26 and then a seperate surround system - I had though of the Sony 840S amp & speaker package...........

Any ideas????
Nigel W


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Go for the second option, without a shadow of a doubt. Take it from me, first of all, the Strata's are better than the Picture Frames (though they use the same tube). Progressive Scan is worth it, trust me.

Secondly, the sound from the TV's own speakers is CRAP! If you go for 36ZP18, you'd still have to use the internal speakers even in 5.1 mode, as they would be used as the centre channel. Not a very good idea, as they sound horribly 'boxy' and lifeless (to my ears anyway).

Thridly - the Toshiba doesn't do DTS, or ProLogicII - why limit yourself?

Why not go for the 32ZD26 and, say a home cinema kit such as the Sony DAVS 550 DVD system? It has component outputs (to go into your inputs on the Toshiba and give you the best possible pictures), is Progressive Scan capable (For NTSC, which the TV will accept through the component cables), is SACD-compatible, has DD/DTS/PRO LOGIC II/MP3 Playback/RDS Tuner, and looks GREAT! It even has audio and video inputs (as well as optical) to cater to your other AV gear, such as a VCR or digibox. Even speaker cable is included.

Best of all, you can get the 32ZD26 for £899 or less, and the DAVS 550 (Multiregion) for less than £480- well within your budget. Use the extra money to buy some decent component cables, such as those from QED or IXOS for the best picture quality. You could even go for the 36" version - the 36ZD26, and still be within your budget (you can find it for less £1250 - some places even less than £1180, if you do your homework - check the 36ZD26 thread on this forum - it's long as heck, but you'll get an idea of the prices available).

As a rule, ALWAYS go for separate boxes. The sound quality from a DD telly may be good, but it will NEVER beat a decent AV system.




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I had a Toshiba 32ZP18. In fact I had four! They are great TVs to look aesthetically speaking. The picture is also great, but there is not even a basic tilt feature to adjust. Two were returned because of this geometry problem and two with audio faults. When bright colours appeared on the screen there would be a buzzing noise through the satellite speakers. The brighter the colour, the louder the noise. The engineer said that internal surround systems would always be inferior to the separates. The only problem with the 36ZD26 is that the case will look pretty big compared to the ZP18.


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Hi mate, I bought the Tosh 32ZD26 from Sound & Vision for £850 delivered and a sony amp for £235 just before Christmas and both are better than I thought they would be.

The TV is excellent and I have not got any of the problems that have been talked about in the previous forum replies. I would definently recommend the TV.

As for the Amplifier. Wow. The sound is brilliant for a cheap(ish) amp, and it is really worth paying for the Prologic 2 as you can use this for everything, not just TV.

I already had some speakers so I don't know whats good or bad, but I would really go for a seperate TV and Amplifier rather than get it all in one.


Thanks for the replies guys.

I was basically thinking of going this route, but it is comforting to hear the experts think the same way :)

I am now decided upon the 32ZD26 but am unsure as to which amp & speakers to go for. I already have a DVD player, so have no need to go for a system with DVD included. I have got my choice down to the Sony 840S or the Yamaha HITB45 which both do DTS & Pro-Logic II and include 5 small satelites along with a sub.

Any preferences as to which of the Sony or Yamaha would suit me better?

Nigel W

BTW, does the 32ZD26's cabinet doors come off? I know the cabinet with doors hides all the cables behind the telly, but I think it does look a bit on the ugly side........ :)

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