new TV (qn90a) and x4500h problems


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Hi, I've had a x4500H for about 2 years but my TV was 10ish years old so I did a big upgrade to a qn90a.

However, I can't seem to get seem to get them to play nice. BTW, I also have an xbox series X.
First I tried the 'work around' knowing the x4500h doesn't support 2.1. I plugged the xbox directly into TV (port 4 HDMI 2.1) and
the AVR to port 3 (earc) and connected to the earc on the AVR. TV said 'no source' detected and got no sound, though I could switch to the AVR hdmi
and play with settings. Though most sound settings were blacked out. I played around with TV/AVR settings for over an hour before giving up.

So I then I tried the old way to see if it would work. Plugged the xbox into Game HDMI IN on the AVR and connected the monitor 1 earc out from AVR to the earc on the TV. Same thing, TV said 'no source' though it clearly labels 'AVR x4500H' on the HDMI label on inputs. I spent a few hours, making sure earc was enabled, the sound on the TV was AVR (not TV), I did 'enhanced HDMI' thinking it would help. No source, unable to play sound OR display xbox (When connected to the AVR). I'm lost, I got the TV professionally mounted and love it but this is driving me nuts!!!

Please help if you can.


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