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It's not generally recommended but I've found that increasing the 'sharpness', under settings, has drastically improved the clarity of my two oldish televisions to the extent that I'm no longer looking to purchase a 4k TV.

My main TV is a SONY KDL55W807 which is the same as the W805 except for the colour of the bezel. The HD broadcasts are now as good as or better than my friend's 4k set. My other TV is a cheap Ferguson 2408, standard definition, in the kitchen. The result is again a great improvement and I have not noticed any detrimental side effects. So unless we get 4K broadcasts it might not be necessary to waste money on a new set to improve your picture. For information the 805/807 model is set to 69 in sharpness.


You can't see the extra 4K resolution (really 2160p) at normal viewing distances anyway.

The only real benefit to 4K is HDR+WCG (with a compatible source).

If you think 4K TVs are sharper than a Sony FHD model of that age, it will be due to picture processing, not the extra resolution.

Sony's X-RealityPRO has some outstanding/award winning picture enhancement features in the Resolution/Clarity settings in your W8 TV to play with.


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What is your friends 4K set. Where do you and your friend get your TV? Freeview/Sat, Cable, Sky, BBCI iPlayer, Netflix, Disney, Prime?

HD on a good full HD set from probably as over 10 years ago will look as good resolution wise as a cheap 4K set. A higher end 4k set will probably make a better job of upscaling good HD to 4k than a cheaper set. To expect a 4k set to display HD better than the intrinsic feed resolution is a non starter.
The huge difference I have found in my new TV is a large difference in overall brightness coupled with overall and particularly colour contrast levels even on HD SDR input


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You both seem to be missing the point of my entry and that is the use of the sharpness setting.

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