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Dec 3, 2015
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Brumingham UK

I know this is asked a lot but I could really do with some help deciding on a new TV.

I have a pretty ancient Samsung LE40B551A6W that has developed a large area of dead pixels in the middle of the screen, not a solid block but quite a few, which is very annoying. I am generally happy with this TV so wasn't looking to replace it at the moment. Unfortunately the pixels are really annoying me now. Due to some work on the house and unexpected expenses my only real option is to get a new one on the Argos card and pay it off before the interest is added. I know Argos aren't the first choice and if I wasn't wanting to replace it quickly I would wait and get it elsewhere but everything seems to want to break at once so here we are.

I really want a Smart TV and a TV that is good for (console) gaming, I have an AV Unit so sound is not too much of an issue. Screen size I probably have enough room to go up to a 48" as long as the TV isn't over 110cm wide, I'm wanting to stay under £500 tbh but if a much better deal is slightly over then that is ok. I am deliberating between:

Sony KDL43W756C, Samsung UE48J5500A, Sony KDL48W705C

I can't find many decent reviews of these exact models but what I have read is the Samsung has issues with judder and motion blur which doesn't sound good to me. Regarding the two Sony's the 48" is slightly more expensive but also discounted less so is it an older model? I am not too bothered about 4K at the moment tbh as the 4k sett in that price range on Argos have had bad things written about them (ie high input lag, cheap vestel screen etc)

This is their full range for around that price, is there is a better option there?

Thanks in advance for any help.

I don't know much about these three models, except to say that I would NOT advise anyone to buy anything as complicated as a television from Argos. Find similar models that are sold by John Lewis, Richer Sounds, Sevenoaks, Peter Tyson or even Currys, and you'll probably be able to find reviews of them on the internet. Argos is not well regarded by the AV community, and very few Argos televisions are offered for review.

My personal favourite mid-size television over the last year or so has been the Samsung UE48H6400. SAMSUNG UE48H6400 48 inch 3D Smart LED TV 1080p HD Freeview HD , with a six-year guarantee, unlike Argos's 1-year guarantee. Plenty of reviews online, for instance Samsung UE48H6400 review | What Hi-Fi? and Samsung UE48H6400 LED TV Review. Note that, usefully, the stand swivels.
Yea, Argos aren't ideal. I'll have to see if I can ignore the issues to the new year and get a telly from else where. Thanks.
Have you checked the classified adverts on here? I would rather make do with a half decent pre loved one on here and wait until funds improve. When they do improve you can always resell it.

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