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Apr 10, 2021
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I’m going round in circles a bit at the moment and would appreciate any valued input to helping me with my next TV purchasing decision.

We are planning to make some internal changes to our house layout which gives me the opportunity to upgrade/improve my current TV.

I bought a Samsung QE65Q950R last year for my lounge which is square in shape with 9’ ceilings. The picture quality is generally very pleasing but we sit about 14’/4.26m from it and I think we would benefit from a larger TV. I would also like to benefit from Dolby Vision which the Samsung does not have. The Samsung will be moved to the family room where is ought to be able to cope with the much brighter light on that side of the house.

My lounge is north-facing and does not suffer from any undue reflections and is naturally quite dark so I think I could would switch from a QLED to OLED screen. I have the opportunity to purchase an LG OLED77ZX9LA which is a 77" 2020 model for a decent price. However, I wonder if I should broaden my search to look at larger models with screens in excess of 80” given the distance we are required to sit from the TV? The price of OLED screens at this size also become increasingly expensive so I also wonder whether I should be looking at other types of panels and this is where I would appreciate your thoughts as to what might work best for me? I don't think I necessarily require another 8K TV and that a 4K one will be more than adequate.

Our viewing is mainly streaming either directly from the TV or from a 4k Apple TV box . We watch films and a fair bit of sport – football and skiing so motion quality needs to be able to accommodate this against a predominantly green or white screen. We also make use of a 4K Blu Ray player as well. I have no requirement for Gaming.

We listen to films and music concerts in Dolby 5.1 surround sound using Sonos components (AMP + large passive speakers, SUB and Play One rears) which is pretty immersive in my opinion, although I am also considering upgrading this to Dolby Atmos as well. I certainly want the ability to use Dolby Atmos via the TV (eARC?) at some stage in the future so this will also need to feature.

My budget is around £5k but if I could spend less that would obviously not be a bad thing. My current TV is on a stand but I intend to wall hang the replacement and build an AV wall.

Watching Skiing I'd aim to get one of the OLED TVs with the new panel type such as the LG G1 or Sony A90J. This panel type can get brighter (especially on the Sony A90J) and will dim less when there's a lot of white on the screen.

As you go up in size OLED TVs get more and more expensive, so it would be more sensible to go for an 85" LCD TV rather than an 83" OLED if you want value for money.
That's really helpful and thank you for your reply - I'm keen to enjoy really good picture quality so do you think I should aim for a 77" OLED panel instead of an 85" LCD TV or do you think that size trumps picture quality in my scenario when being viewed from 14ft. away? From some of the YT videos I've seen size does seem to matter....?
I think a larger TV is better in terms of sheer immersion which matters most when you are using the TV for movies. For sport it really depends, but you are viewing quite far away from the TV I don't think it will ever be a problem having an 85" TV but some people don't like having to look around the screen in sport.

Once you're looking at some of the higher end LCD TVs you aren't necessarily getting worse picture quality than OLED, just different strengths and weaknesses. A common question from people is often whether to go for a 55" OLED or a 65" LCD TV and the answer I usually give is the same, once you can afford a decent LCD then the size becomes more important.

You should weigh up what you personally want though, because everyone is different, some people want OLED so much that they are willing to get a smaller TV, or even break the bank for a 83" OLED TV.
Thank you again - that's very sage advice and totally the rub in relation to my dilemma. I will broaden my search criteria beyond OLED with a focus on screen size. I'm quite happy with the performance of my current 65" QLED TV but we would definitely benefit from a larger screen in the room.

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