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Our LG 49UF850v recently stopped working so it’s now time to get a new TV. I have a budget of around £1500 and I’d like to include Sonos beam in with that. I’d like to get the best ~50 - 55” TV I can afford and I thought this would be fairly straightforward but it’s proving to be anything but. It’ll get fairly varied use Netflix, Prime, Xbox One X (I will eventually upgrade to Series X or PS5), Blu-ray, Sky TV, YouTube etc.

My initial search found the Philips 55OLED805, this seemed to get great reviews and ambilight which I’ve had on a previous TV and really like. I then found out about potential OLED burn-in/image retention and the fact this will be near a large window/double glass door has put me off a bit. The large window has only really been a problem with the LG on summer mornings because of the direction but it is a bright room.

I then settled on a Samsung Q80T or Q90T these looked great in store to me, almost as good a picture but much brighter than the LG CX OLED they were next to. I then found out about the QLED image stutter and have read a lot of the thread on the Samsung section of the forums. No idea how bad this actually is or how much I’d notice it but the term unwatchable seems to come up a lot.

So I’m not sure where that leaves me really are the OLED and QLED issues not as bad as they are made out, am I best to go for something else like a Sony XH90/XH95? Or maybe a mid range LCD similar to the LG it’s replacing like the Philips 58PUS9005?


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Firstly, I wouldn’t worry too much about issues you read online: all TVs have issues and people naturally post/talk about issues more, than when it is fine. I am sure I could find many people who have had issues with my AG9 but for me, works great.

Size wise, 55” is best for value, good range of options and tech too.

best to decide between OLED vs LCD first, these guides can help a lot:

Burn in is a risk, and I was worried but eventually decided I was low risk.You can buy burn in insurance too (John Lewis) if you are really worried.

Strongly advise you buy it from either John Lewis or Richer Sounds: worth it for the 5/6 year warranty and good customer service. That way if you find a big issue for you (I.e stutter, judder,) they have good returns policy.

The XH9505 gets a lot of good comments, with the 90T good as well although a bit over priced at the moment. Lots of good comments for the CX to

You can even get a great 65” for £1.5k (XH9505 is £1,499 at JL) or even better you can wait till the new year.

hope that helps.


Good advice already given above, every TV has reported issues, you shouldn't assume that because other people have a problem you will too.

Have you seen this guide: LCD versus OLED that would be my first step. Most people would buy an OLED over an LCD TV like the Samsung 'QLED' range, but it can depend on your conditions.

All the best buys are here: New My best value TVs, 2020-2021 Edition

Golden rule when shopping for a TV; never judge from what you see in a shop. I gave up judging TVs in shop conditions a long, long time ago.

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