New TV for my Mum - about 50", not plasma...

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Had a quick browse through some threads and some shops... not sure what i want so I was wondering what would be a good buy.

I like the idea of the SAMSUNG UE55D8000 55" LED 3D TV as I think LED (when done right) is a great idea. Does anyone know if this is backlit?

I have read it is backlit in some places and it is not backlit in other places... the Samsung site is not as helpful as it could be.

Mum may have no interest in 3D, so if someone could reccomend a non-3D TV also, again, not plasma as while the burn in is much better now, it is not fixed. LCD, ideally LED backlit.

Many thanks for your time



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Are you wanting bigger than 50" or would a 46-47" suffice?

Also, what's the budget?

Look in the 3D section for specs and feedback on the 55D8000 (there may also be a review in the review section?)

To date, Samsung haven't offered full backlit LED, only edge. Go to a high end Samsung dealer like Sevenoaks Sound & Vision to get knowledgeable information and a decent demo :) (I'd avoid Currys or Comet for this). Maybe try a Sony Centre for their options and an independent Panasonic dealer for theirs (but only plasma which you really shouldn't discount, if picture quality and motion handling matter to her. Panasonics are very resistant to image retention, let alone screen burn which has pretty much diappeared unless showing static images 24/7)

What will she use the Tv for - if never 3D for example, no point paying for it? If mainly for SD/free to air HD for example, no point paying extra for networking and connetions etc

Not sure about the new models, in 2010 ONLY the 55LE8900 from LG was backlit not edgelit as far as I recall
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Any suggestions?

Have I asked wrong or something?

With regard to burn on a plasma TV you are wayyy more likely to have another issue with a set than get this. IR(Image Retention) is not burn in case you are confused by some posts they are two very separate things and one does not lead to the other. All LCDs are back lit and all LEDs are LCD back lit sets. LED sets are normally edge lit, this means they are an LCD with LEDs behind and around the edge of the screen. The top end LED sets that cOst a lot more are full array LED sets, these are still LCD screens but with the LEDs positioned directly behind the the screen rather than round the edge.

IMHO plasma is on the whole better than any form of LCD even the expensive Full array LED sets. The only reason I'd get LCD is for a bright environment like conservatory or with a large window opposite the set. Or if the set is also to be used with a PC for every day use.

If you have demoed plasmas and don't like them then thats fare enough, but I wouldn't be putt off from purely what you have read on the internet.

Sorry think I may have read your post wrong:blush: by "is it back lit?" do you mean the full array rather than edge lit? If so I will quietly shuffle away when no ones looking:oops::)
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I understood that he meant full array rather than edgelit


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Hi I am also looking to buy a 50" tv my poor old plasma was LG 42" PC1DA? and as I am visually impaired the bigger the better so we have a budget of about £600.

We bought our front room tv which is a Panasonic G10 37" after I had trawled through loads the forums and found it for about £500 at Dixons online we love the telly and esp. that it is freesat as our signal drops due to trees.

I know nothing about TV's but love the G10 our previous living room one was an LG LCD and buzzed at a certain volume pich / tone?? so that is now in the bedroom.

Th TV would be for our back room which is south facing and so very bright / sunny the couch is about 4m from the tv which will be wall mounted.

We watch sky HD through a magic eye - (I think from reading that this wont be in HD via the RF2/EYE???) in this room / DVD's and play the Wii and really that is about it not really fussed about SD slots etc as I havent the first clue what to do with one?? Neither do I want 3D I have enough vision issues lol!

In fact:blush: we will probably not even read the instruction manual that is how techno lacking we actually are:rolleyes:

However we do like a good picture and decent sound so :lease: could someone offer advice on something suitable - I would like freesat then I could get a line run in from the sky dish however this is not a desperate requirement.

If you need any info I will try my best - am on a small pc screen today though as my little devil smashed mine (Samsung Syncmaster213T) with a teaspoon in a temper :oops: so am also trawling looking whether it is fixable or cheaper to replace.

Anyway be nice as I always come looking on here before I buy techno stuff f:-


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ps I can hear you snorting at me thinking id get 3D with that budget so just ignore that :)

PS just noticed the Not Plasma (my vision is missing right side sorry) I dont mind Plasma or LCD
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PANASONIC Viera TX-P50U30B 50" Full HD Plasma TV
Product code: 574080

£694.90 at Dixons slightly over but it is full HD what you think anything better??


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Found a panny G20 at Richer Sounds for £600 that is also full HD but some may have been on display and not boxed??? OH and also 47" rather than 50"

I do apologise for jumping on your thread divide by 0.

M and S have some good offers on and also John Lewis will price match but have a look at Dixons online they have some good offers and you can get free next day delivery if ordered before 12 think i read that m & S also do free del and then install it as well.

Also argos have good sale on - any I would have considered are out of stock here though but you could get one in your area??

I emailed my local shop - recomended in another thread - sound and vision in bolton - if they would do a price match on the G20 but I think that is a step to far cause they had them in at over £700

So can anyone tell me which to plump for PANASONIC Viera TX-P50U30B 50" Full HD Plasma TV that or the 47" G20? and would a techno eejit like me know difference?

Thanks in anticipation :)

Divide by zero

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Cheers for the info, but I really don't like plasma. I have litterally binned a few burnt out plasmas in my time. While I have read they are much better now, I gather they will still degrade with each use and can suffer IR if you watch the same channel with the same logo a lot. Also, the heat and power associated with Plasma is a big downside over LED.

I was thinking of a TV that is 46" -> 55" - ideally backlit (not edgelit) LED with local dimming for better contrast.

Anyone know of anything that fits the bill... failing that, anything non-plasma to recommend please?

Off to read that review now...

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