Question New TV feels uncomfortably big πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ


That's strange - my missus keeps saying you can never have one big enough.

Or something....:laugh:
SWMBO didn't really like the upgrade from 40" to 42" because it was "too big", although she did like the improved sound, and so she finally got used to it - I was thinking about a 49"/50" a month ago, but she'd really "go ape" if I did that :rolleyes:


Its normal familiarisation, its hard to buy a TV that's too big - most often people start to wish they'd gone larger. Sort out the settings, sit back, and enjoy some 4K content.
Fully agree with the above.
For a year I installed customer's TV purchases for a local retail chain.
I heard, "It looked so big in the shop, but I wished I'd have bought bigger" a few times.
Not one person ever said they'd gone too big.


My wife took a bit of adjusting when we went from a 50'' to a 65''. Her voicing the opinion that she had to move her eyes to follow the action. Took a couple of weeks and now she loves it. Begs the question of ''however did we watch a 21'' CRT?'' which was the first colour TV we bough back in 1979 when we got married.


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I guess it's a similar issue when going to the cinema, although I've not been for a while. You do have to move your eyes to watch a movie on a cinema screen, having a large TV in your home as more akin to the cinema experience.

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Ultimately this a personal choice and will depend on the type of films/TV shows you prefer. To explain in more detail:

I needed to decide what projector screen size to buy. For two weeks I just projected the image onto the bare wall and played with the image size.

Generally speaking, for me, the results followed a simple pattern.

Going to max size was greatly preferred for sci-fi films, sports, and the like, that contained big sweeping vistas. The big size filled my vision and creates the illusion of being there. I'm talking here about roughly 1.2x diagonal sitting distances as recommended by THX (i.e. 40 degree field of vision).

But a smaller size was much preferred for content with lots of human interaction. I wanted to be able to see the emotions and reactions of people on both sides of the screen. When the screen is too big you can't see or focus both sides of the screen - in effect it becomes a visual 4:3 scan-and-pan experience.

FWIW, for me, after a lot of playing around, I found the best compromise sweet spot between the two was 1.6x (i.e. 30 degree) which coincides with the SMPTE recommendation.

Ultimately you need to choose what's more important for you.

In the OP's case he's sitting at 1.44x which might be too close if his bag is thrillers and talky stuff.
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Thank you for all the responses! For those of you who also experienced the "getting used to it" period (where first it seemed uncomfortable) – how long did it take you?

It's been a week for me, and I got to say it still feels uncomfortable for most viewing. Netflix TV shows and YouTube are the hardest – especially anything with faces close up and/or when you need to follow the subtitles. Shifting focus from face to face (feeling my eyes move) is still annoying. Similarly, I have to look down for subtitles, and I can't focus on the subtitles and still see what's going on.

The notable exception is video games. Exploring the Witcher 3 world in HDR on such a big screen (and with ambilight) is an immersive wonder :)


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As will everything be in a while (immersive wonder) :smashin: I sit just about 2 meters from my 65inch TV, it's great everything is immersive, so glad that I got a 65. :)

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Each time I have changed our TV the size has got bigger. Each time I have changed our TV my wife has moaned about the size of it. We are now on a 65 incher, and she moaned like mad when I said I was going for it. She still moans about it now. "It gives me a headache" "You have to sit in the garden to watch it properly" blah blah blah blah blah. Does my head in.
I checked my Netflix account the other day. You can bring up an itemised account of your viewing habits. My account gets the biggest "hit" on a Saturday when I am at work. Boxed set binging. From the minute I walk out the door in the morning, until just before I come home at 5pm.
How come she never complains of a headache on a Saturday evening???
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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