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Ok basically, Ive been trudging through hundreds of threads on this forum and I am still incontent with a decision :(
I currently have a philips FP5222D 42 inch lcd tv... and i plan to upgrade to something new. This tv appears to give me the impression that the pixel plus implemented in this set is causing delay and lag to occur in my xbox 360 gaming, and since there is no way to turn it off :/ I'll just give the tv to the mother for the living room and get myself another.

The main question i have is LCD or plasma. I quite frankly hate motion blur - but appreciate the detail lcd can give.
So the question is guys what tv to go for?
I will be buying retail and the maximum budget will probably be around £800 - £900 - so im looking at the latest samsung 1080p panel it would appear with 8ms response, the Toshiba X3030 1080p 42 inch model, and the popular Samsung Q96, Pioneer X4270 screen and the Panasonic Latest plasma.

While my model numbering is a little vague, im pretty sure people will see the tvs im after - and I am looking for opinion on what people will think will deliver me the best gaming experience. Ideally a tv where picture processing can be disabled if need be, and its primary use will be Xbox 360 and playstation 3 gaming - with the ps3 used to upscale dvds and Blu ray watching.
Since I hate motion blur, i am kinda swifted toward plasma, however ive read of the lowly panel resolution (does this make too much odds)? and the problems that plague the panasonic plasma (purple snakes), and Pio's Dirty screen :/
LCD is drawing me in at the proposal of 1080p and me being unsure whether id like the jump from lcd to plasma in perhaps terms of loss of detail over the resolution decrease etc since my current tv is 1366x768 at 720p
Either way i will be investing in warranty just incase so any set i buy can go straight back... Any recommendations with gaming in mind?

What 42 inch setups do you guys have for xbox 360?

Many thanks to all in advance who may help me make this decision:confused:


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ther eis on ongoing thread about gaming on plasmas - do a quick search!

although you will hear a few different thoughts about image retention the only thing you need to worry about really I think is phosphor lag....this is were in area of extreme contrast and object may look to have a green edge or trail.

Some say this is more noticeable on one set than another and that it can be minimised with good settings on the tvs....BUT I really think it depends on whether you personally are sensitive to this effect and will see it clearly. If you arne;t then there is little to worry about. you may be surprised at what plasma has to offer in terms of gaming...

see if you can take your xbox down to somewhere like Empire Direct who have a wide range of both LCD and plasma in store and see if they don;t mind you trying it out and comparing LCd side-by-side with plasma. I think Gears of War if you have it is a good test game as it is reported to show phosphor lag more than some other games on plasma sets

as for loss of detail due to resolution I don;t think you need to worry about that either...most xbox games are designed for 720p

I think if your focus is gaming and not watching SD tv then LCD may be more up your street. But as I said try and test your 360 out in a shop and see what you think

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