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Hi all.

I’m trying to decide on my next TV. I currently own a 40” Sony Bravia from 2005 (guess model is something close to KDL V40A10). I paid some 2000€ when listed price was 3000E. Very happy with the image quality. I love Sony’s natural image, not in need of “hyper-black blacks”, or over saturated colors. No gaming. I used to have a nice Home Cinema rig that I got rid of, and I am not planning on adding a soundbar. However good (or at least decent) sound is a must.

TV will be in a well-lit room and partially facing a large floor-to-ceiling window with non-opaque curtains but with blinds available. Seating distance is at 2.7-3M (9-10 ft.) for principal viewer (myself) and straight on TV axis. My wife sits on a side sofa, I guess at 30 odd degrees off axis. Kids not paying too much attention to TV, just this iPads…

Weekdays TV is used only at night time news + sports + HBO/Netflix with a light at 20 degrees off-axis.
Weekends TV is also used in the afternoon, with blinds half way down, mainly for movies.

Afraid of haloing and blooming in dark viewing environments. Some of the LCD's reviews freak me out!

Although TV will probably end hung up on the wall in less than a year, I am not authorized to get anything above 65”.

I have shortlisted the following which I can get at the specified prices. Wife not too keen on spending north of 2K, but could get there.

Sony AG9 @ 2.675€
LG C9 @1.800€
LG E8 @2.125€ (not too keen on the “cristal” design)

Samsung Q90 @1.975€ (price available only for a couple days)

Sony KD65ZF9 @ 1.800€
Sony XG95 @ 1.600€
Sony XF90 @ 1.380€

Any input would be really appreciated.

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Your want of better than average built in sound would discount all of the TVs you are looking at apart from the LG E8 which has better than average, but not fantastic sound and the Sony AG9 which has very good sound.

None of the LCD TVs come with anything more than poor sound, but of course how "poor" they sound to you is questionable, since sound is subjective.

What I will say is, if you are used to always using built in sound on TVs, they shouldn't disappoint. But if you are looking for an experience that is more akin to having a soundbar or speaker system connected then you will want more than the LCDs have to offer in the sound department.

I'd suggest a few of things.

First of all there are other manufacturers that make OLEDs that come with better than average sound and Sony have the cheaper AG8 that also comes with good sound (albeit slightly less impressive than the AG9).

If you can still find a 2018 model in stock, you may find its cheaper than currently shopping for a 2019 model, if you don't want to buy a 2018 model, then I'd suggest waiting at least until black friday deals for potential discounts.

Philips have the 2018 OLED903 which came with built in B&W Sound. In 2019 they also have the 934 and 984 OLEDs that come with B & W sound.
Panasonic have the 2018 FZ952 which came with its own designated soundbar, as does the newer GZ1000 and GZ2000.
Sony have last years AF8 and AF9 which are near identical to the newer AG8 and AG9 with sound, if you can find one of last years models floating about you'll make big savings compared to the new models.
Then one you have mentioned already, the LG E8, and the new E9. Both better than average sound, but nothing that will get your heart beating in movies.

If you are limited to only the TVs you have picked out already, I'd definitely look at the LG E8. Its sound, whilst not fantastic is better than average and its price is a lot better than other models. If you want better sound than the E8 its not possible to find another discounted 2018 model at a good price, then I'd wait to see what Black Friday brings with the new 2019 OLEDs with better built in sound.

But perhaps you can see the value in looking at a separate soundbar, when you could pair a cheaper TV with a separate solution that works seamlessly through HDMI ARC and the overall cost could weigh in less, with better sound than it would be limiting yourself to only TVs with sound built in. The LG B9 for example is looking like its going to be the best Black Friday buy, may come close to 1500 in price at 65" and comes with support for eARC to share lossless audio with a compatible soundbar.



There's currently a 65" FZ952 on their £1200. Its a refurb but comes with standard 1 year manufacturer warranty. You miss out on the extra 4-5 years you might get purchasing a new model from other retailers but at that price I can't see anything coming close in value.

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