New TV 55 OLED : 55OLED856 or 55OLED936 for my needs


Hello everyone,

Happy owner of a PHILIPS 55PUS6704 LED TV since 2019, I am a big fan of the Philips Ambilight system which reinforces immersion and I admit that I will now find it difficult to not have it. I am here today to have some advices to switch to an OLED TV.

My current setup :
  • TV : LED PHILIPS 55PUS6704
  • Box: Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 plex server with file hosting on a Synology DS712+ nas (2x 6 Tb Western digital Red WD60EFAX in SHR)
  • Console: PS5 Standard Edition
  • Sound: Harman Kardon SoundSticks III 2.1 kit wired to the TV + RCA Switch with an Apple Airport Express terminal to take advantage of the Airplay function for music
  • Internet & network: Freebox Delta S 10 Gbit/s + RT-AX89X wifi router connected with SFP+ (aggregation of RJ45 links from the NAS + 10 Gbits on the wifi network)

Reason for setup:
  • Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 bought because my old TV was a Sony KDL 40EX405 1080p which allowed me not to take a much more expensive Android TV in 2019 and my old QNAP TS412 NAS at the time did not support the transcoding function .
  • Kit 2.1 + RCA switch + Apple Airport = cheap solution to have a better sound for TV & stream music from our iPhones via Airplay.

My needs for 2022:
  • Take advantage of OLED technology
  • Keep Ambilight function
  • Stream music in Airplay
  • TV needs: Netflix, Plex Server (mainly 4k sources, some 1080p or old 720p), Molotov for TV, Android TV.
  • Games: Take advantage of 120 Hz + VRR (not yet available on PS5 for the moment)

I am interested by the Philips 55OLED856 (version of the 55OLED806 with rotative base) which fulfills my criteria for image part and i ma thinking to the possibly to complete it with an Airplay compatible sound bar or to go directly to the Philips 55OLED+936 which offers a sound bar but not Airplay compatible itas i knowe (the price is not the same either). As a backup solution, I can always keep my current sound "setup".

My questions:
- Android TV on the TV Versus Nvidia Shield TV: my Nas is now Plex server compatible, so I can remove the Shield to simplify the setup, but is GeforceNow also available on Android TV? Is it better to remove the shield to avoid multiple image processing that will eventually distort it? The TV shield reads all formats & codecs: is this always the case on ATV?

- Philips 55OLED856 VS 936: apart from the soundbar, what are the differences between the 2 models? I read about VRR & 120hz issue but as i owned a PS5, 4K 60hz VRR will be enough for me.

- Sound bar: I don't know anything about it but I would like something decent Airplay compatible but not necessarily with too high a sound volume (I live in a 91m² apartment, and it quickly becomes complicated to watch a film when the kids are in bed). At worst I can keep my current sound build.

Do you have any advice or advice for me?



After reading lots of reviews, i will buy the 55OLED856 version instead of 936 regarding the VRR issues.

Now i would like to choose my sound bar and i don't know which one :
  • Sonos Arc Dolby atmos (everyone talk about it)
  • Yamaha MusicCast YSP-2700 (old high-end)
  • Samsung HW-Q900A

What do you think ?
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I received the TV this morning, i installed it before going to work : image seems to be amazing compared to my old TV (quick test of a movie & 2 games on PS5). I like the fact the screen is upper due to the stand feet.

Sound seems to be very good compared to my old speakers 2.1 Harman Kardon SoundSticks III, i was very surprised : a lack of bass but i heard some spacialization sound effects and they are the best integrated TV speakers until now. They are doing the job...until i receive the sound bar.
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I received the Sonos Arc yesterday, i'm very satisfied about simplicity to install it without a mess of wires. Voice are very clear and sound is very good even at lower level : orientation of speakers give a more focus sound, i mean sound is less heard in my kids's room than before.

I was afraid about the height of the device but the OLED856 is upper due to it feet, no visual issue with soundbar in front of.

I removed all my old sound cheap setup and music sound seems to be good, not the best i heard but this is perfect for my use.

If i would like to complain it will be a lack of bass but i can still complete later by a Sonos Sub (very expensive)

I hope this review can help other people for their choice.
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Hi Keriam. How is your 856 going so far? I am also interested in this TV but am hearing about many issues regarding eArc and audio drop outs.
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