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Hi from Portugal

I'm going to buy a new 50' TV and I intend to spend around €500/600, with VA panel, to watch normal TV and some movies/series.

I saw in the guide that the Hisense U7QF is the best option in this price range. I can get the 55' version for ~480€.
But I also saw the TCL c725 for 550€ which has android TV and is a 2021 model but doesn't have FALD. I don't find many reviews of c725 and so I ask for your opinion about which TV you recommend.



TCL is competing with Hisense A series, not U7Q which is brighter and has a fald system.
Probably need to look at a TCL TV with FALD and increased brightness to compare like for like with the the C825.

If you're priority is smart TV>picture quality then you can of course instead go for the TCL to get Android TV instead, but to me this makes little sense compared to spending some extra money on a Roku or similar for smart purposes.

As with all the advice I give this time of year. New 2021 models remain overpriced compared to 2020 models. That is why you see comparisons like this, comparing a lower range newer model, to a higher range older one.

TVs do not beat a higher range model in the past in the space of sometimes 10 years, let alone just 1. Things do not move on that fast.


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I considered the TCL because it's price is in the budget.

Is there a 2021 model upgrade from the hisense U7QF?


TV pricing is on a yearly cycle, TVs are usually released each summer. So a newly released TV like the TCL is going to be a lot more expensive than it should be this time of year. Just because a TV happens to be the same price as another, does not mean the TVs are comparable in picture quality.

From what I've seen in reviews so far 2021 models seem a downgrade compared to 2020 ones. The TCL C825 may be the only one from the Chinese brands that's improved on the equivalent from last year since that's a FALD TV with higher brightness, whereas the TV it replaces (TCL C815 or P815) are both non-fald models with lower brightness.

Other models from other brands remain overpriced. You won't get as much for your money buying from Samsung, LG, Philips, Panasonic etc for this kind of money.


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I've ordered a Hisense 55U8QF, but I'm still waiting to be dispatched...
So between TCL 55P815, TCL 55C815, Hisense 55U8QF what would you pick @Dodgexander ? I'm not worried about the TV OS.
They are all in the range of the thread budget.

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