New TV 40-42" ~£500-£600


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Hey Guys, just been browsing around and figured I'd jump straight in and ask...any advice welcome.

Basically I've got up to £600 (but can be flexible for the right model) to spend on a TV.

I've got a fairly bright living room, I'll be sitting 9-10 feet away but pretty much head on. A 40-42" is what will fit in the space (it could take a little bigger but would be redundant if I moved to somewhere with a smaller living room).

Aside from general use it will be used for playing XBox 360 and watching fast paced sports.

I have no particular need for 3D so if it comes included that's a bonus but not a necessity.

The things which are confusing me are the pros/cons of 50Hz/100Hz and the relative effects of the processing contributing to input lag.

There you go...discuss!



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I was all set on buying a Samsung UE40D5520 based on user reviews

Samsung UE40D5520 review | from TechRadar's expert reviews of Plasma and LCD TVs

but when looking at the picture in John Lewis it seemed to have issues with motion blur.
It was on a sd freeview channel and as the camera panned the picture was shocking.

Now looking at Panasonic TX-L42E30B as this seems to be better at motion handling according to this review
Panasonic TX-L42E30B review | from TechRadar's expert reviews of Plasma and LCD TVs

I have a 5 year old Samsung 50 hz lcd and get no blur at all watching TV or playing on my xbox.
Looking at an old review it states the panel has an 8ms ? response time compared to 30-35ms on the above TV's

Very confused now :(
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