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new tube put in my panasonic !

Discussion in 'TVs' started by nickg1, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. nickg1


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    panny 32pg50 with dark bands at both edge of screen (had the set about 1 month).

    House of Fraser's engineer (R&B Electronics of Croydon) took the set back to their workshop and have since told me that they have replaced the tube !!

    Any experience of R&B out there ?

    Do I want this tv back or should I just get a refund ?

    HoF have a 28 day no quibble return policy. I told them of the problem with the tv within that 28 days, but I am now outside it. However, I do have a 5 yr gtee.

    I like the tv, and if the picture looks fine once I get the tv back I would be inclined to keep it. Is there likely to be long term problems associated with replacing the tube ?

    The advice and experience of the avforum patrons would be greatly appreciated......

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