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Joe Fernand

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Hello all

As has been posted previously a number of third party developers are working on new plug in video cards for the Pioneer MXE Plasma display range - some very high quality plug in video processors are planned for release early next year.

Well now Pioneer itself is getting in on the act! So far I've only got very basic info but it looks like there will be two new cards available around March 2003.

The Pioneer cards can be retrofitted to existing MXE models already fitted with the PDA-5002 video board and MXE owners after March 2003 will have the option to spec there display from new with either the PDA-5002 video card or one of the new boards.

The info I have on the boards is:

Tuner Board - 2 x SCART inputs, Picture in Picture (two video or two data sources only), 1080i compatible, Terrestrial TV tuner with Teletext, Terrestrial videowall mode (displays lots of little tiled TV channels at one time - I think some SONY TV's have the same trick) - the card will retail for £599 and is way superior to the video processor found in the Media Box that is sold with the HDE models.

High Def board - not much info on this other than it will offer very high quality scaling to 1024x768 and will cost around £1K.

I believe the tuner board is already on dem in the UK and if I can get a hold of it we will ask to see it ASAP.

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PS The PDA-5002 video card makes up around £200 of the price of an MXE model - so an MXE with the Tuner board will cost about £400 above today's pricing.


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Oh no!

More headaches about spec...I had finally decided to get an MXE in the next coupla months!

Does this mean I am better off waiting til next year or do I just buy a set without the PDA 5002?



Originally posted by Lennyz
More headaches about spec...I had finally decided to get an MXE in the next coupla months!

Does this mean I am better off waiting til next year or do I just buy a set without the PDA 5002?


Think Pioneer Plasma buyers will be hanging on till the smoke clears a little, be a bit of a waste of ££££,s only to have some super duper upgrade in 4-6 months.

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LennyZ - Party Animal

I think the new tuner board will suit many who have been looking for something better than the HDE Plasma TV system but maybe not contemplating a high end (£800+) DVD player whilst the MXE fitted with the PDA-5002 will still be the system to go for for out and out video processing until such times as you may want to tempt yourself with one of the new high end video cards.

Best regards



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It'll be interesting to see if the HD board is actually just a re-badge of the one being developed by KD or something completely different.



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Hi Joe,

Very interesting news - am interested, like Mark, in the technology/ features of the high-end card.

2003 and a terrestrial tuner, eh? Pioneer must be betting on the failure of Freeview/ DVB then :rolleyes:

Do you think our lovely Pioneer dealers will be considering trade-ins on the PDA-5002s? ;) With the MSRP of the new high-end card, a £200 (or even cheaper second hand) 5002 should still hold favour with many.



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Joe have you seen this new tuner board for the Pioneer MXE yet?
Any more details would be great.
Happy New Year

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Hi Guys,

Key Digital are not OEMing for Pioneer. I think these boards are OEM'd by another US company though. Forgotten their name but they are showing the new £1000 board at CES on Pioneer's stand. Key Digital will be on the Pioneer stand with their higher spec card as well.

So mucho choices for you all. I am just online trying to sort out flights to Las Vegas to go check this stuff out. Expect pics and reports when I return.

In the meantime I am using my 433mxe without any onput board and use an HTPC in to VGA socket until Key's is out.




Where can I find a Pioneer 42" MXE for the lowest price?


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