New Toshiba 340e vs older models?


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I have a Toshiba 520E, very well respected in its time and considerably more expensive than the 340e. I also added a DK Digital 915 recently for divx playback.

Atthe time when I bought the 915 I didn't realise that the 340e existed with that functionality and price point otherwise I would have bought it in the first place.

I'm considering replacing the pair of them with a 340e. The point of my post is to ask about the picture quality difference if any I might expect moving from the 520E to the 340e (better or worse). I'm very impressed as it is with the 520E and I'm not sure how much better it can get without moving to prog scan or a digital connection.

I don't have prog scan on my tv but I'm using a component connection. The DVD picture is significantly better than what I get out of the 915, not surprising considering it's on composite scart (RGB doesn't seem to work properly).

It would also be useful if there was any information on XviD/DivX ability of the 340e. The 915 has been very good so far, the only thing it has problems with are hi-res HDTV caps (think 960x542 or higher), it can't cope with them and I only get audio output which is a real shame as the picture quality is stunning, easily better than DVD.


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I tested the component out (non-pscan) on the 340e and was surprised how close it was to the progressive scan picture, very good. I fyou have a Richer Sounds nearby I'm sure they'd let you buy one to see if it's right for you :)

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