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new Toshiba 32YT56 IDTV sound cuts out


Joe Hallenbeck

Bought this IDTV model on Friday and whilst it's apparently badge-engineered by Vestel I've been pretty pleased with it although it appears to be a) suffering from a quirk of digital tuners or b) has a fault (gee I wonder which)

Each of the four days the tv has been on (don't know about today), after the tv has been on for approx 2 hours the sound cuts out just leaving the picture. The tv does not respond to the remote nor the buttons on the side of the tv. Turning the tv off and back on returns it to normal. The problem doesn't reappear for the duration of the viewing time after that (from 1 to 6 hours or so).

Of the four days so far, three were while watching a digital channel, one while watching analogue - all at different times. When it happens on digital there is a slight clicking noise, on analogue no noise.

On the first occasion the picture went aswell after I played back a videotape over the broadcast picture (digital) via the scart cable. This might have been to do with the scart plug not properly located in the socket (that and the fact the tv channel jumped to ext 2 of it's own accord on 3 occasions!) I replaced the scart cable with a heavier socketed version which definitely locked in and I haven't had the channel change problem again.

Anybody got any ideas please? I mention that it might be a quirk as to me it seems the tv crashes or hangs which might reflect a digital issue (first time with a digital broadcast source), ie a broadcast glitch which makes the tuner hang? Whilst I'm watching analogue I assume the digital tuner is still on? But the fact it has happened every day and oddly (or not) after the same amount of time from turning on makes me inclined to think it's a fault...


Distinguished Member
Joe Hallenbeck said:
But the fact it has happened every day and oddly (or not) after the same amount of time from turning on makes me inclined to think it's a fault...

I would say it's a fault, take it back/call the shop where you bought it.

Joe Hallenbeck

Thanks for the response JayCee - that's what I'll probably do. I watched two dvds tonight which took the tv on time to around 3 hours and there's been no problem. I'll watch some time-shifted video recordings tomorrow then try it again just watching the broadcast picture the next night.

Joe Hallenbeck

update 24.10.05

The Mastercare engineer turned up today. As the audio dropout is so intermittent there wasn't a way he could easily see the fault. He checked on his laptop for any software fixes/updates and there weren't any - though due to a few more issues I'll be getting a refund and looking for something else.

I was also able to show him another problem that occurs on analogue 16:9 broadcasts and dvd playback: there are what can best be described as contour lines on either side of the screen. Only happens in 'Cinema' (zoom) mode on analogue tv broadcasts - but is there by default on dvd playback set to 'Wide' (16:9) - zoom just makes the lines thicker/wider spaced. Presumably there are issues playing back vertically stretched (anamorphic) material in the analogue domain. On the report sheet he put this down as a geometry problem. I've also had intermittent issues with playing back videos over the scart cable. Shame, as this tv was the best looking of the three I'd shortlisted and apart from the contour lines dvd playback of well mastered discs via RGB scart was very good: I Robot looked fantastic.

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