New Tosh 42WH36 Problems

Well after much deliberation I finally went out and got myself a nice new Tosh 42WH36 RPTV. It was delivered yesterday and once I got it unpacked The first thing I noticed was that the TV channels were already tuned in (the instructions spoke about autotune) The box was sealed by 2 Toshiba straps.

Anyway after tuning it in I started on the convergence. I have it looking ok as far as I can see but it's too early to say for sure so will monitor that. When watching it one thing I have noticed that, on 4X3 mode the grey strip on the sides has an orangish tinge on the right hand side. it seems much brighter than the left hand side. Nothing seems to change this. Is this normal or a fault?

I think the picture looks like a VCD on my old TV (a 29" Panasonic). I realise that the TV is blowing the image up to a large size but I was not expecting it to look as bad as this. I certainly looks worse on moving objects which seem to loose their quality and becomes so blocky and messy that is not nice to look at. this happens worse on Sky Digital (connected through RGB Scart) but is also noticible on DVD as well as Terrestrial broadcasts.

I also feel that the colours looks very pasty. Flesh tones in particular look very yellow as if the people are wearing masses of make up and to be honest it looks unpleasant.

I am not sure what the different Scan modes do, I.E. 100HZ, natural, Active etc. I have it set for natural as the mnaula says that the best to use, but what would anyone else recomend?

SO am I being picky, am I looking for too much from a set that is 42" in size or should it be better than this?

I would appreciate any advice or suggestions.


sounds knackered. if you don't like the picture send it back, there's no point putting up with it if you don't like it.

General Skanky

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If the set wasn't in a virgin state when it arrived, I'd rant and rave a bit as I'd say that was a refurbished set being sold as new. A TV should 'always' do its intial tune in and welcome message to any new owner! IMHO, it's been fixed and the engineer didn't wipe the eeprom memory. It's a bit of bad luck for them, as the channels could have been tuned in for any other UK region and you maybe wouldn't have known. In your case the frequnecies were the same, hence the channels being visible.

If that's the case, it's very naughty of Toshiba to do it. The last time I remember reading about that sort of thing the company involved was fined quite heavily.

I'd kick up a fuss myself.


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just got a tosh 42 wh36 on Friday, unfortunately got 2 scratches on plastic screen so waiting for swap out - however have just tried progessive scan picture on it and it is superb - thats with only 30 seconds of messing with convergence - well pleased and well worth the money. Only bought after reading threads and Demons tweaks and tips, otherwise would not have taken the risk. Hope I get a virgin replacement with no faults. mind you bit of a sod to unpack and repack
(£965 -delivered Sound and Vision)


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Glad to hear your impressed with the picture. Mine's coming on Tuesday from Comet. Sound and Vision had run out of stock when I rang them.

What DVD player are you using and did you just do the ordinary convergance in the set up menu?
Thanks for your reply General Skanky. I had kinda suspected that it may not have been as "brand new" as I had hoped for. I am going to first call the place I got it tomorrow and see what they have to say about it though it was a special order from Toshiba and the box was surrounded by Toshiba pastic straps.

I may call toshiba as well to see what they say about it. I guess that they should be able to tell me the history of the unit based on the serial number.

If I have no joy from either then I think a call to trading standards will be in order, see what they have to say about the matter.

Anyway if anyone else has any thoughts on the matter then please let me know.


Oh, if I need to get it exchanged and go for another model what would be a good one for a grand?

Shady Deal

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About 2 years ago I ordered a Toshiba 40" RP and when it came and I opened the box the unit was a refirbished one!! (Big repaired sticker on the back)

As it had come direct from Toshiba I was on the phone like a shot and was told new and repaired sets had got mixed up. I had already told trading standards who advised me to take it forward to court.

When I told Toshiba what had happened and what I was going to do, they were great!! They replaced it with a 46 model as a gesture of good faith and sent out their own engineer to do a service mode convergence setup about a fortnight later. The 46 was really a great TV!!

You have not got a new one so kick up fuss, there is a rumour that the wh36 is being superseeded so maybe a "New One" is now it short supply.

Hope you get it sorted

Well I called Toshiba and they said that as it was ordered through a retailer I had to go to them. So I called them and within half an hour they had arranged for a replacement to come straight from Toshiba to my house.

Unfortunately the model is out of stock with Toshiba so they are going to call me by the end of the week to let me know a delivery date.......... shall see what happens

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Got them on the back foot there imho. I'd push for more/better kit. No conscience either. They were prepared to palm you off with a refurb.

String 'em up!


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sorry for late repy - yamaha dvds 540 which gets a kicking in forums but i find champion for prog scan through this and a projector , normal convergence menu.
Sound and Vision have not recontacted me and talk of Tosh being out of stock is worrying - but well pleased with set (apart from scratches!)


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I got my WH36 with a piece of paper stuck on it saying "strange model" on the back of some instructions for making a table. When I got it, I was slightly worried with it having that on, checked it over, making sure was the correct model, everything appeared to be ok, tv worked great, and didnt want to have to return it as well, took 6 people to get the damn thing in and the delivery guys didnt help, didnt want to hurt themselves.
Anyway, I was just wondering, recently, dont know if its just that i have started noticing it, but i have begun to see artefacts (pixelation) on anything that pans on the screen, like you would get with lower bitrate compression, I know its not the source, so i was wonding, would it be the processing for 100Hz/active/natural causing this or something else (i havent really done much testing yet) I will do on the weekend as I have been noticing it more and more.

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