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Hi Guys,

Just got a new 4GB slim xbox360 and was wondering what the best way to up the storage capacity is?

I have looked through some of the threads on here but it is not obvious to me (thicko).

My thoughts are:

option1) Buy a 250 GB USB external drive, plug it in
Western Digital My Passport Essential 250GB Portable.. |

option2) Use my existing external 500GB HD although this is currently 50% full and I do use it on my PC.

option3) Buy the HD above and a USB stick; use the HD for storage and the stick for memory?

What I need to understand is, does the Xbox treat the external storage in a different manner to the built in 4GB or will it just use it with no problem for any data that it needs to save?

Sorry if this is repeated, but as I mentioned I have searched but did not get a definitive answer.



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You will only have access to 16gb of any external USB storage.

The "internal" HDD on the 250 gig version is a normal SATA drive. It is mounted in a special caddy but you can plug a drive in without the caddy, or there are some 3rd party caddies knocking around. BUT, you can't just use any old drive as there are some special files stored on the drive.

You can use a drive off an old style 360 as they too were SATA drives, but this time mounted in a special case with a proprietary connector. You can remove the drive from it's case and plug it in, as various people have done.

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