Question New to Virgin TiVo. NEET splitter 5.1 in the lounge no sound on the kitchen TV


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Hi All,

This is my first post, sorry if this has been asked numerous times before

I bought a NEET HDMI 2 way splitter, originally set up with sky+ box
2 TVs one in lounge with a 5.1 surround sound and the other Samsung LCD in the kitchen with no surround sound. Everything worked fine. As in lounge had 5.1 and the kitchen had decent picture and sound in stereo.

After 10yrs being with Sky I have taken a big jump and yesterday had Virgin installed

Virgin TiVo box I can only get the following

1) TiVo box set to Dolby I get 5.1 in the lounge and picture only in the kitchen
2) TiVo box set to pcm only stereo on both tv's

Ideally I would like 5.1 in the lounge and stereo in the kitchen, is this possible like it was with my sky box set up?



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I'd suggest the issue is due to your kitchen TV not having the capability to handle Dolby Digital encoded audio? Does the issue still exist if you output an SD channel such as BBC1 on channel 101?

If you've not a TV in the kitchen that can handle DD audio then you cannot have the TiVo output DD to the TV in the room while also outputting stereo PCM to the kitchen TV. The only way you'd get audio via both is by setting the TiVo to output all audio as stereo PCM.

What you say you did with you SKY box wasn't possible so can only assume you were only outputting stereo PCM from it to? You probably had your AV receiver set to a mode that created pseudo surround?

This isn't an issue with the TiVo and is purely down to your kiychen TV not having the ability to handle Dolby Digital encoded audio.

The only thing I can suggest is to buy a cheap AV receiver for the kitchen and have that receiver the signal prior to the TV. You'd only need two speakers connected to it because the receiver would mix down multichannel audio and have the ability to handle DD encoded content. Other than this, you'd need a TV with inbuilt Dolby Digital decoding.


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Strange it's a 32 inch Samsung 6000 series LED in the kitchen. I would of thought it could handle DD sound input and normalise it through its speakers

Virgin went live last night and the sky set up I had in the morning all worked fine. Sky had an audio setting where you could set the output to Dolby D and both tv's had sound on all channels including Hd channels.

I was using the same splitter for both set ups

Just checked on normal SD channels the sound is fine on both TV's

I'm sure I had this problem when I first set sky up but that option you could change the output worked.


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Well if your kitchen TV can indeed handle DD audio then there's no reason for the issue you appear to have? It isn't anything to do with what the TiVo is outputting and purely a matter of what that TV can handle. If you SKY box was outputting DD then that signal would be no different to what the TiVo outputs when it is outputting DD encoded content.

It is an issue with the kitchen TV's ability to handle DD encoded audio.

You can indeed change the output of the SKY box, but if you did then you changed it to output two channel PCM rather than Dolby Digital. The TiVo has the very same output options, either Dolby Digital or stereo PCM.


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How long is the cable going to the kitchen? The cable length may be what is causing this issue?

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