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Hi there guys and girls,

i have been into the ICE busniess for a while, but as i wasnt able to drive i coudnt make my own boot build or anything,

but now its my 17th b-day next week, im starting my lessons, and i thought i would build my boot sub box a bit early,

i hve been doing alot of reserach on how to put the boxes togother, and stuff,

i wants my build to be like this..


im currently gonig to purchase some jbl gt4-12 subs 1000w each, and a 2000w amp just to start of.

would some 1 be able to get me a few dimensions on that type of box above.... to the companys specs please,

if you can it will be wonders, many thansk guys,and thansk for your time

:smashin: :thumbsup:


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If you find out the air space required by each sub you can calculate your dimensions fairly easily. Jump back to GCSE maths and take your box side on and split it into lots of squares and triangles to work out the area. I usually find it easiest to work in sq ft as you know 1 sq ft is 12"x12"x12"=1728

You can work back from there. Bare in mind that your wood will probably be 3/4" MDF so you have to add 3/4" to some of your dimensions to account for this. Also try and divide the box down the middle so it is actually two seperate enclosures for the two subs if you can. This will add strength and give the speakers the air they need to do their thing but keep them seperate incase one blows leaving both speakers with the whole air volume of the double box.

By the way looking at your pic you mention 6x9s on the parcel shelf. If you can hold off from getting the 6x9s until you've fitted the subs and uprated front components. Your subs will be firing lots of air into the back of the 6x9s which could cause them to interfear with eachother and considering most incar stuff is stereo not dolby surround the music wants to come from in front of you rather than behind ruining the soundstage. The exception to this is the subs but the lower frequencies are less directional which is why you can pretty much stick the sub anywhere in a home audio setup too.

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