New to PS2 (and having a problem)


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Hi guys,

My brother has just given me his son's old PS2 today. It is smaller than the normal ones I have seen but says PS2. I have only got the Machine, the power supply, the cable to connect to the TV and the little scart adapter. I will be looking to get the control pads after Xmas (or maybe from santa!)

To try it out I downloaded all the IR remote codes for my Pronto remote. So I plugged it all in and set it up and everything works as if I was using a normal Sony IR remote.

The problem I have is I played a music DVD Video and it all worked fine, I then put in another but this one only shows in black and white. (plays fine on my other DVD)

I looked in the menu and it seems the PS2 has a region code of 1 (USA) but it is greyed out and I can't change it. Would that be what is causing the problem?

Before I go and buy any games for it - will being region 1 be a problem or will games work regardless of the region code? Can I change the region code?



check the lable on the bottom to see if the console is NTSC or Pal. If its NTSC and you live in england you wont be able to play Pal games and cause some dvd's to display black and white


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If it is a region 1 then you would be better off having it modded so it will play any ps2 game or dvd


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The other alternatives to getting it chipped, if it is NTSC, is importing the games or buying off the Trading Forums on here.

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