new to projectors

Need some idea of budget really :).

Of the two you mention the AE300 is definitely better in every area than the 200, but depending on your budget you can get a lot better still for not a great deal more .. the Sanyo Z2 and Panny AE500 are both just over the 1K mark, pretty much equal in quality and both major advances over the AE300.

The usual advice is go and have a demo of machines you're interested in, though not everyone is in the happy position of having such facilities relatively close to hand. :(
hi I have a panasonic ae300 projector and you will not be disapointed with the picture on this little baby.
As long as you have a light controled room and a decent dvd player using the component connection the picture will allways wow and amaze you it has to me the past 8 months.
Look at some of the entry level DLPs too.
If colour separation isn't an issue for you, then you may find their higher contrast, better black level and less picture structure appealling.
Hi there,

I also was new to PJs and eventually got the AE300. Great little projector and I am still amazed at the picture quality to this day. And better still the price has really dropped. Certainly if your budget can stretch to it, the AE500 sounds really good because of the increased resolution etc but you can't go wrong with the 300.

I did a little web site on it - just click on the "Home Cinema Page" link below in the footer of this message.

this will be a pet project for me in a loft conversion - so i will look for the cheapest option i think, nice website just the ideal thing i needed to see, the new 500 does not have the sd slot so i think the 300 is the one to go for...

thanks for all your help...
I've got a Panny AE200 and it's lurvely, certainly worth the £680 I splashed out for it.

Well happy with it.
If you want a cheap option you could always try the sanyo z1,dirt cheap at nexmix, with 3yr warranty, and free dvd/vhs player. Would be a good start for a HCimena person methinks.
ive got the panny 200 too, I got 60 hrs on the clock so far and am well happy with mine too!!!

well worth the money i reckon and im still only using a home made screen made out of 4 pieces of wood and giant 13g card .lol

Bleeders said:
I've got a Panny AE200 and it's lurvely, certainly worth the £680 I splashed out for it.

Well happy with it.
Have to agree,love my AE200.

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