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... but now suffering from remote overload (8 of the .... things littering the sofa), I am now looking for a single programmable remote which will hopefully replace the lot. If it doesn't cover my audio system (2 remotes) I can live with that as well.

So, does anyone have a suggestion for a remote which can do the following:

1. Can be used 1-handed. A friend let my try an old Marantz - it worked OK but needed 2 hands to lift and another to work the buttons!
2. Can have the bulk of the programming done via a computer - I cannot bear the thought of having to go through 8 devices teaching the thing every possible keycode. A learning remote with most of my devices already built in would also be acceptable.
3. Can deal with the following devices : sky+; toshiba TV, DVD, VCR; pioneer AV amp; philips DVDR; optionally cyrus CD+Amp.

I think I would prefer hard-buttoned but I am willing to be convinced otherwise. Complicated macro programming is not required. I am willing to press 2 or 3 buttons to get where I want to go provided they are all on the same remote!

I've found, but there is so much stuff there that I'm hoping you guys can offer a few suggestions to get me started.


PS: Price. Less that £5 would be nice but more seriously I don't want to be in the loadsamoney range.


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I think you will be happy with the Home Theater (sic) Master MX-700. You can find a comprehensive review of it over on Remote Central. You can get it in the UK at - I've used them in the past and they are reliable.
I have an MX500 and several Pronto (touchscreen) remotes and I use the MX500 day-to-day, mainly because it's robust against the attentions of my two young children. The touchscreens have the advantage of "posing" factor and once setup, they look great when you're showing your ninja AV system off to your granny/friends but for daily tv watching, IMHO nothing can beat a good hard-buttoned remote.

The MX700 fits all of your criteria - you can buy it in a "pack", paired with it's cutdown sibling, the MX200 or you can buy it standalone. I'd say that like most others, you'll have scant use for the MX200 so save the cost.

If the MX700 is still a bit pricey, consider its poorer cousin, the MX500 (as I mentioned above) - consider it a cutdown MX700 WITHOUT PC interface. However, you can get a box of tricks called IRClone ( which will give a MX500 pc-editing capabilities. I have an IRClone device for my MX500 and can vouch for it. However, the cost of a MX500 + IRClone will be somewhere in the MX700 ballpark.

Ultimately, it boils down to how much you want to pay!



Well, I splashed out and got the MX700 (without the sidekick). It took a little while to program but once I started to ignore the bits of the manual telling you how to make your installation bulletproof for brain-dead users (the thing is intended for professional system integrators) everything went smoothly.

Thanks for the recommendation.

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