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New to plasma - general help

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by siddy, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. siddy


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    First post. So please be gentle

    Currently I have a Sony CRT(which takes up half the lounge) a DVD player and vhs recorder with just analogue terrestrial. Its all so simple. Everything plugs into the telly using scarts and it all works. I am now trying to suck the bits out of what I need to buy to get a plasma working.

    First off terrestrial freeview doesn't work where I live so I need to get sky. (Freesat - on order) and my vhs recorder is playing up so will probably get a dvd recorder at the same time. So its all change and I'm lost

    A few general questions and then some specifics.

    1. What outputs do you get from a normal supplied sky box? (I've never had one. OK) IS it only scart

    2. The Panasonic brochure says the component connections need to be Sync'd on R. Without getting too technical, what does that mean? would the component connections from a DMRE85 (Y,pb,pr) be that way inclined? I'd have thought they were as its all panasonic kit... but just checking as there isn't an R.
    (I'm hoping 'R sync'd' doesn't mean a tattoo on my backside)

    3. There is a lot of talk of RGB Scart. What is a RGB Scart as opposed to a normal Scart. Don't normal scarts have RGB? what do they have then? Is it the cable or what is sent down it that is different.

    4. The favourite way (on this forum) of connecting a Sky box to a panasonic panel seems to be via a RGB-to-VGA converter and then a vga cable, then for DVD player/recorder via a component cable and terminal card. If I do that then do I also need to connect the DVD player/recorder to the sky box as well (Scart I guess). Would that set up let me watch one channel and record another?

    5. An alternative thread That I read (which I can't find again) said go Sky->Scart->DVD player/recorder->component->panel. Hence no need for the RGB-2-VGA box. Is that better or worse.
    Again.. would that let me watch one channel and record another?

    6. Is there such a thing as a multi-scart-input-switcher-to-vga-converter all in one box gadget available

    7. Are there any threads / websites, that anyone knows of , where there are nicely labelled diagrams of connection set ups instead of unitelligible strings of 3 and 4 letter acronyms that an idiot can't understand

    Cheers for any info on any of this.


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