New to plasma and need your advice




I am a new guy so be nice

I actually do not know much about Plasma and homecinema other than I really want one.

Reading through an American forum for the last month and delighted to discover this UK forum I decided to go ahead based on the impartial advise you good people give.

I am considering a 50" Plasma as the centrepiece of my home cinema and was glad to see that Panasonic and Pioneer are the most regarded here, as this will save me a lot of time considering other options. Moreover I have the opportunity to buy a Pioneer 504 for £4000 through a connection at work.

I am seeking your advice as to what to do now:
1-Do I go ahead with the Pioneer at this price or is the Panasonic a much better screen? If the Panny is that better I can go through the trouble of selling the Pioneer on for a small profit then buy the Panny.

2-Last, I am very new and don't know much about connecting things and drilling holes for wall hanging, so can you guide me to someone who can do the job for me in London. I would love someone from the forum as he will be an enthusiast who takes pride in his work.

3-I am planning to buy a Pioneer AX5 amp and 868 DVD and Kef 5005 speakers to go with the Pioneer PLasma, but I am open to suggestions if you - knowlegable people have better ideas - but this comes after deciding on the plasma - right?

Wow, I've just wrote a novel!!

Well, Any advice will be greatly appreciated - especially regarding the plasma and installation.

Sorry I posted in the wrong forum, would you kindly delete this thread.
I have posted in the Plasma forum now.

Thank you


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