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New to PCHC, assistance required.

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by harper101, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. harper101


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    If anyone could help I would be grateful.

    I have just taken delivery of a Panasonic PT AE 100E and am lookng forward to the completion of the installation at the weekend. I am looking for assistance on ceiling mounting brackets and also re my PC.

    I have a Shuttle Space Walker SV25 all aluminium chasis and body to reduce heat and noise. It is running a Pentium III, 1.2 Tualatin processor with Panasonic region free DVD slot drive, 256 meg Ram and a 60Gig Hard Drive.

    The projector will be my only source of visual and all sound will be via a Sony surround sound processor amp. Please could someone advise on the best TV Card to use. I have looked at the Nova-t and understand that it is soon to be superceeded in time for the World Cup with a better spec'd card. Also I have only 1 PCI slot to use and therefore may need to go USB. The on-board graphics card is a Savage 4 and I beliee the on-board sound is AC'97 CODEC. What should I use the PCI slot for? An all-in-wonder card? or an Audigy?

    I also have Firewire slots and USB slots spare.

    Is RGB the best output to use or should I consider the S connector or the Composite connector?

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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