new to pc gaming - essential games


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Good call on the Orange Box. As has been mentioned it's probably the best value game pack out there. Portal has got to be one of my all time favourite games.

For RPG's would recommend Fallout 3 & Fallout New Vegas as well as Oblivion. Get the Game of the Year editions where available.

Would also highly recomment the Mass Effect series. Is worth playing through Mass Effect 1 first as the decisions you make carry over to the second game. When you port the save game you also get a head start with money and resources. Plus, Mass Effect 2 is truly stunning.

If strategy games are your bag, you cant go far wrong with the Total War series.

And if you're into your footy management games, Football Manager 2011 is a top game.

Hope the above helps :)


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Forgot about this thread, but i've been steadily building up my pc game collection over the past couple of months - particularly from the steam xmas sale.

On reflection I seemed to have purchased 'familiar' games that I either played on PS3 or missed i.e. Dirt 2, GTA 4, Saints row 2 etc.

I did however buy all the half-life (1&2) games and am currently playing through those, which is taking up a fair chunk of my gaming time.

I've already taken the next step of moving towards PC gaming - as I just sold black ops on PS3, which was taking up a fair chunk of my time. I finally gave up after all the disconnects etc, but will probably end up buying it for PC anyway.:D


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Yeh i have heard that black ops on the PS3 is pretty much a horror show, and that is also doesnt have all the features as the 360 version and runs at a lower frame rate! Seems ridiculous and a good way to wind up the consumer.

The PC version from what i can tell is completely fixed now. All servers seemed to be displayed, the crashing and freezing seems to have stopped for most people as well. Im sure there are a few more tweaks needed, but i dont know what they are! :D

Oh yeah and you will love dedicated servers! Much more level playing field :)


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Download Steam and wait for the next sale.

Since buying my new PC I have spent far too much on Steam. The worst part is that I already had a fair few of the games on disk and just brought them for the convince.


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Agh.. Maybe I'm missing the point but most of the games suggested have been like recommending Now albums to someone looking to fill their MP3 player. I know it's subjective but let's try some of the hidden gems:
Vampire:Bloodlines - Get the fan patch
Penumbra Series - And Amnesia but I haven't played it.
Zeno Clash
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Anything by Increpare
The Polynomial

But OK. Definitely Battlefield 2 and Fallout 3 too. Blinding games.

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