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Hey all,
I just bought a Samsung SmartTV and a Denon 1211CI receiver to go with it. I am not looking to run cable through this TV (everything is being viewed via wireless). I hooked up the receiver just as the prompts told me, yet I am not getting any sound of of my surround (7.1). As of now all I have connected from the TV to the receiver is an HDMI cable. Am I missing something?
Thank you very much in advance,

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first - edit the post to remove your email address. spammers search websites for email addresses to add to their lists. If you subscribe to the thread using 'Thread Tools'' above replies will be sent automatically.
Second, the surround sound is handled by the source (cable box), AV receiver (Denon) and the speakers. The TV only handles the video in a setup like this.
What audio mode does the Denon show? Also the wireless equipment you are usign may be part of the problem.
It may be worth starting a new post in a different part of AV Forums, maybe Denon specific.


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Thank you very much for the heads up. So, will the receiver not work if I only have it hooked up to the TV only? I only want to use it for--say--NetFlix or Pandora. Thus the wireless.



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To hear TV sound, or whatever is being played through an input to the TV, there either needs to be an optical connection from the TV to the Amp, or if you have HDMI 1.4 with Audio Return supported on both the TV and the Amp then that would suffice.

On my 2310 the optical goes to input Opt-1 on the Amp and it is set to TV input. HDMI CEC (the signalling between HDMI devices, which some peple do have probs with) should be able to tell the Amp to switch to TV input when you change channel on the TV or select another input.

The Optical connection from the TV may only give you 2 channels which the Amp can use Dolby Prologic IIx to decode to multichannel. You might also get 5.1 directly from the TV's HD tuner I suppose. In any case it is more normal to connect the audio (either by optical or HDMI) from your sources to the Amp directly.

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