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Jul 17, 2001
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Ok people I want surround sound. I'm not good with numbers but i read what hifi said the YAMAHA HTiB 40 was an excellent introduction. However, Ive seen an HTiB 45 for the same price - both online.

Can anyone tell me the difference? And which should I go for?

Yes, I have the Hitb30 which does not have DTS, after listening to mine 3 people went out and bought the 40, this has DTS and a few more Watts, so the 45 is probably a slightly more powerful version.

Whatever its a good budget HC system, you should note that it lacks mid range ( hardly suprising given the speaker size ) so music is not all it could be.
It does take a good stab at all the effects and its crisp and clear on dialogue. Next best to this ( keeping the small size ) are the KEF eggs, but you would need an amp as well, AX620 is pretty good, but theres a lot of choice.

The Hitb set up can usually be bought for around 350 to 400 pounds.
Cheers Karkus, thats just what I needed to hear. I'm not concerned about music as i have a dedicated seperates system for that. How did you get those little speaker up to ear level? You cant have them on the floor! I dont have any appropriate shelves either :(
Originally posted by karkus30
Next best to this ( keeping the small size ) are the KEF eggs,

I'd argue there are a lot of speakers between the Htib 45 and the Kef Eggs. The Eggs give a much better sound across the full spectrum (although the Kef sub isnt too good, although still better than the Htib). Also the Kef Eggs are in a higher pricing point.
I've got a htib45, movies are fantastic on it, but music isn't. Got it for 329 from empiredirect

you cannot compare the eggs and the 45 speakers, one costs 800, the other costs 150:eek:
Cheers el bandido! So you think its a good intro to surround sound? I'm gonna just go for it when i get paid this month. I actually saw it a bit cheeper at Did you put the speakers on shelves/brackets or what?
I got stands which are pretty discrete behind the settee. the missus was in charge on that one. Got them from tottenham court road, so probably got ripped off, but at least there here.

We've just moved in to a new flat so the speakers were on the floor for a while, just raising them to ear level made an amazing difference.

I listened to a few all in ones, but this seemed perfect as I alrewady had a dvd player.

I've found unbeatable to be awful in the past, but its up to you.
Originally posted by Choddo
Stands? Wallmounts?

Apologies, did,nt deliberately ignore this post.

The Hitb comes with wall brackets. I mounted them either side of the bay window and they are concealed by the curtains when not in use. Centre sits atop the TV.
Rears, mounted about 7' high in room corners using the wall brackets provided.
Yeah unbeatable aren't the greatest. I ordered an Onkyo dvd player and i waited months and it never came. Turned out they never had any on the first place so i told them they should be advertising them! But I will take my chances this time. I was a bit miffed to see it came in silver - preferred the black. Glad to know it has brackets though
In unbeatable's defence, a friend ordered a new Panasonic TV and they had none in stock, but he still got it in 12 days and paid £150 less than Currys, so I think it depends on their suppliers too.

I've used hifijunkies a couple of times in the past and have been very pleased both times. They did have a few problems for a while due to their own success they had too many orders to handle promptly but I think they're over that now.

Definitely worth checking out though.
Arrgghhh i cant believe it. I was going to order the htib 45 tonight, but:
While killing time in town i was reading what hi fi's awards issue. They gave an award to Creative Labs Inspire 5700, which is cheaper. It dont look good but probably sounds the same? I maanged to see it on pixel prce for £213, cheapest i saw '45, was for £312 on unbeatable. Quick - what do i do now?
I've got a set of Creative FPS2000 speakers (4.1) from creative which I use on my PC. The sound is pretty reasonable, woudnt want to use them in my lounge as they just wouldnt have the clarity or impact at a level needed to suitably fill it. For my office though they are fine. Bass is quite nice and games sound great.

Creative speakers are actually manufactured by cambridge soundworks that have a good reptuation in making speakers for PC's.

I've never seen or heard the Htib speakers.

thay look sh$t!

Can't upgrade them, no DPL2, no 6.1 matrix.

saw them, and avoided them like the plague!
If DPL2 and EX mixes are important then I think a higher pricing point would be worth considering in my oppinion.

Just giving my experience on the cambridge soundworks on my office pc for games. Wouldnt use them for anything major.

no more annoying posts, i bit the bullet and placed an order :S
I'll go with yamaha - go with what you know.

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