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I am new to the site, it obviously containes lots of useful information but it is a bit overwhelming to the novice user like me.

I am considering buying a new tv in the New Year (hoping for a bargain in the sales) I don't know wether to go for a 32" LCD or stick with a 32" CRT model as there seems to be some debate over the picture quality of LCD displays.

So the question is what would the experts on this forum recommend? I just want to use the tv for standard terestial tv, sky, and dvd inputs. Is there a massive difference between different models? and which would people recommend? Budget for LCD would be £700 max.

Thanks in advance


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A big favourite for a very good 32 LCD budget is the toshiba 32wlt66 that can be bought from dixons for £570 with codes.

You have other options from samsung at 32" which are very good also, i think its the r73, and can hold a htpc (home theatre pc) input at 1:1 (this means that all the pixels on the screen are used properly and there is no stretching).

But if you're not bothered about using a pc i would go for the 32wlt66. A very good set.

Hope this helps.


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I agree the 32wlt66 was built to sell for £1100 so it is a real bargain. It has some issues with its VGA input but as that is not on your list of uses I don't think you can do better. It also has a very good freeview tuner which is where most of the sets within your budget have problems or omit this feature altogether.


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considering its christmas and the wlt68 has been released i would wait til after xmas, i reckon price will go down a bit more for the wlt66.


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Hi rubble and I will welcome you to the forum, as nobody else seems to have done :rolleyes:

My honest opinion is to go for a good quality CRT TV, unless you want to watch the few available programmes that are broadcast in HD.

SD picture quality is quite simply far better on a good CRT, and yes I have seen all of the so called wonder LCD's, none of them can produce as good a picture/sound quality on SD material.



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Thanks for the replies, and thanks for the welcome Inactive.

Seems to be a concensus on the Toshiba being the best LCD, but Inactive's post has reinforced my doubts about whether I am not better sticking with CRT for now. Not doing anything till after Christmas so will give it some further thought


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I agree with Inactive. I have just got rid of my very old Panny and replaced it with a Sony CRT just because I do not like the motion blur on the LCD's, particularly with regard to fast moving sports. Best to wait a couple of years or so until technology settles down or 1080p is well established. My Sony is very, very good and it is a joy to watch football on it.

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