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New to DVD recorders.

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by neilneil, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. neilneil

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    Jan 2, 2002
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    Duplicate thread please ignore!

    Sorry about the long post but I've come to a dead end.
    I've just bought a new PC that came with a smart new DVD recorder an NEC 2510A.
    Except I've only been able to write about 50mb to it ONCE and then the disk was useless! The disk that I managed to write 50mb to was a TDK -RW. When I tried to do a full erase on this disk it failed at about 48% with an "Invalid field in CDB error". Now whenever I try to erase that -RW disk the TX ONES program crashes and exits instantly.

    The software it came with is called TX ONES (I don't think it's very good software but it's all I've got right now)
    I need help / guidance on the following:-

    1) I'm using win XP home, do I need to install any drivers for my drive to be able to write disks?

    2) I bought branded TDK -R and -RW disks for my first test since I read that those were the most compatible with standalone DVD players. Should I have bought +R/RW or another disk brand?

    3) If the disk says 2x speed does it have to be recorded at 2x speed or will it be better at 1x speed?

    4) Does the disk (R or RW) need to be formatted in any way before I can use it if so how?

    5) 99 percent of the times I've tried to burn a disk either -R or -RW it has complained that either there was not enough room on the disk (a blank disk no less!) or that there was an error 05-24-00 Cmd:53 - Invalid field in CDB.
    Whats all that about?

    6) Do I need to set the drives region code or any other procedure before it will work properly?

    7) Is my drive dead on arrivall !?

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