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New to DVD - advice please

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by codswallop, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. codswallop


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    At the risk of repeating what has been asked before, please can you advise on what DVD recorder I should go for (max £400) to satisfy as many of the following as poss.

    1) record analog camcorder to DVD yto give me better quality than VHS/SVCD (HIGH priority)

    2)allow for digitial camcorder (LOW priority as I dont have one, but am trying to avoid buying 2nd DVD recorder in 12-24 minths)

    3)Edit movies from (1)

    4)save edited Home movies on DVD that can be played on realtive's Philips DVD player

    . and of course to record from tv/cable with higher quality than VHS

    I believe my best bet is panny E50, but i cant do (4) with that unless I either use a PC with a DVD-RAM etc, or get a panny DVD player to hold DVD-RAM as inout, then copy to DVD-R on E50

    From other postings, it looks like the jury is split on the merits of DVD +R versus DVD -R. :clap:
  2. Rasczak

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    Apr 3, 2002
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    Any DVD recorder should be able to do this. I mean I don't know what camcorder you have but whatever it outputs in (composite, S-Video etc) can be plugged into an input on any DVDR. Most have front panel connections for this.

    Your very wise to consider this now. This excludes you from the cheapist models. Basically your options (sub-£400) are:
    - Panasonic E60 (DVD-R, DVD-RAM)
    - Philips DVDR75 (DVD+RW, DVD+R)
    - Pioneer 3100 (DVD-RW, DVD-R)

    The Panny E50 is inappropriate as it doesn't have iLink (which you'll want for your digital camera).

    Editting is the real trick. DVD-RW (Video), DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD+R will all (probably) play in your DVD player(s). DVD-RAM and DVD-RW (VR Mode) will not. And guess which two have the (decent) editting features. Yeap the two that won't. With DVD-RAM you can edit but it won't play on other DVD players, ditto DVD-RW. With DVD+RW you can edit but the edits are cumbersome and not precise (not even vaguely IMHO) and you do not recover disk space - not really suitable for archiving.

    On DVD-RW and DVD-R recordings you CAN pause record (like on a VCR) when writing to DVD-R/-RW if that would be acceptable (which is a possibility if you taping your own movies from your camcorder). And remember when you get a digital camcorder you will probably be able to edit on that (depending which one you get!).

    The best option if you want to make editted recordings is a HDD/DVDR combo (like the HS2) but this is £150 out of your budget. Failing that you can convert from editted RAM/-RW to DVD-R using a PC or RAM compatible player (see the "PC GUIDE" thread above - it covers both options).

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